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The eighteenth century curriculum in England of the classical Greek and Latin literature was a model of education which cannot be replicated by the study of English. It was a synthesis of grammar, rhetoric, history, and ethics.


Close reading sat alongside comparative literature, history, ethics, sociology as a profitable interpretative enterprise, in part because their knowledge of antiquity drew chiefly on the famous literature. Now that classical history has become scientific; that archeology, numismatics, the study of accumulated minor primary sources, etc. When the vernacular replaced the antiquities as the touchstone of a common culture, the study of English literature inherited the responsibility for transmitting that humanistic education.

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But it also inherited the same problem. The New Critics rejected that burden, devoting themselves purely to the text as an inherently interesting problem. Literary history goes the farthest one can go, now, to remedying the problem, by reincorporating the intellectual, cultural, political, and religious problems of the past back into the literature.

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This was transformative. It was a technological breakthrough in warfare. Another one tells the story of Patrick in Ireland. There's even one on the improbable subject of bull-fighting! It's a marvelous coming-of-age story about conquering fear and choosing your own path. The first Bible field guide just for kids. Covers the entire Bible with vivid photos, illustrations, charts and maps.

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Includes fun activities. Sing God's Word. Various musical styles, beautifully arranged for children's voices using orchestral and ethnic instruments. Over 70 Timeline Figures for Sonlight G on self-adhesive heavy card stock. Just cut them out, color and stick them in your Timeline Book. Volume two in the series covers the events from to , and tells not just the events in Europe, but also in the Americas before colonization, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

This newly updated Usborne encyclopedia takes readers on a tour of world history, from ancient times to the start of the 21st century. This historical fiction novel is about an orphan in ancient Egypt. He desires nothing more than to follow in his father's footsteps as a goldsmith but is forced into a life that he despises. A story of suspense and action in which Egyptian life from impoverished hovel to magnificent palace is dramatically portrayed. An exciting and readable version of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, a thrilling saga of heroism and magical adventure.

Before the Great Plague swept London in , eleven-year-old Michael Cornhill led a happy life with his foster family. A stunning collection of more than poems spanning the centuries from the Bible to the first half of the 20th Century and including all styles and all interests--from light verse to epics and the foolish to the sublime.

Juan de Pareja is slave to the great artist Velazquez. De Pareja learns to paint in secret and ends up having some of his paintings hung in art museums. An engaging story based on real people. Multiple award winner. The riddle of the Mona Lisa is solved in a most ingenious reconstruction of the middle years of Leonardo da Vinci, the quintessential Renaissance Man.

Set in 12th-century Korea. A young orphan boy raised by a beggar under a bridge becomes an apprentice to a master potter and grows in his own talents. His journey shows faith, perseverance, and courage. The book brings to life the time period of the Jews revolting against Roman authority while the Greek cities get caught in the middle. Story of an Egyptian prince in BC who reluctantly and unexpectedly succeeds to the throne and is then forced to run for his life.

In the year , the confrontation between Archbishop Thomas Becket and King Henry has come to a bloody end. Abandoned and crippled, young Hugh takes refuge at Glastonbury Abbey under the care of a kind abbot. Violence and unrest are sweeping through Roman Britain. Justin and Flavius find themselves caught up in the middle of it all when they discover a plot to overthrow the Emperor.

In fear for their lives, they gather together a tattered band of men and lead them into the thick of battle, to defend the honor of Rome. But will they be in time to save the Emperor? Set in the late Middle Ages, a quick-witted orphan risks his life to care for a wounded knight who is on a quest but can't remember what he is searching for. This Middle Ages literature is exciting, engrossing, enchanting! The story of a fourteen-year-old girl in Ireland whose safe and comfortable life is turned upside down.

Her plans to return home and get married are disrupted by the arrival of St. Patrick, whose new ideas make her question her Druid upbringing. Riveting story of an orphan boy who grows up to be a Samurai in 16th century Japan. Excellent introduction to Japanese culture. Set in Galilee in the time of Jesus, the Bronze Bow by author Elizabeth George Speare is the dramatic story of a young Jewish rebel who is won over by the gentle teachings of Jesus. A wonderful story. A heartwarming story about the son of a traveling minstrel who is separated from his father and forced to live by his wits and music.

Son of the greatest bullfighter in Spain, Manolo Olivar wonders whether he should go along with the townspeople's plans for him to follow in his father's footsteps. At the moment of truth, he makes his decision. Mara, a slave, plays the dangerous role of double spy for two arch enemies--each of whom supports a contender for the throne of Egypt. Exciting story of adventure, romance and intrigue in Ancient Egypt. When Halima and Atiyah were babies, they were pledged in marriage. Now Atiyah has been sent away, a political pawn in a war between Beduin tribes in The Mystery of the Roman Ransom is about a group of boys who purchase a slave for their tutor on his 50th birthday.

When their tutor refuses their gift, the slave tells the boys of a murderous plot against one of their fathers. This is where the adventure -- and fun -- begins. Uriah, a Hittite warrior, lived in the time of Deborah, years before David and Saul. This is his story. It makes those ancient times, cities, and peoples -- the Hittites, Canaanites, Hebrews, and Achaeans Greeks -- all come to life once more.

She meets up with some old friends who reminisce about her amazing life in the Middle Ages when she was the wife of two kings and the mother of two others. The story of a Celtic boy who serves Lord Artos who will later become King Arthur and his companions in fifth-century Britain. Her father wants to marry her off to the richest suitor available, but Catherine has other plans and finds many creative ways to repulse her many suitors.

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A young boy in fifth-century Greece was raised in Athens and then separated from his family and forced to live in Sparta. This book includes danger, adventure, courage and triumph. In the year A. But Carl has his misgivings. How can he accept this honor? High drama, hazardous quests and unforgettable characters mortal and immortal reveal the landscape of early Greece and its most famous legends.

From the loves of the gods think Cupid and Psyche to their rivalry with man think King Midas the stories in this introduction to classic mythology will thrill adventure seekers. Please enter your name and email address to view samples. First Name. Organize all your homeschool papers in one sturdy and convenient binder. Pre-printed timeline in a spiral-bound book—for use throughout your homeschooling adventure. Required Resource for Sonlight A-J and useful in through No one could have predicted the marvels of art, literature, science, and philosophy that Greece would produce from to BC.

But many of those accomplishments are represented in this well-researched historical coloring book. The collection includes more than 40 expertly rendered illustrations depicting many aspects of Greek life and culture: the building of the Parthenon, a performance of Oedipus Rex, the Olympian games, the trial of Socrates, a torchlight wedding procession, Aristotle tutoring the young Alexander of Macedonia, and many more. With an introduction and detailed captions for each illustration, the Life in Ancient Greece Coloring Book by John Green offers a fun way to learn about how life was lived 2, years ago in the cradle of Western civilization.

Check out the Life in Ancient Rome coloring book for another interactive learning experience for your student. At the peak of its power, the Roman Empire stretched thousands of miles in all directions: north to England, west to Spain, east to Armenia, and south to Egypt. The growth, development, and cultural achievements of that magnificent civilization are brought to life by the artist John Green in this exciting and fact-filled coloring book.

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Volume 2. This recording covers the events from AD to AD, and tells not just the events in Europe, but also in the Americas before colonization, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Information is succinct and simple, yet engaging. Designed to help you color-coordinate your classroom binders and books, this sheet of stickers corresponds with your Sonlight G program. Emerging writers have many opportunities to practice and refine skills. They'll continue to imitate the best writers, explore the ins-and-outs of literary analysis, practice proper grammar, establish good mechanics, edit their work and let the creativity flow by writing mysteries, fairy tales, and more.

You need one set per student. This volume includes more than 65, concise, easy-to-understand entries. A complete—I mean complete—guide to the writing process. Bring history to life with a hands-on lap book your children will love — a collection of crafts and creative projects that fold down into a kind of portfolio, and unfold to show their detailed magnificence. Wordly Wise Book 6 introduces students to vocabulary words.

Tea, Taxes, and The American Revolution: Crash Course World History #28

Students learn the meaning and application of the words through literary pieces and fascinating historical tales. Each lesson includes a series of five exercises that require thinking yet are fun to do. Optional worktext scheduled in Language Arts G. Visit a Homeschool Convention. Enter any questions or comments in the message field below and click "Submit". Your cart will then be sent to a Sonlight Curriculum Advisor for a free review.

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