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I rose with Betsy years ago and loved it. She runs an amazing facility and is a wonderful, honest and patient trainer. I can't say enough good things about her. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the help. How funny, I'm also from Hunterdon County! It definitely is a different horsey world out here, huh? I'm not sure when you rode with Betsy I forget the year I don't think Betsy kept him for more than a year and he changed hands a few more times before winding up in his final home.

He died of colic 2 years ago at the age of I just thought it would be neat if you remembered him! Seconding the Hollyhurst suggestion, I also think Barb Kohr at Halcyon is excellent, she really knows her stuff.

Her facility is gorgeous and the care of the horses is top notch. Cindy is very supportive of her riders but makes sure you learn what you need to to ride well. She is an excellent trainer and rider! I second either Barb Kohr or Betsy Morret. I've known Barb pretty much my whole life and she runs a great program. Betsy's a little further away, but is also really good. Rick McGrath is also pretty awesome, but as said above, they are on the road most of the year.

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Worth checking into, though. All three are very professional and great to deal with. Barb and Betsy both hold horse shows on site. If I were looking for a trainer, I'd be comfortable picking any one of the three. They taste like chicken. Thank you all. Maybe you don't realize how rude and unkind your post is. I normally just lurk around on here without posting, but I felt the need to say something now. I have nothing against Megghan Watts.

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I was very happy to know that upon Dave's retirement, the farm was going to a local, young professional. So this is not about Megghan. Nor is it about your kids switching from Dave to Megghan. That's the beauty of a barn with multiple trainers, particularly when we're talking small kids. When one trainer isn't your cup of tea, there is probably someone else who is.

This is about your fourth paragraph. I find it very bold of you to post something like that paragraph when Dave is still at Heritage Acres. You're basically spitting on Dave, Heritage Acres, and anyone who has loved the place in the last thirty years. You sound like a jackass. I understand it is easy to hide behind the internet and say things like that, but I hope to God he never catches wind of this because he will be so, so hurt. Next time you attend the CPJHSA awards banquet because let's be honest "dad", you've been there before , take a peek at the names on the trophies.

Call it "doing more research". Including myself and two of my throwaway horses that nobody else wanted. I didn't think there was anything in Sara's response negative about the new trainer - I just read it as maybe the personality of the OP's student wouldn't mesh with the trainer's teaching style. You can be a great trainer and prefer one type of student over another, or be able to teach certain people better than others. I was just going to let the response from you, ejm, go unanswered but I am a bit unsettled by it and would like to express my appreciation for both Lauren and MAX's support.

I had nor have no intention of saying anything against, professionally or personally, the new owner at Heritage - I was stating that, based on the OP's assessment of the student who is looking for a new barn, I felt the student could be better served by another trainer. I am certainly happy to hear that your children enjoy their riding lessons with her - that is the best basis for enjoying a lifelong hobby of riding and is of course the most important aspect when a child is taking lessons in any sport.

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I appreciate your defense of the barn and think that you and LastFlightOut both feel the same way about your respective trainers. I am happy with being trained by Dave Heiser and feel that he is the best trainer for myself and my horse. This is my personal preference based on my experiences and, as in anything based on subjective observations and experiences, other people will have different preferences, which is why I think this sport can be great but also easily turned into a game of "barn politics," which was not my intention with posting my above assessment. Last edited by sara ; Nov.

Reason: personal grammar nazi. EJM4: Welcome to the forum, I see that you are new here. Your issue with the above response Sara's post could have been satisfied with a personal and glowing recommendation of your child's experience. Instead, you chose to viciously respond which, in my view, reflects poorly on you and creates unnecessary distress. I sincerely hope your future posts are more productive and positive. Reason: Removed quote of poster who retracted his comments.

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This stuff should really be addressed in private. Neither trainer at this barn deserve to have this being posted on a public forum. Originally posted by Addison View Post. Help Contact Us Go to top. Yes No. OK Cancel. Stallion Spotlight Real Estate Spotlight. Complete Profile Welcome to the Chronicle Forums. Complete Profile Announcement Collapse Forum rules and no-advertising policy As a participant on this forum, it is your responsibility to know and follow our rules. What a small world!

Just so you know, each installment or volume is made up of two parts — a storybook plus a Bible study guide called a handbook. Each volume in The Hunter Chronicles series unpacks seven great teachings from the Bible. Over the course of the four Hunter Chronicles volumes, twenty-eight great truths of Scripture are explored in depth.

Sessions are designed in such a way that an entire volume of the series seven teachings can be completed during one quarter or a school term. His life is in ruins. The family is broke. No questions. No choice! Could life get any worse? Sure it can! But what is the significance of the eagle? And who is the dusky stranger watching from the shadows? Now is your chance to get the story behind the story. Bible Studies covered in this book:. From forbidden caves and crumbling ruins, to spooky grave-yards and ancient burial grounds, the treasure-seekers delve into secret compartments and even more secret family histories in the hunt to solve a century old mystery.

But who are the mysterious figures dogging their every move? And what does any of this have to do with ancient Vikings? Dodging Zeke and his gang of bullies, battling dinosaurs, saving Pooky the Bear from a fate worse than death — it was just another day i n the life of Ethan Hunter. Who would have thought starting at Mystery Bay Primary would be so dangerous? As the skies filled with smoke, the flames rose higher and Mystery Cove succumbed to the fires, Ethan was forced to confront the truth about himself.

People either do something, or they do nothing. Would he pass the test? In this volume, good and evil come together with a clash, as Ethan and Stephanie desperately search the Truth Codex for answers.

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Whose side will they choose in the great battle for this world? The smoke had barely cleared when Mystery Cove faced another crisis. Animals were disappearing from the national park and Jem was talking about smugglers. As the trail heated up, Ethan had to consider—was it the work of traffickers, or an old enemy returned? Closer to home the Hunter gang was in danger of splitting up. As the Island yields up one last secret, the Hunter kids learn the true meaning of loyalty, grace and forgiveness, and discover the greatest treasure of all, one bound to change their lives forever.

Amanda Bews gets that and has turned her brilliant imagination to the task of creating a tale of discovery both fun and enlightening.