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His story on a black man unjustly convicted of assaulting his white girlfriend was the subject of a stories in the national media, including a one hour special on Court TV. This is one of Mr Flaherty's documents about so many race riots involving violence, vandalism, and mob beatings of non-blacks. An interesting and powerful book by a great American writer not afraid to look at one of the most thought about but unspoken features of American life. Flaherty also exposed how media, local police, and politicians refused to talk about the racial aspect of the incidents.

The ebook has many clickable links for video and photo which makes it really interesting. July 14, at AM. Post a Comment. Popular posts from this blog Review of City of the Dead June 22, City of the Dead , by Daniel Blake The book begins with a tsunami where Franco Patrese escapes with his life, but his girlfriend doesn't. He is caught up in the investigation of unusual and gory murders involving the amputation of a leg and an axe in the middle of the forehead. Many threads are woven through this sometimes wild and adventurous thriller--threads that at times become what seem to be hopelessly tangled.

Much is revealed about New Orleans politics and the mysticism of the city itself as the story moves along at a breath-taking pace. The climax and solution to the mysteries coincides with Hurricane Katrina with conclusions that have a strong element of truth. Highly recommended to those who like excitement on nearly every page and don't mind a bit of gore.

Marilyn This books was sent to me by Simon and Schuster. Read more. January 04, Robert's website is www. November 16, Sierra Mountain Village is a fictional town where things out of the ordinary happen. Co-Orch proudly announces another evening of eclectic and vibrant classical music. As always, Co-Orch will take on daring and rarely performed classical works. We all love a good feisty discussion; arguing, listening and occasionally learning. The 6 members of the First Thursday Book Club are no different. In the echoing confines of a Victorian mental asylum an incarcerated man struggles to convince a watching gaggle of doctors of the extraordinary truth of an immortal shape-shifter — more monster than man — who lives through the consumption of human blood.

As he desperately strives to piece his fragmented mind and rememberings together and make sense of the unthinkable horrors that befell him and his missing comrades, he comes to realise that he is fighting not just for his sanity, but his very living soul…. A God-fearing comedy set in Ireland about secrets ; the kind we live with and the kind we keep in a box, about love and betrayal, about demented fathers and missing mothers. Galway-based company Fregoli Theatre are champions of new Irish writing, giving a voice to an Ireland that is often silent and unheard.

In this presentation composer Brian Keegan takes us through some of his work for film. He shows how musical responses arise from ideas and emotions that are present in a film. He looks at film composition as an act of translation that takes the intentions of the director as they occur in the film and reimagines them through the medium of music. During the presentation Brian will work through the creative process that results in finished music cues in a number of genres including action, horror, sci-fi and documentary.

Four women, four temperaments, four very different experiences of pregnancy and motherhood. This original work explores how our personal natures affect how we experience life and change. Raw and emotive, Mothers Nature invites you into the lives and minds of four very different women. Each embodies one of the classic Greek temperaments: Melancholic sad , Choleric angry , Phlegmatic calm , Sanguine happy.

An older mother, a younger mother, planned and unplanned motherhood, their experiences are transformative and they are ready to be heard. A group of nuns become the catalyst for institutional change, but will they transform forever the Church they love and have loyally served? Footloose from a glittering turn on Dancing with the Stars and revelling in her return to stand-up, Deirdre has really hit her stride. Cikada Two acrobats create a world between the harmonious and the absurd. In this world, lines are blurred between human and nature. Ali Stanger and Henrik Gard create a mutual acrobatic language of finesse and honesty.

A fun, thoughtful and humorous display of rich imagery and dynamic riveting movement. SPIT Push hard, stand up, and spit back. Stop being hijacked by the consumer culture, by spectacle, by tits and teeth and nipple tassels. This show is a celebration of the fierce and wild.

Brutality balanced by beauty. Circus that challenges set ideas of gender stereotypes and female expectations in society. A political and evocative one-woman circus. Over one long weekend, they are forced to make a choice that will affect their lives forever. This laugh-out-loud dark comedy asks: how far are you willing to go for your family? At Peafield Hospital for the Elderly, staff enjoy a slower pace of life than that of their bed-ridden patients, but a surprise inspection from HIQA forces them to make like Nixon and sweat profusely while conducting a massive cover-up.

Criminal mastermind Toby, in for the day on community service, is happy to assist her in any way that allows him to smash shit up. With nothing left to lose, the pair are guaranteed success… or prison time. That bag of old coats you might need some day.

A disbelieving look at the weird ways we try and order our lives.

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Life is messy. After a vicious murder, one of them is out for blood. There will be vengeance. From the seriously funny Liam Heylin comes a new play about savage craic on the streets of Cork. A full-on force to be reckoned with. Marvel as they put themselves through the ringer with aerial stunts, high-octane voguing, explosive vocals and spoken word.

Sound good? Yeah, we thought so. Step inside the cage, the door is wide open…. Getting it wrong has never felt so right! DREAMGUN amuse and exasperate cinephiles in equal measure with their skewed, joke-stuffed and wholly unrehearsed takes on established cinematic favourites. A dressing room. Three women invite you in. A multifaceted performance about the Ireland we live in. About the Ireland we could live in. MeToo has happened. The game is changing, times are shifting and the masks are finally slipping. So where do we go from here? The jury is still out. About moving. Moving forward from past oppressions and microaggressions.

About looking back but never returning, arriving and trying to define the new. A surreal spectacle of beauty, bravery and brutality. A new rap musical following two young men whose views on women, drugs, and each other collide and shatter. Warning: this show may contain knitting and crochet. However, on the morning of its inaugural meeting a student is found shot dead on campus.

As Rich and his gormless band of misfits attempt to uncover the mystery surrounding the crime, truer and darker motivations begin to unravel. Could the killer be sitting among their very ranks? Is Rich too coked up to notice? An acerbic satire by Pea Dinneen. An Irishwoman, an Englishwoman and a Germanwoman walk into a bar. A hostel bar in Barcelona where a fight for Catalonian independence rages on the streets outside.

Aside from disrupted festival-going plans, all they hold in common is a fucker of a hangover. Trapped, the travellers rip stereotypes into confetti. Grab your passport for a buzzing trip of laughs through the past, present and future of three nations. The Diary Of Maynard Perdu is set in the fantastic, mirrored, burlesque world of the Spiegeltent where fantasy and delusion reign supreme. Written in by the Irish master of melodrama Dion Boucicault, the themes in this play still ring true — from vulture bankers, rising rents and homelessness, to Anglo-Irish relations and impending Brexit doom.

But can love conquer all? Is history always destined to repeat itself? This shockingly hilarious, brutally honest solo show covers decades of OCD and eating disorders, but with comedic perfection, it defies preconceived notions and connects performer and audience in the mutually experienced dilemma that is LIFE. In a strange city where everyone watches everyone else, strangers are never welcome. Two young visitors arrive in the city unaware that their long-lost twins already live there. We encourage you to attend wearing something inspired by your favourite legendary story or myth, or maybe something from your home!

Revenge started a gangland tragedy.

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Now only sacrifice can finish it. But the clocks ticking down to exam time! Will Chloe make the grade in time? School For Dinosaurs is a fun reptilian romp for the whole family! Imagine if you were told to pack a bag and leave your home forever and you had nowhere to go. Meet Johnny, the vulnerable yet tortured rogue who has lost everything and is about to face life on the streets.

A house party like any other, in a suburb like any other. Two very different strangers meet, each looking for a new start and to shake off the disappointments of the past. But champagne, cheap lager and their chance encounter leads this unlikely couple to an unplanned pregnancy. The festival has consistently delivered exciting, highly physical and uplifting performances from a selection of up-and-coming Irish and International Youth Dance Companies and each year programmes masterclasses, workshops, informal showings and outdoor performances.

A comedic romp into the world of fantasy role-playing games, She Kills Monsters tells the story of Agnes Evans as she leaves her childhood home following the death of her teenage sister, Tilly. Join us for an inspirational talk with Michelle McMacken to discuss holistic lifestyle medicine and promoting optimal wellness through plant-based nutrition. Prevent disease and thrive! Rich Roll is a number one best-selling author, wellness pioneer, podcast host and Top 25 fittest men on the planet. Roll also an amazing speaker with a grounded, authentic style, and the unique ability to educate, inspire, and leave audiences filled with the motivation to unlock and unleash their best, most authentic selves!

An idyllic new estate in a commuter town very convenient for the M50 and the direct train to Dublin is flipped on its head when divine forces begin to interfere. Eager to meddle in the affairs of the picture perfect couples in residence, one of the Gods has fallen to earth with her sights set on mischief making.

Instrumentalising Folk Song explores the idea of the musical setting of language in, perhaps, its purest humanistic form. The works presented use Irish folk song as a basis for three very different kinds of composition. In their small way, they are as perfect as the grandest masterpieces of musical art. The Rapture of Hugo Ball is a rollicking satire staged as an experimental radio comedy with hard hitting live music and sound effects created before your eyes by a multi-talented cast.

The story follows unknown Irish performance artist, Fergal Greene, as he struggles to gain recognition in a fickle contemporary Art world. This multi-layered work directed by David Francis Moore, featuring performances by spoken word artist Feli Speaks and composer Dan Reid, interweaves poetry, sound, installation, animation and the body to create a highly charged performance within a captivating sensorial space. In this comedy of manners, double-entendres and double-crossings, an Englishman, an Irishman, a Scotsman and a dandy, compete for the hand of a rich bachelorette.

But is she all she appears? An informal evening of entertainment from Mothers Artists Makers. With a variety of performances from Theatre, Music, Comedy, Spoken Word and More it promises to be a fantastic night out that will leave you inspired and entertained. Mothers Artists Makers MAM are a movement of professional, feminist theatre and arts practitioners who are mothers. It is said that love conquers all, but not without a few battles along the way! Rocket Octopus will endeavor to make you laugh and think by doing and saying things.

From a conventional Surrey upbringing to global notoriety via The Naked Civil Servant, Quentin Crisp was an extraordinary raconteur and wit, and one of the most memorable figures of the twentieth century. James Theatre, shows Quentin both in his beloved Chelsea flat in the s, and in his adopted New York, with the new millennium beckoning. Everybody Sings is a candid and poignant examination of the relationship between intimacy and ageing and was developed in collaboration with a group of older citizens whose stories and experiences are presented through music, film and live performance.

Meeting in an empty parking lot, the gang reconnect, reminisce and attempt to heal old wounds, but as the night goes on, things left unsaid for too long begin to resurface. This performance combines different styles of dance performed by MyArt students. Join six year old Lily as she packs up her favourite worldly possessions. Through the delicate intertwining of her memories, Lily explores the struggles that families face in moments of trauma and the fearless power of childhood innocence and imagination.

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Watch our wonder couple navigate through treacherous disruptions like your stepmam being a bollocks, your best friend being a dope, an uninspired future existence, kleptomania and deciding which boxset to watch next. Written by award-winning playwright Philip Doherty and performed by Rex Ryan. Dublin Fringe Best Actor nomination. Come and witness some of Irelands best and most powerful voices as they stand Together For Yes and raise funds for the campaign to repeal the eighth amendment.

These are our bodies, our choices and our voices. An odyssey of pain, blood, love and loss. An unreal journey through two disturbed minds, and the unfolding events leading up to the self crucifixion of their father in the front room. Enter the insane world of siblings Michael and Michelle.

Debris is a depraved vision of the world, seen through their eyes. Shay and Finn Guihen are 6 year old identical twins, born with Pfeiffer Syndrome Type III: a rare genetic disorder causing a number of very challenging and life limiting disabilities. Set against the backdrop of the cotton mills where these young people work, the play follows the lives of a few of the gang leaders; living, fighting and loving on the streets where they live. Leading to inevitable tragedy, these gang members are merely cogs in a wheel and so try to make their mark in other ways, marks that can still be felt in the Manchester of today.

Andy is as well known for his stand up comedy as his climbing, so lots of laughs guaranteed! Phonica is a series of events rooted in Word and Sound and with an emphasis on multiformity and the experimental. Conceived, programmed and hosted since early by Christodoulos Makris and Olesya Zdorovetska, Phonica aims to explore compositional and performative ideas and to encourage a melting pot of audiences and artists from across artforms.

Lysistrata is a comic anti-war masterpiece by Aristophanes. Lysistrata calls together the women of Greece and proposes that they all withhold marital relations from their menfolk until a peace treaty is signed. Niamh is on Mars and a member of Crew , on a long duration mission to investigate new ways of growing food in this arid foreign land.

As their 2 year mission comes to an end, one crucial experiment remains for Niamh. But will she overcome her personal struggles or put the whole crew and the mission in danger? Bump is a visceral and fast paced one-woman show exploring the journey from girl to womanhood. This innovative day brings together psychoanaytic theory and the theatre of Samuel Beckett to reflect on and discuss concepts such as madness, identity, creativity and the nature of love and its implications in creating a sense of self.

A black comedy about good people, none of whom are here. Personal Space tells three stories of mutual acquaintances who bring out the worst in each other. Sophie works in a shop. She suffers from an irrational fear of eggs. The Friday Night Effect combines compelling new writing with an edge-of-your-seat interactive experience.

At crucial turning points in the story, the fate of the characters will be in the hands of the audience, whose decisions will change their stories irrevocably. It explored stories of darkness, hope, confusion, humour, friendship, resilience and recovery. Most of us can name the great heroes of Irish legend, but what about the great heroines?

Women who fought as hard as their husbands and brothers and sons, who struggled under curses and captivity, who rebelled, who avenged their loved ones, and avenged themselves. Women who deserve to be remembered! Based on the popular world folklore tale. Lost, tired and out of their depth, brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm seek shelter in the woods from a bitter storm. Phythyon, Jr. Mayes -Warrior Class. The Crooked Path. Smith -Forever Burn Adrian J. Smith -Dying Embers P. Simmill -Darrienia Fantasy K. Courtland Shakespeare -The Perfect Round.

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The next generation. The new conquerors. From crusade to disaster. Historical saga Anthony A Roberts - War makes strange bedfellows. Historical World War 2. Smith- Baby Rocket Stephanie A. Tarrin P. Millar- Conall: Rinn-Iru L. Borg- Khamsin Historical Inge H. Borg- Sirocco Thriller Inge H. Miles Martin -Good Deeds J. Lane -I Am Vampire E.

Prather -The Gifts Linda S. Wendy L. Michael Fett - Child's Wrath B. May -Perfidy M. May - Inconspicuous M. May - Ensconced M. May - Purged J.

A Reunion of Secrets, Lies and...Murder (Maggie Flaherty Murder Mystery Series # 7)

Lakelett -Remember Me? Graff - The Golden Hour M. Graff - Death Unscripted M. Hard Fantasy Martin J. Lang -Look Ma! No Hands! Lang -Poet Loiterer D.

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Connor - Damaged! Gavazzoni- Lara's Journal Psychological erotic thriller E. Dean - Falling into Knight B. Whitman - Always Our Love G. Whitman - When Love Reveals short stories G.