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Within 45 minutes, he said, Collison had approval from his board. But it achieved a commercial release, thanks to the stubborn insistence of individuals who were unwilling to see North Korea set a precedent by bullying an American studio. In August , Kelly left his post to found his security company, though he continued to work for the government, in digital services at the White House, through last September. The Sony episode, he said, confirmed his belief that private measures are the best defense against cyber-assaults, whatever their source.

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And his the attitude made us feel a lot better. Having the support of the president was incredibly helpful and therapeutic. It really made us feel a lot better, I gotta say. In hindsight, do you think maybe it should have taken place in a fictional country to avoid all those problems? That would have made the movie much worse [ laughs ]. What music moves you the most? I lift weights, and I have a Bosu ball.

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I did stand-up when I was, like, 13 to 18 and I would tell these surreal kind of jokes, like Stephen Wright. This other comedian named Darryl Lenox was super nice to me, much nicer than I would be to a fucking year-old comedian right now. He told me that I was writing the wrong kind of jokes. Write jokes about that. No one else can talk about that, so talk about the stuff that only you can talk about as much as possible. This is how they would talk. Oh, percent. This is all very damaging. How different do you think your life would be had you gotten it?

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I would arguably be much richer than I am right now. I assume they made a ton of money on that show. The best part is that I get a job I like. Before watching The Interview, I was curious like many other people. What is it about the film that made North Korea hack Sony Pictures [as the US claims] , and attract international attention? After all the ups and downs, I could finally watch the film. Due to all the fuss North Korea made, I think many interested people watched it. My expectation for the film was high but I think it was neither particularly hilarious nor moving.

The film includes scenes of North Koreans revolting against the regime after becoming aware of the reality. I was most impressed when Kim Jong-un dies and when North Koreans elect a new government following a democratic election. In fact, the majority of Europeans are not familiar with North Korea.

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Through the film, however, many now know that such a dictator exists today, and I highly praise the film for this. Also, for me, it was a pleasure to ponder about how good it would be if the miracles of the film could come true in reality. He lives in Europe and works as a chef. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. The first time I watched the movie I thought the movie was just pointless and meaningless.

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Many now know that such a dictator exists today, and I highly praise the film for this. Topics North Korea North Korea network. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All.