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So make some acorn shaped crocheted potholders. Left-handed knitters need not worry about crocheting for we guide you the best for making a potholder. One can try these incredibly fantastic butterfly patterns while knitting a crocheted kitchen potholder. Bring in the festive season right into the kitchen with this beautiful coloring unique crochet potholder. Cuteness overloaded!

A crocheted bunny potholder is no less than a bunch of happiness for a newly married woman. One may wish to have this cute male-female bear potholder set adorably hanging at the kitchen corner. Just take some changing colored yarns, needles and you are set to make an easy cherry candy potholder.

One must not miss decorating the kitchen too for Christmas with these colorful jingle bell potholders! Get different patterns for circular potholders online and swap across for the best ones for an exclusive collection. Many households may love to have antique and vintage styled items for decoration. This potholder is a must for them. One can find the most extensive variety of fish patterns used for potholders. Have a colorful swamp of fishes in your kitchen.

Kids love Halloween costumes and funny faces. So knit this funny decorative crochet potholder for them. One can use these circle knitted potholders as handicraft items too for selling purpose among known people. Daisies are bliss! Why not crochet them for your potholders and you can feel your kitchen blossoming. Crocheting fish patterns for potholder knitting is fun! You can knit them in any size or color of your choice. Pumpkin patterned potholder is the cutest handmade thing on planet earth!

Make sure you have one in the kitchen. This pattern is also available for knitters.

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You can make them by using only a small amount of colorful yarn. Ladybugs are the prettiest and cutest patterns for any knit so you must make your potholder too in this. Read the methods and instructions for the best knitting patterns and you will be all set to create wonderful leaf crocheted potholders. Pink piggy patterns are so adorable that you must not forget to knit a little pig potholder for your kitchen. Explore your knitting skills more and more and you can easily make this beautiful vintage leafy potholder.

This Celtic rose pattern is nice for crocheting especially for a decorative potholder to restyle your kitchen. Ladybug patterns are favorites for all design lovers. Polkas of black on red crocheting make this truly fascinating. Crocheting can be done in various shapes, in animal forms too. These horse designs can be used in potholders. You must watch this piece of art- the crocheting and the use of colors perfectly blend to create a rich feel.

Go through the patterns available here for spiral potholders. Use of colorful yarns is a must for the charm. Make your kitchen wall look this fascinating with a set of three different colored spiral and crocheted potholders. Red potholders with coffee cups patterns are adorable ones to hang in the corner of your kitchen. December is around the corner! So one must knit these unique snowman potholders for the kitchen decoration.

Sunflower patterns are cute designs, especially in household decorations. So make some of these potholders. Knit a bunch of these fantastic potholders this Christmas season. Santa Claus patterns are the cutest of all. Floral potholders are always pretty. And if they are bright yellow sunflowers, then nothing like it! Santa potholders will be best as Christmas presents. So all the ladies buck up and get going for some cute crocheting. Granny stitches are so intricate in themselves.

If you knit afghan stitches on top of that, the potholders will look heavenly. Christmas tree patterns are most famous for the upcoming festive seasons. You must knit a tree potholder. Pineapple patterns are a must for knitters for they are exciting and fun to do. One must try these for once. African floral patterns have a rich, intricate design for the stitch works and minute crocheting. Your kitchen will naturally acquire a great look with this potholder both for its luxurious look and color combinations. One can add beads over the crocheting for eyes and nose to make an adorable watermelon doll potholder.

A sweet knitted cat faced potholder is what you need in your kitchen room to refresh the monotonous setting. Crochet a cute little gingerbread house and then you may use it as a potholder to enchant your kitchen area. Check out these patterns for making snowflake potholders.

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You just need red, white and green yarns and nothing else. Gingerbread houses are too adorable for anyone. Imagine how would potholders be if they are shaped as these houses. These bright red snowflake potholders make perfect gifts for any kitchen both for the decorative and functional purpose. We teach you the best ways to crochet any potholder. You need easy and accessible techniques for fast knitting.

Colorful puffy yarns may be used to make knitted potholders. But do not use dark colors as they may look dull. Potholders may have different patterns be it circles or diagonals, but the look is always appraising. It also, of course, includes the rest of the sandwich ingredients, including the lettuce crochet pattern.

Eggplant is a great food to eat, and it is a creative food to crochet. That perfect purple color makes it so much fun to work up in yarn. Little Wendy Crochet has created this felted amigurumi pattern called Aubergine for sale through Ravelry. This one can be used for decor or for children's food play sets.

Aubergine by Ravelry. It is often used to make cornmeal for use in items like tortillas. Indian Corn by Alicia Kachmar. Another great Thanksgiving decoration that is also a yummy vegetable is the pumpkin. We see people crocheting these all throughout the fall, especially around Halloween, and it's a food that can really inspire us in any season. Little Pumpkin by Petals to Picots. Another fall decor item that many people crochet is acorns. Although most people don't eat acorns, they can indeed be used as food. This free crochet pattern is for a purse that looks like an acorn.

Although we usually think of nuts as their own food category, they do fall into the fruit food group. Acorn by Roman Sock. Look at these cute little crochet carrots. They would make cute Easter accessories - earrings or gift bag tags or simply decor. These are so small that they make for terrific stash busting. Small Carrots by Moss Mountain. One cute idea for crochet food is to make yourself a fruit bowl for decoration.

This can be displayed on coffee tables or in the kitchen. You can make all of the fruit one type, such as the oranges displayed in this pattern by Tisha LeBreton, or you could make a bowl of all different types of fruits. Oranges by Tisha LeBreton.

22 Fruit and Vegetable Crochet Patterns

Add some more exotic fruits to your crochet fruit bowl with this free set of crochet fruit patterns designed by Patti of Dandelion Dreamers. This pattern, available through Ravelry, includes Hawaiian inspired fruits: mango, pineapple, papaya, coconut, and banana. This designer also has another set of crochet fruit patterns including apple, orange, strawberry, and plum.

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Hawaiian Fruit by Ravelry. The Hawaiian fruit set by Dandelion Dreamers has one version of a crochet banana, but there are lots of other versions out there including this free amigurumi pattern by Zan Crochet. This is a banana that is partially peeled. Banana by Zan Crochet. Crochet food doesn't have to look the way that the food looks in real life. Food can be the inspiration for a cute character as we see in this dancing chili pattern.

Dancing Chili by Moji-Moji Design. You can take any amigurumi crochet food pattern and add a face, or even just eyes, to make it a cute little character. Check out how that was done in this adorable free crochet pear pattern by Mohu Blog.

100 Free Crochet Patterns That Are Perfect For Beginners

It's also neat to see how this uses some non-traditional colors to make the crochet food just a little bit more fun. This is great for play or for decorating. Pears by Mohu Blog. Add googly eyes to your crochet food to give them a different bit of style.

That's what Made Out Of Things has done on this free crochet pattern to make Brussels sprouts more fun to play with. This is a great pattern to encourage kids to try eating healthy vegetables. This is another terrific example of a cute crochet food character. You could leave the face off to make a regular lemon and add it to your crochet fruit bowl. Or you could make it in green yarn for a crochet lime. This free pattern is from Amigurumi Food, which is obviously a great resource for food crochet patterns. Lemon by Amigurumi Food. Twinkie Chan is one of the best food crochet designers. She takes food as the inspiration for accessories, home decor, and more.

Through CreativeBug, Twinkie offers a class to teach you how to crochet amigurumi fruits and vegetables including unique foods like radishes and potatoes. Radishes and More by Creative Bug.

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Fruit Crochet Coasters Free Pattern. Watermelon Crochet Coasters Free Pattern. Watermelon is such a yummy choice and a popular item to crochet during the summer months!

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Apple Potholder Free Crochet Pattern. Amigurumi Apple Free Crochet Pattern. Continue to 5 of 22 below. Amigurumi Strawberry Free Crochet Pattern. Fruit Crochet Patterns. Bunch of Grapes Free Crochet Pattern.