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He had to see for myself what was there. What he found was another world. It was a world that he writes about in his journal. He writes about an old lady called Mowmow. He writes about his best friends LaCharles and Lizzy. He writes about a pond that is deep in the woods, and what he discovered on the other side of the pond. He writes about love, fear, death, and God. I left the pages of this book basically untouched; so, you will find some misspelled words and incorrect grammar.

Into the Woods

However, I didn't want to change one word of what B. Every word is a clue as to what happened to him, or where he might be. When you finish reading his journal entries, maybe you will understand? Maybe you can help us find B.

The sketches in this book have been redrawn. However, the original sketches made by B. Reviews from Goodreads. FictionDB Reviews:.


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With my head full of ideas about how we put stories together, it was time to venture into the woods for real to see storytelling in action. In Tehidy Woods, out in the back of beyond in Cornwall, theatre-goers tramped along a candle-lit path through the trees. A series of unexpected encounters lurked along the way, clues as to what lay in store: a grove of mirrors, a pirate ship, a tree of ticking clocks and — was that a wolf boy glimpsed in the undergrowth?

Arriving at a clearing in the centre of the woods, a series of stories unfolded on stage; wonderful, beautiful and strange, the call of the wild echoed through them all. There was the actor who had become his characters and longed to see his own face in the mirror, the daughter of Blackbeard out for revenge, Ed the banker desperate to break free from the ticking of the clock.

Stranger Collective - Venture into the woods to discover a story

By: Helen Gilchrist, 7 minutes. Female racing car drivers in the West Bank.

Women of colour running for political office in the US. The first female Sharia judge. Award-winning director and cinematographer Amber Fares is interested in diverse stories that give volume to, and develop understanding of, lesser heard voices. Her feature-length directorial debut, 'Speed Sisters' , has played at over 70 film festivals around the world, picking up multiple audience and jury awards, and 'The Judge' , on which she was cinematographer and co-producer, has just won a Peabody Award the equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize for broadcasting and documentaries.

Thanks to her connections with one of our League of Strangers members, we carved out some time for quick chat from her home in Brooklyn Read More.

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