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The inequality caused by automation is a main driver of cynicism and political polarization, Mr. He connected it to the racial and geographic divides that have cleaved the country post-election. Fifty-one percent of all the activities Americans do at work involve predictable physical work, data collection and data processing.

2012 United States presidential election

Twenty-eight percent of work activities involve tasks that are less susceptible to automation but are still at risk, like unpredictable physical work or interacting with people. Just 21 percent are considered safe for now, because they require applying expertise to make decisions, do something creative or manage people.

The service sector, including health care and education jobs, is considered safest. Still, a large part of the service sector is food service, which McKinsey found to be the most threatened industry, even more than manufacturing. Seventy-three percent of food service tasks could be automated, it found.

No one knows how many people will be threatened, or how soon, the report said. In the best case, it said, workers will have higher wages and more leisure time. Technology delivers its benefits and harms in an unequal way. Education is the main solution the White House advocated.

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And he did so in part to defend former President Barack Obama. Truncale called Obama an "un-American imposter" in June , and explained to the Senate Judiciary Committee that he was "merely expressing frustration by what I perceived as a lack of overt patriotism on behalf of President Obama. And as the Republican nominee for president, I just couldn't subscribe to that in a federal judge," Romney said in a brief interview.

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Beauty and brains against bigotry and bias. Truffle against trifle. You get the point. Obama does his homework and is not afraid of facts. But taking a look at Cain's political positions, there is a consistent pattern of obstinate wrongheadedness. Let's look at a pizza pie analogy. Cain's personal pizza is comprised of the following ingredients: walloping dollops of white dough and I mean the bankable kind of dough , leavened with fried dogma, generously slathered with layers of belligerent anti-LGBT and anti-woman hostility sauce. Cain pizza is topped with the cheese of right-wing Christian supremacy, biblical literalism and warmed-over leftovers from Alan Keyes.

Barack Obama's Eulogy for John McCain: Full Text - The Atlantic

His personal pizza leaves a sharp, acrid aftertaste of bitter intolerance. It comes wrapped in a box of rigid ideology. Cain pizza is delivered with all the charm of a day in the life of Robert Mugabe. Linguistically, President Obama may drop the g's from his gerunds, but intellectually, "I-don't-have-the-facts-to-back-me-up" Cain drops logic, facts, and empirical evidence from his pronouncements. And he is not interested in finding them. It is as if he gets his information from the reading of the entrails of pizza.

Cain's ideas on education, Muslims, climate change, the environment, debt, energy, immigration, foreign policy, nuclear weapons, unions, welfare and unemployment are frightening enough, but let's look at just three ideas to illustrate why this man should not be elected to any position of power over anyone. Cain has referred to gay people as " godless. Apparently, "science" is just another a left-wing propaganda scheme for Cain. He does not believe in evolution.

General Election: Cain vs. Obama

He does not believe in climate change. Yet if there were any evidence of intellectual rigor -- I would settle for intellectual honesty -- Herman Cain would know that the argument over homosexuality being a choice has been settled.

The proposition that the earth is 4. Evolution is as settled a fact as the theory of gravity. There is no controversy except for those for whom facts are not relevant. Cain thinking he's entitled to an opinion on a matter of scientific fact is quaint at best. When one considers that he's a member of an oppressed minority group turning around and contributing to the oppression of another minority group, Mr.

Cain's bigotry seems tragic, hypocritical, and profoundly sad.


When one remembers that Herman Cain is seeking the office of the Presidency of the United States, it becomes a cause for alarm. His dangerously unscientific views about LGBT people render him unfit for that office.

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