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I stole a glance at the caller ID and it was that same number. It had to be Aisha again and thanks to these niggas fighting over pussy I missed her call. At that moment I was like, fuck both of them niggas and just lost it. Stop it! Kyron get the fuck out! My niece and sister are missing and yall acting like bitches. Trae, I need you to call Marvin and get me some answers. I was so mad I started crying. The phone rang again and thank God it was Aisha. Angel Leave it to the Queen of Drama, Tasha Macklin to wreak havoc in everyones lives, especially her own.

I usually dont mind her antics because, they keep me entertained because she never does shit on a small scale. Dont get me wrong, I love my girl to death but its one thing when its her and Traes bullshit but when it starts to spill over to me and my husband Kaylin, Ill be damned if I will allow her to fuck up me and mines. Allow me to share, a little bit of our history. Me and her have been best friends since the seventh grade. We even ended up marrying best friends.

Shit, Kaylin and Trae are more like brothers. Kaylin, on the other hand, is from a family full of fine niggas including Kyron, his oldest brother. My circle is real small.

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Its just me and my three girls, Tasha, Kyra and Jaz all from Jersey. Each of us ended up with hustlers, Marvin and Faheem, they are from Jersey. Kaylin and Trae are from New York.

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They wasnt no block niggas either. They hustled hard, moved up the food chain, got money, and went legit.

Y'all Niggaz (The Official Video) by Eyone and Hardworkin Ent

I dont know why Tasha allowed that nigga too drag her clean across the country. Thats where all this damn drama stemmed from. If they would have kept their asses in New York with me and Kaylin, they wouldnt be ready for Divorce Court. From what I was able to piece together, Trae allegedly got caught cheating with. When Tasha found out, being the Queen of Drama that she is, she went ballistic and obviously went for revenge. But this bitch didnt go for subtle revenge. You know sleep with another nigga and keep the shit to herself and move on with her life, type revenge. She didnt just cheat with some random nigga, she kept it close to the family and hooked up with Kyron, Kaylins brother.

Then to add insult to injury she gets pregnant. I had no idea Tasha was going to sleep with Kyron. But you cant tell Kaylin that. He seems to think otherwise, since he knows that Tasha and me have always been thick as thieves and we tell each other everything. Well the ho aint tell me this and now my man, is threatening divorce because he has it in his little head that I kept this from him. Im like what. - Google Документи

And while he was here, he somehow found out that Kyron had just l eft for Cali and before I know it, him and Kaylin are off on the first thing smoking to catch up with Kyron and do God knows what. Kaylin Shit was crazy.

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I still cant believe it. Hearing from Trae about Kyron and Tasha creeping was one thing, but to actually catch them together was a beast of a different kind. It was like watching the Animal Kingdom on TV and knowing that the gazelle was not supposed to hang out with the lions. I still asked myself, how did this shit happen right under my nose? And why didnt I see it coming? Even though I asked the questions, deep down inside I already knew the answer.

I never expected Tasha to cross that line. And then as busy as Ive ever been running my growing. Im not complaining because I love what I do. Me and my wife Red, we have to oversee all the aspects of our company from the big shit down to all the hands-on little shit. I knew all about the problems Trae and Tasha were having. They were the same problems that all married couples go through. So when Tasha told me that she needed a little space and wanted to crash at my spot for a little while, I said okay. Shit, after all, we are family. Having my brother Kyron who had recently come home from Upstate, in my house as well, having the both of them as guests never crossed my mind as a potential disaster waiting to happen.

Kyron knew that Tasha was taken. I told him that she was Traes wife the day we picked her up at the airport. I figured that he would respect the game and know that she was off limits. Kyron was the one who taught me, Trae, and my twin cousins Kendrick and Kendra the game. Never shit where you eat and family first, he always said. So, the thought never crossed my mind that he would go after that mans wife.

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  7. I thought hed be content with Mari, the lawyer chick he bagged while Upstate. He talked about how she did the last seven years of his bid with him. I never thought that hed shit on Mari and Trae like that. All I know now is that I really dont know my brother anymore.

    Years in the bing done put Kyron on some real grimy shit. If somebody wouldve asked me about a month ago, what were the odds of Tasha and Kyron fucking, I would have said a million to one. And Im glad that no one ever asked and I never put money on those odds because Id be a broke muthafucka right about now. But, that shit is a slap in the face to me.

    Because it appears that I had a hand in it but I didnt and I know I aint have nothing to do with that shit, but damn, as I sit here. I saw the shit going down at the labels 5 Year Anniversary Party. I didnt want to do it but I did, only because she kept sweatin me about him. I told her she couldnt handle Kyron, but she didnt want to listen.

    Her snow white ass is no doubt a nigga lover. I had the event at this major spot, Ciprianis on 42 nd street, New York. When we do it, we do it big. Just call me the black Donald Trump. Niggas aint used to doing things of this caliber. Shit, show me a man with money as long as mine and Ill buy his out. Tonight was about making a statement and as soon as niggas stepped through the door, that statement was made.

    I had my girls Tasha and Trina with me and since there had been so much drama going on; it was good to see Tasha smiling again. From time to time I had noticed Kyron checking Tasha out but I aint sweat it, plus Lil E wasnt letting that nigga out her sight. Kyron My brother wanted me to escort his artist Lil E to the album release party.

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    He told me that she wanted to meet me. I was like meet me? A white bitch of her caliber can only suck my dick. Her money aint long enough for me. So, I wasnt trying to hear that shit. I was too busy chasing behind Shorty. So when Kendrick told me that her and her sister would be there, I said, bet. I can kill two birds with one stone, especially since my brother asked me to do it. So fuck it, I got dressed and went and picked up Lil E.

    I pulled up to her condo around nine and had to admit that she was dope for a white chick. She had ass, hips and lips.

    Publisher Description

    The ass and hips she had squeezed into some little black dress. I was feelin her outfit. We smoked a blunt and made no conversation as we rode in back of the limo to the spot. We pulled up on th and 42nd and I was like damn. Lil Bro doin it up. When I stepped inside the Italian Renaissance my thoughts immediately drifted to the Dons.

    I had some work to do for them that I needed to get ready for within the next couple of days. Lil E squeezed my hand bringing me back to the here and now. I scanned the room and saw that everybody who was anybody was up in here. When I finally spotted my brother he was standing on the red carpet and surrounded by flashing lights and press.

    He had on a white Saratoria Domenico Caraceni white suit with a Cuban cigar dangling from his mouth. The media was eatin that shit up. And here this nigga made everyone else wear black and he had on white. Hey brother in law. Angel said as she came over and gave me a hug. Look at you Miss Lily. Girl, you better watch him. Oh I plan to. Lil E responded and then I watched as the two of them exchanged some phony air kisses and E went to the bathroom.

    You must going to be lookin up. Yeah, Ima be lookin up and using no hands. Well damn. Its like that? Angel interrupted. Girl, let me go to the ladies room before I get myself in trouble. I laughed and as soon as she stepped off I said to Angel, You lookin good tonight. Does my brother know how lucky he was that he saw you first?

    Whats that supposed to mean? You know what it means. No, I dont.

    Justify My Thug by Wahida Clark

    Why dont you explain yourself? I was getting ready to but then I saw her. Tasha came through the door, looking good enough to eat, hanging on the arm of some nigga. When I saw some of the press move towards them it dawned on me that dude was one of the artists on Kaylins label. Damn, my brother pimpin everybody out tonight. Whats up with that?

    Kaylin pimps everybody out every night and every day. Angel said. Hes not going to be satisfied until he owns New York. I just hope that he doesnt kill himself in the process. The nigga is going crazy with it. Damn its like that? Im his attorney and his wife. Trust me when I say, yes, it is like that.

    My brother motioned for his wife to come over to where he was. Excuse me Kaylin, God is paging me. Angel said and walked off. I was getting ready to turn my attention back to Tasha. She was wearing the shit out of this long black Tom Ford dress with her abs, arms and back out. Her breasts were damn near exposed.

    Son had his hand resting on her ass as they posed for the camera. My dick tried to get hard as I fantasized about me sucking on her nipples until she came and then yanking the dress up over her ass and hittin it doggy style raw dog. Lil E eased up next to me and slid her hand into mine. Thats Explozive.

    She told me and apparently she thought I was looking at the rap nigga but she had me fucked up. I was looking at Shorty and was wondering why Kay sent her with this fuckin clown. I shrugged it off. When we stepped into the VIP area all I could say was, damn, I need to be robbin all of these niggas up in here. I recognized DJ Khalids voice before I saw him. Niggas were on the dance floor and they had waiters passing out drinks. My brother had officially brought the hood to the burbs. Lil E grabbed us both a drink and we went to our table and sat down.

    I took a sip and immediately started looking around for Tasha. I swear I couldnt get her off of my mind even with Es hand resting on my thigh. I leaned over to whisper in Lil Mamas ear and my brother came walking over and was trailed by two bodyguards. He grabbed a seat next to me and the two security guards stood behind us. He began to fill me in on tonights agenda and then thats when Tasha and that rapper muthafucka came walking towards the table.

    He was all over Tasha as if he owned her. Explozive came over to Kaylin and started running his mouth but like me, my brother didnt hear shit. All we saw was this niggas hands all over Tasha. Muthafucka, you must be tired of livin. Cmon boss man. Im just a squirrel trying to bust a nut. Explosive smiled through a platinum grill as he held Tasha even tighter. Thats what escorts are for right? Explozive was drunk as shit. Tasha, come over her and sit next to Kyron. As she tried to walk away, Explozive grabbed her around the waist.

    Tone, get this nigga. My brother said as if he was reading my mind. His security guard grabbed drunken ass Explozive out in a chokehold. We watched as he looked over at our table and started pleading his case. Cmon Boss man. I thought we was here to have a good time. Nigga, I told you that she was family and that she was only eye candy for tonight.

    You said you understood. But obviously you didnt. Either that or you just didnt give a fuck. So Ill see you when I see you. Tasha Damn Kaylin it was only a ass rub, you just fucked up my paper that nigga had my purse 2, dollars richer I was planning on rapping his pockets and send him home with a hard dick and a wet dream. Then to add injury to insult he sat me down like a child next to Kyron and this little white girl that apparently was planning on having him in her mouth before the night was over. I was so relieved when Kay sent her to sign some autographs and then he was called over to make a few announcements.

    Here I was sitting next to this fine ass nigga that was giving a bitch fever. He wasted no time moving over to me and looking at me like I was on a menu his eyes told it all if he had it his way I would be bent over one of these chairs and calling his name. Kyron I sat there looking at Shorty. Damn, you look good enough to eat. I told her as I took her all in. You look good. She teased. I grabbed her hand and pulled her to me.

    Lets get out of here. And go where? You are here to assist your brother. As a matter of fact, why arent you entertaining your little snow bunny? I would rather entertain you. You dont want nothing because you too scared of your little Brother. I chuckled. Shorty, you be talking a lot of shit. And I can do that. Because I can back up every word. Well, I got something for you to back up into. Tasha looked at me and smiled and I could see her cheeks getting a little flush. I was getting ready to make my next move when Lil E emerged from signing autographs.

    You ready Kyron? I have something I want to show you. I looked up at little mama, then back at Shorty and for the first time a brotha was stuck. Thank God for Angel who came rushing over to where we were. Tasha, come here Kaylin wants you to be in these pictures. Girl we gonna be on the cover of Black Enterprise.

    As she pulled Tasha to her feet she looked back at me and said, I hope you save some. I looked at Angel to see if she had heard what Shorty had just said. Our dangerous game was beginning to intensify. Angel didnt appear to have heard her because she yanked Tasha away from me. Save some of what? Lil E said real playful. I stood up and took lil mama by the hand, Dont even worry about it. Come show me that no hands thing.

    Sheeit chasing Shorty had me all worked up I was ready to get a nut off my back. She looked at me with a big ass Kool-Aid smile and said, I found the perfect spot. When I emerged from a small room in the back I could see the party was getting livelier by the second. I looked down at Little mama who was apparently disappointed that she. My philosophy is when a bitch tells you she wants to suck your dick you let her, and then you make her pay for the rest. Plus I wasnt trying to slide up into nothing but Shorty. I scanned the room and saw that a small line of cats wanting to holla at my brother was beginning to form then I found Tasha talking to Angel at the bar.

    I quickly dismissed lil mama and headed over to where they were. Fate must be on my side tonight because just as I approached them, one of the staff members came over to Angel and needed her assistance with a problem in the back giving me another opportunity to snatch up Shorty. Turley paints a picture of different stages of abuse, whether it include mental or physical brutality, while also giving a cause and effect point of view. Biblical scriptures are added features to this storyline.

    A practical picture of life as the recipient of abuse as a child, the sight of the prey becoming the predator, and the anger and anguish that everyone suffers at the hands of violence. Labels: Harold L. Turley , Latest Reviews , October Drexel M. A house party goes wrong when a fellow soldier is raped. The topic definitely peeked my interest, as I am a big fan of controversy and taboo subjects.

    Labels: Drexel M. Johnson , Latest Reviews , October In doing so, she realizes that she needs to stop her affair with Michael. But Michael is not willing to let her go that easily. Michael becomes obsessed with stalking her and trying to win her back. Leon has been seeing a shrink to help with whatever it is that is causing him to lack in his duties in the bedroom. He is attractive to Lorraine, but when it comes to the physical act, he is quick at the draw. When all is revealed, it just may cost him his marriage to Lorraine. Jerome is back and his stalker Peter is still up to no good, trying to make Jerome suffer by destroying any and all potential relationships.

    Peter is determined to make Jerome his, and nothing will stand in his way. As the drama unfolds, you find yourself trying to figure out what is about to happen, but you will be shocked when it all unfolds. I felt the story was a bit rushed and not as good as Big Girls Do Cry. If your friends is true, they'll be there with you through the thick and thin. She has a man that truly loves her, she's educated, and she has a great job. Unfortunately, she has commited the ultimate betrayal in friendship: she is sleeping with her friend's husband.

    She knows she is wrong, but she has fallen for him and refuses to let him go Toya is also very outspoken and will tell you what she feels, no holds barred. She finally meets someone that can tame her wild ways, but her past will eventually catch up to her, threatening her chance at happiness.

    Chante Summers is married to a successful businessman that is able to provide her with the finest things. Sadly, this is not enough for her. Chante is not satisfied with her mundane routine and her husband does not excite her sexually anymore. So she decides to take matters into her own hands and begins having an affair. Sadly, the person she is having the affair with is making a fool out of her. It will have you laughing out loud and constantly shaking your head over the antics and scandalous behavior of these women.

    Secret Betrayals could have easily been a five star read. My suggestion for Ms. Other than that, Secret Betrayals was a very good debut. I look forward to reading more by this author. Patterson - Spin Cycle. Teresa D. Patterson - Spin Cycle - Available Now! Greta has not been with a man since her husband, so she is in dire need of some sexual fulfillment.

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    Little does anyone realize, there is someone else that has been keeping a close eye on everyone and is intent of exacting revenge on the one that did her wrong. When everything comes to a head, this whole situation will spin totally out of control. Patterson is a story of lust, lies and deceit.

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    Trying to juggle two relationships begins to be tricky, and Nia resorts to drastic and shiesty tactics to see both men. But how long can this charade continue without someone getting hurt? The Appetizer was a great read by Ni'cola Mitchell. Mitchell touched on some much needed subjects, including secrets, betrayal, and deceit.

    Sometimes a lesson learned is needed to understand the consequences and ramifications of any and every situation. Mitchell's next book, because The Appetizer was definitely on point. Labels: contest , October , Wahida Clark. Labels: contest , Judge Glenda Hatchett , October Patricia Haley - Destined - Available Now! During his stay on the African continent, Don realizes that it was God's will that he let go of the disappointment and find his purpose in life. He creates his own company called LTI and finds the solitude that he needed.

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    If she didn't, all would be lost. Don's mother, Madeline, was one of the founders of DMI and was determined to get Joel fired and put Don in charge of the company. They decide to call Don and tell him what Joel has been up too. Will Don make it in time to save DMI? Is he destined to take the rightful place as CEO? Author Patricia Haley did a phenomenal job writing the sequel to Chosen. If you read the first book, you will understand what I am talking about. The storyline of Destined started exactly where Chosen ended, and that was something I love about this book.

    The author continues the story on the same path. Redemption and forgiveness are once again the focus of the storyline. You never wonder what happened in the pervious book because there's enough dialogue for you to understand what is going on.