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From difficult training moments to mundane meetings, the images in this book really humanize the larger-than-life Apollo 11 astronauts. It is easy to look back at Apollo 11 through a romanticized lens, but this book makes it clear just how gritty, funny and real the mission really was. Read more about "Picturing Apollo 11" and page through some of its photos here. This new large-format photobook combines images he took of the Space Station and Earth with super-zoomed-in views of unusual parts of the planet's surface, as well as photos of his launch, landing and other parts of the historic mission.

The book combines large, colorful images with Kelly's descriptions of the mission and interesting Earth features, and it makes a great companion to his recent memoir " Endurance " or a good stand-alone showpiece. Kelly guides Space. His images are interspersed with descriptions of how he captured the photos and anecdotes about his time in space.

NASA astronaut Don Pettit's stunning space photographs fill the pages of "Spaceborne," a glossy photo collection that spotlights the ever-changing Earth, streaking stars and the details of the International Space Station. Pettit's photographs of cities at night feature alongside Earth's natural wonders, auroras and glowing atmosphere, often framed by the space station's outstretched solar panels and modules. Long-exposure photos create psychadelic streaks on Earth and whirling star trails above, taking full advantage of an astronaut's unique vantage point, and Pettit talks readers through the sights and how he captured them.

Read Space.

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The images of unused launch towers, empty science offices and antiquated technology are visually striking, and carry the ghosts of long-gone missions. Miller is a photographer and teacher by day, but he has been photographing unused NASA facilities for thirty years as a side project.

Some of the sites featured in the book — particularly those at Cape Canaveral, Florida — are being quickly eroded by saltwater, and Miller, a child of the Apollo era, said he started to feel a sense of obligation to preserve these monuments, which stand as a symbol of one of humanity's greatest accomplishments. Packed from cover to cover with stunning images taken on the ground and in space, "Infinite Worlds" tells the story of STS, the last crewed mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

These masterful photographs capture the bare reality of preparing for a crewed space mission.

Night Lights: A photobook of beautiful night images

The book's text includes essays by the astronauts and other mission staff. It also features images taken by the crew during the mission, and of course, images by the Hubble telescope.

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This is a fantastic addition to any spaceflight book collection. Large metal prints 30x60 and over are not eligible for free shipping. Certain exclusions on free shipping apply.

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