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It aims rather to bring all Christians ultimately into its own true fold. That is the real sense of the sentiment ut unum sint; that they may all be one with us.

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  7. Primate's neglect is historians' cardinal error.

MY OWN scepticism in these matters is partly based on personal observation in the diocese of Cork over the decades. Up to, and indeed well after Vatican II, ecumenism was non-existent in Cork. Official Catholic attitudes being eloquently epitomised in in old Bishop Daniel Coholan's gruff reaction on being informed of his Protestant opposite number's demise: "Now he knows who's bishop of Cork.

Around the same time, the reverend Catholic chaplain at UCC advised the College officers that it was not permissible for them to attend the obsequies of a retired, and much respected, Protestant professor in St Finn Barre's Cathedral. They obediently put their backs to the railings outside while a handful of us dissidents imperilled our immortal souls by paying our Christian respects within the walls. Today, Bishop John Buckley, Lucey's successor, not only has preached in that same heretical building, but has sanctioned collections among the Catholic faithful for its refurbishment!

Why, I ask myself, did the Holy Spirit improbably dwell with me and the late Sean Casey in the s and only belatedly visit his professional representatives in the s? To adapt Seamus Mallon's witticism about the Belfast Agreement, ecumenism is a kind of spiritual Sunningdale for slow learners. Finally, as an ecclesiastical aficionado, I would love to be at the Consistory in Rome on February I suppose an invitation is out of the question, Your Eminence-to-be?

Philip Ryan Leinster House is easily one of the least diverse working environments in the entire country.

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The corridors of power are stuffed to the brim with white Irish people rubbing their chins Eoghan Harris As we approach the end of , I don't want to let the year die without marking the achievements of the eight men who negotiated the Good Friday Agreement 20 years ago. Dr Theresa Reidy President of Ireland is a pretty powerless position, but it is not wise to write it off as entirely ineffectual. Sign Up. No Cardinal error January 28 AM.

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From the Hansard archive. We do not want secret conclaves of political cardinals. I do not share the view of the orthodox, whether they are rabbis or bishops or cardinals.

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The cardinal's views on other matters did not cover him in glory. We all know that relationships at the level of archbishops, cardinals and moderators are good and friendly.

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It asserted that there were many things the Catholic Church held to be morally wrong but no one suggested they should be prohibited. Those insisting on seeing the issue purely in terms of the State enforcing, or not enforcing, Catholic moral teaching were "missing the point". The co-founder of the Association of Catholic Priests wondered — fairly — if the Taoiseach would have said such a thing about a Church of Ireland minister.

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'Bishop Basilius' escorted out of hall after cardinal error

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