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Smooth-it-away, Mr. Live-for-the-world, Mr. Hide-sin-in-the-heart, Mr.

Hawthorne – The Celestial Railroad

Scaly-conscience, Mr. Take-it-easy, and Mr. He meets the ministers, Rev. Shallow-deep, Rev. Stumble-at-Truth, Rev. Clog-the-spirit, and Rev. He found out that the Rev. This-to-day was expected to resign his pulpit and the Rev.

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That-to-morrow was going to take it over. On this train-ride, he saw many of the same places that Christian had visited hundreds of years earlier, The Slough of Despond, The Valley of the Shadow of Death, and Vanity Fair, as the railcar whizzed past them all. He saw these sights from a distance without ever going through them. Things are easier now, and there are other ways to the Celestial City, other than walking the path as Christian did.

It was laughable while we glanced along, … to observe two dusty foot-travelers, in the old pilgrim-guise, with cockle-shell and staff, their mystic rolls of parchment in their hands, and their intolerable burdens on their backs.

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What a difference between the two perspectives! They describe the differences very well. The character of Christianity in America has changed in our day, away from the Biblical perspective. Today, Christianity is often seen today to be a nice, pleasant ride on a railroad car as the countryside passes by, rather than a strenuous, dusty walk along a narrow trail. Gone today is the talk of tribulation and distress and hardships. Here today is the talk of blessings and benefits and ease.

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The new route appears at first to be an improvement, but it has a darker side. Vanity Fair welcomes travelers, but only so long as they embrace the material pleasures found there.

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Travelers at the fair are left penniless and unhappy. At this, Mr. They are just emerging from the river on the other side, and a great company of angels stands ready to greet them and welcome them to the Celestial City. Long after Hawthorne and his Celestial Railroad, C. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Nathaniel Hawthorne In this day and age progress means faster computers, fewer diseases, and better nourishment—all good things.

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Mere Christianity. Macmillian Publishing Company.

Celestial Railroad

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