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I am still learning all about seo and backlinking. I would like to learn how to better use backlinking and seo to get my site ranked for organic traffic. If that makes sense. I spend a lot of time on classified locations to drum up sales, I need methods that are more permanent to keep the traffic flowing.

I see you mentioned millions of backlinks, please tell me what the strategy is for this process for a novice online marketer. But I will not been able to keep up with all the other social media channels or methods… there are too many — so I focus on what works the best. So Matt Cutts is full of bullshit sorry for my expression, of course Google will give you a SEO advantage if you use their product instead of other networks like Facebook, tweeter etc..

Gotta love you, Glen. I have been noticing these for the past few months too. The link velocity is really really fast, and all backlinks are like from PR4 to PR7 domains. There are also a lot of YouTube videos ranking for high-volume keywords while the videos themselves are total garbage. Great job, Google! Sites I talked about on my email list months ago are still ranking highly through nothing but spam. My take is that we build sites that will rank while these methods last. After all, this is the landscape of SEO since the start.

When methodologies change, we adapt. Think of it like how society exists… we cannot eradicate crime, we can minimize it, yes…. I think that examining search results is the best type of seo research. I think as well.. Great read Glen. Truthful answers and preachings from Google is hard to come by these days.

Nevertheless, cheers for the post! This has worked very well for me Glen! And most of what I know I learned here in ViperChill, thank you very much for keeping this site! Great content as usual! And this is something that is quite easy to measure and also quite easy to refer to as non-organic cannot be the case of a site or content going viral since there is no social signals to accompany this phenomenon- and in order to be labeled as viral this is usually the case.

So how come that something as obvious and probably as easy to measure as this is overlooked? What should we then say about someone who is trying to game the system using a scheme that seems more organic- Distribute the links over a longer time frame, add social signals in the equation, leverage profiles on social sites and article directories build tier links?

The examples amaze me every time. And I want to believe what Google is saying so badly. For shame. Silly me. Hey Glenn, I actually have a question about the disavow tool. If someone is constantly trying to put bad links towards your site and you know that you have not made them , can you continuously use the disavow tool? If it keeps on happening, how many times should you disavow?

Or is it just one of those things that you should just do on a regular basis? Preferably you would just have to do it once. Thanks Glenn for your input. I will have to ask some questions in the Private Forum to get some 1 to 1 time. Get in there! This is also what I tell all my students. Guys, focus on content, and then on back-links or how to spread the content online. I see the number of backlinks in the webmaster tools change every days.. So maybe the quote from Boykin that the data in Webmaster Tools is old and rarely gets updated maybe is someway inaccurate..

I love your point of view about SEO and really appreciate what you share in public. Thanks a lot! Like same mastermind group or SEO services that you do for your clients Glen? Changed only the publish date.

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Created the new page replica same URL deleting the old page. Pages were indexed though I changed the meta desc as well. Will keep testing. Would you be willing to do the test again point number 2? I did something very similar — sharing on Monday — and rankings came back, dropped, then came back again. Yeah I would.

Great stuff glen I did notice that parts of the site had gone down. You really are revealing some pretty awesome information here and rattling some cages, good for you. Its a lot of info to take in I may need to read this again. This youtube link selling looks interesting is it expensive to get so many backlinks? Exciting stuff cant wait for the next episode. Awesome post as usual Glen. I have a movie reviews blog and everytime I want to look for trailers or video interviews I only see Youtube videos on the first page.

It wasn;t the case 1 year ago. I agree with you Eric. All those spammy youtube videos are killing honest writers and video producers. I post a photo to a communities page, write some words and post a link back to my article. Do shares help? Just think about how easy that would be to be abused. You are such a Professional Problogger! Haha, great post Glen, I bet we all feel st… after reading this post.

You mentioned that you use Clicky. Do you have ALL of sites in the same account there? You can use Keyword Planner to find new keyword and ad group ideas, get performance estimates for them to find the bid and budget that are right for you, and then add them to your campaigns. From what I remember the Clicky code is unique with no identifiers like Google Analytics. I think 6. Might give a little update here soon. Thanks for the suggestion!

Very odd… Positions have authority yet are lagging behind. I think the Opensiteexplorer. They seem to be bouncing all over the shop… the rank logix guys as mentioned before, ranking at 2, are now down at 5…. Have you done any research on this at all? There is a final tab on Open Site Explorer which allows you to find recently discovered links, there are a few in there.

Before I think of whether I can use freshness for an industry I just look at what is ranking already. Go for it. Hi Glenn, Thank you for clear, easy-to-read information. I concentrate completely on trying to create excellent content now and truthfully, sometimes forget to put tags! Quality content is primary in my mind. I recommend only those products that I myself use of from a trusted source. Since I subscribed to VC, I am following closely the posts you send.

I DO read and save all your emails and posts. If I tried to keep up with all the changes and attempt to read every thing pertaining to seo, my head would explode. Thanks for doing what you do. This confirms for me that I should start doing that sooner rather than later. Another great post.

I had a quick look at the backlink profile of the seo video and can tell you that it is not SAPE links ranking it but spammy automated links … such as trackbacks. The top site ranking has a backlink profile that does not follow current best practices for good ranking like the other sites on page 1. Sites which we rank on page 1 and position 1, plus the ton of research we have done on top ranking sites, shows clear backlinking patterns that rank sites in Google post penguin.

They also have a ton of complaints against them for their seo services including several filed with the better business bureau. I just want request you to let us know how you protect your blog from hackers? Last week one of my blog was pharma hacked. I had to make lots of effort to overcome. In your email you said that while you were in the process of sending it login attempts were made in 20 minutes. How did you know about it? Do you use any plugin for that? Please share and give top 5 tips to protect a blog from such activities. Google has always summed things up that if you play by the rules, you will reap the benefits.

Is it perfect? Ever since the collapse of WorldCom and Enron, a high level of transparency is required to avoid scrutiny. Most of what you have above is what they state there. Similar to what the IT security deals with from hackers. At least they keep trying. I know I am seeing better results since I figured that out. Anyway, I really am enjoying your posts just started following here lately and looking forward to more. Keep up the good work. To make money on the Internet, whether online marketing of local business, needs a long term strategy to work.

It takes time and effort, but pays off well in the long run. Glen, Thanks for another great post. Think every one of us know hundreds of such examples but only a few can write such a good post. All of your recent articles have been super meaty and awesome. In other words: zero fluff — no theory — you should be charging for this information my friend!

If these keywords can get tons of visitors, why is Youtube stats showing zero traffic except for the big traffic spike they purchased? Videos are an easy way to rank and drive traffic to these niches, plus they add another learning method auditory and are easy and fun to make. I do have to spam them a little bit in order to get Google to look at them. BTW that youtube video did not use Sape network to rank, they used other similar network based in Poland. Most people using Sape are buying in the thousands or less. Anything in the million range is going to be basic comment spam.

A potential question for the next interview: Suppose you have multiple, unrelated domains on a single hosting account and link these domains to the primary site. This guy is ranking 1 for Seo in Australia — bigvisionseo. In the past months, I thought I was going insane trying to do the things Moz and Matt were pushing. Changing tactics, suddenly my revenue is up almost 2x month over month. Very nice. This supports my growing opinion that seo is stupid vs. Paid traffic. Really an amazing research on SEO and saving my time of watching videos from Matt Cutts, thank you so much.

Follow the money. If Russian link networks are allowed to flourish in search engine results, what does this say about Google? Google is not as innocent as they would like you to believe. They are literally fleecing their advertising customers and no one will come close to challenging them. Yeah and I agree with you, the quality of search result is becoming worst these days. Thank you Glen.

Did you explain your YouTube technique somewhere in detail already? I am doing some testing and would love to try it out. Also, I use Thesis on my wp blogs. For 3 years now lots of Russian webmasters have been saying that sape is going to die soon because search engines smarter now.

The moment Post penguin was arrived he promised to penalized the sites who has using the black hat seo methods… So we should aware on this. Another killer post Glen, id love to read about how you go about ranking youtube videos from start to finish. I must ask the image you used of google why the search term canadian exchange rate. Hi Glen, Thanks mate for keeping us up to date. Am a member of Backlinks xxx and working through it. Lots of mini-sites targeting keywords from very thin sites, and lots of pages from the same thin sites.

This is for an offline business with very real customers. One step forward, two steps back for the users. Again thanks alot for this post Glen. Regarding freshness in the serps, has anyone had the same success as i have been having by simply changing dates, well to be accurate i have changed the dates by making it the first line of words in my articles and then using the google structured data tool to highlight it as the date tag.

All the question Answers from Matt Cutts are awesome. They were just questions Matt answered in his webmaster videos…. I know you have some programs like backlinksxxx etc but i think many people will be interested in personal one on one coaching like myself. It has relevance for us as selling downloadable maps the Image search is more important. Many of our maps get a high ranking if Past Month is selected in Web and then you switch to Image. But we are nowhere if the default Any Time is used for either option. Many people forget that Google is for profit organization and they spin facts in the way it is more profitable to them.

If you want to learn something objective about Google- google it. Good content as usual as i m reading u r blog from last 1 month….. It was inspiring. Keep on posting! That must cost him a fortune.. Site still ranks.. The service will spam competitors who are at the top with Toxic bulk backlinking in a short period of time. If there are 5 competitors above my customer then the spam will be increased by 5 fold.

Google has opened pandoras box to mass unprecedented spam on a truly massive scale…This must be the least thought out algorithm in the history of the search engine and will be its absolute downfall. Thanks for the post cus am just a beginner in this link building of a thing but this really helped a lot staying clear of all those crooked seo ways.

Great post that makes for some interesting reading. Page speed or page loading time I think plays a part in rankings also for visitors, not many people wait for a page to load if it takes longer than a few seconds they press the back button and look for another site. Page speed plays a vital role especially the home page it should be super fast loading. You have a great site and I will be visiting again, have a great day …. Yes I think the home page should be very fast loading, this will help the home page rank better. Of course you still need good on and off page SEO.

Very helpful article thanks. Awesome one! The daily reader should like this article most! Hey man, Is there any way to create a backlink directly from Google Homepage of any country? I have seen backlinks of many sites and there I have found some of them. Glen, really great summary of so many areas of concern. I did not even know there was a disavow tool.

Not sure I need it at this point but it is good to know it exists. There were so many other great points to this post, so thanks. This is a much informative article about SEO. Thanks for sharing practical things. Every time i visited this blog, i have learned something. Awesome article! Would you say these SAPE links are bad for your site? Also could you explain how google gets its back links for your site oppose to a site like Alexa? Thanks, I have just been looking for information approximately this topic SEO for ages and yours is the greatest i have discovered till now.

Thanks for sharing details with us. Thanks once again. I bet I cant write like you. This post is great as it shows that what comes out of Matt Cutts mouth is mainly propaganda. Many link building methods still work very well. Amazing article — very helpful. I am a newbie and was having a hard time with SEO because, like you mention above, it seemed very overwhelming. Thanks for making me feel more comfortable. Killer post — this takes broken link building to a new level. This is great creative link building. Thanks to sharing these Steps. Interesting article on competitor analysis.

This is very important for improved search engine ranking. It is also critical for the search marketer to understand the use of tools that would help understand the different back links from the competitor. Indeed, mastering these process would help the niche or search marketer rank high You have asked really great questions but as you know that Matt cutts never answer every thing openly,. The answers was given by the SEO expert Matt Cutts is really important and i always looking for his new stuffs which help us to make it easily.

Excellent goods from you, man. You make it entertaining and you continue to take care of to keep itt sensible. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Cancel Reply. Kalle says:. August 28, at am. Glen says:. Teresa says:. October 7, at pm. John Gibb says:.

August 28, at pm. John says:.

  • How To Use Wikipedia for SEO & Content Marketing Strategy.
  • 2. It will create a new form of negative SEO!
  • How To Use Wikipedia for SEO & Content Marketing Strategy!

August 29, at am. For example, make sure the physician has a LinkedIn Bio to tout their achievements -help them get published in authoritative places -find ways to get people legitimately talking about your business. Think of it from the perspective of someone who is considering a nasal surgery. Would I want to read an article written by a good SEO, or an article written by someone who does this stuff every day? I wonder what it will do against blogs and forums written by patients for patients? Or they just will disappear from the Web?

Often after many decades of suffering. Modern medicine is so compromised on so many points that even among doctors are groups that fight each other and call each other for quacks. And now comes Google and removes the only patient support that the sick can expect from each other? There are actually some examples in the QRG of pages that are considered high quality as they are great heartfelt patient discussions.

But it depends on what people are searching for. A page with a user generated discussion on how to live with chemotherapy side effects could possibly rank really well. Thank you Marie, That was really helpful, I never worked with this niche before, but now am ready for the challenge if ever I was put on likely projects! This is absolute awesome.

I have some tech websites which got affected, what could be the possible reasons?? Are your authors known as the top experts in their field? I am very curious abut this update and the march one in the spanish language sector. I saw in march-april websites with mediocre quality content above websites with really good content. But that is what i an seeing in the spanish search engine world for differents topics. My question is, if I was to try and improve things, would any SERPs increases be purely down to algorithmic factors, or is EAT in anyway subject to manual review?

I really wish we could learn more about how Google determines E-A-T. I think that it would be hard to truly fake E-A-T. Sure, you could create a fake doctor and create a fake LinkedIn profile for them, but I think it would be really easy to figure out that this doctor has no history of ever graduating, being quoted in authoritative places, etc.

You could have them reply to HARO requests and get quoted as doctors, but the truly authoritative news sites that really matter in terms of E-A-T are going to check out their sources. Written word cornerstone content pieces. Plus, just about every thought leader in my niche including scientists, NY Times best selling authors etc etc are either followers or subscribers. Google knows exactly what they are doing.

This is the first obvious step toward total censorship of anything not promoting the allopathic disease management system. Marie, I will do as some of my colleagues are doing, and have functional medicine doctors and biological dentists review all my blog posts on these subjects…. We recommend that every author has a bio that explains in lines why they are qualified to write on this subject.

Document Sharing Website

And then the bio should link to an author page that goes into even more detail. It is also important to note that a good amount of how Google calculates E-A-T is from mentions on authoritative sites. This goes for both the authors as well as the site itself. The reason I ask is because we actually have really well-known doctors and nurses on our staff. Both of them seem to have what Marie Haynes was talking about. See screen shots below:. I would also like to add that we have two sites in the health industry. As far as I understand it, DA is based almost entirely on link equity.

However, this is just one component of the algorithm, and in my opinion, it has changed dramatically. It makes sense that a lot of high DA sites are ranking well. Thanks for sharing your insights into this. I love your attitude! My apologies for specifically calling you out. At least you got a link out of it, right? Do you have tips on improving external reputation? A client of mine has a site that is almost 2 years old. They have some good mentions on techcrunch and refinery29 and other smaller sites, but one of the most prominent sites that pops up for them is a discussion on reddit where people slam what they do.

So, here are some of the things we do:. Where are they getting reviews and authoritative mentions? Can you get them there too? Are there ways you can get mentions there? If there is a bad review, do everything you can to respond and make it clear that the problem will be rectified. I do believe that Google looks at a great many sources. Health and fitness seem to really have taken a big E-A-T hit. Hi Marie, What could be a good example of E. T for an affiliate site or technology site?

Do you think that Google check also E. T when we are not in medical niche? Thanks for your answers Lin. E-A-T is important for any site that helps people make important life decisions. We know that medical, financial and legal sites are considered YMYL. Also, all eCommerce sites are. Even in a hobby site, Google is looking for expertise. They explain her experience, how many years she has been doing this, and where she has been published. The idea is to have writers who are extremely authoritative on their topics. Very nice explanation!

We have experienced huge changes. We have gained a lot in long tai, but lost rankings on the short popular keywords. I run the lending authority site on Hcg Medical Weight Los. I was the first in the industry and have had mentions in major publications. But… not as frustrating as it is to see Google suddenly move the shadiest of them all to the 1 spots! Seriously, these are pages with no content and just pharmaceutical kit pics and links. I forgot to say thank you! Much appreciated, Marie. It is impossible to lose faith in Google fast enough.

They are pure evil and the world deserves a fairer system. Do you realize it is CIA developed company? There is nothing good about Google. I mostly agree with your observations. The correlation between DA and ranking seems way higher than before. If this is an E-A-T update, then Google may have re-evaluated which sites they use for trusted seed sites and they could be putting less emphasis on certain links. Let me frame this with … I am not a conspiracy person, my reaction is always I would like to see the facts.

I am looking for them now on this last update and found your site. The ultimate big brother censorship on the web. If it goes that way we need a new web and new search platform. Max, thank you, I completely agree. I strongly disagree. The only acceptable way for Google to rank medical websites is to favor pages backed by strong research. Information from unreliable sources ex. As the many comments to this post testifty, the algorithm is far from perfect. However E-A-T is the right way to go. Think this. A fantasy thought. We are the owner es of a big industry, hugely profitble: pharmacy, medical care.

In the last 15 years we have seen a noticeable increase on alternative solutions, and what is most doungerous an increasing desire for people worldwide to SEARCH for those alternative solutions. What can we do? How most of people find info? You may compare results, who come first with Yahoo, Bing, Yandex. I was a rater a few years back, right about the time they rolled out E-A-T. To this day, I still look for About pages and Contact information on sites. They are an expert on medical issues. Enter the Everyday Expert. As such, Jill is just as deserving of a higher ranking. Great observations!

Personal experience is still discussed in the QRG. One example is a Cancer survivor forum where the participants have good personal experience but are not doctors. How can Google know whether a person has qualifications? I doubt its possible for a crawler on a site to that reliable even if they have that written on their site.

Never mind connecting their linked in profile and crawling that too. Plus it can be faked. Plus its a perfect recipe for devaluing somebody because of a mistake of their crawler. Rather than affecting a score that that contributes to the algo. Just asking. Would be weird to me because that kinda can be faked quite easily. You can make up you was employed by a big pharma company for example. The concern for me is this all seems to be against what they have said about user intent fulfilling. Almost like they are favouring the big corps. Even if the little normal people are actually offering more value to the searcher.

Google has a large number of resources. However, this often reflects what people want to see. Thanks for such an awesome post, I agree with you on all points, definitely seen the same. However you could say that about almost every single product out there, so does that mean only big corporations win?

Thank you for this article. My sites traffic has taken a huge hit since August 1st. I am definitely a YMYL site- I am an infertility blogger who writes about how I got pregnant naturally twice after the doctors said I would need donor eggs. I never claim to be an expert about anything other than ME and what worked for ME. That is my blog- what I did and why.

I am careful to not make claims about other people. I write all my own content. I had really incredible organic traffic until August 1st. Its mostly mushy now. Thank you so much for explaining why this happened to me! I have a few thoughts. However, keep in mind that our full review takes us a couple of weeks of investigation to complete.

Your home page slider took AGES to load for me. There is almost no content available to the reader without scrolling down on the home page. Improving that may help somewhat. I do think that there is great merit in personal experiences. But, I also think that many people who are trying to conceive want to read articles written by a medical professional.

The algo probably reflects a balance of this. When I looked at your loss — you are seeming to have lost 50 visits. How were you making money through the blog with 50 visits? Some sites lost a lot — in the millions. I know this is hard. I understand. I hope your site will get higher rankings. Your sin is that you defied what your betters, the allopathic gods, told you. You came up with a healthful and natural solution to your problem. You are bad slave and must be punished. You defied your betters, the allopathic gods.

You are a bad slave and must be punished. Thanks for your analysis, this helps a lot. We will improve our sites regarding E-A-T. Our branch video game magazines also showed these fluctuations. Worst of all: It affected the visibility in the news box — suddenly more authority than freshness. This means: authority is defined by the sheer number of links. Very helpful.

We have a meds site that just got blasted, lost more than half of rankings even though we are a legitimate pharmacy. My pages each focus on a specific keyword so visitors get the specific info they are looking for rather than general info from the bigger sites. We ll try to add dome T. I like your article and if i understand corectly i should get an about page that is backed up by external trust sites that google give credit to … which in the end will be facked by a lot of people. I mean eventually by testing things out we should see what sites google trust more. Thanks for your comment.

I wanted to emphasize again that while I recommend doing all you can to beef up your About page, this will only be effective if you truly have good E-A-T. Amazing analysis! Been reading updates on it sine the 1st of August. Quick questions, what tools do you use to check what pages are ranking for each terms? We use SEMRush a lot. We also do a lot of spot checking on rankings for terms where locality and personalization are not likely a factor.

I keep updating throughout the day for latest edits and comments. Interestingly I thought I was okay but then got nailed on August 3 and I know someone else who got hit on the 5th. Any chance of that? Honestly though, I think that with this update, recovery could be challenging unless you can truly prove yourself as a trustworthy authority. Thanks very much for this article, this Google Update seems to target the diet and health niches indeed. So if i understand, the 2 common points of the sites which rise or profit from this update are those having an identified author in the articles and the customers opinions, it is that?

But, these alone will not make your site an authority. Nice Study, Marie your observations are very strong but if it is E-A-T update why other than medical websites lose traffic the one in technologies and finance niches? I think this update has multiple components. There are non YMYL sites that are seeing changes too. There also seems to be a local component. Not necessarily, no. In your opinion, is there much sense in even trying?

How To Use Wikipedia for On Page SEO

This really depends on whether it is possible for you to become an authority. I do think any site that was hit could potentially see great improvements, but it would be hard. Recovery likely goes well beyond what SEO can accomplish. It would mean doing traditional PR to become known as an authority in your space. For medical sites, it may also mean partnering with physicians, etc. All of our clients are single site, small, local businesses. Thanks for sharing this awesome post! I appreciate your hard work.

I strongly believe, though, that the people who want to find my information will still find it. I also went through and updated my professional sites such as LinkedIn and doximity. I think this update was probably sorely needed but it may have been slightly too broad in scope for some nuanced sites but we shall see! I do get worried about google only showing results such as Healthline, Livestrong and WebMD for health-related queries. These sites are great for general information but lack in the detailed analysis you can get from individuals who are very knowledgeable about certain topics.

Google definitely attacked sites that lack authoritative authors in the medical niche. YouTube videos about medical subjects seem to have faired just fine — they can seemingly be put together by anyone and rank for just about anything. You can currently bypass the need for medical credentials due to the authority of YouTube and the demand to videos from searchers. As a result, the search engine results from August 1st no longer answer searcher questions as well as they did prior to the update IMO. Excellent comment. The point is not to provide better search results. The point of the is algo was to destroy anything related to natural health and prop up anything related to drugs.

The funny thing is our friend DrAxe lost millions in visitors with major blow to their whole team. Great article Marie. You say to boost your trust by boosting about us and bragging etc, what really stops us from outright lying? How would Google know? How can Google verify any of that? The advice that we give to boost up your About page and author pages is to hopefully help Google to get as much information about your E-A-T as possible. But, most likely, just beefing up your About page is not enough.

Google says that the majority of what they learn on E-A-T comes from off site links and mentions. I can see that Google is changing its search algorithms to provide the content which is written by qualified specialists for their niches. This is good for users but most of the websites will need to put even more effort to make their sites become authority. Really not that easy. I did not write any article and i have only address on website but i saw big improvement …. Hi Marie. What a great article. This was just what i was looking for to better understand the latest update.

Its the first time im visiting your blog, buti guess it wont be the last time. Best regards. I work on both manufacturers websites and also direct-sale ecommerce websites. The manufacturer sites seem to have benefited for the more vague short keywords. Some of the SERP results are top heavy with manufacturers rather than suppliers whereas it was the other way around before.

This may well be down to E-A-T. We are seeing some ecommerce sites affected through changes in average keyword ranking position and are therefore having to increase paid advertising to pick up the slack in organic ranking drops. Slight uptick in Google organic and it was on pages I previously ranked well for. Can you have a look if my webmaster and SEO has done something not properly? Of course, the big issue I see here is that he has no Linkedin profile, never published anything on other sites, not sure he got that many mentions from external.

Has he won awards? Has he had press? If so, include those on his about page. We sell products for elderly and people with a disability. For many years right now. Always good rankings, unique content, good reviews, good code, etc. Now with this new update, we lost rankings everywhere. Cheap sites are now ranking higher than ours. Sales have stopped competely. Also, look for potential trust issues.

Are you selling any products that are potentially controversial? One of the repeated things we have seen is that diet sites that are selling a product that is a little bit sketchy often took a big hit. I see everybody is talking about medical stuff and so on, but what about the big changes in serps on ecommerce? I am from Romania and the serps here changed dramatically.

Thanks for putting this together as quickly as you did it made things a bit easier to corral as this started Aug 1. I reference two comments that I thought were most insightful with my insights here:. Marie, thank you for the great article. We produce the leading we think it german online caculators for tax, financial and health issues. We agree with your therory of missing EAT because our layout is old school and we do not present ourself as authority, expert nor do we have adequate About pages. Now one question: we could ask our customers banks, insurance companys, goverment,..

How woul you do it? Should they mention our company or team as authority, our url or should it be a single person as expert? Thank you!! This sounds like a good plan. I think that if you can get companies that you work with to write something on their site that would be amazing!

Ideally, if you can get more press and get people truly talking about your brand, off of your site, that would be good. I was constantly checking your blog for the last week, waiting on a preliminary analysis of this update. The strange thing: we really did not change anything this year, just kept a steady pace of content creation on our blog and fb as well.

Great article. Thank you. You are a beacon of light it seems in an increasingly hostile internet world, fast becoming a privileged space with two core agendas in mind — censorship and making money. Our traffic has more than halved since 1 August plummeted straight down. In fact, overall, we have gone from over 9, visits daily to just above 2, in the space of three months, with the most savage drop since 1 August.

We have been online for seven years, have an excellent reputation and have been recognised in many ways. Also, many of our articles are on the front page of Google. We have excellent reviews and comments on our site. We also have a very low bounce rate proving that people like what they see when they visit the site. Our mission is help people achieve greater self-empowerment through gardening — sustainability and benefits on physical and emotional health.

It is of course becoming anathema to the corporatocracy the world is becoming that people should look to nature and creation for anything beneficial. This is decried, and we are increasingly being taught that only things that are synthetic and produced by the various industrial complexes are of any value. In fact, it has become SO bad that we are being taught that if it comes from nature it is likely to be unsafe.

The agenda behind this of course is to expand the profits of Big Pharma and the Tech Giants. What is happening is nothing other than mass censorship. Our welfare cannot be determined by the tech giants or their algorithms. Therefore, we believe that in view of the high regard that people have for our site, our traffic is being savagely throttled — not because the User Experience for our visitors is deemed deficient in some way, but because our content is viewed FAVORABLY.

In other words, proof of clear censorship of a site that is merely teaching people how to grow and benefit from healthy nutritious food. Censorship such as this is simply the thin end of the wedge — it will never end. Which of course is what they want — until ALL content is completely sanitised and only the fully monetized content of corporations including the corporate media will be made available.

And one thing is for sure such a world will NOT be one that will be supportive of the rights or well being of the citizens of this planet. I understand your frustrations. Every time Google changes their algorithm, there are many sites that suffer. Thanks Marie. We really can only understand the the forces that are affecting us if we understand the world around us. The evidence of the mass censorship that is taking place is overwhelming.

In fact it is going into overdrive. Our site is the proof of this. And its relevance is become greater and greater as more and more people seek out natural sustainable alternatives to the synthetic and unsustainable road they are being pushed down. We are probably one of the most popular gardening sites in the world.

Not relevant? Thanks Vic for your comment. It truly amazes me how the majority appear to just accept whatever is dished out to them, It is as if they are living in a complete vacuum. As I stated in my second comment we need to be able to understand the world around us to be able to understand why these things are occurring in the Google Space and other tech giants. Such a paradigm is dangerous as we are playing straight into their hands. Otherwise we will simply become canon fodder. Again thanks Vic for your moral support on this issue — it certainly IS a bit hard being a minority voice as you yourself would know full well.

Thanks for the insight on this update. My site is in the diet niche as an affiliate for a weight loss supplement. I was moving up the ranks nicely till this update happened. Their content is lacking and every article has an affiliate link. For my site, the only affiliate link i have is on my product review page while the rest of my other articles focus on healthy living and related health areas.

Are other authoritative sites talking about you and your business? In our case tons and tons of other authority, sites talked about us and the content we put out always stand out from the rest. I have clearly lost a huge number of keywords which affected many of my pages. The article subject was not any different than what I would normally cover. So, Marie, do you think, the main problem is article? Or anything else? Can you please reply it few more clearly? Thanks anyway. I do not see this update as a penalty for my site, otherwise I would probably be wiped off radar. Up until 1st of August every update actually boosted my site in rankings so this is a first for me.

But the thing that intrigues me is the following. It seems that only profitable keywords were targeted and their long-tail versions were not. So how come if I am supposedly a low authority I can still rank for a second variant of the keyword? Surely an ill advice on 3 words variant or 5 words variant would do the same damage, so why not derank whole domain?

I do realize that 5 word keyword has less search volume and potentially less people would be affected by ill advice , but it would still affect those particular people. Apparently google things otherwise for the profitable keywords that I ranked high up until August. To me it seems that it is now important to have about us, contact info, address, and reviews from customers as I have observed this on all sites that overtook me. If google will now only prefer mega-sites when it comes to health or beauty, fitness etc then we are effectively return to DMOZ times, where only the top sites were displayed.

So what choice does that leave to a small person? And if this EAT thing is manually refreshed then we are going to again. What are your thoughts on my rankings being taken by new sites, yet I am still outranking webmd or healthline on majority of keywords? Those sound like pretty specific circumstances. Are you known as the leader in your field? Would people recognize your site as an authoritative brand? If not, this is a place to start. Dear madam, that is circular logic. The same could be true of any business offline.

If I opened up a store in my town selling designer dresses, why would anyone want to come to it? If my products are so amazing that people are talking about them online, that helps too. What niche? I SEOing for some health websites and introducing functional food information. My website does not sell but has links to the sales page. My website is but big brand.

But our content writing team is not a doctor or department involved in health. Surely they are copywriters for SEO. And before we post the content we have also consulted in the medical language of our doctors department. How can we confirm authoritative rights to such content? What can I do? Great article, thanks for your help and breaking this down for us. Or is this now a dead model? Also, yes would love to hear your reasoning behind why one of the biggest health sites on the net Draxe. Despite having great EAT it would seem?? I think that for health related queries, there is likely always room for long tail rankings.

But, for big keywords, unless you have really good E-A-T, ranking is going to be difficult. That said, E-A-T can be built over time. Someone might be a nobody right now, but if you can get published and get people talking about you, then that can change. If you compare healthline and draxe, I believe Dr. Axe is having higher trust as the person himself writing the articles or at least has his name on the articles. He is an authority in the health industry but still punished by the new algorithm.

I agree for certain topics like surgery or illness an expert opinion is required but not on general topics like acne masks or weight loss etc. Tips from my grandmother helped me lose weight and she is not a world known expert. If you take a look at the BBB profile for Dr.

This speaks to trust. Hear hear. You are so correct. Thanks brilliant article! Best source so far on this. So for the consumers this update overall means more valuable, trustworthy information and for online marketers an increased need for true high quality content. I also believe that overall at least for health, finance this will result in a decreased invest in SEO and a higher invest in SEA and other measures. I have been an authority since A single article is long , informative , I cite research , and it takes me a week to finish it. Thin farm content websites. That hire house wives and unemployed youth to write about diet and nutrition.

That have been 1 for years. All I have to do is to write more content , better content , better website. I really would look at trust issues. I just had a quick look but it looks like the site is heavily geared towards selling products that could potentially be seen as a little scammy. I could be wrong,as it takes us a couple of weeks to finish a site review, but this would be my first concern.

Hey Marine! Thank you for a comprehensive analysis. The About Us seems to be a good initiative. Looking at the trends, it seems a dead end for the small players. I just want to thank you for this helpful information. I believe it will help me determine why my site dropped in the search, and want to say; congratulation about the 30 lbs you lost. Content is always the core of a good SEO strategy.

An excellent article Marie. Did you find that sites that review particular health products were effected? Just wondering if it was just health info about conditions, illnesses, etc.. There definitely seems to be a decline in many sites that sell health related products, especially those that sell supplements that perhaps go against scientific consensus.

The internet is supposed to be a free and open forum for all ideas, where the best ideas may win. This is censorship, pure and simple. Your inputs seem pretty accurate and in line with what I assumed the issue to be. Although my blog has been hit a bit, even with really good quality content, I realized I never put it out there that I have an expertise in health niche. Also, it is good that Googlers will now get to the point and trusted content to read and consume and take action.

I have analyzed the SERPs and reached to the following pattern: 1- Many of private business sites like sites of doctors, private clinics, private health centers, nutritionists, medical equipment sellers vanished or dropped severely in ranking. These sites are categorized as the following: — Yellow page or Directory sites especially when you search business name. It shows videos that are uploaded by users on video site only considering title and description of the video not the content. As you see many of these categories are heavy update, namely, they update their sites every day with high volume of new or copied content.

The site that are not heavy update have kind of affiliation with the government. If the result is as what we see now, it is just an attempt. The result is worse. I do not know how Google dares to present such a bad results to users. Today is 13 August. Several days ago, Danny Sullivan confirmed on twitter that the roll out is done.

Content that is written by an expert should get better ranking. But, who is the expert. Doctors and clinics are not expert? Many of these sites have author info, about us page, privacy policy page. However, Google has killed them. On the contrary, many of the magazines, yellow pages, news agencies do not have author info. Some of them do not have about us page. Before Medic update 1 august update era, we used to see diversified result that included magazines, associations, doctors, clinics, universities, directories and ….

Which one is better? I feel Google has abandoned its responsibility to rank private businesses. Many of sites are showed are non-private businesses and general and are not categorized under medical and health category. I read those researches. They do not answer user question and do not meet patient expectations.

But what google presents now is genocide. Google responsibility abandonment to rank private health businesses. And some very strange results. You see some sites ranked 1 in search results that are good by no means. Unbelievable and shocking. This site has no backlinks. There are two positive points although. We are seeing similar idiosyncracies with SERP results! Google has made a very silly update indeed. Either Google reverts this back soon or people should look at other search engines. You are far too kind. It was designed to destroy natural health alternatives, among other things.

What is Fixed Solution of that google cache error. We were hit with google penguin update in sports nutrition niche. We are legit website, but following all this is getting nightmare. In my opinion this is bad change as I see now, so much unknown websites ranking with zero expertise etc. Thank you for this article which after reading it, I can see why my healthy eating site has been so badly affected. Sometimes what happens is that you could see a jump from say 40 to 6 for a top keyword.

Hopefully things look better soon! It is not clear that the August update is aimed at improving the content. Many pages with poor quality content are now in the top positions. Neither to reward only the most important authorities in the matter, because it appear in first positions pages that are not written by doctors. The text in Spanish looks like a translation from English, with bad wording and non-medical terminology. The authority of the mayoclinic leaves no room for doubt, but his texts in Spanish are deficient. They present themselves as trainers in medical issues, but it is not clear who they are.

None of the components that appear on the web is a doctor or nurse. Will it be an update for money? If we lower the positions of the websites that are in the first places, if they have invested a lot of money, they will now have to spend a large amount on adwords. Sorry for the mistakes of my English. I seen lot of site down in this latest google august algorithms update. What is your opinion of what it had evolved into? Do you think the focus is going to be more heavily on this now as apposes to and ?

I started getting really serious about E-A-T in early I truly think that with the February 7, algorithm update, Google truly integrated this assessment into the algorithm. I honestly think E-A-T is a bigger factor than most links these days! Poor user experience on Google Searches and Fall in Google Ads revenue — these are the two reasons why Google would have to roll back this silly update that has very little to do with either content quality or credibility.

Marie, we know you are a fan of Google Algo updates and cannot hear otherwise, but Google can also make mistakes and this seems to be a big one! First of all, thank you for this very eye-opening post! I would like to share my thoughts on the subject. It is funny albeit in this case a bit sad that I happen to be the owner and the main author of a keto website. Its central niche is keto desserts recipes, backed up with informative content about the keto diet, nutrition, and health.

Of course, I have been hit quite severely since this update. I am a psychologist, and a neuroscientist focused on cognitive and nutritional neuroscience. I do not give out any medical advice, and although I love how I feel when following keto approach to eating, I do take a critical stance towards any radical diet approaches, including keto. More so when it comes to poorly researched new approaches. But I guess, my weakness is being a single player and not being a part of a big company.

1. They will use the data to identify blog networks?

I will follow your advice and work on the about page, get stricter about authors who contribute guest posts and be even more openly critical to any radical approaches even I conduct and write about from time to time. Starting to brag about my work, rewards, giving out the LinkedIn account and so one will be a huge step out of my comfort zone as I tend to be introverted, stay in the shade and let myself be known only through my work. But I will get to work and change this today. Still, I am afraid, as others have written above, that if Google is all about big companies, pushing us smaller players behind, all the efforts increasing the E.

Otherwise, we would know no communities, support groups, etc. Of course, this is my personal opinion which Google needs not care about. Hi, Marie. Do you think this can be a problem? After this last update, the site started to fall and is now on page 6 for the main kw it used to be on the first page a year ago. Thanks for the information you shared here and I glad to know how many first time visitors like me loved this. I got affected my adsense and affiliate sites too and have 2 questions in mind. So With this update, Seems like this type of guest posts may help a lot if we just get a mention to author or link to the social account from author boxes?

We all know long tail keywords work better in conversion. Almost 3 weeks passed, Whats your prediction on whats going next in next months or have you seen any site recovered? Thanks Deven. Guest posts are a tricky subject. But, if you can get a few guest posts published in true authority sites, I do believe that that can help your E-A-T. To answer your second question, it may seem unfair that many niche sites were hit. But, I do believe that Google is trying to show users what they want to see. It is way better than competitors! Looking at your own site objectively is really hard.

To predict what is happening in the future with this is hard. But, I think Google will continue to do E-A-T related updates and will find more and more ways to truly surface the best sites. Good article. But you forgot to address one thing. I get where EAT comes from and I generally approve it. Can you explain the logic behind this EAT in organic search results, when one could easily invest in Adwords and pay a hefty amount for top position sponsored spot and be 1 on google, even with no authority??

Or do Adword ads go under EAT review as well when biding for spot 1 on google serp above the fold ads? What a total heap of crap from google. I would imagine that E-A-T, or at least trust is somewhat factored in.

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I am sure that an ad would go thru screening before it is accepted and put live on SERPs. These can be spotted from the Moon. I am talking about semi-authority or low-authority EAT sites here that are not allowed to be on top of SERPs anymore due to lack of EAT , but are generally in good shape and offer quality content.

So the webmaster could now pay for an ad and be on top of SERP for a given keyword. Or did they implement the EAT in the adword screening now as well? Guess what? The sites that popped out on top were some sites that sale items, with little background no authors, no about us pages etc that would hardly pass an EAT review. And my site was on 2nd page of google. Seems that you can still buy your way to the top, even if you lack EAT then?? It makes sense that this update was not specifically targeted at medical sites, but that medical sites saw the brunt of the effects.

I do think this was primarily about trust and it has affected many sites of every kind of niche. Very strange results on this side. Like 3 of my health niche sites are totally disappeared from google while the other few sites nutritional showing triple growth. Hi Marie, congratulations about your website. This change about YMYL sites affects english websites first and then following sites in othes languages?

It seems that it is for the whole world. Whats is your impression about that? Hey, thanks for the great article.

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Actually, one of our site has significantly drops after this update. I would like to know, is there any tool can help to figure out exactly? An investigation into traffic drops takes my team weeks to analyze.