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The Mna, which we name the mina , contains Attic drachmas.


This, my friends, is the table of weights and measures, whereby I begin with the smallest and come by duplication to the mine. This is the weight of water and food; but one says that the weight of rainwater was to be the most reliable definition, the Chus containing Drachmen. Also one would surely not proceed to make such an addition to Dioscorides' writings so soon after his death - when he died, we do not know.

The capacity measures are separated according to the specific gravities of the liquids. One takes from this that Dioscorides made use of the Roman duodecimal weight and measure system; this is also very likely because one finds purely Roman expressions such as Urna , and others are often simply translations, for example Keration for Siliqua , Xestes for Sextarius , Tetarton for Quartarius. Probably in all places where the Choinix , a purely Greek name, is mentioned, the Attic is understood. What occurred most often, the preferred measure for the dosing of medicines, was the Drachme.

In einer Tabelle bei Hultsch Metrol. Analecta p. I Galen XIII p. Hultsch, Metrol.

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Wir bitten aber dich und die Leser dieser Schrift, nicht auf unsere Geschicklichkeit in der Darstellung zu sehen, sondern auf die der Sache selbst zugleich mit Erfahrung gewidmete Sorgfalt. Vor Allem ist es notwendig, mit Sorgfalt bedacht zu sein auf die Aufbewahrung und das Einsammeln eines jeden Mittels zu der ihm angepassten geeigneten Zeit. Die aus der Ebene, aus feuchten, schattigen und windlosen Gegenden sind zumeist kraftloser, um so mehr, wenn sie zur ungeeigneten Zeit eingesammelt oder aus Schlaffheit hingewelkt sind.

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