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Erik Voake Netflix. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Netflix. Did you spot Queer Eye star in Stranger Things? Revisions season 2: everything you need to know. Why bother pretending anything else can compete?

‘What If’ Ending: What Happens in Season 1 Is Worth the Wait —Spoilers | IndieWire

The show has been pitched as a modern morality play, an anthology series in which every season considers a different hypothetical question. In an interview with Forbes , Kelley explained that he wanted to consider the murky morality of modern American life, and the ways in which people justify gratifying their desires. Which is … a fascinating premise for a limited series to explore!

Chimborazo in Ecuador, due to the fact that the planet bulges out at the equator. Even more obscure is the question of which point on the Earth's surface moves the fastest as the Earth spins, which is the same as asking which point is farthest from the Earth's axis.

What/If season 2 cast: Who's returning?

The answer isn't Chimborazo or Everest. The fastest point turns out to be the peak of Mt. Cayambe, a volcano north of Chimborazo.

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  • Earth-Moon Fire Pole.

And now you know. Cayambe's southern slope also happens to be the highest point on Earth's surface directly on the Equator. I have a lot of mountain facts.

What If Humans Were 5 Meters (16ft) Tall?

Even though the end of the pole is moving slowly relative to the Earth as a whole, it's moving very fast relative to the surface. Asking how fast the pole is moving relative to the surface is effectively the same as asking what the "ground speed" of the Moon is.

What/If season 2: Release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know

This is tricky to calculate, because the Moon's ground speed varies over time in a complicated way. The Moon's ground speed varies pretty regularly, making a kind of sine wave. It peaks twice every month as it passes over the fast-moving equator, then reaches a minimum when it's over the slower-moving tropics. Its orbital speed also changes depending on whether it's at the close or far point in its orbit. This leads to a roughly sine-wave shaped ground speed:. Ok, fine. There's one other cycle we can take into account to really nail down the Moon's ground speed. This means that the Moon's latitude changes the way the Sun's does, moving from the northern tropics to the southern tropics twice a year.

However, the Moon's orbit is also tilted, and this tilt rotates on an When the Moon is over a point farther from the equator, it has a lower "ground speed," so the lower end of the sine wave goes lower. Here's the plot of the Moon's "ground speed" over the next few decades:. The Moon's top speed stays pretty constant, but the lowest speed rises and falls with an When you do finally enter the atmosphere, you'll be coming down near the edge of the tropics.

Try to avoid the tropical jet stream , an upper-level air current which blows in the same direction the Earth rotates.

Renee Zellweger drama 'What/If' is a just-decent proposal

Regardless of where you come down, you'll need to contend with supersonic winds, so you should wear lots of protective gear. Make sure you're tightly attached to the pole, since the wind and various shockwaves will be violently battering and jolting you around. People often say, "It's not the fall that kills you, it's the sudden stop at the end. At some point, to reach the ground, you're going to have to let go of the pole. For obvious reasons, you don't want to jump directly onto the ground while moving at Mach 1.

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  7. Instead, you should probably wait until you're somewhere near airline cruising altitude, where the air is still thin, so it's not pulling at you too hard—and let go of the pole. Then, as the air carries you away and you fall toward the Earth, you can open your parachute. Then, at last, you can drift safely to the ground, having traveled from the Moon to the Earth completely under your own muscle power. When you're done, remember to remove the fire pole.