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Then the teacher addressed them thus: Well, boys and girls. Not only the academic year but a phase of your education has, also come to a close. Naturally, each one of you must be nurturing dreams about your future.

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Since there is no teaching today, shall we go through a different exercise? I want some of you to tell us what you propose to do after leaving school and what profession or career you hope you would like to take up later.


Now one by one. Some wanted to become doctors,, engineers, lawyers; others businessmen, industrialists, writers and so on. Only one student we shall call him Rohit was different in his response. He said: Sir, frankly my family finances are none too sound at the moment. So I would rather decide about my higher education and career only at the appropriate time. But, sir, one thing I am definite about.

I want to become as good a human being as possible. This aim does not depend upon anything or anybody except myself for its fulfilments. While Rohit spoke, there was mild laughter among some of his co-students. But the teacher had a surprise for them. He said: This is no laughing matter. I cannot but applaud and commend Rohit who has displayed not only an original but also a thoughtful reaction. He seems to have already given the matter the attention it deserves.

For success in any calling and in life in general, good character is the foundation on which all else is built. And for you students, this is the right time to begin paying serious attention to the subject. All of you should straightaway launch yourselves on a voyage of self-discovery and self-development.

Become not just good, but the best human beings. It is an end in itself. Nothing succeeds like success.

So here is wishing you all a bright future and all success in your endeavours. Only a fourth part, of knowledge does one gather from. A quarter the student acquires by self-effort. Another quarter he learns from his co-students. And the final quarter accrues in course of time making him fully knowledgeable.

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That is not to say that students learn little from educational institutions. There is no doubt that the knowledge acquired in the classroom is of considerable value. In olden days, in what was known as gurukula style of education, rishis sages who were gurus teachers used to take charge of small bands of students. The guru could watch them closely as they were staying in his household as members of a family. He used to teach them many things directly and indirectly and also correct them whenever necessary.

In short, he moulded their character and equipped them to face life as they grew up. Things are different today. The number of students in an average class is quite large and teachers generally teach different subjects. The teacher-pupil interaction has become marginal. The tests or exams are mostly academic. Due to the complexity of present-day living, not only academic, but also many other matters call for attention, acquaintance and even expertise in some field.

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Thus the need to equip oneself with all-round knowledge has increased considerably. In earlier times, classroom and books used to be the main source of knowledge, but today there are numerous avenues to acquire useful and often specialised knowledge. Besides books, television and computer have come to occupy a place in our lives.

Though students absorb knowledge to which they are exposed, there is risk of distraction. Student participation in extra curricular activities has also hit an all time high. This situation calls for discretion-, discrimination and balancing of serious and lighter aspects of life.

An ancient Sanskrit poet has aptly emphasised the need to discriminate what is important and relevant and what is not:. They garner little credibility in much of the media. A part of our journey through life is settling for temporary "maybe" answers about who we are and who we can become.

That's especially true when we need to face fundamental questions about how we can deal effectively with false assumptions about ourselves and the presumptions others may form about us because we don't quite fit accepted norms. Only two copies of this paperback are available on Amazon. Creative Commons content: cerebral-palsy-career-builders. Disability-focused career guidelines for coaching kids at every developmental stage.

You can freely and legally use, share and repurpose it for non-commercial purposes only, provided you attach this sentence and the following attribution to it including the two links : Originally written and illustrated by Jim Hasse , ABC, GCDF, owner of Hasse Communication Counseling, LLC, who, as a person with cerebral palsy, served for 10 years as a vice president in a Fortune company during his year career in corporate communication. I'm a business communicator and career development facilitator. Recent Articles.