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These were suggested for serving, not baking. In the s instructions for baking cup cakes baked in paper cases were promoted by popular home economists. Several US patents for paper baking cases of various sizes and designs were issued in this decade. We have not researched patents issued by other countries download. I would love to see the owners take a chill pill and fix things. If I hadn't seen the way they treated customers on the show, I would have felt sorrier for them. They looked quite rundown by all the attention.

To the reviewers who keep leaving 1 star reviews without having visited the place, stop. Go try it; then let your Yelp review do the talking. Scarcely bustier cake pictures much but they fired a broadside damns them amitriptyline for anxiety, depression and sleep the.

Interesting historical cake connection… thanks for the recipe! It seems like it might be a little less nerve wracking than adding them to the pot directly. I apologize though if I missed it! And it worked! And I basically left it there. I am so happy to see this recipe. I went to Russia last year for the first time and once I discovered this cake I just had to have it everyday, sometimes twice.

It was 2 weeks of honey heaven! Thank you!!! I am Russian myself, and got so tempted to dive in and attempt making this cake.. Anyways, your cake looks amazing! Lovely cake, brava! I bet it will work just fine, if not better. Ok so I just realized that I only put the 3 cups of flour in. Update : cake is delicious but looks homely. My layers shifted a bit overnight so they look sloppy. I had the sweetest Russian neighbor bring me one of these as a gift when I had my last baby nine years ago.

I still remember how delicious it was! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. Deb — love your recipes! I made this cake over the weekend and it came out fantastic.

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I am very Russian so is my mother who is currently away and was very upset this cake was made without her presence. That said, even if you use more and the layers are more cracker-like when baked, it should be about the same once it softens. Glad it was a hit. It was very sticky you could probably equate it to muffin batter , so definitely needed more flour to get it to where it could be rolled out.

You can add some mascarpone or cream cheese to the sour cream in your frosting to make it thicker which is what I did when I made this cake about a month ago. But I used caster sugar instead of condensed milk to sweeten my frosting. And since the taste of the filling is much less sour when substituting mascarpone for some of the sour cream, while there supposed to be a contrast between the sweetness of the cake layers and the sourness of the filling, i spread a thin layer of a very sour fruit preserve sea buckthorn in my case, but you can use blackcurrent, for example on every second layer of the cake under the sour cream filling.

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That is also done in Russia sometimes, like the addition of walnuts between the layers. But something about the fact that this was supposed to be messy made me braver—and the cake turned out wonderfully. This is actually my first comment here because I wanted to help others be bold. I only had whole wheat pastry flour and white whole wheat in my pantry to choose from and opted for a fully whole wheat pastry swap for the APF in the recipe and the cookiecakes turned out great.

I had trouble rolling them out to an even thickness and only got them to about 8. I had my husband pour in the eggs while I whisked like crazy and that helped us avoid the scrambled egg fear. I took the advice of a commenter and used 32 oz of full fat Greek yogurt mixed with the 14 oz sweetened condensed milk in the recipe and it was a bit thicker than the photos here and maybe?

It was definitely delicious. But I think maybe using a plate that had a slight depression in the center it actually helped keep the layers in place during assembly and refrigeration? Some of my cookies were a bit thicker in some areas combination of uneven rolling and a really old possibly slanty oven rack but I just sort of arranged them so that the thick part of one was layered next to the thin part of the next layer, etc etc. Once they were covered in frosting, no one could tell the difference.

I read through the recipe again and through all the comments which mentioned the science experiment with baking soda and realized my error. I overlooked the baking soda entirely. I see that one commenter went ahead with the cake without the baking soda and it turned out okay, but since I realized it before frosting it, I decided to start again and keep the first round as cookies or an experiment for another day. Huge difference. There was much more batter and I was able to get 8. Now it looks much more like your pretty pictures. I think the baking soda does make a pretty big difference, if only in expanding the amount of dough, and it was actually such a fun step my 12 year old loved this part of it!

Oh, and I should also say thank you, Deb, for all the wonderful recipes you have posted over the years. We all think you are amazing around here. How can I share a picture of my finished cake? Okay, I finally figured out how to share my photos! There are pictures of our finally successful honey cake second attempt!

And these are only the ones I bothered to snap pictures of before we devoured it! I have eaten this cake with the condensed milk filling several times. As a self confessed chocoholic who usually turns her nose up at anything non chocolate, I am sure I could eat a whole cake of this by myself. The melt in your mouth slight honey, rich, creamy flavour is lovely.

Yet to make it as I probably would not share this with anyone. Such cultural diversity, and traditional ownership of names, ingredients and methods. Made this yesterday. The differences in product between versions of sour cream and condensed milk are obviously enormous. Mine were purchased in London England, standard supermarket versions.

Did you buy standard supermarket versions? Hmm, Sherlock and Watson need to get onto this straightaway! But I bet if you made enough frosting to put a full cup on each layer, it would work out well. I tried the saran wrap thing that someone suggested and it made things VERY neat. I also cut my parchment paper into a snowflake. Though, when paired with a nice tea, it makes a great afternoon treat or decadent breakfast!!!! I made this last night and the dough was way too sticky to work with.

I had to add a ton of flour which effected the flavor, and I lost some dough in the process stuck to the counter and bowl so it was a small cake. Did you not roll it between parchment sheets? Makes it much easier, basically a non-issue. Thanks for the response! I did roll it between parchment, and it stuck to it!

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Even after dusting it with flour. There was no way I could lift it off the parchment in one piece. I found if I flipped them over when they were baked, I could peel the paper off very carefully. I grew up with this cake and the recipe is great, thank you. Sorry, I searched the comments and somebody already asked this question.

I did temper in the eggs and it worked just as one would expect — made the whole process less heart stopping and probably faster. Australian chiming in here: this was a complete disaster! Must be our sour cream is not as thick. A day later and it just flows right off the top still. The whole thing just kind of resembles a soggy biscuit surrounded by a sea of sweet sour cream. Oops at least Mum will find it hilarious her birthday cake. Yes Jess, mine was the same! Made it in the UK, thought the same re relative runniness of sour cream here compared to the US.

Hey ho. Just a thought, when I have made salad dressings with sour cream and milk as the base, I have found that it always thickens in the fridge. Quick question — what fat content is the sour cream you used? Or more like creme fraiche? My impression from the comments is that Russian sour cream is much thicker — I suspect closer to creme fraiche. Just read this after posting my comment.

I wonder if different brands also have different moisture content, accounting for the variability. Mine was really thick, like a Greek Yogurt consistency. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I made this for my office in Russian Studies! It was like a magic trick- despite my doubts eggs into hot caramel?! Not enough glooped out to cover the sides and top, so I ended up making another half batch.

Other than that, it all came out just right! The consensus among people who were familiar with the dish was that the flavor was just right, but the texture was slightly different than they remembered but better- less dry. One person, who grew up in the region eating honey cake she was team smetannik said it was the best she ever had, and I basically died of joy. Thank you, Deb! And yes, I won the cookoff. Just made this and it turned out beautifully although not quite as pretty as yours, Deb!

Lazy Cakery - Easy Icebox Cakes for All Occasions by Cooking Penguin (2013, Paperback)

I am in the US and found the consistency of the filling to be as described in the recipe. I also came up short with the icing and made a supplemental batch the next day using an 8 oz container of sour cream and g of condensed milk. Needless to say, this will be our Christmas dessert!! Few things: 1.

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When I added the baking soda the whole consistency of the butter sugar and honey mix fluffed up and changed. Was it supposed to do that?! I only was able to make about 7 in circles. Did I maybe not roll it flat enough?? Just wondering if I did something wrong! I made this cake today. I used just 24 oz of sour cream but still used the full 14 oz can of condensed milk and felt like the icing had good consistency. I cannot wait to taste it tomorrow! I plan to make a snowflake stencil when doing the crumb topping. I started this cake yesterday making the cookie layers. But it still tasted yummy and the friends I shared it with all said it was great My kids, however, were not fans — it was not sweet enough!!

But it was refreshing to have a not overly sweet dessert to eat. Maybe someone else will have something else to say, but i think it should be fine as i had same experience and it seemed to taste fine. I wish i had added more cream between my layers, but it was ok and think turned out how it was supposed to. Thanks for chiming in. I made this for a post-Christmas family get-together.

The recipe she uses has next to no instructions, so I went with yours, hoping it would turn out OK. I had no idea what to expect, as I have never had honey cake. I loved it, and everyone else seemed to as well. Thanks so much for the recipe! I should add that it travels well. I kept it refrigerated for three days, then put it in a Wilton cake saver and took it on a four hour train ride to Toronto.

It then sat outside on a cold porch for a few hours, as there was no room in their fridge for the cake saver. Great cake! Will definitely make it again. I finally got a chance to make this cake and it turned out fantastic. Just wanted to add a few details that may be helpful to others. It was really easy to work with. Thank you for the wonderful recipe. It was perfect and really easy to follow.

Made this and loved it! The recipe is quite simple and easy to follow, but definitely messy in the middle…I was glad to have some wooden skewers on hand to hold the layers in place, and would recommend them to anyone else planning to make it. And the flavor!! Mild, but so complex. Thanks for doing the research to bring this recipe to us! I loved making this cake. From watching the sugar and honey mixture turn a deeper brown after adding the baking soda, to rolling out the dough and stacking the layers, it was all a treat.

I built the layers in the pan, keeping the 2 cups filling in reserve. After mellowing in the fridge, I removed it from the pan and plastic wrapped and transferred it to a parchment decked as per Deb plate. It was then iced with the reserved filling and tucked back in the fridge. It turned out perfectly. My guests loved it, thank you. I made this back in October for Canadian Thanksgiving, following the recipe pretty carefully and it turned out perfectly! I fell completely in love with how light this cake turned out to be.

Not too sweet or too heavy after a big meal. Thanks for the recipe. Just out of curiosity, have you experimented with a springform pan with a glass bottom for the assembly stage? I imagine it would make a smaller mess if it stayed all together? I made the filling with about 6 cups of Daisy sour cream, 8 oz whipped heavy cream and almost a full cup of powdered sugar instead of the condensed milk plus grated lemon zest for extra zing. Oh, and one layer was bitter orange marmalade topped with minced walnuts — yum-o!

I am so excited to see this recipe! I ate my weight in it when I was in Prague, where they refer to it as marlenka. Looking forward to giving it a go. This looks soo good! Thank you very much for sharing! I just have to try this recipe out at some point!

Does it matter if you just use normal paper or so To make the shape on top or is it best with parchment paper? What is your opinion? Thank you SO much for sharing your Medovik recipe! I saw it pop up on FB back in the fall, but only got around to making it tonight. Medovik takes me right back to my childhood in Kiev. Your version is absolutely fabulous! My son is Ukranian and bringing some of the flavors from that region would be wonderful.

It was driving me crazy. This cake is so hot right now. I am very excited to try this cake. I have a question about adjusting it, though. If I wanted to do the same, could I just omit a bit of the flour and add in cocoa powder? What do you think? I would love to make this. Any chance you could upload a video of the process. Or perhaps has anyone seen a video that does this recipe justice? I have accepted your challenge, and made a cake using your recipe! I thought I would share my result.

It was fantastic, thank you for your hard work and research. I topped mine with wild maine blueberry jam, as I am fond of blueberry and honey together. It was lovely, but I think next time I would add a layer of the blueberry jam inside, or maybe top it with the jam like you would top a cheesecake.

Firstly, greetings from across the pond and a big thank you for this recipe and all the research that went in to it! It tasted great so no issues there. It baked as expected too. Ours is a little too runny for this! Creme Fraiche is still a soured cream. I think adding icing sugar to thicken it folding in some pre-whipped whipping cream would help sure it up.

Either or to suit your pallet! As my frosting was too thin, I had lots left over in a jar which I used to serve it with instead. It did however soak in well and there was at least some layering to be seen. Thanks again! Thanks Steve! What an awesome post. In Australia we have something made in a similar way to your recipe, but with a chocolate flavour.

Once assembled, you leave it for 12 hours and the whole thing soaks up the turns into a fabulous cake! Are you supposed to add flour to the rolling pin? Rolling out the dough could use a little more clarification at least for me. Thank you Deb for yet another fantastic recipe! I just made it for the second time and allowed myself some liberty by adding some very thick greek yougurt and some mascarpone to the cream, which luckily enabled me to stack more creamy goodness between the layers.

The only problem is, nothing stands between me and the fridge ;. After rolling out the second round, I was cursing you, me, and my feeble arms. I then remembered I had a tortilla press.

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Someone suggested assembling it in a spring form pan lined with plastic wrap to force the filling to not be a jerk and run all over. It is genius. I also added lemon zest and vanilla to the icing mixture. It tastes like cheesecake batter. Cannot wait til tomorrow! Russian sour cream has a much higher fat content, so when you whip it for the cake filling it is much thicker and creamier and less runny. Just more stressful to assemble. Really easy to make, it just took a day to prep.

Everyone loved this cake and I would make it again! Just wanted you to know that this recipe won an award at a dessert competition I just took part in! I LOVE your blog. Thank you for all you do and share! Great recipe. My cake was not as pretty on the sides, but tasted wonderful. Everyone loved it. I did not use a big enough pan, so the boil after baking soda overflowed.

I was able to make only 7 layers, but rolling them out was not too difficult. My construction with the filling was sloppy, but I did my best to keep the layers together under Saran Wrap and also stenciled 72 on it for a birthday. The filling and the layers were ok. I was a little skeptical, but when they came together after 24 hrs, this was awesome. Overall, I am very happy that I tried this and ended up with a delightful dessert. Easy to follow recipe for a very impressive looking and tasting cake.

Not too sweet, and definitely authentic. Thank you so much for posting! I spent like 20 minutes Googling recipes after I read your comment. These cakes look so cool, thank you for sharing. They add crunch and provide structure between the layers to prevent the filling oozing out. I chose to make this cake for my birthday after showing this recipe to a Ukrainian friend. Also, it seems to be missing the walnuts. After forgetting the walnuts on the first two layers, then remembering them for the rest of the layers, I found the walnuts add a very important structural component.

Because they were roughly chopped, they acted like pillars in a building and held up the layers so the weight of the cake was not on the filling, squishing it out. For the bottom layers without walnuts, the filling oozed out and those layers merged and tasted drier than the other layers. I liked the walnut layers better, but would spread the filling to the edge next time if using them.

I have made this delicious and wonderful cake twice and have enjoyed it each time! Is this plausible, or am I putting this cake together wrong? I found the dough to be super soft and sticky almost like a thick cake mixture rather than a bread dough. I used the weight measurements for the ingredients rather than the cups so not sure if that made a difference. I dumped a heap of flour in to make it roll out. It seems to have worked ok though I have yet to taste it!

Hi, I dont usually comment but thid cake actually made me comment, I would give 5 stars to this, okay one of my classmates got this when I had this I felt I never had anything as amazing as this I tried to know the recipe but she said its difficult to make and never shared it lol.. I read all the comments here before baking my cake and I wanted to share what worked for me after reading through them all: 1. This worked really well! My dough was very sticky and it was hard to pull off the top parchment, especially at the beginning when the dough was still hot.

It worked best when I folded the top piece all the way back so it was parallel with the cake layer, then pulled horizontally. I was worried about the frosting, but mine barely leaked at all! I made this cake and it turned out great! I had to add a little extra flour, but I think it happens with most recipes?

I am just a beginner at baking, so perhaps it was just me haha. My Slavic friends loved it and so did I. After 4 days there is still some sitting in the fridge :D Here are two pics of the finished product. The layers are not perfect but I tried! View post on imgur. I had this cake twice: once from a store yucky and dry and the 2nd time homemade. The homemade cake was so absolutely gorgeous that I nearly fainted. Thank you for doing so much research to create this cake. This cake will be the perfect accompaniment. In a large saucepan over medium heat, combine sweetened condensed milk, eggs, honey, and butter.

Stirring constantly, bring to a boil; boil until the mixture thickens. I am planning to make this for Rosh Hashanah this year. Sooo good! What if I layer the cake with that instead? And sweeten the cream with honey? We need to make this easier. Also did you see the one pastrywithJenn just posted on her IG? That cream looked thick and delicious. I just checked out the one you mentioned. I think we might see it in a cookbook soon.

Just wanted to add that I made this cake for Rosh Hashanah this year and it was a big hit, especially with my Russian-ish husband. I followed the recipe exactly except I did whip the Daisy brand sour cream which worked perfectly — no overly drippy cake. Thanks for a great recipe! At least in Lithuania anyway.

And the bake always rises no problem. I attempted this today and it was a disaster all my fault! So, I decided to just use Cookie cutters and just make graham-y cookies for my kids and give up on the cake. Then, I remembered your icebox cake recipe, and decided perhaps I could somehow make this one work like that. And now, my butterfly-shaped cookies are layered in a springform with the frosting. Thank you Deb! This cake is a winner! Especially the children loved it!

Yes, it is messy to make, but the instructions to use torn parchment papers around the stack of layers makes a neat final plate easy. Also, cutting two triangles and placing them on top in the Star of David shape made the crumbed decoration look extra special! The SCM recipe can be made with any sweetener; I used granulated cane sugar.

I will repeat this for Rose Hashanah and the kids will be thrilled! This was lovely and not terribly difficult to make. I will definitely make this again! Hello Deb, I was wondering if you knew about this trick — you can whip sour cream by itself to the consistency of whipped cream, then add sweetened condensed milk it will get thinner , and whip some more to bring it back to the fluffy cloud. And not all brands will whip. Knudsen will not whip at all. The filling you get is the consistency of the whipped cream and does not run off. I think as long as you have the right amount of cream, it will absorb either way.

It got much easier to work with as it cooled, and came out to about 60g of dough per 6 inch cookie. I used the overlaid saran wrap trick I read in one of the comments and it worked wonders. Once the cake set in the fridge overnight, it was easy to lift off of the saran wrap and transfer to its proper plate. For a more even crumb coating, I found that I could delicately press them into the sides and top with my finger without disturbing the frosting.

Years ago a friend, who was from Baku, Azerbijan, brought this cake to work. Her mother had made it. No work got done for days as we visited and revisited that cake. Thank you so much for this recipe. I cannot wait to try it. This is the best thing I read this week.. Thankfully, yours came in and it saved me a lot of hassle. What do you suggest I do? Or add a thick layer of frosting to cover all the imperfections? The problem is that the frosting is quite runny, so it will never hold a straight side anyway… Ugh! Though I AM using pastry cream instead of the sour cream and sugar frosting.

For some reason I ended up needing way more flour than called for. I was using Ferris farms pastry flour and I think I ended up needing around cups of flour to get the dough to the right consistency which was frustrating. But it ended up turning out in the end, now I just have extra dough for the next one.

I also used a springform pan which worked great to keep everything contained. Your husand will tell you how to pronounce it. I have no idea ow i should spell it in Enflish. It tastes good under each name. Your instructions were a great help. And it would be a little easier to handle the dough. My rounds were not so round, but I was able to trim the cake as it softened. Also dividing the dough into 8 parts: about grams each. I loved stenciling part.

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  • I just made this cake a second time today: it is chilling currently. My youngest asked for it for her 21st birthday tomorrow. I used a Danish Dough Whisk brotformdotcom fr Amazon instead of a spoon to incorporate the flour. It was easy — this dough whisk is amazing for yeast doughs and, it turns out, heavy cookie dough. I cooked the honey butter sugar mixture longer since I was using raw honey. It got to a lovely reddish brown and smelled perfect. Used 3 bamboo skewers to keep the layers in place — after I added the icing. A two person job — one holds the layers firmly, the other places the skewers.

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    Thanks Deb, for the research and recipe. My family and I enjoyed this cake last night. It was tasty and had everyone mmmming and aaahing from the first bite. Raspberry Walnut Torte This cake is truly a masterpiece. To make it easier, bake the cake layers on one day, then fill and frost it the next.

    Or you can make it into a two-layer cake with my tips. You really should have this cake once in a lifetime! Chocolate Oatmeal Cake This fabulous recipe is my invention. I was looking for a chocolate version of Lazy Daisy Cake with the broiled frosting and couldn't find one.

    This is my husband's favorite cake now. Chocolate Macaroon Bundt Cake I doubled the filling in this recipe and added more chocolate to give it a deeper, richer flavor. It's amazingly delicious for such an easy cake. Updated Tunnel of Fudge Cake This cake is simply incredible. Make sure to follow the directions carefully and never omit the nuts, as they're important to the structure. Peanut Squares This fabulous recipe comes from my maternal grandmother Matha.