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During all this commotion the Templar used Judas acquire the Shroud. Longinus and the Disciple are able to steal the Devotion Prong.

Beginning English Conversation

Longinus is then able to use the Prong to stab Jesus and create the swoon effect and convince the masses that Jesus is dead. Thus the Devotion Prong and the Lance of Longinus are the same. The Lance later appears in the Arthurian cycle as the bleeding spear that torments the Fisher King. Notably of the three main claimants of the Lance today, one of them, the Hofburg Spear, is part of the Imperial Regalia in Vienna.

That one is said to have been added to the collection by Otto I who was also at one point in possession of the Devotion Prong according to the Last Descendants series, lending credence to the Prong and the Lance being the same. Adolf Hitler, a Templar affiliate, is said to have been obsessed with finding the Lance, theorized as a reason for annexing Austria but unfortunately for Hitler it was only a replica of the real one which by that time had been hidden in Scandinavia.

Using the Shroud, the disciple were able to heal Jesus from his deathlike state and sustain him for forty days. However, the power of the Shroud is too great for his body to handle and eventually it burns away his material being while his consciousness ascends into Avalon, a precursor to the Grey William Robert Woodman who had a connection to Consus existed on as a spirit after the death of his physical body as shown in the Divine Sciences pack of Project Legacy. Prior reference to the strain of possessing this PoE, along with being the son of a Chalice, can be seen in the Agony in the Garden just after the Last Supper but prior to his arrest.

They takes possession of the Shroud while also retaining possession of the Prong and along with Mary Magdalene, Mary the Chalice, and Joseph of Arimathea with his family travel to Britannia where the Beloved Disciple had traveled to before during his time with Jesus and settle near what is present-day Glastonbury.

This move would run concurrent with the official initial invasion of the island by the Roman Empire and thus the Templar Order. There he weds Mary Magdalene and establishes an Assassin branch with Longinus. There first child could be hinted to have actually been fathered Jesus but left unconfirmed.

The Prong and the Shroud would be in the possession of the Fisher King at the start of the story. Additionally, the Mantle of King Arthur, one of the Thirteen Treasures of Britain, possessing the power to grant invisibility, could be reworked to be the Aegis which also appears in Syndicate. Merlin, a Sage while also sometimes being said to be the grandson of Hermes through the god Pan , could also be the leader of the Assassins in Britannia I believe not all Sage should automatically be Instruments or Templars and would like to see how one that was an Assassin would be characterized in one of the rare instances where they worked alongside to Templar for a common goal, until being brought down by a different Templar rite that has allied with the Instruments where Morgan le Fay, Mordred, and Nimue would come in.

This would allow the franchise to bring Adha back into the narrative as the only currently confirmed Chalice and solidify her lore. Marian Apparitions could be linked to other Chalices as well. This is kinda not as applicable with the end of Uprising. Joseph took the Sword with him to Britannia and kept it hidden in the abbey he would later found. It was later given to Saint George by the abbot of Glastonbury. Saint George was martyred by Diocletian during the Great Persecution. The Sword however passed not to Diocletian but Constantine, aiding in his rise to power.

The legend of Prester John, a legendary Nestorian king ruling a fantastical realm, could also introduced as he is stated to be a descendant of both one of three Magi and a Percival's half-brother in the Arthurian Cycle. Another topic would be the death and cremation of David Jones aka David Bowie.

His death and subsequent cremation could be mentioned in relation with Project Phoenix. What is essential is the actualization of the definitive Revelation, which concerns me at the deepest level. The prophetic word is a warning or a consolation, or both together. To interpret the signs of the times in the light of faith means to recognize the presence of Christ in every age. In the private revelations approved by the Church—and therefore also in Fatima—this is the point: they help us to understand the signs of the times and to respond to them rightly in faith.

In these reflections we have sought so far to identify the theological status of private revelations. Before undertaking an interpretation of the message of Fatima, we must still attempt briefly to offer some clarification of their anthropological psychological character. It is clear that in the visions of Lourdes, Fatima and other places it is not a question of normal exterior perception of the senses: the images and forms which are seen are not located spatially, as is the case for example with a tree or a house.

Therefore we are dealing with the middle category, interior perception. For the visionary, this perception certainly has the force of a presence, equivalent for that person to an external manifestation to the senses. Interior vision does not mean fantasy, which would be no more than an expression of the subjective imagination. It means rather that the soul is touched by something real, even if beyond the senses. This is why there is a need for an interior vigilance of the heart, which is usually precluded by the intense pressure of external reality and of the images and thoughts which fill the soul.

The person is led beyond pure exteriority and is touched by deeper dimensions of reality, which become visible to him. Perhaps this explains why children tend to be the ones to receive these apparitions: their souls are as yet little disturbed, their interior powers of perception are still not impaired. Mt But it also has its limitations. Even in exterior vision the subjective element is always present. We do not see the pure object, but it comes to us through the filter of our senses, which carry out a work of translation.

This is still more evident in the case of interior vision, especially when it involves realities which in themselves transcend our horizon. The subject, the visionary, is still more powerfully involved. He sees insofar as he is able, in the modes of representation and consciousness available to him. In the case of interior vision, the process of translation is even more extensive than in exterior vision, for the subject shares in an essential way in the formation of the image of what appears.

He can arrive at the image only within the bounds of his capacities and possibilities. This can be demonstrated in all the great visions of the saints; and naturally it is also true of the visions of the children at Fatima. The images described by them are by no means a simple expression of their fantasy, but the result of a real perception of a higher and interior origin.

But neither should they be thought of as if for a moment the veil of the other world were drawn back, with heaven appearing in its pure essence, as one day we hope to see it in our definitive union with God. Rather the images are, in a manner of speaking, a synthesis of the impulse coming from on high and the capacity to receive this impulse in the visionaries, that is, the children.

For this reason, the figurative language of the visions is symbolic. This compression of time and place in a single image is typical of such visions, which for the most part can be deciphered only in retrospect. Not every element of the vision has to have a specific historical sense. It is the vision as a whole that matters, and the details must be understood on the basis of the images taken in their entirety.

I would just like to recall briefly the most significant point. For one terrible moment, the children were given a vision of hell. To reach this goal, the way indicated —surprisingly for people from the Anglo-Saxon and German cultural world—is devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. A brief comment may suffice to explain this. It might be objected that we should not place a human being between ourselves and Christ. In the Apostle they could see concretely what it meant to follow Christ.

But from whom might we better learn in every age than from the Mother of the Lord? As is clear from the documentation presented here, the interpretation offered by Cardinal Sodano in his statement of 13 May was first put personally to Sister Lucia. Sister Lucia responded by pointing out that she had received the vision but not its interpretation. The interpretation, she said, belonged not to the visionary but to the Church. After reading the text, however, she said that this interpretation corresponded to what she had experienced and that on her part she thought the interpretation correct.

In what follows, therefore, we can only attempt to provide a deeper foundation for this interpretation, on the basis of the criteria already considered. To understand the signs of the times means to accept the urgency of penance — of conversion — of faith. This is the correct response to this moment of history, characterized by the grave perils outlined in the images that follow.

Allow me to add here a personal recollection: in a conversation with me Sister Lucia said that it appeared ever more clearly to her that the purpose of all the apparitions was to help people to grow more and more in faith, hope and love—everything else was intended to lead to this. Let us now examine more closely the single images. The angel with the flaming sword on the left of the Mother of God recalls similar images in the Book of Revelation. This represents the threat of judgement which looms over the world.

Today the prospect that the world might be reduced to ashes by a sea of fire no longer seems pure fantasy: man himself, with his inventions, has forged the flaming sword. The vision then shows the power which stands opposed to the force of destruction—the splendour of the Mother of God and, stemming from this in a certain way, the summons to penance. In this way, the importance of human freedom is underlined: the future is not in fact unchangeably set, and the image which the children saw is in no way a film preview of a future in which nothing can be changed.

Indeed, the whole point of the vision is to bring freedom onto the scene and to steer freedom in a positive direction. The purpose of the vision is not to show a film of an irrevocably fixed future. Its meaning is exactly the opposite: it is meant to mobilize the forces of change in the right direction. Rather, the vision speaks of dangers and how we might be saved from them. The next phrases of the text show very clearly once again the symbolic character of the vision: God remains immeasurable, and is the light which surpasses every vision of ours.

Human persons appear as in a mirror. We must always keep in mind the limits in the vision itself, which here are indicated visually. The place of the action is described in three symbols: a steep mountain, a great city reduced to ruins and finally a large rough-hewn cross. The mountain and city symbolize the arena of human history: history as an arduous ascent to the summit, history as the arena of human creativity and social harmony, but at the same time a place of destruction, where man actually destroys the fruits of his own work.

The city can be the place of communion and progress, but also of danger and the most extreme menace. On the mountain stands the cross—the goal and guide of history. The cross transforms destruction into salvation; it stands as a sign of history's misery but also as a promise for history. The Pope seems to precede the others, trembling and suffering because of all the horrors around him. Not only do the houses of the city lie half in ruins, but he makes his way among the corpses of the dead. The Church's path is thus described as a Via Crucis , as a journey through a time of violence, destruction and persecution.

The history of an entire century can be seen represented in this image. Just as the places of the earth are synthetically described in the two images of the mountain and the city, and are directed towards the cross, so too time is presented in a compressed way. In the vision we can recognize the last century as a century of martyrs, a century of suffering and persecution for the Church, a century of World Wars and the many local wars which filled the last fifty years and have inflicted unprecedented forms of cruelty.

In the Via Crucis of an entire century, the figure of the Pope has a special role. In his arduous ascent of the mountain we can undoubtedly see a convergence of different Popes. Beginning from Pius X up to the present Pope, they all shared the sufferings of the century and strove to go forward through all the anguish along the path which leads to the Cross. In the vision, the Pope too is killed along with the martyrs. It is a consoling vision, which seeks to open a history of blood and tears to the healing power of God. Beneath the arms of the cross angels gather up the blood of the martyrs, and with it they give life to the souls making their way to God.

Here, the blood of Christ and the blood of the martyrs are considered as one: the blood of the martyrs runs down from the arms of the cross. The martyrs die in communion with the Passion of Christ, and their death becomes one with his. For the sake of the body of Christ, they complete what is still lacking in his afflictions cf. Col Their life has itself become a Eucharist, part of the mystery of the grain of wheat which in dying yields abundant fruit. The blood of the martyrs is the seed of Christians, said Tertullian. As from Christ's death, from his wounded side, the Church was born, so the death of the witnesses is fruitful for the future life of the Church.

There is something more: from the suffering of the witnesses there comes a purifying and renewing power, because their suffering is the actualization of the suffering of Christ himself and a communication in the here and now of its saving effect. What does it say to us? Insofar as individual events are described, they belong to the past. Those who expected exciting apocalyptic revelations about the end of the world or the future course of history are bound to be disappointed.

Fatima does not satisfy our curiosity in this way, just as Christian faith in general cannot be reduced to an object of mere curiosity. Meant for those who are unable to seek the Sacrament of Reconciliation Confession with a Catholic priest. O My Jesus You are the light of the earth. You are the flame that touches all souls. Your Mercy and Love knows no bounds. We are not worthy of the sacrifice You made by Your death on the Cross. Yet we know that Your Love for us is greater than the love we hold for You.

Fill us with The Holy Spirit so we can march forth and lead Your army. To proclaim the Truth of Your Holy Word and prepare our brothers and sisters. For the Glory of Your Second Coming on earth. We offer ourselves, our sorrows, our sufferings as a gift to You to save souls.

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Have Mercy on all Your children wherever they may be. Locutions To The World. September 10, Because my words offer life and an opportunity for those who listen to them and act upon them to be saved. If you read them with your heart, they will be like a seed planted within you that offers new life. Let us begin. This was his goal and why he poured out such precious graces into my soul from the very beginning.

I was to belong to him as no other human person, totally his. Yes, from the very beginning, I was his. Amid all the possible decisions in every single moment, I saw his will and I chose his will, like a compass which always points to the north. They do not realize how short is the time and how close are those days about which I have spoken and revealed to others.

These are the days of travail, like the pangs of childbirth. Yet, in many ways, they are not the same. A child is a gift of God and the pangs lead to birth and new life. They really result from the sins of man and of his refusal to listen to my warnings and how many of these I have given. Yet, I still say that there is time to turn to me. For those who do not turn to me, I can only push back the time for a while, hoping that in the interval, they bring forth the fruits of repentance. It is like the parable of the fig tree Lk. For three years the owner looked for fruit and found none.

He wanted to cut down the tree. The tree was given one more year, but without fruit it will be cut down. The people must bring forth the fruit of repentance. What do you live for? What are your goals? What do you seek? Are these the things of earth or of heaven? Possibly, you do not even know how to seek heavenly things. So, I will teach you.

Mother Mary Receives the Soul of Beloved Jerome Tweedy

February 16, Others see no need to call upon my help. If you are one of these, it is specifically for you that I speak today. Without me, you can certainly walk a road to the Father through Jesus, but that road is hard to find and difficult to walk. For this moment of history, God reserved a new and special light, a candle burning brightly which each person can hold. Is that not what you yourselves do?

When the lights go out, you use candles, because there is no central light. So each person carries their own lit candle and all feel safe. Can you have the flame without the candle? I am not the flame. Jesus is the flame, but I am the candle, easily available to all who accept me.

The candle comes first, then the flame. Who would try to take the flame into their own hands? That is foolishness. Only harm would result. How bright will be its flame? I am Immaculate. The light will be pure, piercing and totally able to lead you. When the night grows darker, I will burn more brightly. When the wind comes, I, myself, will protect the flame. Even if the flame goes out, I will ask the Heavenly Father and He will light your candle again.

Here, Our Lady lowers herself, calls herself just a candle. But how needed, so each person can have the flame! I particularly sing this worship song when I am having a poignant moment and I need reconciliation with God. And often, when I am in a troubled state, I will sing this song over and over again. To give me holy courage and spiritual strength. To give me humility and sincere contrition to seek God in the Confessional.

The lyrics of this song are very moving to my spirit. That God Is always there and in control, even as He gives and takes away in our lives. That He holds every tear we shed and Is Ever with us, comforting us and helping us in our troubles. And as I sing this song over and again to God, I often imagine myself on a barren, desolate field of dirt and brown rock. It is nighttime and a severe storm of clapping thunder is rolling in as I see dark gray clouds overhead. And I feel against my face a fierce wind that swirls around me in the mist of foreboding raindrops that are imminent to come.

And when I sing this song, I often imagine myself as a tiny flicker of a flame. Myself, wrapped up in the music, just a tiny flame, dancing in the night, staying lit amongst the whirling wind. Never fading with the sunset. And as I sing, yes, often tears will freely fall down my face. And as each rendition comes, my prayerful fervor intensifies, tears falling, my spirit rising.

Knowing this is very beautiful to me. For, as I praise God in this storm, I know now that I am not ever alone. Even in my sin. Beyond the dark gray clouds overhead and clapping thunder. Listening to my tearful prayers in song on earth. And piercing the dark clouds, sending forth grace through The Spirit into the world. But, now, I am not alone. Two flames have joined and united as One in a radiant pas de deux of light. My tiny flame now has the divine companionship of The Sacred Flame of Christ set on the perpetual and immaculate embrace of Our Lady.

I now rest on a heavenly candle that lights up my spirit in The Divine Fire of God.

Mary: The perfect disciple

And so, now, when I sing to God Above in this favorite song, I can remember the words of another love-song. That the candle of Our Lady will be there for me, staying close to me, asking Our Heavenly Father to revive my light. Sin will no longer have a hold on me. Whenever you need someone. To lay your heart and head upon. In the stillness of the night, I sit here in the poverty of sinfulness and spent tears.

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Oh, how I long for Saturday, when my sins will be washed away in the Confessional, renewed in my baptismal promises. How easily I fall into sin and separation! How easily I succumb to my humanity instead of lifting up my soul to heavenly things? I thought that dreams belonged to other men. How easy it is with God to try to hide! To hide in my shamefulness and try to ignore the elephant in the room.

How my short acts of reverence become empty of the True Spirit, as I pray mechanically, in order to fulfill a daily regimen to save my soul, on the barest minimum of devotion. All lacking holy love in the heart and divine fire in my spirit as I give in more and more to sinful acts, omissions of love, and daily thoughtless habits…. Such is my spiritual struggle when I once again fall away from the righteous path. To know what is right and true and then to fail to keep the holy flame lit.

To turn my back from the Crucifix on the wall as I fall into slumber each night. I feared my heart would beat in secrecy. Oh, how could I have known. That all my life I only needed you? A single grace and yet, it is all and everything to me. A spark of grace that opens and bestows upon my darkened soul the spirit of contrition. A tiny bit of grace that restores and replenishes. That enlightens me of higher divine matters and ennobles me to do better, not only for myself, but for others who depend and will depend on me and my continual conversion. A beloved child of The Most High.

In my deepest sinfulness, He reminds me of His Eternal Love and how, now, my soul thirsts for the sweet relief of Priestly Absolution. Oh, how I want to run to Confession! Oh, how I long for Saturday! How could we ask for more? I swear that I can see forever in your eyes.

Twelve years ago, I began the walk. Not fully understanding or knowing The Way, but always with hope and trust in my heart, I made each step forward towards You.

Memoirs of Beloved Jesus & Mary,White Brotherhood,occult,esoteric,metaphysical

How You pruned my heart! How many valleys of iniquity and moments of strife! Yet, I proceeded forward, even if stumbling or stepping to the side at times, blind in sight, but cognizant of Your Hand. Hold me closer now. As You sift me through the ever-narrowing sieve of holiness, winnowing me through and through, to reveal the glistening pearl of my soul. Help me to grasp the elusive Perfect Love that dances in the outer fringes of my vision. Help me to capture the dazzling grace that blesses me onward and upward towards a future dream that delights me in unknowing fullness.

Help me to know You, The Uncreated One. And all these dreams I saved for a rainy day. Cause now we hold the future in our hands. For the past few days, I have been pondering a question in my heart. To some, that might seem a silly question. After all, what could be more natural than a mother kissing her child? And yet, I have been pondering this question, because Jesus was not simply any human child.

But, then, as I pondered this question in my heart, I realized something. It does not really matter if the Blessed Mother ever kissed Jesus or not. In The Eucharistic Kiss. I received this inspirational thought one day while I was at Mass. Let me explain…. In Church, I always sit in the center wing, near the center aisle. I rarely sit in the side wings of a church, as I desire to see fully the Great Mystery taking place at the altar before the priest.

And oftentimes, when I present myself for Holy Communion, as I look at the Crucifix above the sacred altar, I imagine myself before Jesus Crucified, praying as a poor sinner, with the Blessed Mother before Her Son, for the salvation of souls. Well, one day, I was at Mass, and as I was praying silently in the Communicant line to receive the Holy Eucharist, a thought was planted in my mind. This was the thought: just as a bride walks up the center aisle to her bridegroom in a wedding ceremony, so, too, should we approach the Blessed Sacrament to receive Holy Communion in church.

And so, we should approach Him with the same expectant hope and joyful love as a bride on her wedding day. And having this thought amazed me. Because, up until this moment, I had always approached Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament as the Sacrificial Lamb for my sins and the sins of humanity. Yet, with this singular grace, my spirit was invited to approach Jesus as My own Bridegroom, in the Sacrament of not only Thanksgiving, but the Sacrament of Eternal Love. Yet, for me, it is so hard to rush down the aisle to God.

Most people receive Jesus in their hands, but I cannot do that. And so, I receive Jesus on my tongue, which is the purest way I can. Just like a Holy Kiss. There have been many Eucharistic miracles that have taken place throughout history, where the Consecrated Host has truly turned into The Precious Body and Blood of Christ. And when this has happened, many scientific studies have been done on the Blessed Sacrament particles , which have all been consistently shown to be heart tissue.

And so, I like to think to myself, that perhaps, with each Holy Communion that I partake in, my own tiny heart is being transformed, bit-by-bit, into the Heart of My Love. It is a lovely thought of mine. I am reminded of an old Jewish midrash Rabbinic folk story. There are two versions of the story. In the first version, before birth, God sends each of us an angel, who imparts all holy wisdom to us in the womb. Then, just before we are born, the angel touches us between the upper lip and beneath our nose, so we forget all this wisdom.

This is what creates the dimple indentation between our upper lip and our nose that is known as the philtrum. And then, throughout our earthly lives, it is our task to relearn all the holy wisdom that is hidden to us. In the second version, it is God Himself Who comes to us in the womb. The Holy Spirit imparts to us all holy wisdom and then, just before birth, God kisses us between our upper lip and beneath our nose, to seal all holy wisdom within us. Then, it is our task, throughout our earthly lives, to recall His Great Love for us.

It is such a lovely thought to think that God kisses each of us in the womb. And that He returns to kiss us again in Holy Communion, time and again. How blessed each of us is to be kissed by Our Lord! I began this writing by sharing my question of the Blessed Mother ever kissing the Holy Infant Jesus. They are beautiful…. Even my own lips cannot find words to adequately praise this divine gift. The mystery began when the Holy Spirit overshadowed me and formed the humanity of Jesus from my body and blood.

Many did not believe and they walked away. This is my Body. Take and drink, this is the cup of my blood. What happened that night at an unknown table in Jerusalem, is now celebrated every day on thousands of altars in every part of the world. Holy souls are nourished. Weak souls are strengthened. Sinful souls are invited to repent so they, too, can receive. All are invited. How can I describe this mystery? Tomorrow, I will speak of my own First Communion.

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I will try to explain my inner feelings and all that happened to me. I had given Jesus his body and blood. Now, I was to receive it. Jesus would again live within me how familiar this would be to him. His Body and Blood, of course, had been changed. He had lived his life of obedience. He had died and had risen into glory and his body had ascended into its place within the Trinity where all the just will join him.

When devout souls communicate, they try to recall the stories of Jesus, imagining some event in the gospels. For myself, my own heart overflows with maternal memories. At Communion, all of these were stirred. I relived every event. All the mysteries came alive. At this First Communion, I was immersed again in my entire life with Jesus.

Together, we relived all the memories. They were, in a sense, more real than when they happened because Jesus was not outside of me but within. What a union we enjoyed and what emotions filled my heart. I possessed the One who had created me and the one to whom I gave his Body and Blood.

During pregnancy, a mother enjoys a relationship with the child of her womb. She imagines what it will be like to hold the child, to feed the child and to watch the child grow. Together we had redeemed the world. Every soul was in our hearts. O Reader, on the day of my First Holy Communion, you were there. We spoke of you.

We thought of you.

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We planned for you all that we would do. We even thought of these words that I would speak to you. Listen closely to me now. In that mystery, Jesus and I come to you and offer you every gift. In Holy Communion, I enter your heart with Jesus. Desire this bread come down from heaven and receive it as often as possible. With Jesus, I will come. Tuesday, February 4, The lady with bleeding problems was healed because she had faith that I could heal her by touching My clothes. An even more miraculous healing occurred, when I called the dead young girl to rise, and she was brought back to life.

Regardless of what people say, your soul is created as an immortal spirit that will live on forever, even beyond the death of your mortal body. I touch all of you in a special way, even on your face between your nose and your mouth. Then I touch your soul with My intimate love, as I love all of My creatures, even the ones who turn away from Me. It is My wish that all souls will love Me in return for granting them their gift of life both in body and soul. I call all of you to accept Me, and be with Me for all eternity in heaven. Do not listen to the lies of the devil because he can only call you to fleeting earthly pleasures, and hell fire forever.

My call is more rewarding because I love you, but the devil hates you. How complex it is! Even the person is not aware of what goes on in his own heart. It is known only to Jesus who understood well what was in the hearts of men. Even when he was acclaimed he did not give himself to their hearts, knowing that human hearts are so easily able to change. If you would allow me, I would place light deeper into your heart. I would reclaim many parts of your heart for the light. That is how you become a child of light, about which I always speak.

So, let me begin. The Inner Civil War. In truth, the person sees things as they really are. So, for a moment, let me cast the light of truth upon your heart. What do you honestly see there? Only you are privy to your inner desires. Only you know the attractions of your heart. Within your heart are two sets of desires and these cause a civil war within you. Some desires rise up to heaven wanting to love God. Other desires seek earth and want to cling to all that is selfish. When the heavenly desires lift up your heart, you experience a human freedom and a divine peace.

When earthly desires burden your heart, you feel overwhelmed and discouraged, lost and far distant from your Creator. Because he is made for God, his heart searches and searches. He knows that earth is not his home. He is in exile. He has in his heart memories that he cannot reconcile to his present existence. Memories of another existence, memories of life with God. A Picture of Heaven. How can man remember a previous existence? I am only using this as an image. Every person was created by God at the moment of their conception but God existed forever.

When a child is born, the parents have a home and a room all prepared. Only as the child grows does he see and appreciate this home provided for him. This is the greatest mystery of the human heart. It desires a home which it has never experienced and will never be content until it regains that home. I live in a country where I can freely worship God in my Christian faith. I attend Mass every Sunday and on holy days of obligation each year. I wish I could attend Mass daily, but it is not possible in my current circumstances. I have not driven in eight years, ever since my severe car accident in January So, I have to rely on public transportation and the generosity of others to attend weekly Mass and monthly Confession, as I am the only person who attends Church regularly in my family.

I also carpool to my fulltime job; so, in order to attend a weekday Mass, it has to be for a special reason, because it will add four hours to my commute on public transportation. So, I will plan ahead of time to attend holy days of obligation and special feast days meaningful to me, taking vacation time off from work. Despite these burdens, I am grateful that I can worship God freely each week.

I am grateful that I live in a thriving Catholic diocese that has many parishes in my area, so I can choose Mass times that will accommodate my personal schedule each week. Holy Communion is a very special occasion for me. I am not sure if most people realize this, but every moment preceding Holy Communion in the Mass builds up to that special moment. The prayers, the readings, the homily, everything, etc. That special intimate time of Holy Communion, which is the summit and climax of the Christian faith. As I have written before, I am always trying to squeeze more grace in every moment of the Mass.

During every pause, every silent moment, or unattended moment of the Mass, I am saying a prayer to Our Lord and Our Lady. I view every silence and every pause to be an invitation to pray for the intentions of Our Lady. Also, the moments immediately preceding Holy Communion are a very special prayer time for me. I then invite all the angels and saints of Heaven to pray along with me to Our Lady in the Mass.

I have several prayer intentions while I am waiting in the Communicant line.

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  6. I pray for the poor souls entering Heaven through the Mass that I am attending. I pray for the unborn to be protected and saved. I pray for all priests and all religious to stay faithful and true to their religious vows to My Love. I pray for the lessening of the Great Chastisement and for all souls to be saved through The Warning. I also pray for my parish community and in atonement for the sacrileges committed in the Blessed Sacrament, especially in the Mass that I am attending. And of course, I pray for all the intentions of Heaven, especially, the special intentions of the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady.

    I think about and pray for all these intentions while waiting in line for Holy Communion. I pray to Our Lady and St. I pray the Hail Mary and the Glory Be. I pray many short aspirational prayers. As I walk down the aisle, I always think about all the poor souls that I am escorting to Heaven.

    I know that they are walking beside me, accompanying me to My Love. And I know that at the exact same moment when I partake in Holy Communion, these poor souls are achieving their beatific union with My Love. I am very happy for them. I will reveal something very personal to you, my beloved family. Then, I listen to the words of the priest pronounce, Body and Blood of Christ. I always receive the Holy Eucharist on my tongue from a priest. Then, after I receive the Holy Eucharist, I will walk a little away from the Communicant line and I will turn back to the priest and I will make the sign of the Cross towards the Sacred Altar, because I cannot simply walk away from God and His Presence in the priest.

    I will also take the time to bow before the Presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist and in the Most Precious Blood that each lay minister in my vicinity is holding, although, I try not to receive from a lay minister during Mass. I cannot simply walk away without greeting Our Lady, thanking Her for Her fiat, and asking for Her intercession for us all in prayer.

    Then, while kneeling in the pews, I will say my thank You to God. I will thank My Love for receiving all the poor souls into Heaven through the Mass. I will thank My Love for saving souls and for granting all the prayer intentions of Our Lady. And I will continue saying my prayer intentions, trying to squeeze even more grace from God. Holy Communion is the source and summit of the Mass.

    It is sad to me, my beloved family, but I think the majority of people spend very little time with My Love in Holy Communion. I do not know, as I have my eyes closed while I am praying in the pews, but I do hear things. As I am kneeling, adoring My Love, I hear many people sit back in the pews and I do not think the priests spend much time in prayer after they are finished at the Sacred Altar and have placed the Blessed Sacrament within the Holy Tabernacle.

    While I am kneeling, continuing to praise My Love with my eyes closed, I hear in the background, parish announcements being read—trying to interrupt this special time with My Love. I only arise from my kneeling and open my eyes when the priest gives the final blessing of the Mass. Then, after the final blessing is given, I return to kneeling and praising My Love with my eyes closed, because I know My Love is still within me. I read once that the Most Precious Body and Blood of Christ stays within us for at least fifteen minutes when one receives Holy Communion.

    Of course, I do not look at my watch during this special time, but I usually open my eyes fifteen-twenty minutes after the hour of Sunday Mass has concluded. That was the day that My Love showed me the coming abomination of desolation, which I have written about in my book and other love-letters. It is sad, my beloved family, but on rare occasion, I have been kicked out of church, because I am spending too much time adoring My Love in Holy Communion. It usually happens when I am attending a thirty-minute weekday Mass and the custodian wants to close the church immediately after Mass has concluded.

    Thankfully, the custodians of the churches that I attend are more accommodating on Sundays, so while I will be one of the last people to leave the church, I will still be able to give at least my fifteen minutes to My Love. I love priests, because they bring me My Love, but I wish, in my heart, that generally, priests could be a better witness of the Real Presence of My Love in the Holy Eucharist. I wish that priests would remind the laity at every Mass of the need to be in a state of grace to receive Holy Communion. I wish that the Holy Eucharist could only be received on the tongue from a priest.

    I wish that priests would give My Love at least fifteen minutes of silence for prayer during Holy Communion before giving the final blessing of Mass. I wish that priests would eliminate all frivolous announcements at the conclusion of the Mass. And I wish priests would eliminate songs being played and sung at the conclusion of the Mass. Instead, I wish there was a respectful silence maintained, so the faithful who desired to spend more time in Holy Communion with My Love could do so. Alas, these changes of reverence in the Mass do not look to be forthcoming anytime soon.

    But, I have hope. Meanwhile, perhaps, change can happen one soul at a time, if each person simply decided for himself to give fifteen minutes to Jesus in Holy Communion at Mass. When you come before Me, let it always be as though it were the first time, the first moment of your understanding of My Real Presence. Ask for the grace. It is given. Ask for the grace to allow Me to stay within the tabernacle of your heart after you receive Me — to linger there — to languish in your soul.

    I delight in those that desire My Presence. Oh, how I do take delight in them! Believe and have faith that I choose it for each soul. Jesus and Blessed Mother are here with Their Hearts exposed. Blessed Mother says:. Much preparation should precede the prayer of the Mass, and much thanksgiving should follow it. Do not let others dictate to you your posture or demeanor in the precious moments after you receive Me in the Holy Eucharist.

    This is My special time with each soul and needs to be saturated with reciprocating love between the soul and Me. This moment in the interior forum must not be violated by community. Such a practice further reduces the importance of the sacrament of My Real Presence.