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But this is not a great play. The top of the play is busy with information where a lot happens to a variety of characters before they are well established. Later on, not much happens. It seemed especially difficult to get the thin story up and rolling again after intermission. In the end, the quest for the giant plays out anticlimactically in a facile and didactic way.

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There is an original score of recorded songs composed by Clive Worsley and Kristin Miltner, with lyrics by Worsley and Bock. According to director Dooley, the company moved into the Berkeley Rep space the day before the Saturday opening. The show had to be reconfigured, re-blocked and relit in about 24 hours. The opening night performance suffered a bit from trying to telescope a grassroots show designed for the seat Gaia proscenium stage to the grander seat Berkeley Rep thrust stage.

I was really screwed; my phone is my life! After all, that we made our way in and took our seats. A while later someone wearing Dior cologne, I notice expensive colognes and also because my ex used to put on Dior.

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The person sat between my brother and I. His watch was a Rolex, he was carrying a white iPhone 8, he was wearing a suit. He took out his apple laptop and put it on his lap, I rolled my eyes leaning back on the seat bored AF! Someone please educate me, what do you sit and do without a phone? Like how is your life going? This flight was going to be the longest ever.

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Finally we landed, I got up and made my way out, I got down and waited for Aphiwe who walked out after this very handsome dark bone GOD! He walked past me and it was the guy that was sitting between Phiwe and I, my word! I turned with him and noticed he was going to the loo. I went to touch up my make-up and as I was getting out, so was he.

I looked down on purpose so that I could go bump myself to him. I got lost in his brown eyes. My GOD where did he come from?

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In which planet did they make such a person? It was so bold and deep and husky and just sexy in one.

With her feckless husband gone, she leaves home hurriedly with her naughty nine-year-old son, Herkie, and not much else. The Dentist, an IRA enforcer, is on her tail.

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But car trouble strands mother and son in Tailorstown, a sleepy Ulster village. Bessie finds temporary work as housekeeper for the handsome and mysterious parish priest. In the meantime, Lorcan Strong, an artist and a native of the village, is summoned home. Yet things are not what they seem in quirky Tailorstown.