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What is it? Test your knowledge of words related to the season of longer days and vacations. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Choose the Right Synonym for rapture Noun ecstasy , rapture , transport mean intense exaltation of mind and feelings.

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Examples of rapture in a Sentence Noun We listened with rapture as the orchestra played. He listened to the wind in the trees, his eyes closed in rapture. Verb nature lovers will be raptured by the documentary's breathtaking cinematography. Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Followers of Parmenides worked themselves into logical knots and mystic raptures over the rather blatant contradiction between point five and everyday experience.

But then we got our groove back. First Known Use of rapture Noun , in the meaning defined at sense 1 Verb , in the meaning defined above. History and Etymology for rapture Noun Latin raptus. Learn More about rapture. Resources for rapture Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared.

From the Editors at Merriam-Webster. Trending: Rapture Trending: Rapture When the end of the world did not take place Dictionary Entries near rapture raptor Raptores raptorial rapture raptureless rapture of the deep rapturize. Time Traveler for rapture The first known use of rapture was in See more words from the same year.

English Language Learners Definition of rapture. Kids Definition of rapture. Comments on rapture What made you want to look up rapture? Get Word of the Day daily email! Test Your Vocabulary. Old Norse Swedish Portuguese Greek. Love words? Instead, it was about who could become less of a man and more of a monster. The main conflict lasted for around four months, with the continuing violence causing great destruction to cohesive society and serious damage to infrastructure within Rapture.

In the multiplayer mode of BioShock 2 , the player gets to participate in the warfare which was part of the fall of Rapture. In the end, a large portion of the population became insane ADAM-addicted Splicers while the rest were either killed by the Splicers, committed suicide [8] or died of starvation. By , Fontaine—posing as Atlas—was feeling the pressure of Ryan's legion of pheromone-controlled Splicer forces. In a last-ditch effort to turn the tide in his favor, he summoned his mind-controlled assassin Jack to track down and kill Ryan and enable Fontaine to take over the city.

After a year of ceaseless civil war and ruinous violence, Rapture is severely damaged and teetering on the verge of total collapse. Water constantly leaks in virtually every corner, and Splicers roam about the passageways looting or killing everything in sight.

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As bad as it is though, Rapture is still being held together by Ryan. Automated repair systems and the Big Daddies keep the city from falling apart. Losing his patience, Ryan chooses to destroy Arcadia's trees, depriving the city of its oxygen supply, and trapping Jack in an area-wide lockdown. Jack, with the help of Julie Langford , manages to restore the foliage of Arcadia and continues on to Hephaestus and Ryan's office.

As Jack journeys on through Rapture unabated by the bathysphere lockdown, the Splicers, and the security measures, Ryan slowly begins to piece together Jack's true identity. When Jack draws near, Ryan—in a final attempt to prevent Fontaine from gaining the city—activates a self-destruct system for all of Rapture. Jack finally manages to kill Ryan and stop the self-destruct sequence, then is commanded to turn over control of Rapture Central Control and the whole city to Atlas. Fontaine reveals himself—his Atlas persona having been a "con job"—and betrays Jack by ordering his execution.

Jack escapes and hunts down kills a massively spliced Fontaine in his towering hideout. Jack travels by bathysphere to the surface where he either: takes control of a nuclear submarine with the aid of a horde of Splicers, or leaves Rapture with his rescued Little Sisters to live out his life in peace. In the years following the deaths of Ryan and Fontaine, the city continued to deteriorate. With the damage done to Hephaestus, Rapture is running on limited power. Big Daddies still continue to do maintenance work, but several areas are damaged beyond repair, have become completely flooded and some buildings have collapsed and crumbled down to the ocean floor, with the situation worsening ever still.

Despite its decaying state, there is still life left in the ruins of Rapture. During the eight years since the first game, the Splicers have become even more violent, desperate and deformed. Controlled by Sofia Lamb , one of Rapture's few remaining unspliced citizens, her Rapture Family appears to have become the de-facto regime. The Family is rebuilding society according to Lamb's beliefs, but is hazardous to those who refuse "to believe.

In an atmosphere of cultish religious fervor, the Family embraces the goal of imbuing Sofia's daughter Eleanor —through human sacrifice—with the combined genius of Rapture's citizens to create a "Utopian", the ultimate altruist. This Utopian was to eventually ascend to the surface world. To achieve this goal, the ADAM production process is restarted. Children from around the world are kidnapped to be turned into new Little Sisters, the previous Little Sisters having grown too old to be able to continue as ADAM producers.

He is aided by Brigid Tenenbaum and Augustus Sinclair in effecting Eleanor's release from her mother's captivity, and her subsequent escape from the city. During Delta's journey, several sections of Rapture get destroyed as a result of his encounters with Sofia Lamb's supporters. With Andrew Ryan, Frank Fontaine, and the Rapture Family all gone, it is unlikely that there are any sane individuals left to fill the power vacuum and rule what remains of Rapture. Over the course of the games much of the city is either damaged or destroyed, no organized maintenance is set in place, and whatever remains of the population is either dead or driven insane by ADAM addiction.

During both the first and second games, the player observes various forms of structural damage including a multitude of leaks and without any maintenance efforts, any area with even the smallest leak will eventually flood once the pumps fail and sooner or later, all areas will start to leak due to the deteriorating state of the city. As there is no longer anyone left to maintain the repair systems or to create new Big Daddies to help maintain the remaining habitable areas, less repair work will get done and the structural integrity of Rapture will continue to deteriorate; the number of leaks will grow and older leaks will grow larger and the support structures will begin to fail completely.

Many, if not all of the Little Sisters have been either removed or harvested, thereby eliminating the primary source of ADAM production in the city. With so many core functions damaged or destroyed and its population further reduced down to little more than leftover insane Splicers, residual Big Daddies, and Big Sisters providing they were not all killed by Jack and Delta , there is no way for Rapture to sustain itself. Another major problem is that Rapture is built using aluminum in place of steel in the buildings' internal support structures.

The most notable of which, is that aluminum is a lot weaker than steel when it comes to handling stress; at some point, the structural supports for the buildings in Rapture will eventually fail and the buildings will collapse completely, though it is not known how much time there is left before this happens.

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It is likely that by the beginning of the 21st century the present day , Rapture will have crumbled into a barren, uninhabitable ruin; all buildings will likely have collapsed by this point with all interior areas having been flooded and destroyed and no life remains within the city.

There is no official confirmation for this theory but this is the most likely scenario for the ultimate fate of Rapture. In a public debate with Sofia Lamb , Ryan said that individuals have a right to practice religion in private, but that there shall not be any such public institutions in Rapture. Despite this, the following are the major beliefs held by citizens in Rapture:. Ryan believed that scientific achievement in the world was being restricted by "petty morality," so he ensured that the inhabitants of Rapture could explore paths of inquiry previously deemed too immoral or controversial to follow.

Some scientific breakthroughs were in robotics, bringing about an advanced automated security system ; others were in biology, where developments advanced in the restoration of life, both in plants the Lazarus Vector and humans the Vita-Chamber. There were also some technological advancements regarding items that were created before they were commercially available on the surface, such as portable audio recording devices approx. One of the major breakthroughs achieved in Rapture was Brigid Tenenbaum's discovery of ADAM : unstable stem cells from a species of sea slug.

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This led to the creation of Plasmids and Gene Tonics. ADAM allowed a user to splice new genetic material into the individual's DNA, enhancing health and intellect, and giving extraordinary powers to the human body. However, ADAM was soon found to cause physical and mental disruption and damage, as more of the user's native cells were replaced by unstable stem cells.

The populace's need for ADAM became an addiction, accelerated by excessive splicing, done increasingly during and after Rapture's civil war. Transportation within Rapture is mainly provided by Rapture Metro , a public transportation system consisting of bathyspheres and tram cars, in which citizens access most areas of the city. One terminus of the Rapture Metro system is the bathysphere dock inside the remote lighthouse in the North Atlantic, which is Rapture's primary entrance to the outside world.

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Another mode of transportation within Rapture is the Atlantic Express , a pressurized rail system for moving a larger number of citizens though this mode of transportation was mostly decommissioned years before the time of BioShock. Adjacent areas of Rapture are connected through bulkhead doors. Areas within some levels are connected by glass tunnels: small ones for pedestrians, larger ones for the system of railed tramways.

Rapture is intentionally isolated from the world, and the primary mode of access was via bathyspheres traveling down from the lighthouse , perched on an island above. During the journey through BioShock , the player will explore the following areas of Rapture:. Of the three playable maps in the Challenge Rooms , two of them features original parts of Rapture mostly designed with textures and models from the main game:. During the journey through BioShock 2 , the player will explore the following areas of Rapture:.

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  6. Between matches, the player has access to their own apartment, which they are free to explore while they customize their character. Minerva's Den features a previously unseen district of Rapture composed of three different parts:. Nearing the end of the game, the Bathysphere Station is explorable when Elizabeth teleports herself, Booker DeWitt and the Songbird there destroying the latter in the process.

    As Elizabeth and Booker trans-dimensionally travel, it is revealed that the city of Rapture is one of the "constants" in her multiverse, bound to appear in one form or another in the continuum. In BioShock Infinite's set of timelines, it takes the form of Columbia , an early 20th-century city floating in the sky. Burial at Sea - Episode 1 revisits Rapture, while featuring new original places before its fall:.

    Burial at Sea - Episode 2 continues the story initiated in the previous episode where it ended. This episode further explores the Housewares building along with some new and familiar areas. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. I test all my disciples.

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    Some shine like galaxies, and some This article, Rapture, contains disputed content or may not have any sources and may be fan fiction or a hoax. Please add where this subject is mentioned in the BioShock series and add references using the format detailed at Help:Cite. Check the talk page for more information about what might need references in this article.