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German Edition Jan 15, Monday will be something else. That said, I document what I do and others will need to do on our office Wiki. No one uses it, so I have to explain to them what they want and then ask them to look at the wiki first next time. If I tell them to go look at the wiki and won't tell them what they want because I already documented it they will complain that I am not a team player. And shit rolls downhill, and ends up at my desk. Did you sign this or did you not? If you did sign then its taken that you agree to the contents.

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My boss pressured me to sign immediately. I did not and I told him that I want to think about it. The electronic tool applies a digital signature to the document when you press sign. After, a paper copy of the document must still be signed by hand. But this is not the core of the problem. The core of the problem is the performance rating and on this my boss is not willing to change his opinion. Do you think it's the right step to involve the Betriebsrat or should be better to keep the thing between me and my boss, hoping to solve the problem in some way like changing department inside my company?

I like my company and I think that in another department the life could be better for me. At the moment I have no information on how to change inside my company. And I have no contact with other departments to ask if there is a position open that fits my skills.

Usually everyone can apply to new positions reading the offers on the company career website. But I guess this could not be so easy or quick because it's better when you know someone inside the department you are interested in I would speak to him again first. Ask him for a meeting and say you are concerned that you are not meeting his expectations but really not sure what you have to do to improve. Get him to give you precise things which he expects from you, and maybe examples of where he has not been happy with your work.

It is very hard for any of us not involved directly in your situation to identify where the problem lies. But a first step is to get clear communication between the two of you, so that you are able to understand what it is he wants from you and then you can judge yourself. Maybe his expectations are unrealistic, or maybe just unclear. - Die Mitarbeiterbesprechung

Or maybe you really aren't meeting them. But normally, there should be a clear understanding of what the employee's goals are for the year so that both parties can objectively monitor during the year and each side can take corrective measures before the next appraisal date. I know it's terribly modern and stylish to blame everyone and everything for failure excepte yourself, but have you ever sat yourself down for a quiet minute and asked yourself if your boss may be a bit right?

Perhaps you are getting negative reviews because you are, actually failing to meet standards and not being mobbed, although that would be hipper. If you genuinely don't understand what standards aren't being met, ask your boss for a meeting. Not "more", but "15 tasks a month like your colleagues and your doing 10". As far as training goes, yes, some things need to be explained exactly. Ask your boss to run you though what is needed or get him to define a mentor colleague to help you get running.

Having said that, as a manager in offices and production I have been driven to distraction by employees who run out to mediamarkt at the weekend, buy themselves and learn to program a funky 7. Don't be being one of them. I don't know your position in your company, but if you are project manager or any type of manager, you are expected not only to fulfill your specific goals but also to do the implicit goals for a manager.

Those can be:. If this is the case, I think your boss is not satisfied because you just fulfilled the "basic", you did not went the beyond that. I think it's bad when employees don't know or have some inkling as to where they stand in terms of their performance prior to their performance appraisal. A good manager is responsible for giving you ongoing constructive feedback prior to the performance evaluation.

If there are concerns about your work he should be addressing then with you long before your periodic appraisals to allow you an opportunity to remedy the situation. You and your boss have to be proactive in your approach to resolving concerns about your performance and open and honest communication is paramount. If I were you, I would immediately request in writing from your boss a written performance improvement plan that outlines areas of deficiencies and specific interventions, responsibilities, and expectations that can guide you in improving your work performance.

After you have the written improvement plan, the next thing I would do is to request a weekly or biweekly meeting to have an open discussion regarding what you've been doing to work on the plan to improve and accomplish the elements of your role and responsibilities. At the meetings, I would take notes and then send a brief email to your boss to summarize the meeting or ask your boss to do the summarization. Managers are integral to the success of their employees.

So put it back on your manager to assist you in improving your work performance and reaching your full potential at work. Posted 7 Mar There are always two sides to the story, and the discussion about who is right and who is wrong will end up in painful nitpicking. My humble opinion: you should better agree to disagree and leave the who's-at- fault- question aside. I have been in this position brilliant appraisal one year, new boss and bad appraisal the next Try to be professional and see what happens. If the differences are not resolvable, ask for help to transfer.

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With a witness you boss is forced to be supportive one way or the other. Get a meeting report and action plan written up and get it signed. Don't waste time- it gives your boss the opportunity to build a case against you. Lets face is: nobody is perfect and if they want to find dirt they will most likely succeed.

Do not go into a one-to- one meeting with your boss until this disagreement is resolved!! It opens a door to wild accusations and your boss holds the stronger cards. If a company wants to get rid off you they usually will manage sooner or later, but you can determine the terms. Transfer or compensation package depend on how professional and cool you can play. Try to block out the emotional side and look at it as a game I know, it's very difficult Don't see yourself as a victim but as a player Seriously, it is a workplace and a certain maturity can be expected from the employee, too.

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Negative evaluation at job performance review

Der eingeblendete Hinweis Banner dient dieser Informationspflicht. Eine Anleitung zum Blockieren von Cookies finden Sie hier. Telling time in German Basic Lesson No Today I want to show you different ways how to tell time in German. Besides the numbers you also need to know these words:. Click the play button. Lesson Let's work our way through Example 1. Let's work our way through Example 2. Let's work our way through Example 3. Example No 3 Another way of telling the time is to use the word: nach.

Let's work our way through Example 4.

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Example No 4 If we have less than 30 minutes to the next hour we can use the word: vor. Let's work our way through Example 5. Let's work our way through Example 6. Example No 6 In German it is a little tricky when we have 30 minute left to the next hour. Be careful!