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Here in Alaska, in the same circumstances, I would have recommended he put his daughter on a transfer-on-death deed instead of giving her a half interest during his lifetime.

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That way he would have been able to change it later, when circumstances changed, without having to get his daughter to approve the change. Boyfriend then died unexpectedly, with no will. Girlfriend did not have any legal right to handle the estate, since she was not a relative and there was no will. Father was appointed as executor, and he needed to pay bills; after all Boyfriend had credit card debt and medical bills, and then there were the normal costs of probate.

So Father wanted to sell the house.

Top 10 ways an event can go wrong

There was nothing else valuable in the estate, and these bills had to be paid. After all, who is going to buy an undivided half interest in a piece of property? So Father had to go to court to force the sale. He won the case, but now a big chunk of the sale proceeds went to attorney fees. The lesson of both of these cases is that nobody should co-own a parcel of real estate without proper planning. Kenneth Kirk is an Anchorage estate planning lawyer. Nothing in this article should be taken as legal advice for a specific situation; for specific advice you should consult a professional who can take all the facts into account.

Unless, of course, you want the trial lawyers to get part of your estate. Senior Voice -. You might be interested in: Social Security options for divorced spouses Put Social Security to work for you Social Security questions answered by the experts Mortality: An ounce of preparedness Estate planning in the Trailerhood needs help. Most Popular Is physical health the Jordan Lewis Kitchen table became a Planners today have to be on top of every detail to ensure an event is flawless. While you think you may have your event all wrapped up, and are marching towards completion, you may need to be more prepared for a number of things that could possibly go wrong when planning an event.

Here are just a few things that planners commonly forget to consider.

Contracting a venue can be a chore within itself. Many times just ensuring that you have the right dates and right space feels like it should be enough.

When Plans go Wrong…

At times, a venue could offer space to two organizations, sometimes issuing contracts to both. Try to avoid a race to the finish line with other organizations booking the same venue. Click To Tweet. To prevent the convoluted outcome, it is best to be clear in understanding any conflicts ahead of time. Find out from the venue the booking process, and about all other interested parties.

5 Things that Can and Will Go Wrong When Planning an Event

Communicate your position to those you need to, to ensure that all parties are aware of the expectations, or you can find yourself having to explain to a client why the perfect location for their event, slipped away. In the world of globalization, planners have to be more aware than ever of events that affect their attendees. Not only are companies holding meetings globally, many have attendees from different countries. All attendees coming to your meeting will observe many different holidays and religious observed days.

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Strategic panning is critical for any business that wants a laser like focus on successfully achieving their goals and objectives. New opportunities and risks are continually emerging in the market place and your business needs to be able to respond effectively if it is to thrive.

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  • Top 5 things that go wrong with strategic planning – and what to do about it;
  • However, the most immaculate plan can be shot down in a blaze of waste paper very quickly at the implementation stage, if the right foundations have not been built. Here are the Top 7 things that can go wrong with your strategic planning process — and what to do about it. We know that generally speaking, we are creatures of habit, and we do get comfortable with our daily rhythm at work.

    So when changes are imposed upon us, we often naturally resist the change at some level. In a different set of circumstances, we might feel overdue for change, and looking forward to things improving. But we will all have our own opinions and perspectives on how that change should look. When a team leader is ready to initiate change, it is vital to get complete buy-in from the team they will be relying on to implement the plan. The outcomes of incomplete buy-in can range from reduced productivity and confusion, to indifference, all the way to outright mischief and sabotage.

    World Records Gone HORRIBLY WRONG!

    Either involve your entire team in a strategic planning workshop, or seek other ways to start gathering feedback and inviting contributions. Communication tools like surveys, meetings and face-to-face discussions will help you gather feedback from your whole organisation.

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    Ensure all voices are heard. Creating a successful plan requires a large dose of realism. So often we see organisations getting caught up in the excitement of the new, and they forget to allow time to manage their existing business activities. There are two key elements that will make the difference.