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Cottage is down that way. He desperately needed a shower. A cold, cold shower. He was icky, sweaty, and gross. The bathing vicinity was big enough to fit ten, but the school dictated only two boys in the shower at the same time, with an allotted five minutes time per pair.

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The regulation was placed to conserve hot water, but it just seemed like a punishment. Consequently, the last couple to go in were subjected to a ice geyser massage. Kaneki was under the showerhead, shivering and teeth clattering, pale skin turning all shades of blue and purple. He was half naked, the towel from earlier covering his dignity. Wet black hair, flattened under the spray, trails of water sliding down his unhealthily colored cheeks to the curve of his shivering lips, and around his pale mouth to his equally pale neck and continuing their descent along his bare chest.

Kaneki was wrapped in a bath towel, skinny, small frame bundled by the cloth. All he saw was his back as he hurried into a bathroom stall, a change of clothes in his arms.

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Hide stepped under the shower and stared at the tiled floor, freezing droplets striking his naked body like pin missiles. Stood there, lost in thought, seeing yet unseeing, eyes neither on the rust rimming the drainage nor the streams of cool water slipping under. He rubbed the palms of his wrinkled hands into his eyes and then lifted his head to the ceiling.

Futons were laid out on the tatami floor. His classmates were sitting up and huddled in a group, doing what boys going through puberty do: talk about girls. He sneezed loudly, " - Choo! His nose was getting stuffy. A cold? He was pressed up against the wall, sitting cross-legged, The Metamorphosis in hand, dressed in soft patterned pajamas. He looked over the novel at him worriedly. His black hair was wet from the shower, skin warm under his touch. He drew back quickly, heart hammering in his chest. Thump, thump, thump. It was all he could think about. Drink lots and lots of water just in case.

And Kaneki, you too! Us boys gotta stick together. Amid lighthearted chuckles and peer pressure, Hide and Kaneki shared a look and then planted themselves down in an open space. You might be even taller than the second years," a chubby boy remarked. I just hit my growth spurt. Suddenly, the spotlight was on him.

Everyone was looking, but somehow, all he could focus on was Kaneki.

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His presence, his curious eyes, the anticipation in his tensed posture. Everything combined had him blurting, "I like girls with long hair. Long black hair. Kaneki was blushing. A nervous finger on his cheek, his brown eyes cast to the side abashedly, unable to look at anyone. He was embarrassed, both by the spotlight and the question. Erm…I guess a book lover. S-someone who likes the same genre as me, so we have something in common. We can just…talk about literature for hours and be content.

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  4. Kaneki glanced at him, and he gave him a wide smile. See ya when we hit the curfew. A disappointed chorus sounded in the sleeping quarter as he and Kaneki made their exit through the sliding door. They ended up in the dark and silent hallway. Moonlight filtered in the open windows. The cicadas chirped. Humid air hung in the atmosphere. The summer wind blew under their fingertips. They sat side by side in silence, shoulders and legs brushing.

    Excited chatter from the sleeping quarter became the background noise.

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    His palms were sweating. His knees shaking. He wanted to be honest. Not to Kaneki. Wanted to believe in this friendship, wanted to trust this bond they built. His heart was beating madly. Did he have the courage? The words were easy in his imagination, but reality was completely different. It was so completely and undeniably different. He feared it. He felt dizzy. The cold was catching a hold of him. The anxiety of this situation was definitely only making it worse. Thump thump thump thump , there went his heart.

    He could hear it pound in his ears. Like rushing water. It was racing, faster and faster. The blood traveled from his head to his feet like lava. His insides flipped, heart dropped to his stomach. He felt the pain of nails digging deeply into his fists. The strange throb in his chest. Kaneki's body heat. He shifted so that there was distance in between their legs. The summer of that year came silently and left loudly just like a tornado, leaving shambles in its wake. I love it! Your style of write is very cool, I can imagine very good the scenes. It's great, I hope for more! Thanks for update.

    I love how you write the characters, and I can't wait for more! I hope this gets a happy ending, though. I'd probably die from heartbreak if Kaneki doesn't love Hide in the end. XD One question, will this follow the canon? Awesome job! I'm figuring out where I want it to end and stuff xD. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Dandelion's Promise Roriette. Chapter 2 : Summer Summary: Field trip.

    Chapter Text Part 2: Summer, the words I couldn't say.

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    A fresh pack of underwear. One roll of toilet paper. And an extra for security reasons. Double check. A flashlight. Neon pink raincoat. Che - Bam! Not this ugly pink. No man should ever get caught wearing pink. A cold shiver ran down his spine. He stuck his tongue out and then shut the door behind him, muffling the voices. Nagachika grinned, tapping out his response.

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    He snickered to himself. Breaking out in laughter, he rolled around on the mattress and typed out: - Class A3, the class of first year students from Togaku Junior High, was gathered in front of a school bus. Kaneki nodded, hiding behind his novel. The tips of his ears were red. Hide sat down beside Kaneki in the third row. Kaneki flipped a page. Kaneki calmed down under his arm, struggling movements ceased and head bowed. Words are powerful, moving, vivid. Kaneki peeked out from under the towel, insulted.

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    I think a mosquito just bit my leg. Then carry me. He swallowed an uncomfortable lump. Available ebook formats: epub mobi pdf rtf lrf pdb txt html. Writer and working scientist Ken Hinckley resides in the Seattle area with his wife and children.

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    His fiction appears in professional markets including Nature, Penumbra, and Fiction River, and his research career spans some 80 scientific papers and patents and counting. He believes he may yet have a good idea or two left in him. You can find him at kenhinckley. About Publish Join Sign In.

    Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above. Join Morrow Walker and the inimitable Great Serendipity Scott as they unfurl the tangled strands of time in their most harrowing adventure ever. Can they help Shizuko Katani, honored sensei and one-time mentor of Mr. Scott, find solace with her long-lost baby sister?