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Those who wish to enter into a covenant marriage can do so by indicating their intent on the application for their marriage license. They must then follow the requirements associated with obtaining a covenant marriage. For instance, in Arizona the soon-to-be spouses must provide a written statement that reads as follows:. We have chosen each other carefully and have received premarital counseling on the nature, purposes and responsibilities of marriage.

One of Only Three States That Allows Covenant Marriages

We understand that a covenant marriage is for life. If we experience marital difficulties, we commit ourselves to take all reasonable efforts to preserve our marriage, including marital counseling. From there, the parties must submit an affidavit indicating they have received premarital counseling from either a professional marriage counselor or a member of the clergy. Premarital counseling consists of a discussion about the seriousness of a covenant marriage, as well as the discussion and understanding that a covenant marriage is a lifelong commitment.

Further, the parties are to acknowledge in their affidavit that they have been informed that they are obligated to seek counseling in times of marital discord, and that they understand the more exclusive grounds on which they can file for a divorce or legal separation.

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The statement should confirm the fact that the couple were indeed counseled on the aspects of a covenant marriage, and that the counselor provided to the parties the informational pamphlet that was developed by the court for this purpose. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. This is not a religious but a natural law marriage. One of the 4 non-negotiable principles that back public morality and a solid nation.

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Covenant Marriage

Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Although the marriage is legal, some Christians believe that only a church ceremony is binding in the sight of God. Some Christians will choose to cohabit as they believe their love for each other is enough to demonstrate their commitment. Many members of the Church of England believe they may only cohabit if it will lead to marriage. If they are right for each other then living together will give them an insight into married life.

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Many Roman Catholic Christians will not cohabit as they believe it is sinful. This means that a couple will only live together when they are married.

Marriage is a Covenant, Not a Contract

The Church of England does not regard homosexuality as a sin. However it regards sex outside the confines of marriage as being sinful.

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The Church defines marriage as being between a man and a woman, although it supports civil partnerships for same-sex couples. The law prevents ministers from the Church of England from carrying out same-sex marriages. Sign in or create an account. Search by title, catalog stock , author, isbn, etc. Homeschool Savings. Covenant Marriage: Staying Together for Life. By: Fred Lowery. Wishlist Wishlist. Write a Review. Advanced Search Links. Product Close-up This product is not available for expedited shipping.

Covenant Marriage in Arizona

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