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Blake has been asked to photograph a mysterious snow creature there. Poor Jordan and Nicole. They just wanted to see snow. But now they're being chased by a monstrous creature. A big furry-faced creature known as the Abominable Snowman! Laura Kirkpatrick. The first in a hilarious new series about family, friendship and one BIG fishy secret.

Ann M. While visiting Sea City, Karen tries to bring a bossy girl down a peg by bragging that she saw a real live mermaid in the ocean, until a note from a real mermaid arrives, asking Karen to be her friend. Deep Trouble Classic Goosebumps 2. Discover the bone-chilling adventures that made Goosebumps one of the bestselling children's books series of all time! Just how scary? You'll never know unless you crack open this classic prequel!

Now with all-new bonus materials including real-life shark tales and more. Where Sand Castles Go. While out on the beach, my children, Cory age 7 and Randi-Kiana age 3 , and I had been building a sand castle all day. When the tide started coming in, I told them we had to go because the ocean was coming up the beach. My little girl, Randi-Kiana, started screaming at the ocean and kicking and hitting the waves with her tiny feet and hands. In order to distract her so I could move her up the beach, I came up with a story about a prince and his sand castles.

The children came up with the names of the characters of this story, so it makes it part theirs as well. Similar ebooks. Hannah Montana: In the Loop. Suzanne Harper. Hannah may have taken Malibu by storm, but Miley is still a small town girl at heart. So when she gets the chance to headline at the largest rodeo in the country down in Texas, she, Robby, Jackson, Lilly, and Oliver are on a plane quicker than you can say "yeehaw. Kira Breed-Wrisley. Ten years after the horrific murders at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza that ripped their town apart, Charlie, whose father owned the restaurant, and her childhood friends reunite on the anniversary of the tragedy and find themselves at the old pizza place which had been locked up and abandoned for years.

After they discover a way inside, they realize that things are not as they used to be. The four adult-sized animatronic mascots that once entertained patrons have changed. They now have a dark secret.

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Bachmann, Stefan "The Peculiar," re-submission. Bachmann, Stefan "The Whatnot," chapters 10, 11 and epilogue. Bachmann, Stefan "The Whatnot," revision. Bachmann, Stefan "the Whatnot," revision. Bachmann, Stephan "The Peculiar".


Bachmann, Stephan "The Whatnot". Bachmann, The Whatnot," edit. Bader, Barbara "Trademark Scandinavia". Baker , Jeannie "Rosy Dock". Baker, Betty "All By Herself". Baker, Betty "Danby and George". Baker, Jeannie "Belonging", "Our Forest". Baker, Jeannie "Home in the Sky". Baker, Jeannie "The Hidden Forest". Ballard, Robin "Carnival Book". Ballard, Robin "Goodbye House". Ballard, Robin "Goodbye, House". Ballard, Robin "Grandmother's House". Ballard, Robin "Granny and Me". Ballard, Robin "I Used to be the Baby". Ballard, Robin "Tonight and Tomorrow".

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Belton, Sandra "Store-Bought Baby". Belton, Sandra "The Tallest Tree". Belton, Sandra "The Tallest Tree" 2 versions. Bergman, Mara "Snip Snap! What's That? Blundell, Toni "Beware of Boys". Blundell, Tony "Beware of Boys". Blundell, Tony "Oliver and the Monsters". Bonsall, Crosby "The Goodbye Summer". Borchers, Elizabeth "Dear Sarah". Boutis, Victoria "Katy Did It". Bradshaw, Gillian "Beyond the North Wind". Bradshaw, Gillian "The Dragon and the Thief". Bradshaw, Gillian "The Land of Gold". Bram "A Dinosaurs is Too Big".

Bram "The Door in the Tree". Bram "The Man on the Unicycle". Brandenberg, Aliki "At Mary Bloom's". Brandenberg, Aliki "Communication". Brandenberg, Aliki "Feelings". Brandenberg, Aliki "Hello, Good-bye". Brandenberg, Aliki "Jack and Jake".

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Brandenberg, Aliki "Manners". Brandenberg, Aliki "Marianthe's Story". Brandenberg, Aliki "Overnight at Mary Bloom's". Brandenberg, Aliki "The Twelve Months". Brandenberg, Aliki "The Two of Them". Brandenberg, Aliki "Welcome, Little Baby". Brandenberg, Franz "What's Wrong with a Van? Brandenburg, F. Brandenburg, Franz "Otto is Different".

Brandenburg, Franz "The Hit of the Party". Bray, Rosemary "Martin Luther King". Bray, Rosemary and M. Zeldis "Nelson Mandela Book. Brown, Anthony "Through the Magic Mirror". Brown, Craig "Barn Raising". Brown, Craig "Cory's Dinosaur Hunt. Brown, Craig "In the Spring". Brown, Craig "In The Spring". Brown, Craig "The Patchwork Farmer". Brown, Craig "Tractor Book". Browne "Through the Magic Mirror". Bruun, Dr. Ruth and Dr. Burtenshaw, Jenna "Winterveil". Burtenshaw, Jenna "Winterveil" 2 versions.

Butler, Dorothy "Behave Yourself Barney! Butler, Dorothy "Behave Yourself Barney". Butler, Dorothy "Just A Dog". Callen, Larry "Contrary Imaginations". Cameron, Anne "The Lightning Catcher". Cameron, Anne "The Lightning Catcher" 2 versions. Carrick "A Rabbit for Easter".

Carrick "Paul's Christmas Birthday". Carrick "The Deer in the Pasture". Carrick "The Empty Squirrel". Carrick "The Highest Balloon on the Common". Carrick "The Longest Float in the Parade". Carson, Rachel "Crown Of Embers". Carson, Rae "The Princess and the Godstone". Caseley, Judith "Ada Potato". Caseley, Judith "Annie's Potty". Caseley, Judith "Apple Pie and Onions". Caseley, Judith "Charlie's Community. Caseley, Judith "Chloe in the Know". Caseley, Judith "Dear Annie". Caseley, Judith "Dorothy's Darkest Days".

Caseley, Judith "Field Day Friday". Caseley, Judith "Grandpa's Garden Lunch". Caseley, Judith "Harry and Arney". Caseley, Judith "Harry and Willy and Carrothead". Caseley, Judith "Hurricane Harry".

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Caseley, Judith "Jorah's Journal". Caseley, Judith "Mama Coming and Going". Caseley, Judith "Mama, Coming and Going". Caseley, Judith "Mickey's Class Play". Caseley, Judith "Mr. Green Peas". Caseley, Judith "Praying to A. Caseley, Judith "Priscilla Twice". Caseley, Judith "Silly Baby". Caseley, Judith "Slumber Party". Caseley, Judith "Starring Dorothy Kane".

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Cecil, Laura "Preposterous Pets". Cecil, Laura "Stuff and Nonsense". Cecil, Laura "The Frog Princess". Cecil, Laura "The Frog Princess": cover. Chandler, Pauline "Warrior Girl". Charlip, Remy "A Perfect Day". Charlip, Remy "Sleepytime Rhyme". Children's Books and Fact Sheet Chisholm, Anne "Rumer Godden".

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Cole, Henry "On the Way to the Beach". Cooper "Great Grandmother Goose". Cooper, Elisha "Country Fair". Cooper, Elisha "County Fair". Cooper, Elisha "Magic Thinks Big". Crews, Donald "Freight Train Bilingual edition ". Crews, Donald "Freight Train". Crews, Donald "Night at the Fair". Crews, Donald: "Bicycle Race". Crews, Donald: "Ten Black Dots". Crews, Nina "A Ghost Story". Crews, Nina "I'll Catch the Moon". Crowley, Suzanne "The Stolen One". Crutcher, Chris "Running Loose".

Crutcher, Chris "Angry Management". Crutcher, Chris "Chinese Handcuffs". Crutcher, Chris "Deadline" 2 versions. Crutcher, Chris "Deadline": page proofs. Crutcher, Chris "Deadline": proof with editing notes. Crutcher, Chris "Dear Larry King". Crutcher, Chris "King of the Mild Frontier". Crutcher, Chris "The Sledding Hill". Crutcher, Chris "Whale Talk". Cummings, Lindsay "The Murder Complex," comments and suggestions.