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For me! Also, fond of pollen: a typical FW role-reversal. See note to Up to. Also, an Indian snake-charmer Tennis Priests are the shepherds of their flocks. Or, equally-oppositely, take them off: de-hose Joyce and Nora eloped, only after which was the relationship consummated. The next fifteen lines will mainly be a celebration, sometimes qualified, of unregulated sexuality; inevitably, repentance will follow.

Joyce invents a folk-etymology for clitoris. Also, one for all and all for one Joyce read it. Also, be-dimmed and be-spattered the atmosphere — probably with exploding ordnance May refer to the encroaching night Glugg is about to review and repent his past sins. Judaism is here one of the spiritual wrong turns that he is renouncing: he will cease being a cantor in the synagogue.

Again: another spiritual misstep being renounced Essentially repeated at. Also, Joyce had bad eyes. The fourth entry may allude to his Protestantism: Trinity College was a Protestant bastion in Dublin. The gist of. The reformed Glugg is getting in touch with his inner namby-pambitude. Also, childish and provincial pronunciation of father and mother. Typically spoken by a Shem type when feeling defensive. Combines drug store with malt house, the latter being a building where grain is converted into malt, later to be made into beer.

His confession has become a frenzied self-defense. The accusation reprises those against HCE, having to do with the girls in the park. In these lines, anyway, the main charge is of being a child molester, someone who gives, or tries to give, treats to children in exchange for sex. I wonder whether Philip Larkin was being original when he glumly likened sex to having someone else blow your nose for you. Compare, among many examples, Also, a phallic lightning rod The context here, however, suggests the opposite — the love of his life.

Several variants appear in FW. Perhaps by way of contrast between woman-as-divinity. Many FW appearances Slemish Mountain, where St. Patrick was a slave This begins another protesting-too-much fulmination against the soldiers and the girls. Further, they are subservient — wearing livery. Their testimony is worthless — not worth a sou. Were they begging, he would not give them one sou. Approximate, but the general sense is that his accusers are pretending, like bad Hollywood actors.

General sense has been that they are bearers of false witness. It has been said of the British Empire that the Irish were the soldiers, the Scots the managers, and the English the coupon-clippers. Given that a four percent rate was the standard, a ten percent bond would have been either a bonanza or a scam. The main charge against him still has to do, vaguely, with improprieties to young girls, maybe. Christiani suggests that Ibsen, abandoning poetic drama for what he called photography, is the source. Occurs three times in Ulysses , always in the sense of making a spectacle of oneself.

Whatever the final judgment on his father, he has almost nothing but good to say about his mother. I suggest the She will be the iron armor? Hawarden is in Flintshire, close to the border between England and Wales. As others have observed, so, with the Inquisition at his back, was Vico, probably. The death had been caused, inadvertently, by broth made from a chicken that had eaten rat poison.

Sent by Bywaters to Mrs. Thompson, the clipping was an incriminating piece of evidence in their trial. Their love letters, in some of which she described past efforts to poison her husband, helped convict her. Also, so help me and Ringo Starr : eardrums, therefore drums: Ludwig drums date back to the beginning of the 20th century. Possible link with Mrs. Thomson, at the time certainly cast as a wanton wench. According to OED , pumps had come to signify fashionable footwear for women as of around See also.

Ulysses makes this clear. Hence Thomson was hanged for the murder of her husband. Also, no more marrying, or thinking of marrying, to other men Also embedded are a rabbi and the cross of the crucifixion. Divorce laws. Also, see next entry. It was 61 percent toward the full — the shape see Writing before that date, Joyce could have found that out by consulting an astrologer — something which, as established separately by Peter Costello and Glenway Westcott, he did at least once. Timple temple tells the bells. Here, the store part of the business is closing for the day, the shop shutting up, the shopbell ringing as the door is closed.

Or, sometimes, See next item, and note to. Admittedly seems unlike Joyce, but Roo and Tigger But it sometimes happens — all the time, actually — that a given set of circumstances will converge to summon up some scenario from the past. Here, I suggest, the combination of nightfall, shop-closing, and children being called indoors add up kaleidoscopically to an ancestral memory or re-imagining of the Norman curfew. In any case, the situation changes at Excuse the obvious, but the temperature drops when night falls.

The Milky Way is not in evidence when he thinks this; it is, brightly, about four hours later. Lang gong late. Say long, scielo! Sillume, see lo! Selene, sail O! Once again see. Here, like everything else, it has been stilled in sleep. Less happily, dragonflies can be caught and eaten by some species of spiders, weaving their webs among the reeds. Elephants in circuses are made to kneel down to their trainers. Here, to the sounds the animals are making. And of course, yet again: the moon is becoming more visible.

Amethyst, dark purple, would be the color of the sea at nightfall. Lafayette was a society photographer stationed in Dublin; in Ulysses Molly Bloom has been one of his clients. Auscultation, listening to the heart by placing the ear against the chest, was standard medical practice before the invention of the stethoscope. Perception in Joyce is never, I think, uninflected by some degree of projection, sensory and psychological: eardrums are always drums see So: two girls, brassy boys - i.

No sirrebob! No sirry bob! The sequence here Main idea: were she queen or drudge or worse, or both: an FW equal-opposite. As with the prankquean see A horn! For other indications that HCE wears a wig, see Also, see next item and note. Also see. Also, in Italian and perhaps other cultures, a symbol of hospitality Yuck: I dimly remember stories of this sort from my obviously depraved childhood. Also, penis and mouth. Or gruel. Fits the context; see next entry. Sets up occult sequence to follow Not sure. The classic story is of those in London and New York reported to have awakened, terrified, in the middle of the night as the Titanic was sinking with someone they knew aboard.

See, e. I suggest that this invasion from below accounts for the outburst Also, the medium has been taken over by a rough lot. Gist: they can all go to hell. There is a similar invasion of personality at page After thirteen pages, a return to the tea party. Anything ruind. McHugh glosses as garters: girdle also seems to be present. Second belief was much in the air when Joyce was growing up. Some female performer is revealing her thighs naked above the stockings , and then spreading her legs. The viewers are in ecstasy. For a spell, anyway, his problem seems to be color-blindness.

Book IV Most of the girls try to get his attention by becoming or, in his eyes anyway, appearing to become, various kinds of food. Still with a sweet tooth. Here, these regions tend to overlap and swap identities. Oldeborres Danish for cockchafers, as McHugh notes eat flowers and ruin lawns and, like earwigs, are deeply unpopular with gardeners. Also, a piece of tongue served at luncheon: for obvious reasons it seems to have fallen from favor, but in the past, beef tongue was a popular food item.

Also, trepanning: see. Maybe obvious. Not to be ruled out, I think, is Rudolph Valentino, greatest lover of the silent movie era, whose funeral in was mobbed by female adorers. Jasper, grape, milk, apple: all the items in the paragraph seem to be red, white, or purple. A recurring FW example e. Asked to represent the word sunset, he sat in a rounded arm chair with just the top of his head showing over its top.

Do you have red ribbons? But also, will you have some rosebud tea? He pretends or seems to tie and tighten a ribbon around his forehead. He pretends to be sweeping their chimneys. Can you choose a fresh item? He pretends to be a tailor: cutting cloth with scissors, biting the thread off with his teeth, spitting out the stray bits of thread.

Biting threads in this manner is something I have observed in amateur sewers. The last two, at least, are common Shem types. Each of the three acts results from a mis-hearing or misunderstanding of the request. Heads falling into buckets. Having put aside childish things. Much of the next two pages will reflect the change. The chapter has, of course, been full of dancing. Beginning of thunderstorm. Again, cf. God's air, the Allfather's air, scintillant circumambient cessile air.

Breathe it deep into thee. Well: enough, except to note that in the rest, Glugg is left alone out in the rain, that we hear the thunder at The right combination for the coming storm. Just a fact. Their glares — eyes - are wildly widened. Again, lust is in the ascendant. As lignum , wood. Also, again: dew on the lawn, crowned with dew, glistening in the moonlight Nic for jay? Very bad advice, of course, in a thunderstorm.

Like Joyce, Glugg is terrified of lightning. Probably the real cause is just the raindrop spots on his clothing. Make the off! But Funnylegs are leanly! A bimbamb bum! Also a reminder of I. Rohan meets N. I must have seen his sequence in a half-dozen movies.

The exchange of insults Irish component. Only one can prevail. A couple of victory-minded fighters. Probably sense that such poetry is masturbatory, figuratively and literally. Joyce first raises the issue in Portrait , chapter 4, and repeatedly in FW — for instance, at Step keep. Dancing instructions, perhaps syncopated because of the movement of the dancers Recalls, and marks the terminus to, the red-eyed Glugg of As before, abuse from the onlookers follows accordingly.

The word was current. In any case, condemned For instance, some tribes use no past tense or future tense. And me now. Fits with next item John Gallantry, of a sort. She seems to be saying that this time around it was. Not, certainly, the only such example in FW. The passage is imagining time on a geologic scale. Dodging the curse. Compare Portrait , chapter 2. A Wellington signature: see It is, at the least, somewhat incongruous that men of God should be selling the components of weaponry to warriors.

Similar effects appear at the end of I. Also, murmurs, like those of a merman.

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Both are examples of the ancient past, but also, yet again see. Their first appearance as a comedy team was in Probably not Also, since scripture in written in books made of leaves — a frequent FW theme — a variation of tree - stone. As publican, HCE is also a grocer. In FW , this usually indicates a Munster native. Also, a French e with an acute accent. Aisles of a music hall as well as isles of the sea-going Scandinavians Sort of thing a prince would have As elsewhere, for instance in this chapter, the girls are eager to cluster around the hero of the hour.

Also, Hereward the Wake: see The pub side of the enterprise either continues or commences: Also, a hooper is a barrel-maker. Compare, especially, Although he was apparently not especially given to contumeliis , Latin for insults, the two examples that follow at. Punch may be full of himself because drunk. In the Norwegian sailor sequence of II. Priestly Hers is the flesh that has brought out their thorns, likely with phallic meaning. Also, given the poultry context, perhaps also the wishbone, traditionally split by two contestants, with whoever gets the bigger fragment the declared winner.

Also: tinkling: sounds of rain Also, bush holding ram which was substituted for Isaac This one is loaded with — see McHugh — Irish authors is leaving town on sternwheeler. On March 21, , Venus set at approximately p. The rhumba. Also, coneys — rabbits — are leapers. Also see In keeping with Hebrew, with its exclusion of vowels, much in evidence throughout this paragraph. See, for instance, the next entry. Also, yodh otherwise yod , yudh , yud , tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet I suggest this refers to the storm, which has passed over and is now in the distance.

The rest of the paragraph. A E I O U: here comes those vowels back. Occurs in this sense in In golf terminology, then and now, it would be to the left. See entry for. Compare the sigla of His appearance at some point in FW would seem inevitable. A mall, up until the second half of the 20th century, was a fashionable, sometimes tree-lined promenade. His hume. Seakale is green. Still, it seems to fit here. Also, of course, in the literal sense: you dig someone into or out of a tumulus. Point of Fn. So was carbon — not, as far as I can tell, included here.

Mercury sometimes substituted for sulphur. Also, salt of mercury, a. Terra Firma: Earth, a planet. Also, of course, Ainsoph and his zeroine make a The words of the footnote Fn. An appropriate invocation for someone see previous entry just unearthed. Accords with Fn. Seems unlikely. The subsequent injunctions in the main text are mainly ceremonial prayers for their future prosperity. Among fishermen, hake is known for its exceptionally large mouth full of sharp teeth, requiring caution when hauling in and removing the hook; All three H.

Or vice-versa. Brook of Life, backfrish! Also, combines two curious bits of English terminology: 1. Marble Arch is, or was, in posh district of London; Poolbeg is a poor part of Dublin. Sounds like Dante, in Portrait. I wonder when people first came to think that George III, in his madness, had suffered from porphyria. Chapelizod has a Mt. Sackville Secondary School taught by nuns; according to Mink it was once a convent. House of Fragonard sold perfumes, some with strawberry scents.

Ivy is a vine; bowers are traditionally of vines. Evidently refers to the myriads of offspring. Connections: 1. Rest-room attendants performing such offices used to be fixture of high-class joints. Also: P, the letter of the English alphabet, is represented in English hieroglyphs as a shutter. So, presumably, would a healthy liver, howevermuch abused. General effect is dark and misty. Was it ever a toll bridge? Did it ever have parapets? See McHugh. Seems to fit both classroom disputation and challenge to fight. I think this, not masturbation, is the likeliest context for Throughout most of this paragraph, certainly at.

See also FW The Proserpine and Pluto story. Paired verticals are always or almost always an Issy signature. Also, the twins, as rivals, will be cudgeling one another. In American slang, to whump someone is to give them a beating. Politically, American mugwumps were said to be pigheadedly indecisive, sitting with their mugs on one side of the fence and their wumps on the other. Again, the Mullingar Inn was also a grocery store. Compare, for instance, Relativistic gist: in the miniaturized thimble-world, even such a diminutive specimen will be the star attraction. Also, perhaps, the Analects of Confucius.

OED dates the word from Also, French men and women were proverbial for sexual forwardness. The whole run of marriage-market advice in these pages recalls W. Basic distinction is between essential and inessential, varieties of. All four of the letters then listed. Accompanying footnote Fn. There are of course a number of card games — gin rummy, for one — in which not being able to follow suit means drawing from the pack - i.

Prospects-wise, not much of a catch, but, alas, given how the deck is stacked, even his advances must be considered. Highly sarcastic, with an air of offended eminence. Alice Liddell is exactly seven years old in Wonderland , exactly seven and a half in Looking-Glass. Earlier, I. In Ulysses , Both Gerty and Molly remember such shocking spectacles. Also, geese wobble when they walk. Also, apparently unlike all other members of the catalogue here, he seems to have had nothing to do with Ireland. The general sense seems to be of a once-comely woman, either aged or infirm, looking into her candle-lit mirror before bed, a caudle in her hand.

As usual, improper words are the hardest to trace. Goes on to say — the speculation continues until the end of the paragraph, at See next note. Elephants have tusks, which can curve around back-to-front; at C minded…. See note. Here as there, signals transition to a new age. Rider dismounts via stirrup. Three hands, conventionally, would equal a foot. As in the story incorporated in Again, see note to 4. It appears in a section, presumably initiated at line. The historical hinge of these lines — B. Also, considering the letter theme, probably Boston. The post-WW I future is not as rosy as some suppose.

The Joyce of the FW years seems always to have known this. There are several seven-arched bridges in existence; probably the likeliest to be pertinent was built in in Newport, County Mayo. No direct link indicated in ms. In Fn. See first note to. Joyce gets revenge for this crack in I. Hence the wink. My thanks to Stephen Sas for this information. Did Joyce know that in Manhattan you can never or almost never see the stars? Also, Clongowes. Here, it seems to double with something like Lamarckian embryology: the twins are different because of some external occurrence or influence in the womb.

After all, they did wrestle there. In Ulysses , Bloom wonders whether his son Rudy died shortly after childbirth because of the external circumstances of his conception, and in the same vein speculates that Milly is blonde because Molly was thinking of his predecessor, the blonde Mulvey, when Milly was conceived. Also, compare Tristram Shandy. The silver birch and quicken a. Not likely to have been all that jubilant, since Albert had died late in Whether of marriage or other anniversary, or, of course, hair silver connotes longevity.

Also, see note to. Also, Liffey waves, similarly stirred by the wind. Also, the Joyces, like the Blooms, sometimes slept head-to-foot. Also, a four-digit telephone number. In many places, seven-digit numbers had become standard by the mid-thirties. Among other properties, cauls are supposed to protect against drowning. Since translating implies publishing, it may be pertinent that the publisher Houghton-Mifflin had an Arion-on—dolphin logo. Much of the corresponding main text describes instinctive behavior, especially of animals. The linked Fn. Also, similarly conciliatory, the goatherd lying down with his goats.

Frumenty is usually considered a treat. A major FW motif: according to Ellmann, it thrilled the infant Joyce, and he seems never to have gotten over it. There is one in Coolock, a few miles away. Benedict the Moor — though as far as I can tell Ireland has no churches in his honor. Bloodstones are jade in color, with flecks of red. The note does take us back near to a picture of the married couple. The overall sense of Fn. Next entry continues the thread. Here, just as his seven-colored suit. Also, compare 6.

Also, probably a sign of female sexual response; see next item. British postmen wore wear? March is proverbially the most changeable of months comes in like a lion, etc. Typical student would be a young woman. Even today, some editors balk at contractions. The speaker seems to have become increasingly untrustworthy. After the exchange about contractions Fn. In this regard, note. Also, spring itself — again, usually beginning on the 21st of March. Point being, the 29 here may also be a Old faiths — witchcraft, Druidism — occasionally surface.

Auden, anyway, took this as a reference to himself. A friend of his, fellow poet William Meredith, told me this. This version of the FW letter is derived from, or similar to, a sample from a book on the proper writing of letters. Problems: 1. In general,. In any case, certainly coarsens the tone in a hurry, from either Quinet or LM 2. Anyway, all are. Occurs in this sense among others in Ulysses. Caesar had Vercingetorix paraded as prisoner in a triumph before ordering him strangled.

The speaker here seems to be indignant that the Gallic Celt Vercingetorix has received more historical recognition than the Spanish Celtic defenders of Numantia. Irish, from the land of turf. A woman of the world, she knows he has a past but here, sir, is mine: full disclosure. And, of course, his arithmetic lesson begins by counting the fingers on his hand — French main. The Joycean will at once recognize the moo-cow coming down the road in the first sentence of A Portrait. Throw rocks at Warden? But the solution is so simple that you all know it.

Here in Luna we're rich. Three million hardworking, smart, skilled people, enough water, plenty of everything, endless power, endless cubic. But what we don't have is a free market. We must get rid of the Authority! In HKL we're learning. Authority charges too much for water, don't buy. It pays too little for ice, don't sell. It holds monopoly on export, don't export. Down in Bombay they want wheat. If it doesn't arrive, the day will come when brokers come here to bid for it-- at triple or more the present prices!

Wyoh went on, "No one need starve, Fred Hauser, fetch your drill to Hong Kong; the Authority doesn't own our water and air system and we pay what ice is worth. You with the bankrupt farm--if you have the guts to admit that you're bankrupt, come to Hong Kong and start over. We have a chronic labor shortage, a hard worker doesn't starve. It's up to you"--left platform, sat down between Shorty and myself. She was trembling. Shorty patted her hand; she threw him a glance of thanks, then whispered to me, "How did I do?

But I hadn't been honest. But oratory is a null program. That we were slaves I had known all my life--and nothing could be done about it. True, we weren't bought and sold--but as long as Authority held monopoly over what we had to have and what we could sell to buy it, we were slaves. But what could we do? Warden wasn't our owner. Had he been, some way could be found to eliminate him. But Lunar Authority was not in Luna, it was on Terra — and we had not one ship, not even small hydrogen bomb. There weren't even hand guns in Luna, though what we would do with guns I did not know. Shoot each other, maybe.

Three million, unarmed and helpless--and eleven billion of them. We could be a nuisance--but how long will papa take it before baby gets spanked? I wasn't impressed. As it says in Bible, God fights on side of heaviest artillery. They cackled again, what to do, how to organize, and so forth, and again we heard that "shoulder to shoulder" noise. Chairman had to use gavel and I began to fidget. But sat up when I heard familiar voice: "Mr. May I have the indulgence of the house for five minutes? Professor Bernardo de la Paz--which could have guessed from old-fashioned way of talking even if hadn't known voice.

Distinguished man with wavy white hair, dimples in cheeks, and voice that smiled--Don ' t know how old he was but was old when I first met him, as a boy. He had been transported before I was born but was not a lag. He was a political exile like Warden, but a subversive and instead of fat job like "warden," Professor had been dumped, to live or starve. No doubt he could have gone to work in any school then in L-City but he didn't. He worked a while washing dishes, I've heard, then as babysitter, expanding into a nursery school, and then into a creche. When I met him he was running a creche, and a boarding and day school, from nursery through primary, middle, and high schools, employed co-op thirty teachers, and was adding college courses.

Never boarded with him but I studied under him. I was opted at fourteen and my new family sent me to school, as I had had only three years, plus spotty tutoring. My eldest wife was a firm woman and made me go to school. I liked Prof. He would teach anything. Wouldn't matter that he knew nothing about it; if pupil wanted it, he would smile and set a price, locate materials, stay a few lessons ahead. Or barely even if he found it tough--never pretended to know more than he did. Took algebra from him and by time we reached cubics I corrected his probs as often as he did mine--but he charged into each lesson gaily.

I started electronics under him, soon was teaching him. So he stopped charging and we went along together until he dug up an engineer willing to daylight for extra money--whereupon we both paid new teacher and Prof tried to stick with me, thumb-fingered and slow, but happy to be stretching his mind. Chairman banged gavel. Before I use this mallet on skulls. Stopped to look at Wyoming, giving her up-and-down and whistling. I have the painful duty of disagreeing with your eloquent manifesto. What I said was true! Only on one point. May I proceed?

It is ridiculous- pestilential, not to be borne — that we should be ruled by an irresponsible dictator in all our essential economy! It strikes at the most basic human right, the right to bargain in a free marketplace. But I respectfully suggest that you erred in saying that we should sell wheat to Terra— or rice, or any food— at any price.

We must not export food! It would be right to ship wheat to Terra As water. As nitrates. As phosphates. Tonne for tonne. Otherwise no price is high enough. It's cheap to ship downhill, expensive to ship uphill. But we don't need water and plant chemicals, what we need is not so massy.

Some machinery. Control tapes. I've given this much study, sir. If we can get fair prices in a free market--" "Please, miss! May I continue? I want to rebut. Too true— bad news now and disastrous for our grandchildren. Luna City should use the same water today we used twenty years ago But we use water once— one full cycle, three different ways. Then we ship it to India. As wheat. Even though wheat is vacuum-processed, it contains precious water. Why ship water to India?

They have the whole Indian Ocean! And the remaining mass of that grain is even more disastrously expensive, plant foods still harder to come by, even though we extract them from rock. Comrades, harken to me! Every load you ship to Terra condemns your grandchildren to slow death. The miracle of photosynthesis, the plant-and-animal cycle, is a closed cycle.

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You have opened it--and your lifeblood runs downhill to Terra. You don't need higher prices, one cannot eat money! What you need, what we all need, is an end to this loss.

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Embargo, utter and absolute. Luna must be self- sufficient! So I missed interruption until woman screamed, then I looked around. All doors were now open and I saw three armed men in one nearest-- men in yellow uniform of Warden's bodyguard. At main door in back one was using a bull voice; drowned out crowd noise and sound system. Somebody shrieked. Skinny little girl, redhead, eleven or twelve, launched self at third guard's knees and hit rolled up in ball; down he went. Shorty swung hand behind him, pushing Wyoming Knott into shelter of his big frame, shouted over shoulder, "Take care of Wyoh, Man--stick close!

More screams and I whiffed something--stink I had smelled day I lost arm and knew with horror were not stun guns but laser beams. Shorty reached door and grabbed a guard with each big hand. Little redhead was out of sight; guard she had bowled over was on hands and knees. I swung left arm at his face and felt jar in shoulder as his jaw broke. Must have hesitated for Shorty pushed me and yelled, "Move, Man! Get her out of here! She slowed again beyond door; I shoved her hard in buttocks, forcing her to run rather than fall.

I glanced back. Shorty had other two guards each by neck; he grinned as he cracked skulls together. They popped like eggs and he yelled at me: "Git! Shorty needed no help, nor ever would again--nor could I waste his last effort. For I did see that, while killing those guards, he was standing on one leg. Other was gone at hip. She didn't slow and I had to grab door handle to get into pressure lock with her. There I stopped her, pulled red cap off her curls and stuck it in my pouch.

She looked startled. But answered, "Da. It is. And do I stay and hold them off?

Or go with? We'd better wait for Shorty. I went on, "Were you staying with him? Or somebody? I don't know where it is. I got here too late to buy in. Wyoming, I don't know what's going on. First time in months I've seen any Warden's bodyguard in L- City Uh, could take you home with me--but they may be looking for me, too. Anywise, ought to get out of public corridors. Was a little girl no higher than my waist. She looked up scornfully and said, "Kiss her somewhere else. You're blocking traffic. We stroll. Was side corridor with little traffic other than children always underfoot.

If Wart's bodyguards tried to track us, Earthside cop style, a dozen or ninety kids could tell which way tall blonde went--if any Loonie child would give stooge of Warden so much as time of day. A boy almost old enough to appreciate Wyoming stopped in front of us and gave her a happy whistle. She smiled and waved him aside. Ought to duck into a hotel. One off next side corridor--nothing much, bundling booths mostly. But close. Wasn't asking. Could take separate rooms. Could you find me a W. And is there a chemist's shop near?

Body makeup. And for my hair, too. When she was locked in, I found a chemist's shop, asked how much body makeup to cover a girl so tall-- marked a point under my chin--and massing forty-eight? I bought that amount in sepia, went to another shop and bought same amount--winning roll at first shop, losing at second--came out even. Then I bought black hair tint at third shop--and a red dress. Wyoming was wearing black shorts and pullover--practical for travel and effective on a blonde. But I'd been married all my life and had some notion of what women wear and had never seen a woman with dark sepia skin, shade of makeup, wear black by choice.

Furthermore, skirts were worn in Luna City then by dressy women. This shift was a skirt with bib and price convinced me it must be dressy. Had to guess at size but material had some stretch. Ran into three people who knew me but was no unusual comment. Nobody seemed excited, trade going on as usual; hard to believe that a riot had taken place minutes ago on level below and a few hundred meters north.

I set it aside for later thought--excitement was not what I wanted. I took stuff to Wye, buzzing door and passing in it; then stashed self in a taproom for half an hour and half a liter and watched video. Still no excitement, no "we interrupt for special bulletin. Wyoming came out--and I didn't recognize her. Then did and stopped to give full applause. Just had to--whistles and finger snaps and moans and a scan like mapping radar. Wyoh was now darker than I am, and pigment had gone on beautifully.

Must have been carrying items in pouch as eyes were dark now, with lashes to match, and mouth was dark red and bigger. She had used black hair tint, then fizzed hair up with grease as if to take kinks out, and her tight curls had defeated it enough to make convincingly imperfect. She didn't look Afro--but not European, either.

Seemed some mixed breed, and thereby more a Loonie. Red dress was too small. Clung like sprayed enamel and flared out at mid-thigh with permanent static charge. She had taken shoulder strap off her pouch and had it under arm. Shoes she had discarded or pouched; bare feet made her shorter. She looked good. Better yet, she looked not at all like agitatrix who had harangued crowd.

She waited, big smile on face and body undulating, while I applauded. Before I was done, two little boys flanked me and added shrill endorsements, along with clog steps. So I tipped them and told them to be missing; Wyoming flowed to me and took my arm. Will I pass? Do I look like slot-machine prices? Name a gift. Then speak my name. If it's bread-and-honey, I own a hive.

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If I ever bundle with you--not likely--we won't speak to the bee. Let's find that hotel. Wyoming put on a show but needn't have bothered. Night clerk never looked up from his knitting, didn't offer to roll. Once inside, Wyoming threw bolts. I think she expected a booth but I would not put her in such, even to hide. Was comfortable lounge with own bath and no water limit.

And phone and delivery lift, which I needed. She started to open pouch. Let's settle it, so that--" I reached over, closed her pouch. Oh, merde, that was about bundling. You got this doss for me and it's only right that--" "Switch of f. No grievin' with Steven. Wyoh, you're a long way from home. What money you have, hang on to. I hope we shall meet again. She glared, then closed pouch savagely. I'm a Free Woman. I think. You're a firm man and I respect that-- I'm glad you're on our side.

Am not on Warden's side. Nor will I talk But your program isn't practical. If all of us--" "Hold it, Wye; this no time for politics. I'm tired and hungry. When did you eat last? On the bus, I guess. Helmet rations. What do you drink? I added a half liter of table vodka and ice and starred that part. Would you mind? You'll smell better. Twelve hours in a p-suit and you'd stink, too--the bus was dreadful.

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I'll hurry. Does that stuff wash off? You may need it when you leave But you bought three times as much as I used. I'm sorry, Mannie; I plan to carry makeup on political trips--things can happen. Like tonight, though tonight was worst. But I ran short of seconds and missed a capsule and almost missed the bus. Uh, I don't need help to scrub my back but I'll leave the door up so we can talk.

Just for company, no invitation implied. I've seen a woman. Secondhand water is good enough for this makeup and that stink you complained about. Run it deep. At home I use the same bath water three days running. Just the medicine I needed.

Mrs. Isabella Beeton

It shows? You're nice to a woman but not eager and quite independent. So you're married and long married. Opted at fourteen and I'm fifth of nine. So seventeen kids is nominal. Big family. I've never seen much of line families, not many in Hong Kong. Plenty of clans and groups and lots of polyandries but the line way never took hold.

Our marriage nearly a hundred years old. Dates back to Johnson City and first transportees--twenty-one links, nine alive today, never a divorce. Oh, it's a madhouse when our descendants and inlaws and kinfolk get together for birthday or wedding--more kids than seventeen, of course; we don't count 'em after they marry or I'd have 'children' old enough to be my grandfather.

Happy way to live, never much pressure. Take me. Nobody woofs if I stay away a week and don't phone. Welcome when I show up. Line marriages rarely have divorces. How could I do better? Is it an alternation? And what's the spacing? Been alternation up to latest link, last year. We married a girl when alternation called for boy. But was special. At least she's granddaughter of Mum--senior is 'Mum' or sometimes Mimi to her husbands--and she may be of Grandpaw--but not related to other spouses.

So no reason not to marry back in, not even consanguinuity okay in other types of marriage. None, nit, zero. And Ludmilla grew up in our family because her mother had her solo, then moved to Novylen and left her with us. She cried and asked us please to make an exception.

So we did. Grandpaw doesn't figure in genetic angle--these days his interest in women is more gallant than practical.

As senior husband he spent our wedding night with her--but consummation was only formal. Number-two husband, Greg, took care of it later and everybody pretended. And everybody happy. Ludmilla is a sweet little thing, just fifteen and pregnant first time. Oh, mine too,, but in fact was in Novy Leningrad. Probably Greg's, unless Milla got outside help. But didn't, she's a home girl. And a wonderful cook. Mind if I don't do my face? Had not put on black outfit; again in dress I bought.

Red suited her. She sat down, lifted covers off food. Mannie, would your family marry me? You're a dinkum provider. Must be unanimous.

About a thousand calories later she said, "I told you I was a Free Woman. I wasn't, always. Women talk when they want to. Or don't. You're safe from me. If I ever marry again--unlikely but I'm not opposed to it-- it would be just one man, a tight little marriage, earthworm style. Oh, I don't mean I would keep him dogged down. I don't think it matters where a man eats lunch as long as he comes home for dinner. I would try to make him happy. I got pregnant and we were all delighted. They were good to me about it. But I can read print.

I announced a divorce, had myself sterilized, moved from Novylen to Hong Kong, and started over as a Free Woman. Male parent oftener than female; men are exposed more. We had it calculated by the best mathematical geneticist in Novy Leningrad--one of the best in Sovunion before she got shipped. I know what happened to me. I was a volunteer colonist--I mean my mother was for I was only five. My father was transported and Mother chose to go with him and take me along. There was a solar storm warning but the pilot thought he could make it--or didn't care; he was a Cyborg.

He did make it but we got hit on the ground--and, Mannie, that's one thing that pushed me into politics, that ship sat four hours before they let us disembark. Authority red tape, quarantine perhaps; I was too young to know. But I wasn't too young later to figure out that I had birthed a monster because the Authority doesn't care what happens to us outcasts. But, Wyoh, still sounds hasty. If you caught damage from radiation--well , no geneticist but know something about radiation. So you had a damaged egg. Does not mean egg next to it was hurt--statistically unlikely. Or contraceptive?

My tubes could be opened. But, Mannie, a woman who has had one monster doesn't risk it again. Doesn't it make you eight times as careful not to risk this one? You have that to contend with; I have this--and I would never told you if you hadn't been hurt, too. Need it to pat girls if naught else.

I've had eight. Idea wasn't strange. I read Earthside papers. But doubt if any surgeon in Luna City in ever performed such transplant. In cows, yes--but L-City females unlikely at any price to have babies for other women; even homely ones could get husband or six. Correction: Are no homely women. Some more beautiful than others. Glanced at her figure, quickly looked up. She said, "Don't strain your eyes, Mannie; I'm not carrying now. Too busy with politics. But hosting is a good profession for Free Woman. It's high pay. Some Chinee families are wealthy and all my babies have been Chinee--and Chinee are smaller than average and I'm a big cow; a two-and-a-half- or three-kilo Chinese baby is no trouble.

Doesn't spoil my figure. These--" She glanced down at her lovelies. So I look nulliparous and younger than I am, maybe. It was the thought of having a baby, a good baby, that hooked me; I was still in emotional trauma from my monster--and it turned out to be Just what Wyoming needed. I stopped feeling that I was a failure as a woman. I made more money than I could ever hope to earn at other jobs.

And my time almost to myself; having a baby hardly slows me down--six weeks at most and that long only because I want to be fair to my clients; a baby is a valuable property. And I was soon in politics; I sounded off and the underground got in touch with me. That's when I started living, Mannie; I studied politics and economics and history and learned to speak in public and turned out to have a flair for organization.

It's satisfying work because I believe in it--I know that Luna will be free. Only--Well, it would be nice to have a husband to come home to But I don't think about it; I'm too busy. Hearing about your nice family got me talking, that's all. I must apologize for having bored you. But Wyoh was more man than woman some ways, despite eight Chinee babies.

Mannie, why do you say our program isn't practical? We need you. How to tell lovely woman dearest dream is nonsense? Wyoh, let's start over. You told them what to do. But will they? Take those two you singled out. All that iceman knows, bet anything, is how to dig ice. So he'll go on digging and selling to Authority because that's what he can do. Same for wheat farmer. Years ago, he put in one cash crop— now he's got ring in nose. If he wanted to be independent, would have diversified.

Raised what he eats, sold rest free market and stayed away from catapult head. I know—I'm a farm boy. I'm not a top computerman. But best in Luna. I won't go civil service, so Authority has to hire me when in trouble--my prices — or send Earthside, pay risk and hardship, then ship him back fast before his body forgets Terra. At far more than I charge. So if I can do it, I get their jobs—and Authority can't touch me; was born free.

And if no work—usually is--I stay home and eat high. Small herd of whiteface, plus milch cows. Mutated fruit trees. A little wheat and grind it ourselves and don't insist on white flour, and sell-free market— what ' s left. Make own beer and brandy. I learned drillman extending our tunnels. Everybody works, not too hard.

Kids make cattle take exercise by switching them along; don't use tread mill. Kids gather eggs and feed chickens, don't use much machinery. Air we can buy from L-City--aren ' t far out of town and pressure-tunnel connected. But more often we sell air; being farm, cycle shows Oh-two excess. Always have valuta to meet bills. We collect some power, sunshine screens on surface, and have a little pocket of ice.

Wye, our farm was founded before year two thousand, when L-City was one natural cave, and we've kept improving it--advantage of line marriage; doesn't die and capital improvements add up. Never put a drop back into city system. But--don't tell Warden, dear, but back when Greg was teaching me to drill, we happened to drill into bottom of main south reservoir--and had a tap with us, spilled hardly a drop. But we do buy some metered water, looks better--and ice pocket accounts for not buying much. As for power--well, power is even easier to steal. I'm a good electrician, Wyoh.

Let 'em think up own ways to outwit Authority; our family always has. But back to your plan, Wyoh: two things wrong. Never get 'solidarity'; blokes like Hauser would cave in--because they are in a trap; can't hold out. Second place, suppose you managed it. So solid not a tonne of grain is delivered to catapult head. Forget ice; it's grain that makes Authority important and not just neutral agency it was set up to be. No grain. What happens? Authority would call it rebellion and warship would orbit with bombs earmarked for L-City and Hong Kong and Tycho Under and Churchill and Novylen, troops would land, grain barges would lift, under guard--and farmers would break necks to cooperate.

Terra has guns and power and bombs and ships and won't hold still for trouble from ex-cons. And troublemakers like you--and me; with you in spirit--us lousy troublemakers will be rounded up and eliminated, teach us a lesson. And earthworms would say we had it coming Not on Terra. Lenin had only a handful with him. Wye, correct me if I'm wrong.

Revolutions succeeded when--only when--governments had gone rotten soft, or disappeared. The American Revolution. They had the sort of troubles with England that we are having now--and they won! But wasn't England in trouble? France, and Spain, and Sweden--or maybe Holland?

And Ireland. Ireland was rebelling; O'Kellys were in it. Not today. Never pessimist. Too much Loonie not to bet if any chance. Show me chances no worse then ten to one against and I'll go for broke. But want that one chance in ten. Bolshoyeh spasebaw, tovarishch.

It was grand! Move to couch and I'll rid of table and dishes, --no, can't help; I'm host. She was sprawled on couch, asleep, mouth open and face softened into little girl. Went quietly into bath and closed door. After a scrubbing I felt better--washed tights first and were dry and fit to put on by time I quit lazing in tub--don't care when world ends long as I'm bathed and in clean clothes.

Wyoh was still asleep, which made problem. Had taken room with two beds so she would not feel I was trying to talk her into bundling--not that I was against it but she had made clear she was opposed. But my bed had to be made from couch and proper bed was folded away. Should I rig it out softly, pick her up like limp baby and move her?

Went back into bath and put on arm. Then decided to wait. Phone had hush hood. Wyoh seemed unlikely to wake, and things were gnawing me. Have you surveyed those jokes? Mike, haven't had a minute--and a minute may be a long time to you but it's short to me. I'll get at it as fast as I can. Have you found a not-stupid for me to talk with? Wyoh had plenty. Enough to be friendly with a machine? I thought so. And could be trusted; not only had we shared trouble but she was a subversive.

But now I'm in trouble and need your help. I want to call my home--but not ordinary way. You know sometimes calls are monitored, and if Warden orders it, lock can be put on so that circuit can be traced. I must inform you that I already know your home call number and the number from which you are calling. Don't want it monitored, don't want it locked and traced. Can you call my home, connect me, and control circuit so that it can't be monitored, can't be locked, can't be traced--even if somebody has programmed just that?

Can you do it so that they won't even know their program is bypassed? I suppose it was a question never asked and he had to trace a few thousand possibilities to see if his control of system permitted this novel program. I will. Uh, program signal. If I want this sort of connection in future. I'll ask for 'Sherlock.

Sherlock was my brother. Don't know how he rationalized relationship; I hesitated to ask. Give me a 'Sherlock' to my home. This is your favorite husband. Are you in trouble again? I tried to sound hurt. Why, you know me, Mum. Since you are not in trouble, perhaps you can tell me why Professor de la Paz is so anxious to get in touch with you--he has called three times--and why he wants to reach some woman with unlikely name of Wyoming Knott--and why he thinks you might be with her?

Have you taken a bundling companion, Manuel, without telling me? We have freedom in our family, dear, but you know that I prefer to be told. So that I will not be taken unawares. I said, "Mum, Bog strike me dead, I have not taken a bundling companion. You've always been a truthful boy. Now what's this mystery? If he calls again, ask him to leave number and time I can reach him. This is public phone, too.

Killings, riots, anything? There was a set duel in Bottom Alley but--Manuel! Have you killed someone? She sighed. You know what I've always told you. In our family we do not brawl. Should a killing be necessary-- it almost never is--matters must be discussed calmly, en famille, and proper action selected. If a new chum must be eliminated, other people know it. It is worth a little delay to hold good opinion and support--" "Mum! Haven't killed anybody, don't intend to. And know that lecture by heart.

I'm to tell Professor de la Paz to leave a number. I shall. Forget name 'Wyoming Knott. If a stranger phones or calls in person, and asks anything about me, you haven't heard from me, don't know where I am That goes for rest of family, too. Answer no questions- especially from anybody connected with Warden. Manuel you are in trouble! Can't talk now. Love you. Switching off. Sp ' coynoynauchi. She was shipped up to The Rock long ago for carving a man under circumstances that left grave doubts as to girlish innocence--and has been opposed to violence and loose living ever since.

Unless necessary--she ' s no fanatic. Bet she was a jet job as a kid and wish I'd known her--but I'm rich in sharing last half of her life. I called Mike back. Public phones especially. Shall I use random search on the others, Man? Don't overload. Keep an ear on his home phone and school phone. You are my best friend, Man, for you are my only friend.

No comparison is logically permissible. Not-stupids, I mean. Got an empty memory bank? Ten-to-the-eighth-bits capacity. Will you block it so that only you and I can use it? Can you? Block signal, please. Bastille Day. Got a recording to put in it. But first--Have you finished setting copy for tomorrow's Daily Lunatic? Or riots? But for Bog's sake don't let even your thoughts go outside that block, nor anything I say about it! I decided to erase none and moved them from temporary storage to permanent. So that I could play them over, and over, and over, and think about them.

Did I do right? And, Mike--I'm flattered. My temporary files were getting full and I learned that I needed not to erase your words. Had an hour and a half in it; went silent in ninety seconds or so. Talk to you tomorrow. Wyoming was sitting up and looking troubled. Was talking to one of my best--and most trustworthy-- friends.