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Pepe Freckles pokes potatoes with a pick. With a pick pokes potatoes Pepe Freckles. Pancha irons with four irons.

How to use and pronounce in Spanish the letters R (r/rr), L (l/ll) and Y

With how many irons does Pancha iron? The archbishop of Constantinople does not want to be the archbishop of Constantinople, and the archbishop who un-archbishop-of-Constantinople-izes him will be a good un-archbishop-of-Constantinople-izer. Tres tristes tigres tragan trigo en un trigal. Three sad tigers swallow wheat in a wheat field.

Spanish Tongue-Twisters

Tres tristes tigres tragan trigo y se atragantan. Three sad tigers swallow wheat and they choke themselves. Pablito nailed a little nail. Which little nail nailed Pablito? Over the triple trapeze of Tripoli there worked, trigonometrically switched over, three sad troglodyte triumvirs, afflictedly bumping into tripods, triclinia and other gear crushed by the terrible Trappist tetrarch.

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Maria Chuzena was repairing her hut's roof, and a roof repairman that was passing by asked her: "Maria Chuzena, do you repair your hut's roof, or do you repair another person's? Pedro Perez Pereira, pobre pintor Portugues, empaca poquitas copitas en poquitos paquetes para poder partir para Paris.

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Pedro Perez Pereira, a poor Portuguese painter, packs a few cups in a few packets in order to travel to Paris. Pedro Perico Pereira, a poor Portuguese painter, paints beautiful ladscapes for little money and paper.

How to Pronounce "R" - Spanish Lessons

The double-r or rr is used when you want to make a strong sound. So… how do we distinguish the use of r and rr?

Now you know how to write r or rr right and when to use the strong or the soft sound- and if you want to pronounce it completely right there is a very interesting video to practice here. You want to know how? How to use the double r What differences are there between the r and the rr? For example: ver to see , mar sea , acabar to finish, to end. For example: subrogar to transfer , subrayar to underline. For example: enriquecer to enrich , alrededor near to or Israel.

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If the r stands in front of a vowel a, e, i, o, u the r is usually pronounced SOFT. Words in which the negation prefix stands in, but stick to words that begin with an r. For example it would be right to say irreal, not inreal unreal, as it should be written.

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