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The night was especially dark as U.

Regulations in effect after the United States entered World War II six months earlier had already imposed blackouts on One of the most damaging double agents in modern American history, Robert Hanssen gave the Soviets, and later the Russians, thousands of pages of classified material that revealed such sensitive national security secrets as the identities of Soviets spying for the U.

A military historian and former U.

Female Spies and Their Secrets

Before , the U. State Department, FBI and the different branches of the military all had their own security and counterintelligence operations, which did not easily share information with each other.

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With another war raging in Europe, however, President Franklin D. During one non-combat mission in September , the novice flier was forced to crash-land his Gloster Gladiator biplane in an Egyptian Mata Hari spent much of her career claiming that she was raised as an Indian temple dancer. In reality, however, she was born Margaretha Zelle on August 7, , and grew up the daughter of a haberdasher in the Dutch town of Leeuwarden.

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  • Moscow square named after notorious British double agent Kim Philby;

Desperate for adventure, at age 18 she Julius and Ethel Rosenberg Married in , New York City residents Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were devoted communists who allegedly headed a spy ring that passed military secrets to the Soviets. The scheme got underway sometime after , when Julius became a civilian The top-secret spy plane was capable of skating along the edge of the atmosphere at altitudes in excess of 70, feet—higher than any aircraft then in After completing his Ph. With the outbreak of war with Germany the following year, he joined the wartime headquarters Eddie Chapman: The crook turned WWII spy who double-crossed the Nazis Born in England in , Chapman did a brief stint with the British army as a teen then turned to crime, becoming a professional safecracker.

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In , he was arrested on the island of Jersey and sentenced Ross Pullen. Pollyanna Blue.

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