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Refugees welcome? How UK and Germany compare on migration

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Der Babysitter ist los. Some Enchanted Evening. Vereinigte Staaten.

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Folge insgesamt Liste. Mai auf FOX. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Downing Street is refusing to take part in a new quota system proposed by Berlin, which would see refugees fairly distributed among all 28 EU states. This strategy may entail consequences. Thousands of ordinary Germans have volunteered to help the refugees now arriving daily.


Some have filled up their cars with shopping, and distributed clothes, nappies, food and cuddly bears. Others have offered German lessons, translation and babysitting. They are now living with him temporarily at his home in Brandenburg. The response has sometimes been overwhelming.

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A Berlin-based group, Refugees Welcome , which matches refugees with people willing to give them a room, has been flooded with offers. More than Germans have signed up.

On Tuesday police at Munich station tweeted the public to stop bringing donations , saying that they had been inundated. In Britain, the refugee crisis has been less acute. There are signs here too, however, of ordinary citizens wanting to contribute. A pro-refugee rally in central London is planned for 12 September, just before the Brussels summit.

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Groups such as City of Sanctuary and the Unity Centre in Glasgow have long offered support to asylum seekers. Two newspaper cuttings have highlighted the differences in tabloid attitudes between the UK and Germany. Writing in the Sun, Katie Hopkins likened refugees crossing the Mediterranean to cockroaches.

Arguably, neither gives an accurate picture of media coverage.

The Babysitter

One said the Hamburg transport authorities waived fines for refugees caught without a ticket on the underground, for fear of provoking bad headlines — something the authorities deny. The true difference may lie in the fact that even right-leaning tabloid newspapers in Germany have balanced critical coverage of migration into Germany with sympathetic reportage on the plight of refugees crossing the Mediterranean. In Britain, on the other hand, the tone of much tabloid coverage has been remorselessly negative.

It said the UK had taken only refugees for every million of population — a third of the EU average. Germany had taken and Hungary a whopping 3,, it reported. Remarkably, they have also popped up at clubs that in the past have had to distance themselves from neo-Nazi supporters , like Borussia Dortmund. Even in Dresden, which has seen high-profile anti-migration marches, the local club Dynamo Dresden has handed out free tickets to refugees.

Third-division Berlin club SV Babelsberg 03 has started a third team made up entirely of refugees, called Welcome United, while Schalke 04 have released a video of the team expressing solidarity with refugees , with the hashtag StandUpIfYouAreHuman.

Most of these initiatives have grown organically from local fan groups. If Germany has accepted disproportionately more asylum seekers than Britain, it has also seen a much higher number of violent incidents directed at asylum seekers.

The Babysitter

By the end of last week, the German interior ministry had recorded assaults on refugee shelters since the start of the year — over a more than in the whole of The majority of these attacks had a rightwing motive. In Britain, the Home Office does not publish comparable statistics. The UK charity Refugee Action said it was anecdotally aware of isolated assaults on individuals, and no arson attacks. Unlike in Germany, where refugees have often been sheltered in schools, gyms or hotels, asylum seekers in Britain are usually housed in mixed accommodation, which is less easily identifiable.

Britain and east European countries including Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic have fiercely resisted the plan. The Spanish are also not keen. The Home Office has indicated that Britain will not take part in any compulsory EU resettlement scheme or be bound by targets as part of a voluntary scheme. Britain insists that another piece of legislation should be upheld — the so-called Dublin regulation, under which displaced people should claim asylum in the first EU state they arrive in.

Germany has unilaterally lifted the Dublin protocol. Britain also believes that the convention is now effectively inoperable.