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There are scenes in an office building and even those are shot close to the floor.

I love the humility. It does justice. Amos Oz writes close to the floor. Zvi Provizor is the kibbutz gardener and he is brilliant at his job. He has even used spare patches of land to create rock gardens. And he has designed a small garden with a fountain near the living quarters. We all know people who are first to tell us the news that some minor actor on a forgotten TV program has died. Or that someone famous has died or that there have been mudslides 3, miles away.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Zvi systematically reports every death and calamity he can discover. And he combs the newspaper to find them. What interests me is that Luna initiates contact with Zvi. I wanted to back that up by talking about what it actually looks like. Long ago, the alternative to freedom was not imprisonment but death. In the millennia we spent as hunter-gatherers, we had neither passwords nor prisons. Everyone in your small group knew and accepted you, though strangers were suspect. No one got put in jail, because there were no buildings to serve that purpose.

If a person became a threat to the group — for instance, if he became psychotic and expressed a desire to eat people — it would be the duty of the group to kill him, whereas nowadays it would be the duty of the group to lock him up, in order to keep others from harm. He wanted to come up with a story which it was quite believable his grandmother would never have been allowed to find out for herself. Pair of corduroy trousers. Two flannel shirts. Undershirts—long sleeves. Long underwear.

Scenes from Village Life by Amos Oz - review

Wool socks. And maybe new pajamas, too. All this for him.

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