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This book shows you how to make your own wind speed meter. Oceanic whitetip sharks are unique for their long, whitetipped fins and their fierce hunting skills. Find out what makes this shark such a bold predator. Platypuses live only in Australia. Learn all about these unusual, duck billed divers and their habitats in Platypuses. Bring augmented reality to your students Sand tiger sharks are unique for their jagged teeth and ability to swallow air to help them float underwater. Find out why these slow-moving sharks are not as Thresher sharks are unique for their extra long tail fin that they use to hunt their prey.

Find out the stunning way this shark's tail helps catch its meal. The process of a new life starting is fascinating! Watch an apple tree grow from a seed to a fruit-bearing tree. Young readers will learn about the stages in Watch a bean grow from a seed to a plant. Young readers will learn about the stages in a bean's life. Watch a butterfly grow from an egg to an insect. Young readers will learn about the stages in a butterfly's There's more to an eclipse than meets the eye! Simple text introduces readers to solar and lunar eclipses. Includes information about why eclipses occur, how Whether you're watching a sunflower seed sprout or a butterfly's wings unfold for the first time, every stage in a plant or animal's life cycle is important.

Watch a frog grow from an egg to a hopping amphibian. Young readers will learn about the stages in a frog's Do you love playing tricks on your friends? This book shows you how to bewilder your friends with a mystery smelly balloon! Using simple materials and easy The bright, colorful northern lights are magnificent, but there's more to them than meets the eye! Simple text introduces readers to northern lights. Shooting stars are amazing, bright streaks of light, but there's more to them than meets the eye! Simple text introduces readers to the science behind shooting Watch a sunflower grow from a seed to a tall plant.

Young readers will learn about the stages in a Watch a turtle grow from an egg to a shelled reptile. Alpacas have important roles to play out on the farm. With bold, full-color photos and simple, yet engaging text, readers are introduced to these woolly Simple text and bright photographs explain the concept of animal group behavior for beginning readers.

The book concludes with a simple, kid-friendly activity. Gray squirrels leap from high heights to move from tree to tree. Discover these delightful rodents' life cycle and lifestyle in the woods. Black bear claws latch onto bark as they climb up trees. Find out these beautiful bears' life cycle, diet, and habits in their woodland home. Select the product information you'd like to include in your Excel file and click [Export to Excel]. Please login to add to cart. Capstone Library librarians teachers parents Advanced.

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Media Inquiries. Customer Service International Sales Managers. International Rights Sales. Distributors and Territories. Pebble Plus. You have not viewed any products recently. You've selected:. Guided Reading Level Clear. Format Type Clear. Search Within Results. Keywords: juvenile, picture book, children, Africa, folklore. Naden; illustrated by Bert Dodson. Slim softcover book published by Troll Associates. Tells the tall tales of the legendary as opposed to the possibly real railroad worker John Henry and how he beat the steam drill in a race.

Hardcover with dustjacket published by Margaret K. McElderry Books. Gorgeous illustrations in the style of classical Greek vase paintings, and lavished with gold; includes 4-page foldout. In return for helping him one day, a satyr grants the king his dearest wish — all that he touches will turn to gold. For a time, the king enjoys his gift. But then the food he puts to his mouth turns to gold so he cannot eat.

And the horse he mounts turns to gold so he cannot ride. And everyone he touches turns to gold so he no longer has any family or friends. Sparkling with the colors of the Aegean Sea and with the splendor of gold, this elegant and humorous retelling of an ancient myth will be cherished by readers of all ages. Keywords: children, juvenile, picture book, mythology, myth, ancient, Grecian. Hardcover published by British Museum Press. Retelling of traditional tales in which the boy Stone Turtle uses creation myths and tales of Aztec gods to distract his younger brother, Two Rabbit Leaping Frog, in order to keep him out of trouble.

Includes stories about the founding of the city of Tenochtitlan; the creation and destruction of the first four suns; the creation of human beings; how maize was found; how music was brought to the world; the creation of the sun and moon; and the discovery of chocolate. Set in the early s, when Spaniards and Aztecs were encountering one another for the first time, this book includes photos of Aztec artwork and artifacts, such as illustrations from the Codex Mendoza.

Keywords: folklore, mythology, juvenile, Pre-Columbian, Mexico.

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Legends of the Rhine , by Wilhelm Ruland. Small hardcover with dustjacket, 3rd edition published by Stollfuss Verlag, Bonn. No date stated; circa s?. Also known as The Finest Legends of the Rhine. Keywords: Germany, legend, legendary, folklore, folk tale, fairy tale. Otto Siebold. Designed by Spiegelman and Chip Kidd.

Best books Panda: Picture Book (Educational Children s Books Collection) - Level 2 (Planet

This is a sensational introduction to traditional literature for a visually sophisticated generation. It will live happily ever after in the hands of readers everywhere. Keywords: juvenile, children, picture book, comix. Hardcover published by Hart Publishing Co. The Sunrise Library series. Simple, clear-cut language enhances these beloved favorites. Keywords: juvenile, fairytales, folklore, mythology, ancient, Greece, heroes, gods, goddesses, monsters, classical. Hardcover published by Creative Education. Keywords: Iceland, fairytale, folk tale, folklore, juvenile, princess, Ingiborg, giant.

No date stated; circa s. Keywords: religion, sacred, folklore, folk tale, legend, mythology, Buddhism, Buddhist, Bodhisatva. Hardcover with dustjacket published by Atheneum. Lively artwork in purple, gold, and turquoise. Keywords: juvenile, children, myth, mythology, folklore. If you are interested in more particulars about any of our featured books, search our store at BrainiacBooks.

Add to Technorati Favorites. Brainiac Books regularly stocks a good selection of vintage and used educational books for children on the subjects of Nature, ecology, and the environment. This slideshow requires JavaScript. Are Those Animals Real? Hardcover with dustjacket Morrow. Foreword by Ralph J. A behind-the-scenes introduction to the methods and materials museum artists use to prepare animals for display in dioramas and exhibits.

Keywords: zoological, specimens, models, taxidermy, collection, preservation, design, building, construction, sculpt, sculptor, casting, molds, paint, painter, realistic, scenes, wild, natural, history, habitat, exhibition, career, juvenile. Superclean; no marks; pages bright; binding tight; never used. Unusual accordion foldout format ca.

Great color photos and fun facts. Glorious images unfold to chronicle the life of the butterfly from the caterpillar to the beautiful winged creature. Hang by a string for a mobile or stretch out to create an interactive sculpture. Keywords: science, juvenile, Butterfly Mobile. Boxed inserts with additional facts are scattered throughout. Included at the end of [the] book is an identification chart portraying representative species drawn to scale colored dots indicate world distribution and a simple cut-and-paste craft project….

Keywords: juvenile, children, educational, science, reptile, crocodilian, natural history. Softcover coloring book Spizzirri Publishing. Wonderfully detailed full-page drawings show dolphins swimming, diving, leaping, etc. Facing each drawing is a full page of information about that particular kind of dolphin, including its coloration. Keywords: juvenile, color, marine, mammal, underwater, ocean, sea, animal, science.

“When Dick and Fannie became Rick and Frannie” – Guest Post! | FreeRangeKids

Hardcover Creative Editions. Keywords: juvenile, science, biology, ecology, nature, worm, garden, gardening, children, child, picture book, educational. Glorious images unfold to reveal the mysterious, fascinating world of mineralogy. Keywords: precious stones, science, juvenile, Gem and Mineral Mobile.

Softcover with stapled binding published by St. Undated; circa Cover art by H. Instructional unit workbook that discusses the ecology of estuaries in general and the Indian River Lagoon in particular. Includes fill in the blank, cut-outs for diorama, make a paper food chain, checklist for field visit, etc. Keywords: children, juvenile, educational, science, biology, earth science, ecosystem, habitat, shore, conservation, aquatic preserve.

For children in grades ca. Images of insects taken through the microscope or by macro-lens photography reveal the various body systems, structures, and aspects of insects, in all their complexity and beauty. Keywords: juvenile, children, educational, science, bugs, microscopy, microphotography, entomology. Attractive book notable for its layout and clear illustrations.

FAVORITE BOOK Antarctica: Picture Book (Educational Children s Books Collection) - Level 2

Keywords: juvenile, botany, ecology, nature, science, garden, horticulture, children, child, picture book, educational. Hardcover with dustjacket Morrow Junior Books. Lerner, known for her reliable books on botanical subjects, comes through again with an intelligent, simply written volume about the plants that commonly cause hay fever allergies.

Discussing the nature, variety, and distribution of pollen, she considers the flowering of trees, bushes, flowers, grasses, and weedy plants throughout hay fever season, suggests ways of avoiding pollen, and offers a brief reading list.

Discover the 100 best science books for kids, guaranteed to make young explorers excited!

Botanical illustrations notable for their clarity and grace appear throughout the book, some in full color and others in black and white. An attractive introduction to the subject. Hardcover Simon and Schuster. Keywords: juvenile, children, educational, science, moveable books, movable, 3-D, three dimensional, environmental, electricity, oil platform, nuclear, plant, electric, generation, hydroelectric, renewable resource, wind, geothermal, heat, wave, fossil fuel, solar, radiation. Spizzirri and Glenn W. Softcover coloring book Spizzirri Publishing Co.

Wonderfully detailed full-page drawings show the animals in natural native habitat. Facing each drawing is a full page of information about the animal, including its coloration. Includes gorilla, baboon, various monkeys, macaque, orangutan, gibbon, mandrill, and more. Rain Forest Amerindians , by Anna Lewington. From the Threatened Cultures series.

Today, many of these groups of indigenous people are uniting in their efforts to protect the land, improve their economic status, and maintain their cultural identity. This book outlines their problems, citing Christian missionaries, army officers, and politicians as particularly culpable. Cooperative efforts as well as conflicts that have arisen with conservation groups are also cited. The full-color photographs illustrate the beauty of the area and the ugliness of its devastation.

Sympathetic portraits of the people engaged in their daily activities enhance the presentation. Keywords: juvenile, children, educational. Hardcover with dustjacket Franklin Watts. Examines the animal and plant life and coral reefs of the Red Sea. Keywords: marine, biology, ocean, aquatic, juvenile literature, children, science, educational. Reveals the mysterious, beautiful world of an ocean reef. Keywords: science, juvenile, oceanography, Reef Mobile.

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Glorious images unfold to reveal the mysterious, fascinating world of spiders. Keywords: arachnids, juvenile, Spider Mobile. Keywords: juvenile, educational, science, arachnids, web, spiderweb.