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All Football. By Geoff Sweet. He calmly converted the 78th minute winner in Lublin to dent the hopes of their Polish hosts. Live Blog.

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Russia has its own deployed missile defense shield. This is its nuclear defense. A nuclear warhead, a megaton-quality capable of exposing a couple of kilometers of targets, can disable incoming nuclear warheads.

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The Russian military believes that such a missile defense is more or less possible, but the American notion of non-nuclear warheads, "bullets hitting bullets," is a smokescreen. What made Moscow so nervous specifically about the [planned] deployment in Poland is that, as a missile defense, it cannot really threaten Russia at all.

Moscow does not like the Americans deploying any kind of military infrastructure in the former Warsaw Pact countries like Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, and also of course the Baltic republics [Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania]. Moscow would want to be consulted on any military infrastructure deployment in these former Soviet-dominated nations, which would actually mean that Russia would have an equal power over deployment of any military infrastructure.

Right now there is no global defense, but sometime after or this defense could be deployed and could threaten the effectiveness of the Russian nuclear deterrent.

Pavel Massalsky: King Sigismund of Poland

So right now, in the run-up to this April 1 summit in London, Moscow has further spelled out its desire for a new treaty on arms control, which includes the creation of some kind of updated Anti-Ballistic Missile ABM treaty. There was a well-publicized but unpublished letter from Obama to Medvedev which apparently touched on missile defense but indicated that the United States would be willing to slow down the deployment in Poland and the Czech Republic if there were signs that Iran had agreed to halt its nuclear program.

How much influence does Russia have on Iran? Not much at all, actually.

It was seen as an American hoax to say, "Well, there will be no missile defense in Poland if you pressure Iran to stop its nuclear and missile program. Iran is rather independent from Moscow. Of course, there were attempts a couple of years ago to form a kind of partnership with Iran, but this has run into different kinds of problems over time. We sell them weapons, of course, but not all the weapons they want. Israel pressured us not to sell them the long-range S anti-aircraft missiles. Moscow, by the way, now has very good relations with Israel.

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We sell them some nuclear technologies, but again with a sort of limit. Muller visited his daughter in New York; she gave Ms. For now, the original main exhibition remains, but the five-minute concluding film has been removed. It is not at all anti-Polish. It is cosmopolitan — and peculiarly devastating because it forces us to question what is particular and what is universal, which horrors we have left behind, and which remain with us.

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The underlying principles are simple: a trope of Christ-like martyrdom; a Manichaean division between innocence and guilt, and an assurance that everything bad came from outside. It was the publication of Mr. Several years ago, the Polish courts declared the original law unconstitutional on technical grounds.

But on Jan.

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In this context arguably not entirely unlike the present one in the United States , xenophobia — against Jews, Ukrainians, Muslims, Roma, L. Between and , reported hate crimes increased 40 percent. In May the Polish playwright Pawel Demirski was brutally beaten for defending a Pakistani man being harassed by soccer fans. In September, the historian Jerzy Kochanowski was riding on a tram in Warsaw with a visiting German colleague.

A man approached Mr.