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While Freya may not have lived long as a mortal, she lives for eternity as the Lady in the Lake and will always be there for Merlin throughout the days of his life. In the classic tale, Merlin may be known for his amazing wizardry, but without knowing true love, he would never have understood the power of love and how it can strengthen even a mortal man beyond his natural abilities. Like Gwen is the woman behind a great future king, but Freya is the woman behind a great future sorcerer. She completes Merlin and gives his life purpose beyond his destiny to protect a king.

And last, but not least, there is the Great Dragon Kilgharrah — for what would any grand adventure tale be without a cool dragon. In this case, Merlin would be simply a sorcerer. But with Kilgharrah at his beck-and-call, Merlin is a dragonlord — and Kilgharrah is not simply a dragon, he is the last dragon. He is a magical being that chooses who it will serve and he chose Merlin. There is no greater gift to bestow than that which the Dragon gave Merlin — his love, respect, and loyalty. With but only a handful of loyal men, a loving woman by his side and one sorcerer masquerading as a servant, Arthur rescued his father and took back Camelot.

Wars cannot be won by one man alone; wars are won on the shoulders of many. Eventually, my alter ego became common knowledge and my boss recognized that the online personae was vastly different from the person who clocked in to work each week. On June 23, Quaint will be closing its doors for good. Those stories even turned into a book.

I was at Quaint when I got the news that my manuscript had finally fallen into the right hands. I recognized the number as being that of my agent so I ran outside to answer it. I was on Skillman Avenue right in front of the dry cleaner next door, crying with excitement. When I hung up, I wanted to call my husband, my mom and everyone else I cared about, but instead I went back inside the restaurant to check on Table 9.

Quaint is three blocks from my apartment and working there for so long has made me feel like part of the fabric of my neighborhood. I see my customers at the grocery store, on the train, walking their dogs, and at the gym.

Charley, who was maybe four years old when I first met her and insisted on getting her own booster seat, is now almost a teenager. I saw her on the street a few months ago with some of her friends and a wave of nostalgia washed over me that parents must feel all the time when they see their children growing up.

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Another family with three daughters have been coming regularly for eight years. When I saw the oldest daughter driving a car down Skillman Avenue earlier this year, the realization that so much time had passed almost knocked me over. Another couple comes in every Thursday at and when I told them last week that we were closing, the sadness on their faces made me understand how much a restaurant can mean to some people. I hope Anne and Jerry find another restaurant they can look forward to as much as they look forward to coming to Quaint.

I will miss all of these people. When Quaint closes, it will leave a hole in our little neighborhood. Another restaurant will eventually take its place, but it will take years for it to truly become part of the community, filling that hole ever so slowly. The hole that will take much longer to heal will be the one in my heart. However, when your job is only three blocks away from home and the people you serve are as genuinely nice as the people of Sunnyside are, eight years passes by in a flash. I will miss you, Quaint.

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And the neighborhood will too. Understandably, many employees are in shock. It just hurts. McCormick is not alone in her dismay. Greg Plumb, a newly hired busser at the Cleburne, Texas location is equally shook up. I find it difficult to put into words how devastating it is for us that Maureen will no longer be a valued and faithful customer of ours. When she does, this blog will be here to report about it.

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On the other hand, people suck. There are two men who come into my restaurant semi-regularly and each time I see them, I struggle to keep my face from revealing my true emotions. If ever there was a reason for me to use Botox, this would be it. I smile, say hello and go into hyper-server mode in order to get through the next hour with them.

The last time they were in, I put some notes down on a bev nap about what it is about them that irks me so. Yanna Avis, They always order their food directly from our open kitchen. One time I described the special in great detail, answering a multitude of questions about the type of fish and how it was prepared.

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After he finally exhausted my knowledge about a fucking catfish fillet and some corn succotash, he decided to order it. When I rang it in, the cook asked me if this was another order for the special or was it for the guy at Table I hate them. They call me baby. It sits there under the booth on its disgusting towel and licks its ass the whole time. The only time that dog pulls itself away from the intense focus of self ass licking is when you feed it a bite of roasted chicken with your fingers that you then use to feed yourself.

They always want extra tentacles in their calamari. Slice offers creative classics, daily specials, as well as the ability to build the personal pizza of your dreams. What are you waiting for? Head on over there and start this tour with me! Next stop is the quintessentially romantic Italian restaurant: Alessa by Chef Pirrozi.

Four Simple Steps to Create a Heart-Stealing Valentine’s Day Tablescap

After ordering the Burrata e Melenzane Pizza, bread and salsa verde arrived at the table, which are both made fresh every morning and not to be ignored. Chef Pirozzi prides himself in using fresh ingredients, including herbs right from his own garden, and that truly shines through in the pies.

I immediately smelled the fresh basil wafting as it came to the table. Upon the first bite, I was hit with the gloriousness of creamy burrata, garlicky eggplant and a light layer of tomato sauce, all cradled by a super thin, yet flaky crust. I then ventured to the funky, hip establishment where they passionately curate high-quality ingredients to deliver Napolean style, wood-fired pizza. These pizzas were both the most unique and paired quite well together. The Blackberry Pizza was both sweet and salty, while the Pesto Bacon Pizza was a creamier savory option.