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Enter the code as shown below:. Send message Please wait Copy Event URL. Events are social. We snuck into Staircase and ate pies from the late night bakery outside St Kevins Arcade. We smoked joints at the Las Vegas Strip Club and paid for cabs with loose change. We rode the economic wave of the 90s to the point of two homes, two BMWs, six figure savings, platinum credit cards, overseas holidays, box seats at Alexandra Park, a kitchen with a beachfront view, a rental in the burbs, and investments I didn't know about in companies I never heard of.

I think we may have even owned a unicorn at one point. We bought weed by the ounce, beer by the boat and wine by the vine. I was writing adverts for print and broadcast. My work was in demand. Even my employer's rivals requested my copy. Although I enjoyed professional success my relationship with the partner I loved felt like some sort of business agreement.

I wasn't sad or depressed. I didn't feel anything. I felt like a spectator watching my life fade into the future. Money was just a number on a statement. I felt like a small pointless cog in a large pointless machine. I felt alone in a room full of friends. I took silly risks and pushed my luck to the point of failure.

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There was no opportunity or achievement too big to blow. I did stuff I am not proud of. I slept around, a lot.

I had dangerous sex. Sex with strangers. I stole, cheated and lied. I drank too much.

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I built a spare room for my ego. I got stoned - a lot. I beat people up. I got beat up. I threw money around like candy at Christmas. I destroyed friendships, relationships, a career and a reputation. I landed hard on the streets around I lost everything. Everything except pride, self respect and dignity. Values can't be confiscated, they can only be abandoned. I learnt to live light. I decided to live honest. All I had left were my values. But that was enough. And they don't take up a lot of space.

While rough sleeping I completed a post graduate diploma in communications majoring in journalism. I was awarded the student of the year award by the Waikato Institute of Technology press club and named one of New Zealand's best nonfiction writers by Auckland University Press. For the street, from the street, by the street. The K' Road Chronicle is a not for profit, non political, non religious, objective catalogue of characters, catastrophes, commiserations, celebrations and community.

This is possibly the first time the homeless community has been given an opportunity to tell their own stories.

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Some stories left tears on our cheeks. Some people made us angry and frustrated. Some stories got cut altogether and ethical debates often left production staff stumped. This series may have never seen light of day without the drive and passion of Naashon Zalk. Naashon and I met at a mutual friend's function more than 18 months ago.

Fast forward 12 months and Nash we're buddies now and I are chatting about the homeless and a narrative for a series we now call the K' Rd Chronicles. From a non-judgmental judge to hookers sans homes we gain insight into the trials and tribulations of the downtrodden.

From DINKs without digs and dogs without bones, black, white or pink, we all deserve homes.

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The K' Rd Chronicles is a testament to the human spirit and the people who make a difference to the destitute and deprived every day. People like Nicola, a skinny, young, blonde, something, white female, social worker from the Auckland City Mission, who actively seeks out homeless and disadvantaged people and offers comfort, compassion and care.

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Uwe, a Lifewise volunteer who reminds Work and Income of their legal responsibilities, Te Huia giving back at Merge Cafe, Judge Fitzgerald balancing social justice and all the other people who made small but perfectly proportioned contributions to this production. This community seldom speaks out, but it is important to listen when they do. Because it is through stories that we expand our world view. All primates live in social groups for the security of the clan and the protection of the individual. Being a part of a community comes with an unspoken agreement that you will contribute to the society of which you benefit and in the case of disability, age or incapacity, society will look after you.

I'm reminded of the poem by John Donne that possibly illustrates my point better than I can. Although my face and brand are all over this series, there was a dedicated and skilled team behind the camera working tirelessly to tell these stories openly and honestly. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this production and all those who offered support, encouragement and enthusiasm.