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Keep packages of steaks on your person It should keep him busy enough for you to get a running start. If it's several animals Remember the expression: "Beware the Greeks bearing gifts"? Well, it's not just the Greeks you have to worry about, it's anybody who's your dubious "friend".

If you hear a strange noise in your attic, then rummage around and find out it's only a cute little pussycat from down the street Don't run. It's too late. Just accept your fate and don't be a pansy about it. If you hear on the news that Earth will soon pass through a comet tail or come close in any way to a passing comet, build up a cache of canned food and weapons. Better safe than sorry on this one. You might want to rethink that. One thing you might try is just to kill everything you see. The old, condemned, abandoned church where people sometimes see lights at night is not a good dare nor is it a scientific curiosity.

Your survival guide to horror films - what you need to get through one

If your girlfriend has been missing during your entire running battle with the creatures, and she comes to comfort you after it's all over, shoot her in the head. She's either one of them, or the one who summoned them. Either way, she's not worth the trouble. If you smell a decaying corpse, it's not your imagination. Something is bringing the dead back. If it's in your exit path, feel free to soil yourself. It won't matter after you're dead anyway.

Watch where you're going. While you trip and fall over old tree roots, that lumbering killer with the very big knife is covering ground at physics-defying speed When traveling cross country with your significant other because you've got that new job and always wanted to see America , if you drive into a small, dusty town where the streets are empty and no one comes out to greet you.

When fleeing from a maniac killer, don't hide in a tool shed. You'll be too stupid to grab something to defend yourself and you'll just give him the chance to be creative. If an old Indian man warns you away from a sacred place of spirits, it would not be the time to get all ethnocentric on him and defy his warning. Blood shooting out of light sockets, lamps exploding, and voices from unseen entities are the international signals for one to consider selling the property in question A few words about objects that have any sort of mystical significance.

If there is some nasty kind of thing around already, try using the object s on it in hopes of driving it back to the dark realms from whence it came. And be sure to chant something all dramatic-like. Actually, several parts lined up on a slab.

Aliens are not peaceful visitors that wish to offer you friendship and advanced technology. They either think that you are a puny inferior being to be conquered with their advanced weaponry or that you have no claws or sharp teeth and your brain tastes like chicken. And remember To Serve Man is a cook book. Know about your ancestral family history. Forget that you are a tree hugging, animal loving, NRA hating liberal. Get a damn gun and if it moves kill it.

Sort of a companion piece to other ideas on the list, but if dead people want to feast on your flesh, you've gotta aim for the brain. Don't look shocked 30 minutes later when you shoot a zombie in the chest and he keeps coming. You know better. And on that same note, if you have any friends with you in the zombie apocalypse nightmare who suddenly become secretive about a "flesh wound" or "just a scratch" they suffered during some battle or another, just go ahead and execute them. That goes double if they try to keep you from examining one of their loved ones.

You can't cover more ground or save more time if you are merely slaughtered, with no one the wiser and then the others have to look for you, and THEY'LL split up to save time, and Glue your keys to your hand.

How to Survive a Horror Movie by Seth Grahame-Smith

Otherwise, you'll drop them at the most inopportune time. Also, keep your car maintained properly, lest you be cranking the thing over for precious seconds as the gaggle of ghouls gains on your Grenada. Unless you're in a basement, running upstairs never helps. If he's missing part of his body, kill him.

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He is one of two things. If you kill him, you'll do one of two things. Forget the cellar. There has actually never been a horror franchise girl IE, a female character around whom a franchise was constructed who was blonde. A: The answer to this question depends entirely on the decade of your horror movie. Q: Werewolves: should we get bitten, is it better to go out fighting, or run away to help spread our new genetic gift?

A: Please see the section below, on zombies. Q: Well, um, okay. In case of zombie invasion, where is the best place to hide? There are essentially four different major types of zombie. Romero zombies come in both fast and slow varieties thank you, James Gunn. If a Romero zombie bites you, shoot yourself.

I am personally very fond of the viral zombie. The alien zombie is in some way being controlled by an alien organism. Finally, you have the supernatural zombie. These are zombies explicitly brought back from the grave through some sort of whacked-out magical ritual. Magical zombies can often be disposed of by breaking the spell that summoned them in the first place. Good luck with that. Q: Well, crap. Is there a way to tell the difference between a fast zombie and a slow zombie before it grabs and eats my brain?

14 horror authors give their advice for surviving a scary movie

Early in an attack situation, assume that all zombies are fast zombies, and somehow possess the power to out-run a motorcycle. If none of the zombies actually chase you at anything faster than a shuffle, you can slow down a little. Try not to let your fear of fast zombies cause you to run straight into the arms of a slow zombie. A: A velociraptor. Maybe eight of them. Viral zombies, on the other hand, should not be blown up if you can possibly avoid it, as it is totally possible to aerosolize the infection. Q: If I get bitten by an infectious type of zombie, should I hide it from the rest of my party?

Admit your condition, say your goodbyes, and die with dignity. There is one exception to this rule. A: Zombies are scary in part because their numbers are, from your point of view, essentially infinite. And if your outbreak actually involves people getting out of the grave, dude, just give it up. A: Outside of a horror movie, probably not.

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Odds are good that he is. A: This gets a bit tricky. First off, do not invite the vampire into your home. Also, remember that some vampires can use their human minions to get themselves an invitation. If you have teenage children, you may have a problem, as teenagers are traditional targets of the vampire looking for a way in. Remember, horror movie vampires only want to cuddle your blood, not your body.

They are not ideal prom dates. Explain that the living dead are not welcome in the house. And padlock all the windows. A: Take up gardening. No, seriously. Wild roses, garlic, and wild onions are traditional anti-vampire measures in some parts of the world. A still from upcoming Thai horror film, Reside. Bryan Lim. Apr 16, No one is infallible - not even the most avid horror fan with nerves of steel.

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