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Better Tell Him No. Sparkle and Shine. I'll Have to Let Him Go. So Long Baby. I Want a Boy. A Thing of the Past. What a Sweet Thing That Was. Look in My Eyes.

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Please Mr Postman. Itsy Bitty Pity Love. I Want a Guy. Dear Mr. Play It Again. Big John. Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby. Dreamin' About You. Baby It's You. Here It Comes Again. Duchess of Earl.

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Cry Baby Cry. Johnny Angel. He Sends Me Presents. Bad News. About a Quarter to Nine. Tango of Love. I Need You. But I'm Afraid. Camel Walk.

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Two Lovers. What a Nice Way to Turn Seventeen. Twistin' Postman. Joey Baby. Mashed Potato Time. It's Gonna Be Hard Times. Keep Your Hands off My Baby. Don't Hang Up. Strange I Know. Tell Him. My Man - He's a Lovin' Man.

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Everybody's Talking About My Baby. Strange Love. Time Changes Things. Here You Come. My Baby Won't Come Back. Waddle, Waddle. Someday, Someway. Pop Pop Pop Pie. It's the Love That Really Counts. He's a Rebel. Party Lights. Come to Me.

I Met Him On A Sunday (Ronde-Ronde)

Soldier Boy. I Sold My Heart to the Junkman. Let Me Be the One. The Wah Watusi. Dancin' the Strand.

Welcome Home Baby. Gravy For My Mashed Potatoes.

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Well, my friend Leonard with due respect I'll have to go with what the majority says. Well, JJM: it seems that while I was genuinely trying to give rich7 some guidance regarding English writing style, you were intent on something else. Read my initial post again, and then read the first sentence of yours and tell us all that your first post was reasonable and polite. A careful perusal of my posts will display that my suggestions to rich7 were in respect of style, and that at no time did I mention or attempt to quote "rules", spurious or otherwise.

Certainly style is subjective, and my response to rich7's question indicated simply that a certain usage was best avoided; that is obviously my opinion and so is subjective; was your summary dismissal of my suggestion not subjective? My second post made very clear that my recommendation had been in respect of style. Your attitude seems to be that no opinion on this board is acceptable unless it coincides with yours, or at least with current US practice.

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