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Also, brother John in his first letter said "1 John If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. God's view of perfection is actually simple. His view is that man can be perfect. An explanation of what and who God call perfect should help us understand this concept better.

Augustine: Concerning Man's Perfection in Righteousness: Preface

Abraham did not wait for God's time but listened to his wife and wend in to Hagar, the maid, and gave birth to Ishmael. I wonder what type of man Noah was that he drank himself to stupor and didn't realize he was naked. Job is just an ordinary man and David is of many sins as we all know. Forget what dictionary calls perfection if you truly want to understand what God calls perfection because it is God himself who calls us perfect.

These teachings in Matthew chapter 5, 6 and 7 was basically to shift the focus of the people from the law. Because by the law no man can be made perfect. What lead to the statement in verse 48 started from verse God is teaching love and all he wants us to do is a little extra than what other people are doing.

That's all. He want us to love those within and outside the fold. In verse 20 he said, " For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven. No wonder the whole law was summarized in just a single word - LOVE. I believe that to be perfect all you have to do is a little extra of what everyone does not do. We are not called to be like any man or even our pastors. We are called to be like God so we should live each day striving to be more like him. Perfection is like riding a bicycle.

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Can a man be perfect? God's view versus man's view. Something he cannot achieve in this present state and form. So maybe it is because we do not think of perfection the way God is thinking about it that's why we still don't understand what Jesus meant in Matthew image reference How man view perfection As I've defined it earlier, man sees perfection as a state where everything works without a flaw.

Even great men in the Bible lamented imperfection Apostle Paul in his latter to the Philippians said in chapter 3 and verse 12 of it that "Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect Is it like God is having a meeting with his angels in heaven saying, " hey y'all, see these mortal men.

And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted with all things. Righteousness is not that you turn your faces to the east and the west [in prayer]. But righteous is the one who believes in God, the Last Day, the Angels, the Scripture and the Prophets; who gives his wealth in spite of love for it to kinsfolk, orphans, the poor, the wayfarer, to those who ask and to set slaves free.

And righteous are those who pray, pay alms, honor their agreements, and are patient in times of poverty, ailment and during conflict. Such are the people of truth. And they are the God-Fearing. Dharma is a key concept with multiple meanings.

On Man's Perfection in Righteousness

There might not be a single-word translation for dharma in Western languages. It means moral, right, just, balanced, or natural etc. In common parlance, dharma means "right way of living" and "path of rightness". Dharma encompasses ideas such as duty, rights, character, vocation, religion, customs and all behaviour considered appropriate, correct or "morally upright".

Can a man be perfect? God's view versus man's view.

In Hindu philosophy and religion , major emphasis is placed on individual practical morality. In the Sanskrit epics , this concern is omnipresent. The Sanskrit epics contain themes and examples where right prevails over wrong, the good over evil. In the midth century, an inscription of the Indian Emperor Ashoka from the year BC was discovered. This rock inscription contained Sanskrit, Aramaic and Greek text. According to Paul Hacker, on the rock appears a Greek rendering for the Sanskrit word dharma , the word eusebeia.

Writings of Augustine. A Treatise Concerning Man's Perfection in Righteousness.

This rock inscription, concludes Paul Hacker,[34] suggests dharma in India, about years ago, was a central concept and meant not only religious ideas, but ideas of right, of good , of one's duty. For Sikhs, the word Dharm means the path of righteousness and proper religious practice. The major Jain text, Tattvartha Sutra mentions Das-dharma with the meaning of "ten righteous virtues".

It involves a moral disposition to do good , and also the intuition and sensibility to do so competently. Yi resonates with Confucian philosophy's orientation towards the cultivation of benevolence ren and skillful practice li. Yi represents moral acumen which goes beyond simple rule following, and involves a balanced understanding of a situation, and the "creative insights" necessary to apply virtues "with no loss of sight of the total good. Yi represents this ideal of totality as well as a decision-generating ability to apply a virtue properly and appropriately in a situation.

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