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Since we specialize in self-publishing , we can easily teach you how to publish an ebook without all the fuss and fluff that can bog you down along the way.

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Here are the benefits of an ebook :. Many authors choose to sell both physical copies and ebooks when they write a book but you can easily sell only ebooks and reap all of the benefits above. Learn more about it here. Amazon is the biggest retailer online and with the world of book-buying migrating and settling on the internet, Amazon is the place to publish.

2. Promote it within your website

Here are the overall steps for writing a book and getting it ready for publication:. We even have free training for you to understand exactly what it takes to write and publish your book. Book formatting is really, really important. Most people hire a professional to format their book to ensure everything looks great but we also have a guide to help you format your book properly. This is a very simple step for publishing an ebook.

After the cover, this is the single most important part of publishing an ebook. Believe it or not, there are actually good and bad days to launch your book. Typically speaking, the winter holiday season is the worst time to publish a book simply because the advertising market will be super saturated.

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Everyone is putting their best ads forward so they can reap the rewards of those holiday spending dollars. Your book can easily become lost in the hype of literally every other book and product marketed during that time.

Best Way To Sell Ebooks Online

This is such an important step when it comes to self-publishing an ebook. A great way to do that is to have an online application form that each person has to fill out. This will help narrow down those who are serious about helping you and will put in the time and effort to do so. Make sure to also check out this guide to building and managing your book launch team.

How To Promote An eBook When You Have No Money For Advertising

Many who publish ebooks usually have a website or blog they can use to drive traffic to it. Not only that, but some actually use the ebook as a lead magnet and even the main source of income on their site. And publishing a book — even just an ebook — can do wonders for growing your online business as well. This gives those who are already interested in the publishing industry something of high value right off the bat.

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Make sure your launch team is ready for a day of sharing and even some activities. Get together with your launch team beforehand and have everyone brainstorm some launch day events. And the best way to ensure you keep pushing buyers to your book is to make it the focus of your blog and website.

Learn the best practices to create Facebook Ads campaigns that convert. In 45 slides we'll go from designing killer ads to improving the targeting and the conversion rate! Lead Generation is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business with Facebook Advertising. In this free eBook you'll learn everything you need to know to get the most out of it.

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Do you sometimes wonder why customers pick your competitors over you? Do you feel like you do everything "right" - the traffic, the content, the user experience The reason is simple: social proof. With our free guide, you will build trust, validate the buying decision, and simplify the decision-making process to finally get the customers you deserve! Ever wondered what is the optimal length for a Twitter Ad headline?

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Or what's the perfect length of the text in the body of the Ad? We analyzed thousands of real world Twitter ads to create the ultimate guide on the science behind the most successful Twitter Ads. If you want to know all the secrets on how to make the most out of your Twitter Ads Budget, well This is it. Guides eBooks Webinars Blog. Instagram Ads Cost Benchmarks Release date: May 28, Pages: 18 We've analyzed hundreds of millions of dollars of Instagram Advertising worldwide to provide you the most complete benchmark to understand Instagram ads costs and how you're performing compared to other advertisers!