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A pioneer in the field of coaching, she developed the cutting-edge methodology Unbullyable and began to coach people affected by bullying.

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She was instantly astounded by the results. She has had great success encouraging people to move from bullied to Unbullyable through her unique approach. Sue promotes a positive, preventative approach to workplace bullying. Sue is an active Anti-Bullying Campaigner.


She has touched the lives of many people affected by bullying, and her mission is to encourage one million people move from bullied, to Unbullyable. Podcast: Play in new window Download Duration: — Subscribe: Android RSS. Another way to help you be more present, is to focus on your breathing. When we get anxious our heart rate increases causing us to take short, shallow breaths into our chest. This lack of oxygen depletes us, leaving us with an uneasy feeling that can lead to the dreaded panic attack. We need oxygen — and big doses of it — to survive. So next time you feel anxiety set in, make sure you…STOP!

Then simply allow the air to exit your body slowly on the exhalation. When you breathe deeply into your belly, focusing on each breath, this reconnects you with your body, which forces you back into the present moment. It takes you out of your head which is full of anxious thoughts, and back into your body.

When we laugh our body produces happy chemicals; such as endorphins, that make us feel better instantly. Laughing really is one of the quickest ways to change your mental state. Laugh BIG!

How to be “Unbullyable” – North Texas Counseling Associates

And see how quickly your body relaxes and your mind calms down. Avoid caffeine. Yes, that means ditch your morning cuppa. Caffeine is a stimulant that boosts our heart and breathing rate. So get off the caffeine and take up the laughing instead…! Try to remain positive and be proactive. Be good to yourself, smile and laugh as much as your body can take! If you want to get rid of anxiety in two minutes flat, visit the website www.

It is all you need to know about the subconscious mind to experience a life free of anxiety. Relationship and Self-Love Therapist, Author and founder of Getting Naked, Tamra Mercieca has helped thousands of people overcome anxiety and depression. Find out more about how Tamra can help you at www. The scene was a typical Australian schoolyard.

The camera solely focused on the pale, teary face of a 10 year-old schoolgirl. In the background she can hear loud, angry voices; taunting, threatening, humiliating and dehumanising voices. The viewer is led to believe that the girl is powerless and that she is directly experiencing bullying by a group of kids, especially as the tears begin to fall. Only then do we realise that she is not the target.

She is experiencing bullying, but is actually a bystander, who is witnessing a male classmate being bullied. As one studies the scene carefully, we can see she is one of many bystanders. The girl is moved by compassion for the boy, by empathy or just wanting to do the right thing. The bullying group instantly scatters. A group of local school children recently viewed this television commercial and the following was highlighted:. This bullying situation is one that most kids are familiar with.

After all the taunts, threats and abusive words, the answer to helping the boy was very simple. With courage, we can all do that. We must focus on the care of the victim. This person could easily be me. Help for the victim is not far away. In the culture of every one of our schools, we should expect help. Get a voice. Get a teacher. Tell someone who will do something. Bullying is not normal or part of growing up. Every child has the right to always feel safe and be safe.

The take home message for kids is: The answer to stopping bullying starts with ME. There are various books available aimed for children which are high in appeal but even higher in the messages they convey. It is an Australia based must-read on the subject. The story uses different colours to represent different main characters. The story goes on to introduce other unique colours as bystanders, who are also threatened by Red. Red grows bigger and hotter every time no one stands up to Red. What we do as adults by reading such books to our kids is help them define what is a good character.

A good character recognises that people have differences and they are wonderful. A good character recognises what is wrong and takes a stand. A good character like Blue has values that respects others, values the idea of friendship, the concept of movingon and giving people like Red another chance to join the group. A powerful and positive message for children to comprehend and understand. Most schools take preventative and empowering approaches to bullying.

They try to consistently design and promote a school that is a supportive and safe environment. No Way! These programs are powerful, well-designed curriculum units and whole school strategies that are evidence based. That is, they are effective and they work by educating parents, teachers and students alike.

Most schools also pro-actively put in place bullying policies and follow legislation. Most parents are regularly engaged in discussing the tricky issues of life with their own kids. As a parent, we never truly know the dynamics of every situation. So can we really help them? Well, Yes and No. But yes, we can teach and model to our kids those same themes of empathy, empowerment and communal care.

Another key characteristic to assist our children is to teach them resilience. This is where a child through uncomfortable. This is established through a nurturing home environment as well as having trusted relationships with others. These are seen as important protective factors for a child who may use the opportunity to confide in the difficulties or experiences of bullying. There are many resources available for reference in assisting parents and carers in effectively handling this often difficult and distressing behaviour. In addition it is also our responsibility as parents to ensure that we are always leading by example and to be mindful that our children are literally continuously learning from our own behaviour.

Find out more at www. Geelong College Head of Teaching and Learning Adrian Camm believes that young people need to spend time outside, to stop and look, and to dig in the dirt to learn to understand and value our environment. In Year 4 at Geelong College students spend the year immersed in a cross disciplinary Enviro program designed to help transition students to their new Middle School environment and to encourage curiosity, personal responsibility and deep learning. In the garden students. They plan, sow, plant, tend and harvest fresh produce each season, and find recipes, plan menus and cook meals for the whole year level, all the while becoming aware of the importance of looking after the land.

They also embrace the joy and importance of cooking and. So instead of being afraid or not understanding the dire warnings of a looming environmental crisis, the Year 4 students are empowered to think and act for the environment and effectively spread this message to others. A third Year 4 class will run in opening up a small number of additional places. Please contact the Admissions team to arrange a visit on 03 Climate change, sex, true crime, medical myths, narcissism, sport, grief and motherhood….

Presented by Deakin University, in partnership with Geelong Regional Library Corporation and the City of Greater Geelong, the program will include more than 70 fascinating guest speakers participating in conversations, panel discussions, workshops, book sales and signings. For the full program and booking visit the festival website:. Volunteering Geelong is an independent not-for-profit organisation that is committed to enhancing the quality of life in the community, through the promotion and support of volunteering.

The Geelong Volunteer Leaders Network was set up to provide a forum for those with a common interest in volunteer management to communicate, share ideas and provide informal mentoring and support opportunities as required. Membership is free and meetings are every 2 months. If you would like to join the Network, please contact:. Make Mondays the day for ear wax removal. Start the week with your ears open and ready to hear. Regular swimming can mean ear wax accumulates deep in the canal, wax build up due to hearing aid use can make hearing aids whistle, or ears can simply become blocked, creating dizziness.

If this is an issue, ear wax removal may solve your problems. Waurn Ponds Hearing Clinic is the first clinic in Geelong to introduce waterless ear wax removal using micro-suction applied by a qualified Audiologist. No referral is required. Relax and enjoy acclaimed wines and delicious food and be entertained by the finest local musicians. With more than 25 wineries on board this year, come along and immerse yourself in wine, visit scenic cellar doors and meet with the makers themselves. A limited number of discounted ticket are available in the presale period.

Tickets can be purchased via GPAC www. Relationships are complex, some relationships that we have in our lives work better than others. Noticing early warning signs of relationship breakdown can help a couple resolve conflicts. Some early warning signs are: living parallel lives, recurring arguments that are never resolved, ongoing unhappiness and dissatisfaction, feelings of neglect and an increase in irritation and arguments. Increasing our understanding of who we are and how we have developed as well as learning practical skills.

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Pepper the concept with a Grandmother who was an artist and a childhood dappled with art and its influences and the end result is simply beautiful, contemporary pieces. However she has always painted for fun, in recent years experimenting with resin painting which adorn her interior walls and is just another addition to add to her endless list of creative talents. An interest in creating Polymer Clay jewellery in the form of unique necklaces and earrings came about, and so too did the birth of All About Grace.

A candle range soon followed, with Lynda pouring the wax of each and every candle and filling with the delicious scents of sweet lemongrass, coconut and lime, vanilla and cinnamon and lotus flower. The concept of concrete candles, hand poured and painted was the next step and then similar styles were mocked up in small, medium and large pots which are simply stunning and now available within the range. Where to from here you might ask?

Hub Retail and Studio was born by the desire of three creative businesses Nook Nest Den, Dear Mabel and Print Patch to set up in one combined retail space in a pop up style format. This was simply to test market their concept as well as requiring an adjoining art studio for the screen printing arm of their business.

A trial was definitely not needed as the business continues to strengthen due to the highly creative and diverse offerings all offered in one great location. Support keeps pouring in from all corners, including the coast and Melbourne and the future looks very bright for the fabulous business concepts that are Hub Retail and Studio. The inspiration to start this business is a love of beautiful stationary and providing glorious stationary, ribbons, wrapping and tags for events of all sorts. Samantha and her husband are a strong creative collaboration who offer a gorgeous, ever expanding range to ensure your gifts are wrapped and presented in a stunning, stylish finish.

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Highgrove Bathrooms offer a wide range of contemporary, classic and traditional bathroom ideas to ensure every bathroom they create blends seamlessly with. A perfect springtime activity is a morning cruise to Lady Julia Percy Island, which is about 22km South West of the town. Tower Hill State Game Reserve is also a must for nature lovers and is an inactive volcano which now teems with wildlife, including kangaroos, koalas, wombats, possums, echidnae, sugar-gliders, emus and water birds. No modern story about Port Fairy is complete without mention of the Folk Festival. To this day, the festival is run as a not-for-profit.

Port Fairy has a deep love of the arts. The Spring Music Festival in October is packed with local talent and the summer Moyneyana Festival is great family fun. Some would find his situation laughable, or dismiss his issues as easily discardable; a six hundred-thousand-dollar salary might be interpreted as sufficient to balm the wounds of plenty of names called, or plenty of lunches eaten in isolation. We all looked forward to being Jonathan Martin someday: frighteningly huge, college-educated, wealthy. What would I have thought of this news when I was in the sixth grade? What does his plight say to those kids today?

What I took out of it is the depressing permanence of the damage bullying causes. It leaves scars that no one can see, and worse, are expected to heal on their own. No amount of school assembly speeches or stern hallway posters are going to eliminate bullies from human existence, but it does pass — at least in the aspect of confinement to the bullying environment, since adults — like Martin — can just pack up and go. Bullies pick loners, the Ender Wiggins of the world, to go after. Who are the loners of the junior high hallways? Smart kids. Kids with intensity. Kids with learning disabilities.

Combinations of the above.

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  • Or maybe, the kid within Jonathan Martin, the smart kid who got bullied in those junior high hallways, never got a chance to grow up feeling safe — and thus never got a chance to really grow up at all. Posted by dwmayer in Gifted , Homeschooling , Observations , Uncategorized. Leave a comment. Solutions can be elegant, or quick to the point, or cleverly designed to perform under budget, but those are frosting terms, sprinkle terms, atop the concept of suitable.

    The hurdle for workability varies by functional area and by project; some work most definitely needs to correspond to an academic A-plus, and other work simply needs doing at a C level. No pun intended. The machine neither grinds to a stop while you rework your mistakes, nor does it shrug and move along the next task with this one still undone to spec.

    No wonder school districts are slowly beginning to insist on mastery.

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    • Then the other questions started coming. What kind of evaluation spec will this assignment be on? What are the evaluation criteria going to be? How long do I have to do it? How long before deadline will you look at work in progress? How bad is it? Bs and Cs where As are needed, and As where Bs and Cs will do, are among the many and complex forms of error their world will challenge them with.

      Unbullyable : Bullying Solutions for Parents and Children

      Posted by dwmayer in Gifted , Homeschooling , Intensities , Observations. This week found us comfortably ensconced in the airy confines of the Leprino Family Atrium at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science — homeschooling has its privileges! She knew this, just last spring.

      What happened? The last time, prior to this one, was two years ago when I was working on modeling the educated and English-speaking population of the Philippines for a client. Leave the axle alone too long, and rust accumulates. The list goes on and on. So why, then, do we focus so keenly on testing and comprehension for kids? I did know this once, and did well on it, but testing is obviously no guarantee that something has taken up anything like permanent residency in my head. When Kathy was in medical school, she bought — and made extensive use of — an HP palmtop computer back when THOSE were a thing that she had the most marvelous term for.