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Cornell University Sustainable Design CUSD Student Organization, dedicated to providing technical and strategic solutions related to human development and environmental challenges through creative architectural design. Research and design models have been combined in a book that will serve as a manual for architecure Plympton will discuss the artistic design, layouts, storyboards, writing, editing, etc. Using such iconic paintings as the Mona Lisa, 3D reliefs are fabricated to demonstrate the unexpected moment of lost familiarity and intense reinterpretation.

In plan view, the images are unchanged, but as you cross the room, extrusions increasingly deform the familiar icon. The show will also include The 4x8' panels will be installed to create an unexpected tension between the luminious nature of glass and evidence of impact made by puck marks and scars. Martin Elementary School Gym W. The project kicks off with a performance of the play Dispatches from A mended American with nine professional actors including Brandt Adams, Sarah K. Chalmers, and Godfrey L Simmons, Jr. This documentary Willard Straight Theatre, PM Spark of Being is a meditation on contemporary art, technology, and other themes through the lens of the Frankenstein story, from jazz trumpeter and composer Dave Douglas and experimental video and film artist Bill Morrison.

The multimedia production combines the screening of the film, Spark of Being by Morrison--consisting of new, archival, and distressed footage--with an original score by Douglas written for and performed by his electric band Keystone. These thematic concerns emerge through a dialogue between two figures, in a variety of poetic modes, including free verse, invented forms, and the traditional Japanese forms of baibun, tanka, and renga.

What The Adjacent Possible Jannuary 27, 28, 29, 30 Based on Arnoid Schoenberg's private concert series that presented some of the seminal works of the 20C, works will be conducted by composers from the canon and from lesser-known composers, replicating as closely as possible their original context. The festival will feature four days of concerts with a musicology colloquium talk by renowned Schoenberg specialist Michael Friedmann from Yale, and pre-concert lectures by Michael Friedmann, Roger Moseley, and PhD student Morris, and many other important initiators in the Abstract art movement.

At 75, AAA numbers over members. Using bamboo as an unconventional material for artistic expression and discussion, one can see the adaptability that the material offers, as well as its potential to be crafted into an interactive element in spatial design. These spatial interventions direct focus toward the existing site program. Bailey Plaza could be inhabited by oversized bamboo figure models PATH SHED, is a small wooden structure built around a section of forest to explore the dynamic relationship and struggle between the built environment and natural world. The visitor will walk through the forest, down the path and encounter the building In conjunction with Cafe Unmooring, a collaborative exhibition in Hartell Gallery, November , In the evening, Alloy Orchestra will perform to the restored film by Fritz Lang, Cornell Cinema.

Live Performance! Academy Award nominated documentarian Sam Green has teamed with sound artist Dave Cerf to create a moving performance — a live documentary — that investigates the meaning and status of idealism in contemporary culture. Originally conceived as a work-in-progress for a still uncompleted film, Utopia has evolved instead into a one-of-a-kind stage show that threads together a century's worth of dizzying sounds and Luminous walls: From grazing light via modernist wallwashing to pixelated planes Luminous walls belong to the essential repertoire of qualitative lighting design.

With light, spaces can be defined and reinterpreted. Illuminated walls allow us to provide orientation and to perceive the form and dimension of space. Further, their The project conveys ideas of the labyrinth, city planning, and landscape architecture. These three facets share a common theme of form and the inherent element of control, fragmentary or overt, embedded within their design. The experiential quality is imposed on the social by various means and multiple strata of the everyday. Functioning as Artist Statement: "My current body of work is an exploration of the mythology of the artist in western culture.

It takes the form of sculptures, multiples, books and mixed media drawings based on Greek myths, concrete poetry, art music, neo-dada, and pop art. Two of the pieces will be performed in costume, with the others performed as su-odori in formal kimono without make-up, wig, or hand props. Free and open with a suggested donation at the door. The exhibition will feature some of the most outstanding examples of Ms Mehretu's work of contemporary prints, and demonstrate the most current range of practices in the print world, including traditional forms, engraving, lithography, intaglio, silkscreen and digital manipulation.

Date of Performances will highlight original music composed for the event by guest performers Rick Huyge, Paul Merrill, John Stetch and Nick Walker; and traditional selections by About the artist: Living and working in Beijing, Aili narrates private moods rather than public events of modern day China. His intense and emotionally charged work reflects the individual's vulnerability in a rapidly changing society. Encompassing a variety of media and artistic strategies, the exhibition examines the different ways that artists engage with people, objects, images, and ideas traveling across geographic spaces, media forms, histories, and personal contexts.

All shows at 6PM, F. July , , and July August 1, The Ithaca Shakespeare Company continues its journey through the great tragedies with Shakespeare's most concentrated thriller, a profound examination of the psychology of guilt and the forces that influence human action. This feast of swordfights, soliloquies, and the supernatural features a whole coven of witches, an evocative ruined Murray Committee on the Arts Scholarship in October The Scholarship was established in by the Cornell University Council Committee on the Arts COA , to raise awareness of Cornell's arts programs and increase the visibility of its cultural activities and resources.

The scholarship is awarded annually to an enrolled Cornell University undergraduate student majoring in arts and culture-related Members of the community are invited to talk with artist Wilka Roig about loneliness and contribute to the traveling art project. Together they are building an exhibition directly imbued with meaning based on a shared experience through art The series examines the complex debates happening around recent social shifts in our understanding of food science and production.

Floyd's iinterest as an artist is in the form of the motion Dates TBA What is the current state of portraiture? Were Warhol's Screen Tests the beginning of motion portraiture or the end of it? Are artists working to extend the history of the portrait into film, video, motion graphics and game design? Darren Floyd will survey current motion portraiture and self-portraiture through an Open Call. The installation was funded in part by a grant from the Cornell Council for the Arts.

Johnson Museum of Art Ashkin's work involves the complex issues related to landscape, especially marginalized industrial wastelands. It has been shown widely nationally and internationally, including in Documenta 11 in and the Whitney Biennial in Most recently his work was the subject of a solo show at Secession in Vienna. The exhibition Michael Ashkin is a celebration of the artist's fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, and The witty text rings as true and incredible as today's headlines.

In addition to directing the production, Hamburger will offer workshops and classes This performance is the latest dance drama choreographed by Smt. Siena will discuss his professional life as an artist, his time at Cornell as an undergraduate, and his thoughts on the current art world. Siena was nominated for the Through a careful selection of works from the Herbert F. D musicology '11 candidate , with local performers. With visiting artist Caroline Copeland, choreographer, and visiting acotr and director Michael Tolaydo, professor of Dramatic Arts, St.

Mary's College, MD. A fusion of the arts with drama, ballet and music, in a story-telling of the Russian folktale of a soldier tricked by the devil, then tricking the devil, before meeting his final fate. The Soldier's Tale plays on The greenhouses will be filled with plant specimens that are representative of the research contents and equipment of the various academic departments at Cornell related to the studies of Johnson Museum of Art, and represent nearly one linear mile in miniature scale.

A conceptual component of this work is that its method of construction balance Interdisciplinary collaboration between multiple departments and academic units on campus and between the university and the Ithaca community for a project entitled Gaypril: A Celebration of Queer Performance. Events with renowned performance artists Tim Miller and Marga Gomez. Bloodline or How to be Third , is designed to be a self-consuming grill pavilion. As the barbeque is used, it will consume wood from its facade to reveal a new structure beneath.

A platonic solid clad with grillholz conceals a service space formed by stretching between two simple sections: a grill-window and an For the first time on the Schwartz Center stage audiences will have an opportunity to see a highly lauded ballet company. Times and ticket information. Funded in part by a grant from the CCA. Conference and concert festival relating to the eighteenth-century musicologist Charles Burney. This scholarly event will be accompanied and enriched by several live musical and theatrical performances.

Johnson Museum of Art In conjunction with exhibition The Image Wrought artist France Scully Osterman visits campus to speak about her work in an artist talk titled, "Serendipity and Exquisite Manipulation," and offer a wet-collodion workshop for Cornell students. Osterman is photographer, teacher and guest scholar at the George Eastman House. The exhibition January 30 - March 28, , examines the paradox of contemporary photographers embracing archaic With Wendy Richman, a leading new music violist and founding member of the International Contemporary Ensemble. Momenta Quartet.

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Mann Library Gallery [re] order explores two extremely different visions of nature and order. These visions are taken on by two Landscape Architecture student artists who [re]interpreted certain events seen in nature and converted them to art. Maria Calderon BA '10 , probes the elemental compositi on of the Aloe polyphyla plant, its generative patterning, skeletal framework and perseverance of the Fibonacci Sequence as a basis for The portraits will include practitioners as well as scholars, many of whom are retired or on the verge of retirement.

Murray Committee on the Arts Scholarship in January The scholarship is awarded annually to an enrolled Cornell University undergraduate student majoring in arts and culture-related programs, Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts Nicholas Leichter Dance fuses traditional and contemporary dance that works to engage audiences in emotional dialogues. The magazine dedicates space to writers of fiction and poetry as well as artists and photographers to present their work. Kitsch Magazine. D '02 , screenwriter and film director. Ghosh is a professor of economics at Florida Atlantic University, and screenwriter and film director in India.

Marks, professor of International Studies, Cornell.

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Stroud's work will be on display as he conducts a half-day workshop in Tjaden Hall. His current projects involve highly charged oversize monotypes by the German artist Marcus Linnenbrinker forging a new language in working a print. A traveling exhibit is currently on view in Boston of works from his studio. James Stroud Studio.

Bandy will lead the baroque orchestra Les Petits Violons and special guest soloists in a concert exploring music from Haydn's early and middle periods, and Fast relates two very distinct industries - mortuary services and fashion photography - by emphasizing their involvement in the construction of images. Looking Pretty for God overlays footage from a fictional photo shoot with actual interviews with funeral directors. Ding will also present a lecture on contemporary electronic music performance practice. Installation illustrates the process of art production and experimentation.

Kiplinger Theatre, Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts Bursting with mistaken identities, acrobatic pratfalls, improbably miscommunications and a dash of romance, "The Servant of Two Masters" is a classic Italian comedy. The production will be directed by guest WIll Rhys, artist-in-residence at Cornell for a four-week period of workshops and classes. Show times and ticket information Photo by Andrew Gillis. There are five people waiting; they are both anxious and excited, but this unusual occurrence is stirring their deepest feelings, as the end might come soon.

The rasa-bhava element the collaborative essence of the music produced by the musicians and the experience of the audience is very present in this music. Tjaden Gallery Lindsey Glover, staff in the Department of Art, presents a video installation that examines the patterns of a local greenhouse ecosystem.

The video and sound installation will reinvent the greenhouse within a new space, repositioning it with an ocean. The images appeal by way of spatial arrangements, color and graphic interest, texture and tonal gradation, and layering. Artists Wu Jianjun and Zhao Nengzhi represent a new generation of Chinese artists whose work is committed to sensational figuration. A turn away from figurative representation association with metaphor and symbolism, this attitude represents a break from Chinese socialist and poetic traditions of figurations.

Curator Feng Boyi is known in China as Jon Wong, '08, will be presented with the Cornell University Undergraduate Artist Award, an annual citation given by the CCA to an outstanding undergraduate student who has demonstrated talent, dedication, and who has realized notable achievements in one or more artistic disciplines while at Cornell.

Following the award ceremony, Wong will present "Same Dance Four Times," a site-specific performance which borrows from various popular and concert dance forms, drawing attention to The recurring murmurings of regret, coupled with the resolve to survive, and the wetness of a frozen lake form the spine of the piece. The South Asia Program presents a documentary film and concert about Kabir, a mystic philosopher and poet b. These poems have been set to music and will be rendered by India's premier singer of Kabir poetry, Prahlad Singh Tipanya and Party.

Eden Gallanter presents drawings and sculptures exploring the ecological and iterative nature of civilization. Anillos Rings is a one-movement work for percussion and orchestra by Cornell composer and professor of music, Roberto Sierra. The piece was performed by the Cornell Symphony Orchestra, during the meeting of the Division for Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society in celebration of photo exhibition, "Spectacular Saturn," at the H. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell.

The concert and exhibition were funded in part by a grant from the CCA. Tim Feeney, Karen Brummund worked with community volunteers to install the paper drawing of a barn on the barn at Storm Road.

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Over 50 community members visited the installation and most donated drawings to the project. Photos and drawings from the event. Cornell Chronicle May The festival will demonstrate numerous musical forms. Pharaoh's Daughter, led by Basya Schecter, combines traditional Jewish melodies and tones Screening starts at 9am, following a reception with complimentary hors d'oeuvres and desserts, cash bar, and lovely door prizes.

Netherlandish pianist Marcel Worms presents a concert of contemporary works inspired by the blues. Included is a piece by Chris Gendall, a Cornell graduate composer. Brian Sentman brings sculpture and dance together to create a social commentary on Couch Potato Culture. Dancers, strapped into beanbag chairs -- the "Thorax Sack" -- are transformed into bugs and perform a dance inspired by movements of stinkbugs, beetles, and other insects. The "Thorax Sack" is a constant reminder that comfort is near but too much comfort can have a thwarting effect on one's desires. The outcome of the dance will be a DVD commodity to be bought and Cornell Cinema presents the silent film classic "Robin Hood" with live performance by early music quartet Hesperus as part of the IthaKid Film Fest.

Featuring guest designer Greg Robbins. Schwartz Center for the Performing Art. Spanning five years, Cantor's film contains unbridled access to the many stages of Mann's work. What Remains is a rare glimpse of an eloquent and brilliant artist. With live The 6th installment of Awkward is an object-based issue with 14 plates, each displaying a text on one side, a texture on the other, that constitute 14 tactile experiences addressing various facets of campus life at Cornell.

The plates slide into a die-cut box, and touch on a variety of subjects. Part of the Cornell Dance Concert , the special "Open Portal" interactive event reaches out to wide audiences through the use of webcasts, live and on-line promotional presentations. The event will explore new and emerging technologies such as "clickers," T. Kitchen Theatre, Ithaca, NY Theatrical investigation into the life and work of French poet, Arthur Rimbaud —91 , directed by Ross Haarstad; with actors, dancers, visual artists, musicians and writers. Concert by the Eastman Wind Ensemble, under the direction of former Cornell music professor Mark Davis Scatterday, at Cornell University for a community concert, to which area high school and middle school music students are specially invited.

Syau-Cheng Lai: Painting exhibition and piano performance. Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts Guest vocal percussionist Adam Matta works with director Bruce Levitt, students and resident professional actors to create a new piece to be performed as part of the - theatre session. This original works mix vocal percussionists with Shakespeare's sonnets and soliloquies. The Cornell Contemporary Chamber Players present the chamber ensemble Brave New Works, which will put on a concert of new music by Cornell graduate student composers.

Barnes Hall. Johnson Museum of Art The museum in context extends the mission of the museum beyond connoisseurship into the physical and social conditions of its environment; the museum as context highlights the museum as a unique apparatus of meaning — uniquely separate from other modes of reception in the culture. The panel will Students will be invited to observe Gordon and his company of 10 performers' rehearsals and attend a series of discussion sessions. Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts. Awkward is an artistic student lifestyle publication produced semiannually.

Each issue uniquely and thematically addresses matters that fictionally or non-fictionally relate to Cornell undergraduate campus life through various sensual means--including but not limited to physical, visual, and literary expressions. Issue 7 will deal with the issue of identity.

The Lebanese Club at Cornell University presents international dramatist Michel El-Ashkar in "A Child of Life," an internationally acclaimed monodrama that chronicles many of the highlights of the Lebanese-American poet, philosopher, and artist Kahlil Gibran. The play has been performed with standing ovations in many international cities including Beijing, Montreal, London, Dubai, Los Angeles, Amman, Zahle and more.

Child of Life. Neal Freeman '97, has accomplished something rare: He has supported himself in the theater as a director, actor and playwright since graduating from Cornell in He is now back on campus to direct the regional premiere of "Vincent in Brixton," a play based on Vincent Van Gogh's years in England. Cornell Chronicle Jan Film by Zach Jones, exploring the topic of loss and human absence through the documentation of his grandmother, who is living with blindness. Concert and master-class with violinist Takashi Shimizu.

Concert: Nov 30, , 8 p. A multi-part mini-festival of Brazilian music performances and lecture demonstrations. November - January Johnson Museum of Art Works by nineteen artists or artist teams ranging from paintings, photographs, sculpture, to installation pieces and video. Theatre production by Melodramatics Theatre. November 11 - 13, , Ithaca High School. Oct 14 and 15, , Willard Straight Theatre. Theatrical investigation into the life and work of French poet, Arthur Rimbaud , directed by Ross Haarstad; with actors, dancers, visual artists, musicians and writers.

Dance residency and performance. Dance, music, spoken word and visual art with four visiting artists. Highly stylized in nature, Indian temple dance utilizes power and energetic footwork tandava , juxtaposed with sinuous feminine postures and movements lasya that has been handed down from teacher to disciple for thousands of years.

This touring dance company brings new dance style to Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts, September 29, The Performing Arts Center. A free, on-campus performance of concert songs, for piano and voice, composed to the texts of James Joyce. Residency of four Latina dance and performance artists with performance of Afro-Caribbean dance forms with political commentary.

Artist Residency of James Carter with performances, lecture, open rehearsals. Apr 30, 8 PM, Barnes Hall. Sidumo Jacobs, Xhosa South African choral director and teacher of traditional South African song, teaches songs from the Xhosa, Zulu and Sotho cultures to three choirs, and shares his personal perspective on life as a black South African during and after Apartheid.

This program is designed to bring students from all colleges and departments together on a basis of shared interest in artistic expression. Exhibition featuring live music, poetry, dance, and visual art : April 16, p. Visual work will remain on display through April Cornell Design League fashion show. Independent fashion show featuring collections from Cornell students ranging from couture to ready-to-wear. Rita Dove. Poet, fiction writer, and essayist, author of On the Bus with Rosa Parks. Exhibitions of paintings, prints and sculpture from the H. Johnson Museum's collection of photorealist art and loans from private donors and others.

Glenn Pushelberg, of the firm Yabu Pushelberg, lectures. Pushelberg's area of expertise is retail and restaurant design. Three installations by visiting architecture critic Mason White and Lola Sheppard: vertical light rods reveal the landscape in new light, making the familiar environment unfamiliar and new. Therapy Thru Music partners with the Franziska Racker Centers to help children with developmental disabilities better interact with their peers through music.

Heidi Tinnes exhibits a series of large sculptural objects that engage the theme of organic change. A salon-style installation of Elana Herzog's "deconstructed carpets. The concert features vocal and instrumental ensembles accompanied by the Barnes Hall 18th-century organ replica. A graduate student conference comprising three panels of students in humanities, education and law, in addition to three keynote speakers: Dale Turner, Government, Dartmouth; Marigold Linton, Outreach Director, University of Kansas; and renowned Acoma poet and English professor Simon Ortiz.

Pianist Marilyn Nonken performs the program "Signature Pieces," which includes three recent works written for her and ends with Charles Ives' "Concord" Sonata. The event draws an audience of graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, and members of the Ithaca community. Exhibition of Cuban movie posters designed by Cuban graphic artists during the s and s. Hartell Gallery. Series of five paintings by Shu-Fang Liu representing abstract spatial relationships and architectural spatial sequence.

Also featuring Corning Museum of Glass and additional works. Exhibition examines contemporary Taiwanese visual culture through the lenses of political identity and historical memory. Reflecting on Tianjin's years of urban and social history. Exhibition of objects from collections covering Tianjin's years between Projection Installation by Kari Davis.

Photography exhibition by Nicola Kountoupes. Photo essay documentary of close-up portraits of the artist's grandmother. Tony-nominated musical by Sybille Pearson. The story of three couples on a university campus as they deal with the consequences of parenthood. Performing original scores to the incredible insect and puppet animations of Ladislaw Starewicz. In between film screenings, the Tin Hat Trio will perform five additional pieces from their repertory. Photography exhibition by Stafford Smith. Greek-mythology-themed portraits investigating the identity of men and the acquisition of "stuff.

Works from the H. Performance by Patty Chang. Images: 01 02 03 04 05 07 08 Photography exhibition of self-portraits documenting place of emotion and identity over time. By Wilka Roig, Individual Artist. A play by Annie Weisman, takes a satiric look at the trials of two teenage girls engrossed in the world of pom-poms, Prozac, and air flips. Intensely physical and theatrical works choreographed by Salia Sanou and Seydou Boro.

Compositions combine African rituals and contemporary dance to create powerful statements of evocative beauty. Master class. Concert of "chirimia" music of traditional street bands that use horns and percussion with a contemporary twist based on traditional songs and rhythms. Art and activism: the best environmentally-themed films from around the world. In conjunction with the New Student Reading Project. The story of Antigone subverting a politically oppressive regime has startling relevance to modern times.

To create the classic Greek tragedy's sense of ritual in song and dance, Andrew Waggoner MFA '84, DMA '86 , composer, violinist, educator will produce original music to complement this lyrical adaptation. Bruce Skiles Danzer Jr. In , Bruce started his own firm, LAB [3. Bruce Danzer has been a visiting lecturer at the Department of Design and Environmental We were reading to ourselves.

Sometimes to others. I was quietly reading the margin when the doves fell, it was blue outside. Perhaps in a moment, he said. The moment never came. Someone wanted to go away altogether in this preposterous season.

Stevenson Jr. Professor of Performance artist Tim Miller, widely known as one of the "NEA Four", who was pressured by the United States Congress to return an NEA grant because the content of his work was deemed too controversial as it included homoerotic references, gave a performance in March, Glory Box is a funny, sexy and political work that addresses the injustices facing lesbian and gay couples in America. It recounts the trials Miller has been forced to undergo in trying to keep his Exhibition by Scott Pitek B.

Arch '03 , Undergraduate Artist Award winner. An opening reception is scheduled for March 25, PM. Camilo Jose Vergara, photographer, situates major contemporary urban themes in photography that chronicles the American City, the Ghetto, the Barrio, and the marginal spaces of the American urban landscape. This exhibition of over photographs chroniciling the American Ghetto included work from Vergara's original book as well as anew work not shown The Path of Roses was a Sufi-inspired installation of embroidered tapestries, calligraphic steel sculptures, decorated ceramic basins filled with rose water, a series of prints, and scroll-like silk banners.

Algerian artist Rachid Korachi created, in his own words, "an alphabet of memory that transcends the boundaries of space and time, in which the sacred and profane converge into one. Xu Bing's art investigates the creation of language, how it is learned, the barriers and structures it creates, and the meaning and non-meaning of the written word. At the Johnson Museum, he created a new work exploring the transformation of English letters into pictorial words through cutout birds in various forms: English, Chinese scripts, and New English Calligraphy - Xu Bing's invented written language.

In this work, he further develops ideas he explored in a work for the Erin Bullock presented mixed-media collages using photographs of Australian landscapes and people. The search for the real Australia, in the cultural and physical landscape was expressed using color photography incorporated in a non-traditional manner with collages and mixed-media pieces, including text, advertisements, found objects, and paint.

Included a performance by the Spiderwoman Theater production, Persistence of Memory. The symposium also gave a workshop to students to participate in discussions about Native American identity issues. Shashank is a phenomenal musical prodigy who gave his debut international performance at the tender age of eleven. He has been soaring to the upper ranks of the Carnatic South Indian music world since then. Linda Price presented a series of paintings about an imagined journey through landscapes of a kind of Wonderland. A pair of antique shoe lasts took on the journey. Their adventures introduced them to fellow travelers and forgotten objects lost long ago, creating a history embedded in paint.

Laura Taylor presented a collection of paintings depicting the life-cycle of apple trees. Paintings were botanical, thus rendered with close attention to anatomical accuracy, with the added goal of capturing the drama and beauty of the plant in every season. Images were created as portraits, up close and in detail. Images were exclusively portraits showing human expression in the face and the human figure itself integrating passions in photograph and in the area of nutrition.

Jenniffer Borel created mosaic tile panels depicting human figures with exaggerated displays of emotion. Wendy Kenigsberg's project, "Fire, Water, Air and Earth," consisted of a series of collages made of assorted media images sewn together to represent each of the four elements. Mariah Sawyer developed a piece entitled "Revealing the Internal Candeal Pequeno is a low-income neighborhood in Salvador, Brazil.

The basis of the documentary was to study the founding policies of Pracatum's rehabilitation program and their effects upon the urban and architectural forms of the favela. The intervention intended to reveal the alley's dynamic qualities, serving as a commentary, projecting the alley as an artifact of the urbane, as a collector of remnants.

Over the years his unique style of playing the santoor, the Indian version of the dulcimer, has offered new dimensions to the scope of this versatile instrument. Subsequently, Pt. Bhattacharya was taken on as a disciple by none other than the legendary maestro, Pandit Ravi Shankar Holy water, an Aramaic prayer and items from a Tibetan healing mandala and Tibetan healing medicine, blessed by the Dali Lama in India, were all sealed within a hidden compartment.

The concept was to promote an exchange of good will and blessings for all who sit on the bench. Ritwak Ghatak is considered one of India's greatest directors along with Satyajit Ray, although Ghatak's films have never been distributed in the United States. The Cornell Cinema has presented three of his little known masterworks a loose trilogy which were touring the country from the British Film Institute. In addition, contemporary Indian filmmaker Mani Kaul, who studied with Ghatak and has taught at Harvard, gave a talk and introduction about the filmmaker and two of the A group of three comedians whose mission is to show cultures in opposition and by opposing them bring them closer together.

Proceeds from the event went to an organization in the Ithaca Community. The beneficiary of was the Literacy Volunteers of Tompkins County. The event was sponsored by the Institute for African She is Ebo '02 , an architecture student, a grant for a photography project that supported a photographic journey through West Africa. In summer of , she traveled to Ghana and Nigeria to photograph the people and their cultural activities, aesthetics, and traditional architecture. Exibited with Ebo were Daulah Scruggs, an African American artist presenting sculptural works expressing the history and struggle of her African ancestors, and CYCLO, The Problem with Plastic Bags is a continuation of research begun in an architecture design studio where the project was to transform "trash" into a viable architectural material.

This project focuses on HDPE filmy plastics and by spinning the plastic bags into tension cables, this phase of research foregrounds the construction of a hanging chair. Sign up for our mailing list. Listed below is a sample of projects supported by the CCA from to May 02 Thursday, May 2: pm Read More. Apr 29 -. Read More. Apr 25 Apr 22 Palonegro: CD Release Concert. Apr 20 Apr 18 -. An Evening at the Caffe Cino. Mar 21 Lieder ohne Worte Songs without Words.

Mar 15 -. Feminist Directions: Performance, Power, and Leadership. Mar 09 Mar 07 -. Atelier War Shapes. Mar 01 Feb 28 Aliens, Code-Shifters, and Rude-Mapping. Dec 04 Nov 16 Nov 15 Nov 12 -. William Jihrel Smith: Blank. Nov 08 Nov 07 New Music for Gamelan and String Quartet. Nov 05 -. The Unforgiving Mould. Oct 20 Contact Points. Sep 14 -. Aug 15 -. May 05 May 03 Surviving the High.

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May 01 -. Apr 28 Apr 27 -. Burns, a post-electric play. From Candy to Coke. Apr 22 -. From Land to Land. Apr 21 -. Shifting Ground. Apr 19 -. Apr 15 Birds, Ships, and Vistas. Apr 09 -. What We're Made Of. Mar 29 Klenengan: Gamelan from Java. Mar 28 Cornell ensembles in concert with Wynton Marsalis.

Mar 19 -. Mar 17 -. Mar 10 Mar 01 -. Locally Grown Dance Research Theatre: Last Name Tran. Nov 20 -. Nov 17 Cultural Confluence Cornell. Nov 13 -. In All This House. Can the act of drawing encompass transcription, translation, and even construction? Nov 10 -. Hamlet Wakes Up Late. Let me Look at You. Oct 29 -. Oct 27 -. Oct 15 Sep 27 -. Sep 22 -. Challenging Habitual Responses to Other- and Newness. Sep 21 -. The Caucasian Chalk Circle. Our production of The Caucasian Chalk Circle will be an ensemble-driven piece: an evening of storytelling and music as told by our students Read More.

Aug 31 -. Union Made: Fashioning America in the 20th Century. May 20 -. May 19 Camera Obscura. Apr 26 Apr 23 Apr 23 -. Apr 21 Cornell Collaborative Artist Residency. Apr 06 -. The Arts of Present. Mar 27 -. Memory Objects: Denouement. Mar 18 Songs of the Land: poems of Ishion Hutchinson.

Mar 17 Mar 16 -. David Maslanka Composer Residency. Mar 11 Mar 04 -. Loving B l ack! Mar 02 -. Blueprint: Aizuri Quartet Residency. Feb 27 Nov 19 Year of the Women. Nov 14 -. Studio Immersion. Nov 07 -. Nov 03 -. The Baltimore Waltz. Oct 29 Bitter Banquet. Oct 28 Musical Rhetoric in the Classical Era. Oct 25 Urban Bush Women: Walking with 'Trane.

Oct 04 The A to Z of Cornflakes. Oct 03 Angkor Awakens. Oct 02 Sep 29 -. Sep 25 -. Sep 16 Conversation with the artist Teresa Diehl. Sep 15 Aug 30 Aug 22 -. Homo Ludens: The Architecture of Play. Apr 29 Apr 24 Shadow Ballads. Apr 16 -. Apr 14 -. Apr 08 -. Mar 12 Mar 11 -. Nov 22 Nov 19 -. Patrick Williams Composer Residency. Nov 18 Nov 09 -.

A ploughman and some stones. Nov 01 Oct 05 -. Sep 26 Memory Project. Talavya, A Tabla Ensemble. Sep 17 Sep 08 -. A Yiddish Theater Festival. Sep 05 May 26 -. A NYC Exhibition Apr 19 Rhythms of China. Apr 18 Revolt: Aesthetics of Dissent and Disgust. Apr 12 Apr 11 Brandon Wen: Herself. For Display Purposes Only. Mar 26 Breath, Contained. Mar 20 -. Dancing Hip Hop Symposium. Mar 14 Bryant Park String Quartet.

Mar 12 -. Mar 10 -. Mar 05 -. Environs Messiaen: Nature Rendered at the Keyboard. Feb 27 -.

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Nov 21 -. Centrally Isolated Film Festival. To Uphold the Law. To Uphold the Law is a 35 minute film that explores anti-drone activism in Upstate N. Nov 15 -. Dialogues: Derek Bermel in Residence. Nov 14 Soldier Asleep at the Tomb. The Women of Lockerbie. Tristan Perich Residency. Nov 06 -. Nov 01 -. Left outdoors, in rain, sun or wind [sic: snow], the silvered canvas slowly alters. The oxidizing copper [and limestone sculpture] takes on delicate tints of turquoise…. The paintings and sculptures carry with them their own creative process. She selects the materials and her modus operandi.

Wind, rain, and sun will mark the work. Ultimately, it is the mark of time, traces of day or night that create these sumptuous proposals. The textures and materials that unfold on the canvas retain their share of mystery. We see something that approaches abstraction. But nothing is painted, everything is induced by chemicals and by time. In art, as in life, Bradshaw brings a minimalist's eye to the conceptual work she creates—without material or aesthetic sacrifice Bradshaw has a segment of oeuvre that casts decision and chance at the moment of impact.

Lead slugs collected from the NYPD are repurposed toward sculpture and objects of adornment In another work contending with material change, white calcareous tufa stone, freshly quarried from Denmark specifically for the exhibition, bleeds traces of chalk in its "youth," but hardens and darkens with age. So, like the changing paintings, it has to do with going through the veil between form and non-form. The broken eggshell is there like the record of a transit, a crossing of that border. And I took that phrase in two ways. And the egg piece to me seems to suggest all of that….

The flux produced by chemical ferment in a Contingency painting never ends unless the painting itself is destroyed…It will continue to document the process of change in the face of all certainties. Three large paintings in the show revealed how dramatically this acid can create expressive landscapes.

Jan Garden Castro Sculpture Magazine, Bradshaw made the painting by applying liver of sulfur to a silver-coated canvas the former substance reacts to patinate the latter. Referring to the clock and level: Though an instrument without a purpose, its shape, like an eight layed sideway, makes it a material infinity sign. She values the evolving dimension of each present moment and the stillness required to notice it. Always get a serious vibe from your work -- it has that earth magic virtually no one else has the way you do. Videmus nunc per speculum in aenigmate… We see through a darkened mirror.

Attracted by her use of indeterminacy, the practice of using chance and natural forces to act upon her work, Cunningham invited Dove Bradshaw, along with William Anastasi, to become joint artistic advisors to his dance company in Stephen Jones Christies Spring Catalogue, Some Conceptual art embraces depth and works on a number of levels—including the visual.

Contingency Jets, made of silver, liver of sulfur, and beeswax applied to paper, are both compelling abstracts, rich in detail. But Bradshaw, a major innovator herself in artistic techniques for the past thirty-five years, is not content merely to present intriguing forms that repay even microscopic examination. No; we are also witnessing a chemical reaction in flagrante, a progressive devouring of the silver by the sulfur, leaving a residue of flakey white micro-crystals that form into tiny knobs.

The artwork is changing, albeit very slowly, before our eyes, altering its shape, its composition, its texture does it have an expiration date? So Bradshaw has framed a slow dynamism, which for now looks like the silhouette of a water bear tardigrade. Joel Simpson M Magazine, Bradshaw pushes us, in a salutary fashion, beyond the conventional gallery experience.

Tom McDonough Art in America, It can only be found more or less attractive at a particular moment. Reagan Upshaw Art in America, 3. Dove Bradshaw…has a distinct individual voice…most of the works here are unfinished, and never will be finished. She likes to set a work in motion, then put it out into the world to continue under its own steam.

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Contingency I-V for instance, consists of five silver panels, treated with liver of sulfur As the various substances react with each other and with the air, with the water in the air, and with the moisture in the breath of the spectators-patches, blotches, lines and dots bloom and scab across the surface of the metal.

Duncan McLean Scottish Press, The best of the serious art follows Buddhism's tenet of stripping away the extraneous And refreshing the conceptualism of the ubiquitous debris pile, Dove Bradshaw An elegant visual balance and a concise metaphor for time, death, man versus nature, or just about anything else, it works as a kind of universal mantra.

Robert Shuster The Village Voice, Elizabeth Flower, In while a student a the Boston Museum School of Art, Bradshaw hung a bicycle wheel sideways from the ceiling of her studio as a perch for two live doves that a friend had given her; she then put a Zen archery target on the floor directly beneath the wheel, simultaneously referencing herself, Duchamp, and Johns.

Composer Cage, whom Bradshaw met in through her longtime partner, the conceptual artist William Anastasi, helped her further refine the concept of indeterminacy that would shape all her future art. And like Rauschenberg, she has tried her hand at a few white paintings. Dove's work is beautiful and staggering. Many visitors loved her work and all were unaware of her renown.

I'd love to show her work again. Some suggested to do a traveling exhibition on climate change. Link To Long Form. Each move triggers the internal circuitry to play a randomly selected segment of music being continuously sent to the board by one of four composers and then routed to any one of the eight speakers until the next piece is moved. The performance is concluded with checkmate. To Be Looked At Group Exhibition, Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen. Frandsen, Claus H. Group Show , Stalke Gallery, Copenhagen. Teo Gonzalez. Andrew Grassoe. Eric Hollzman. John King.

Shelagh Keely, William Kentrige. Thomas Lawson. Lines of Vision , curator: Dr. Post, New York five Collages on Wood, s. Appointed along with William Anastasi in Music: David Tudor; Costumes for stage. June, Events , , Joyce Theater, New York. Music: Pat Richter; Costumes. Sandra Gering. Summer Love Review of red paintings including Full, Born and lives in New York City since Butterflies, curator: Gene Moore, Tiffany Windows. What's Next? Circus of Stillness Portugal, Constructions and Notations, Judy K.

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Are You Experienced? Abrams Inc. Cunningham'sand Bradshaw's use of Chance and indeterminacy. Sanderson, Katharine , Nature, Feb. Enigmatic elements. Kettner, Em, Title Magazine, Nov. Bradshaw involved with Indetermincy like Merce Cunningham. Review of group exhibition Bradshaw last page.

Review of ONE. Strauss, R. Shu Uemura, Beyond Beauty. Six Continents, reproduction and review. Fressola, Michael J. Eurasia, reproduction and review. De Tan, S. Reproduction and review. Six Continents, photograph and review. Six Continents , photograph and review.

W 24, Salted Sculptures. Reproduction and article on mid-career exhibition at City College, NY. Unknown, Rice Sallyport , Fall , p.