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Does it matter? Motivation is key, regardless of how he wants to get down the mountain; of course taking a lesson is the best place to start. You want to give them a solid foundation to build on so that at the end of the day it was a positive experience. At Monarch we offer convenient half or full day lessons. For a first-timer, I recommend a full day lesson.

These all day lessons are great because your child can get totally immersed in the Colorado mountain experience, make friends and build on what they learn throughout the day, all while you enjoy your own day on the slopes. Win win.. Angela, mom of one Q. My daughter is 9 years old. I have osteoporosis; do I have to worry about her?

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An important question! Know that children are building about 40 percent of their bone mass between the ages of 9 to 14, and reaching 90 percent of their peak bone mass by age 18 for girls and age 20 for boys , so bone health absolutely is a health issue for kids. Many nutrients work in concert to provide the framework for healthy bones. Calcium lies at the forefront, and vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin K and regular exercise, especially weight-bearing exercise, which stimulates bones and makes them stronger.

Think of bone health as a savings account. Bone is living tissue that is turned over constantly with regular deposits and withdrawals. A ruptured globe or other serious injury may require surgery. This can cause corneal abrasions, or scratches on the surface of the eye. A physician may prescribe medicated drops to treat pain or infection. You may want to call your friend or family member and ask them what you should bring.

Mostly likely, they might say - just bring yourself! But we are saying bring a gift that will be really appreciated and healthy. We found it at www. Oh, there is no excuse not to exercise with this unique dumbbell and alarm clock. Designed to prevent you from being late and it keeps you healthy by motivating exercise. Digital alarm clock with LCD display.

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The Sweese tea mug with lid and an extra-fine hole infuser helps to brew tea in a simple and quick way. Heat-insulated handle. Lid works as a trivet to hold the infuser. Players move around the board answering questions,. The Game Plan Game is designed to be played with an adult game leader. A great opportunity to bond with kids! While it navigates obstacle courses, follows looping commands and detects objects, children get to learn early STEM skills and the basics of coding while playing and having fun. Completely screen-free, no phone or tablet is required.

Instead, Botley has an easy-to-use remote programmer, which transmits commands- and off he goes! Harmony, Health and Hurdles Every time you eat or drink, you have an opportunity to take control of your health. Nelson has spent 29 years as a holistic physician and international lecturer on natural healing. Getting rid of your trapped emotions can help you overcome the obstacles of your past and bring new life to your marriage, family, and other personal relationships.

A moving and profound story; one that resonates with you long after reading it. The Gifted Journey is for anyone questioning their direction in life, including those about to apply for colleges, those just starting out in their careers, downsizing statistics, or those who are simply unhappy with their current path and need some course correction. Each of these situations can be a powerful catalyst to seeking change, and the five steps in The Gifted Journey can help readers uncover their gifts and put them to work. Of course, unforeseen obstacles could derail your progress.

Registered dietitian nutritionist and author Jill Weisenberger introduces the HURDLE method and offers solutions for four obstacles you might face along your journey to better health. Ilianai Torres-Roca, Dr. See Back Cover. Are you frantic, checking an endless litany of musts off your overloaded holiday to-do list each day? Even if you feel great about the approaching holidays, and are mostly on top of all of the extra tasks that come with them, you can still hit your limit now and then. Once your holly-jollies start running on fumes, these steps will remind you how to hit the reset button so you can make a quick comeback.

Stop it. The frenetic pace is undeniable at this time of year-planning, shopping, parties, travel. However, all day, every day, you get to choose whether to act, react, respond, or detach. When this happens, take ten minutes to re-evaluate your day. No matter how much you still have to do, anyone can spare a few minutes. Drop it. You may be attempting to accomplish too much most days because of holiday pressure coming from inside and out. But your holidays are more likely to be imperfect rather than perfect.

Ironically, the more we try to jam into our waking hours, the less we feel like we are in the flow. So drop the willpower and try to relax yourself back into a more natural flow of tasks instead. Sit down. Find a chair or sit on the floor against a wall. Breathe in and breathe out. Just sit for a few moments, relax, and do nothing except breathe. What you are doing is using breath to slow down time. So, when inevitable stresses strike and mistakes happen: simply sit, breathe, and take a few moments to collect yourself.

Tune In. Once you can maintain a feeling of calm, pay attention to what is going on inside you. What you are looking for is your inner compass. Some folks call their intuition the still, small voice; others may rely on their inner Jiminy Cricket. Practice staying tuned in whether in calm or busy environments.

Appreciate something. Now that you are calm, cool, and collected, take a moment to. Consider something simple: notice a pretty wreath, or re-read a lovely message from a friend. Whatever you genuinely feel positive about counts. Take a couple of moments to appreciate little things until you feel a smile spread across your face.

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Let go. No doubt, once you stop thinking about good things, a few stressful things that have been lined up waiting for your attention will pop into your mind and start jumping up and down and waving their arms. You just got yourself into a pretty good place. If nagging worry keeps dogging you, just acknowledge the concern and gently wave it to the side as though clearing a butterfly from your path. Act thoughtfully. Ease back into your day, moving forward mindfully. Drop the list for now. What is the single next most important thing to do next?

Intersperse actions with self-care. Take short breaks after completing a series of tasks. Maybe put your list away for a little while.

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Later, pull your list back out, and check a few more things off of it. Remember, you set the tone for your holiday. And you can stay in charge by taking excellent care of yourself. Free with paid admission. Through Nov. Dallas Arboretum, Garland Road, Dallas www.

The Jellicle Cats come out to play on one special night of the year—the night of the Jellicle Ball. Through November 3. Learn more about our school for Pre-K3 — Grade 9. Prosper Trail, Prosper, , prestonwoodchristian. See ad in this issue. Come visit and learn about our Montessori and International Baccalaureate Education for students 18 months to 18 years.

For more info, call or email lessons mindamusicstore. See website for ticket information. Free Academic Workshop at Explore Horizons. Call or visit explore-horizons. Event, E 15th St, Plano www. For PK2 — 6th grade. Next previews are Dec 19 at 8am and Jan 15 at pm. Register online at www. Children 12 and under are free. Check website for daily hours. Plano Event Center E. Spring Creek Pkwy. Guests can also experience ICE! The magical display is a walk-through winter wonderland carved from more than two million pounds of colorful ice. See website for daily hours and ticket information.

Through Jan.

The Work Of A Nation. The Center of Intelligence.

Come and go. All ages. Haggard Library, Coit Road, Plano www. Exhibit runs through January 6. Ages Parr Library, Windhaven Pkwy, Plano www. Childcare provided for children 6 weeks - 4 years old Reservations are requested using the online registration form at www. Dallas Zoo Lights pm On select nights through Jan. Included with admission. Dallas Zoo, South R. Thornton Freeway, Dallas www.

Other exhibitors have jewelry and clothing for adults and children, along with candles and soaps.

The Trains at NorthPark 10am-9pm The Trains at NorthPark will mark its 20th year at NorthPark Center with more than railcars on a 1,foot elaborate configuration of tracks and scenes. This holiday tradition is located on level two, between Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. Charles W. Eisemann Center, Performance Dr, Richardson, , www. The event features live performances, dazzling dance numbers and breathtaking fireworks, sure to get the entire family in the Christmas spirit. Free admission. Sew your own felt animal, flower and more!

Sissy and I were tiny twins, holiday cartoon specials were a big deal. Holiday special nights usually meant that we fired up the O. We checked the TV Guide that was an insert in the newspaper each week that listed what was on — before we had 9 billion channels and an interactive guide, we adjusted the foil on the bunny ear antenna, and we got excited. If we missed the Great Pumpkin, we were that much more careful to make sure that we were in front of that TV when Snoopy started popping popcorn and flinging pretzels around that ping pong table at Thanksgiving.

Because chances are mom can find it on her phone if you are getting rambunctious in the car or something. But I am NOT sinking into modern-day holiday special ennui without a fight, people. Oh no no NO. Tagged as children , family , home , humor , Jr , parents , rant , TV. And hey! That got me to thinking, how IS 21 different than 41? I love you Taco Bell….

But you do me so, SO wrong. Then heading back to the single gal condo and sleeping peacefully, NBD. How does that happen? Now that I am a wife and a mom and have more on my plate than ever — NOW I have to limit my intake of the sweet nectar of energy and decency that is coffee, or risk being up watching Copper Skillet infomercials during the few hours my schedule actually allows me to sleep? Damn you, She was angry and lost and a little lonely.

So maybe my not-so-jerky friend was right — happy 20th anniversary of my 21st birthday indeed. Filed under Just Sayin' , musing. Tagged as children , family , friends , home , humor , Jr , parents , The Mr. Yesterday he started intensive swimming lessons in a building that I remember being a department store. And the version of me sitting, this afternoon, in the present-day, in my newest and still unnamed MUV, waiting outside of the school to get Jr after his last full day of kindergarten? Just like that time I shut the door to my beloved though outgrown Tree House for the last time.

So I hiked down the grassy slope toward the kindy playground in a blurry haze of ridiculously-ill-timed but totally appropriate tears, and waited for my ginormous son to emerge from the door where I had dropped him off a pretty-much-pre-schooler just a few months ago. He ate his snack and added to the Lego world he is building in our family room while I stared at him more than my spreadsheets for the next hour or so, then it was time for us to leave for his swimming lessons.

I was scared of everything. Until my mom abandoned the lessons we had been plugging away with, summer after summer, and tried a totally different place. With teachers who were supportive but still firm, and a bit of a different approach. Pool good. After several rounds of typical rec center lessons for Jr, I am after the same water epiphany moment for Jr, so I signed him up for THE swimming lessons that get results in our area.

Actually, it occurred to me today of course that it is in the spot in this particular shopping center where a location of a small Colorado department store called Eakers used to be. Department stores turn into swimming pools, hometowns get left, and sometimes returned to, babies become 1st graders, and a million other insignificant-yet-everything little changes connect our pasts and our futures and on and on into forever.

Tagged as home , Jr , Neighborhood , parenting. Reluctantly Suburban. Skip to content. It was just what I needed. It was perfect. But really? Really we are all just trying to figure out how to hide our goo ball stain. Leave a comment Filed under Mom life , musing Tagged as children , family , friends , home , humor , Mom life , neighbors , parents , relationships , women , working mom.

When did summer turn into something I need project management software for!?

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Old faithful, spending retirement in the corner of my home office. Today I and my super awesome twin, Dr. Sissy, turn