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A final great strength of Python is the availability of a wide range of add-on modules that bring extra functionality. One such module is Pygame. As its name suggests, Pygame helps you create games using Python: for example, it greatly improves image handling through its Sprite class, makes it easy to control in-game audio, and even allows your game to work with joysticks. This software offers numerous helpful features for programmers, such as automatic syntax colouring, to make your code simpler to read and debug, and a symbol browser to help keep track of all the classes and variables in your code.

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Write a Raspberry Pi game in Python. Kevin Partner 13 Feb Image 1 of 3. Page 1 of 2 Write a Raspberry Pi game in Python 1.

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Write a Raspberry Pi game in Python 2. Getting to know Python There are two major versions of Python in use. Each program is made up of a number of sprites pictures that contain a number of scripts. It's these scripts that control what happens when the program is running.

Getting to know Python

Each of these is a category that contains pieces that you can drag and drop into the scripts area to build programs. Good luck! Sooner or later, you're going to want to get your program to remember something. It might be a number, a piece of text, or anything. You can do this using variables.

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These are little pieces of the computer's memory that your program can place pieces of data in. In step 3, we created a pair of these to store some numbers in, although we could also have put text in them. Note that in some programming languages, you have to create different types of variables if you want to store different types of data, but you don't need to worry about that in Scratch.

Once you have created a variable, you can then use it in a few ways.

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Firstly, you have to set them to be a particular value, then you can use them to evaluate conditions which we'll do in steps 6 and 11 , or you can output them. If you create a number of scripts, you may need to communicate between them. Sometimes you can do this with variables, but it is often better to use messages. These can be used to trigger scripts in the same way as key presses can.

When one script broadcasts a message, it will then trigger all the scripts that start with When I Receive…. Like variables, messages have names, so they have to be created first, and for a script to trigger it has to be linked to the same message as the broadcast.

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Then reduce the sprite size by clicking on the Shrink sprite icon circled and then the mouse. We set it to about the size of our thumbnail. We'll use this to start a new game r is for reset.

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