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On the one hand, the sorcerers have to complete a five-meter-long recipe to brew the potion, while constantly getting in each other's way. On the other, the cat and the raven must find a way to stop their evil plan while tackling their own problems, namely the obesity of the cat and the chronic diseases of the raven.

The Book of Pooh - Episode 1 "Best Wishes, Winnie the Pooh / Double Time"

Nevertheless, they devise a plan to exploit a weakness of the potion: when the potion has not been fully drunk up before the first ring of the bell at midnight, the potion won't reverse the meaning of the wishes - as expected by the two sorcerers - but instead grants them as wished.

The English word Satanarchaeolidealcohellish is a similar portmanteau of the words Satan, anarchy, archaeology, lie, ideal, alcohol and hellish.

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The book inspired an animated series, Wunschpunsch. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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10 Books of Wishes

Around four, it brought us back. Engines idling for hours to enter America; women and children lining the stalled highway, selling Mexican blankets, dolls, noisemakers.

When we reached the front of the line, all we had to say was Yes. Each night, the same coughing, machine gun spitfire broken by a lobbed grenade.

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Each day, three rooms, patients like a ball of gnats whirling in slow motion, pushing metal crosses like coat racks on wheels, weaving through each other from the dining room to the waiting room and back, a yellow liquid dripping into their arms. One day at lunch—I still remember the sickly taste of unripe papaya; shaving the green-orange flesh down with my spoon, trying to eat—my mother told me she heard someone had died in the night. That night, we listened to the ice machine churning down the hall, the highway trembling beyond.