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Stands directly in front of me when I am awake and stares at me. He terrifies me. I recently started sleeping with the lights on. It comes and goes butit's getting bad again. I just pray 2 God I make it thru another round with this thing. I'm so tired no matter how much I sleep,and sick, and depressed I want to be normal.

Sleep paralysis is a term to describesomething they cant explain. This is real and there really is something there in the dark watching. I've seen it and I don't want to anymore. After my brother died when I was 3 I started seeing red blinking eyes on the wall watching me and would be so scared that I couldn't move. I also heard foot steps in the living room coming towards my bedroom and the eyes would disappear. I use to sit up in my sleep and even sleep walk.

As I got older I started having insomnia but would still dream while awake. Now all of my dreams are so vivid. I have a hard time with differentiating them with reality. Most of the time this is when spirits that have attached itself to you are trying to communicate with you. Maybe something they want you to know or something they want you to help them with..

I have seen ghost in real life walking about and at one point, believe it or not have seen death himself So quiet that you can hear a pin drop, is when the entity starts to try and talk to me. Praying to god also helps, sleeping with a bible and cross, and when it does happen, yes pray to the lord. You can also try talking to it and finally seeing what it needs so it can finally be satisfied with its mission to talk to you. But do be careful, many presences are there to cause harm and talking to an entity can be risky at times, inviting it in more.

I myself have said for it to go away and to leave me be in the name of god, and it disappears after a week for a while, but I feel it still tries to contact me at times and have yet to talk to it one on one. They were living beings just like you at one point and they can definitely feed of your fear and negativity. Stay positive. We moved into a farm when I was about nine Ontario King Township.

Soon after we began seeing A dark figure at the foot of the bed at night, under 6 foot tall with no discernible features. It appeared to wear a broad rimmed flat topped hat and afull length overcoat or cloak. There would be some movement but it never approached or exuded any malevolence, but was still frightening. After a while it wouldd disappear. This became a common sporadic occurrence viewed by many people including guests.

At times 2 or 3 people would see it at the same time. Affected guests woul leave and never return. Only occurred in front bedroom and went on for years. From time to time pets would act terrified and that room seemed the focal point. Many other occurences throughout the house, many felt malevolent. Had a foot pedal player piano which played by itself in broad daylight without a music roll. Sometimes at night multiple voices would speak quietly and eeven call my name.

Occurences of a very tangible terrifyin prescence throughout the home would be felt by all who were present. Found out years laer that a vicious murder was committed in the front bedroom. Ten years later I lived in a place in Toronto which showed strong signs of infestation and where I was harassed by aterrifying prescence which eventually attacked me in bed one night. Screw this crud about sleep paralysis. The effect of the unsuccessful attack were not only severe and profound, they cntinued for 7 days and night precisely and then abrubtley ended.

A doctor I went to the neext day had documented several dozen of the same occurrencs and predicted the 7 day lifespan. The other patient all saw the man in black first before the old hag attack, only I had dozens of visits from man in black and a 10 year wait for the old hag. The others had only 1 or a few blakman visits before an old hag attack days or weeks later. Almost all visitations occurred inplaces where extreme violence an or death took place. These entities are not believedto be ghosts but rather sentient life forms from other realms often labelled as demons or fallen angels.

Traumatic events can tear th fabric of time and space allowin them access and entry to our realm. Over the years have found very large number of folk who were victims, some which saw unending attacks. Experts are legends in their own minds. Sleep paralysis occurs but is not a blanket explanation. Follow your own gut feelings. This time my dream self recorded myself sleeping and thus it showed me tugging at a blanket where no one was on the other end. I asked her name and her name was Suzy. She then asked what my cat and dogs names are in a scary tone, so I lied.

I think some how she sensed I was lying and her smile on her face stared to change. I tried to wake up but I was held down. Then suddenly I woke up. When I was little I saw a little monster, he always tried to get me. But it stopped when I turned eight. Except it wasn't at night it was during the day. The monster just kept staring and didn't move. The monster moved closer everyday, and it grew more and more. To the point it was almost in my dreams and in reality. I was so scared I live near a city to stay close to everyone.

Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be by thy name, thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us for our trespasses as we forgive those who trespasses against and lead us not into evil through the power n glory forever n ever,Amen..

Jesus will come if you call upon him.. Mary K Baxter even had it happen 2 her. Most of what you see are your own manifestations. When has a spirit or ghost or demon attacked anyone? Everyones stories about their own manifestations are very different and very alike. Why isn't sam and dean doing anything about this??? Im joking. I suffer from deression and anxiety and sometimes it affects the way i look at life.

With what i have i realize im able to see more than others.. Foot steps across the kitchen,blackouts, sleep paralysis, hauntings.. I dont want to see anymore deaths i dont want to know how people die, or even get hurt. My mother even took the bible and made it stop for a few years I was 17 so it was 51 years ago.

We lived in an old warehouse that was turned into apartments. I was asleep and don't remember what time it was. I woke up. I was on my back. I could not move or speak. I was trying to call my mother. The blanket started sliding off me. I got really scared and kept fighting to move. Finally after a few minutes i got up and ran to my mom. Told her what happened and she gave me a bible and said to put it next to my bed.

Never happened again. I have had this happen before except mine was funny I saw something that look like it was roasting another person. This happened to me once when I was I was home alone and taking a nap mid afternoon. I was laying on my back and my eyes were open but I was not fully aware of what was happening. My bedroom door was open and as I looked towards it I saw a women with straight long hair start walking towards me and basically felt like I was being choked and strangled.

I had no idea what this was until I looked it up in terror but I truly believe that this was a ghost coming to haunt me for whatever reason. Being home alone was one of the scariest parts. I have no idea what that was but I felt like something was in me. So I am 19 years old and am a victim of sleep paralysis. I was too tired fight at first. So when it took over, of course, I became paralyzed - unable to move or speak let alone open my eyes. My legs were being pinned down and my arms felt like they were going to fall off from the pulling sensation I was feeling.

The paralysis then weakened. I had one in so log that a part of me had forgot how to get out of it at first. After I woke up i prayed. Jesus will help you, call him for protection, The Blood is the most powerful thing. Don't be afraid of these things, it's all manipulation. Yes they might manifest enough energy to scratch and pull hair but it's all to torment you into depression. Take back your life, you are worth it. If you need help removing these things and want help. It's sad to know these people will end up helpless if they listen to someone like you.

They are not hallucinations these are the tricks of oppression used by the dark spirits. They want to possess your body. It's a 3 step process, oppression, depression, then possession. Most people are protected by a guardian or two. That depends on your purpose for this term or your family history. Some of you carry generational curses that you don't even realize you have upon you. Sage your homes, dry it out, wrap it in thread or twine like a pine cone shape. Light one end over a plate, blow it out and wave the smoke. Start with the darkest parts of your home, command them to leave at once.

Be firm and strict about this being your home and they are not welcomed. Bind them back to the portal or gates inwhich they have escaped from. These arent just nightmares.. They aee there even during the day its just that people cannot see them. They attack at night becasuse thats when your soul is most valnurable. There are cleansing ceremonies that can be done to rid yourself of these entities.. The first time it happened i was sixteen years old. When i awoke from it i heard a sound under the my bed like a pig grunting.

So i ran to my older cousin's room and woke him to check under my bed and nothing was there. Fell back asleep and again i was held down, couldn't move, speak, and was being choked. I called out to Jesus in my mind over and over until it released me. It still happens to me but i wake myself up before the darkness gets a hold of me.

Usually i feel myself vibrating, or my skin tingles as i am falling asleep and this is the indicator that its there waiting. So i can avoid it but the problem is i can't get a restful night rest because i have to keep constantly waking myself up. There has to be a better way. I grew up in a very old house which was extremely haunted. I used to feel someone grabbing my legs and shake my bed while I was completely paralyzed and unable to speak.

My sister also experienced the same things growing up. I only had one experience upon a visit to my parents in my twenties. I felt cold and had my hair pulled out of my bun. I felt the paralysis to set in but thankfully was able to speak and told the spirit to leave me alone. Last night was the first time I actually saw what I could only think was a demon. I woke up several times in the night and just felt uneasy.

I was alone and I felt like there was a negative presence in my home. I woke around to strange whispers in my ear and could feel the cold breath on my face. I was completely paralyzed and could see a large spirit floating above me. It looked like a black cloud but in the shape of a human shadow. I was unable to speak at first and it sounded like I was mumbling. I called out to my angels and Jesus for help. I yelled at it that it was not welcome in my home and to leave.

It stood there for about 30 seconds and then disappeared and I could feel my body come out of the paralysis. It was completely exhausting and my throat is soar from yelling. My has been so terrible I don't really know what this evil people really want They have been disturbing me ever since I was little unit now even as am speaking with you I know they are waiting for me to rest so that they could come again please I really need help Why are they disturbing me does it mean I have offended them Please help Even if I hold my Bible it will not work even if I shout Jesus it will not work I can't really explain everything The experience is so much that I can not explain I sleep on my stomach and even so I experience the sensation of having what feels like an entity holding me down whilst it sits on my back.

I can even hear it laugh at me. Although it only lasts seconds, I was able to open my eyes and see things that I could not explain, almost like a transparent hologram of figures. Very frightening. I also feel as though it has taken the strength and closed me bottom two chakras, almost as though it is in control of it. These things are demonic. The bible says "you will lay down and your sleep shall be sweet". His intension is for us to have absolute rest and wake up strong with a sound mind. I have experienced all these oppressions in my sleep several times but i had to take a stand against the devil and declare what the word of God says, and I told the devil never to disturb my sleep anymore Get Up Now and disallow sleep paralysis- the bible says in matthew !

So get up now and disallow any horrifying thing you do not like in your life using all these scriptures. I have this happening to about 4 times in my ife first was unable to move or scream but I could feel my soul out of my body and just floating off my bed second time it happened I couldn't scream or move except see there I see a spirit or a demon coming out of the wall it was all black with long fingers and I tried so hard to move I could feel myself sweating then I remembered I need to wiggle my toes then I finally woke up the next time it happened I felt my soul leaving my body and there I am floating in the hallway I could see someone walking past and I remembered to wiggle my toes there I was my soul going back to my body I asked right away if that person was passing by the hallway sure enough she did and the next time it was like the first that happen my soul coming out of my body I think if we go to sleep angry or depressed this happens if you don't wiggle your toes you can die and your soul would remain this is scary the last time was about 6 7 years Ago.

I had satan actually invoke emotions of sexual arousal in my sleep, trying to get me to sin against my own body.. One thing I forgot to mention, my son said he hears a laughing and that the figure he sees is very tall. One time during sleep paralysis, my whole body began to shake uncontrollably. My son said his started in 10th Grade. I can't remember when mine started but I was a young teenager.

I have had many many experiences of sleep paralysis. My whole body becomes paralyzed, I can't move. I can't open my eyes to see I can't open my mouth to scream. Normally I'm uncomfortable and I just want to move to get comfortable. This has happened to me since I was a teenager. I'm 37 now. The only way I have learned to break free of this is to focus on my big toe and try to move it. I can hear everything around me I just can't move. My brain is completely awake but my body is paralyzed it is terrifying.

Meaning of Dreams About Angels

My son is 19 years old. I just opened up to him about it. He told me he has the same experiences, except he can see things. He has seen a black figure with skinny arms and legs and a wide body. It has white eyes and no neck. I don't have these experiences as much as I did in my teen years, but they still come to me sometimes. If someone is in the room with me and they sit down on the bed, it takes me out of it and wakes me up. I have experienced about 4 different episodes of some type of "night terror".

The most recent two happened within the last three months. I was laying in bed, when I could feel my blanket sliding off of my body. This happened to me before so I tried to shake it off but knew that I wouldn't be able to. I opened my eyes and saw the same dark shadow sitting at my feet. I would try to close my eyes and hope that the feeling would go away but found myself opening my eyes and the shadow was still there. Again, the blanket started to move off my body.

It felt like someone or something was pulling it or like something was crawling under the blanket and moving around. The shadow was getting closer to my face. Then, I felt something that was different than the last terror I'd experienced. I heard a voice. I couldn't make up the words but it was a very low haunting sound. I couldn't move and I couldn't shake off the feeling. It felt so real. When I experience these episodes, I feel like I am wide awake and the shadow, the pulling of the blanket and the sounds all feel so real.

However, I eventually am able to fall asleep. When I wake up, I look back at the moment and know that it was probably some kind of nightmare or a state of my mind where I had my eyes open but was not fully awake. I wish I knew more about why this has happens. The other type of night terror I have, my body just feels glued to the bed. I can't move my arms, I can't speak and, again, I feel like something is there, watching me. I have never spoke of my experiences,never hear of anyone with one. I lived in a house till the age of 14, I moved out.

I left because of a dark tall skinny cloked man with a hat. I would wake up, this is after I refused to sleep in my room. The couch in the living room,but it starting getting worse. I would be in a 3 dementional state,bc when I was younery I would end up sleeping in the front yard. Sleep walk, sleep talk. It got so bad my dad put locks on top of doors I coundnuc reach. Nailed my windows shut.

I don't remember but one time sleep walking, bc I felt awake. I rememver looking at this man same one through the years and fighting him, I remember running through the kitchen,feeling the door handle,stopping to have a moment to say to myself ,no no don't look back. I woke up and remember falling asleep outaude. Watching as he watched me. I knew from then on he couldn't leave the house. Well this was 22 years and more ago. I have. Through years be very kbown. Here within 3 weeks I have had a severe knight mare again and it's been 6 yrs since then.

But Things are disappearing, and be in the spot it was supposed to be, like a game. I just want to let out some mental disabilaty, I am not crazy. I am not schizophrenic. I do have depression. I have been put away for talking about these things. I find I can only trust in myself and in my instincts and in my soul. I've had experiences as far back as I can remember, not constant, just on occasion, but, for me, it had always been "waking" up, realizing that I couldn't move or breathe and every time was on my back.

It was always a panic about not breathing and was always, as someone else had mentioned, a titanic effort to force myself out of it. I had never seen or felt any presence until a few nights ago. I was in bed with my fiancee and I was on my side facing her, she was on her back. It was about 4am. I opened my eyes and saw a being, all white, ageless and smooth with darkness for eyes hovering over her. I couldn't move and when it saw me, it opened its mouth and unfurled a whip-like tongue. I closed my eyes and forced out a noise that woke my fiancee. She asked me what was wrong, I opened my eyes and everything was normal again, except I was still getting chills and felt residual terror.

I never want to experience that again. I had my first experience with this the other night and i am I do not believe it is a disease to do with sleep. After thinking i was crazy and reading the other comments i know for sure it was a spirit of fear trying to take over. I have never been so scared in my life. I woke up in the middle of the night, but it was like i was still asleep. I couldn't open my eyes, i couldn't open my mouth or move. I was screaming in the name of jesus, but no words would come out like my mouth was taped shut.

I was shaking uncontrollably. By the time i screamed in the name of jesus the 3rd time my eyes were able to open, my mouth opened and i could move. I was looking around in the dark and i could feel the evil somewhere around. I started praying and casting out this evil from my room, from my house out loud and i felt a huge relief that it was gone. I was able to lay back down with my kids and went right back to sleep. I pray each night before bed and have been saved and the devil is trying to test me, but my God, my father is so much more powerful.

He protects me and my kids. I'll also mention that Jesus Christ does have power over them. It stood by my bed for what seemed like 20 seconds before climbing up my body feet first. Once it reached my face the figure tried to pry my mouth open with one hand first starting with just a few fingers. I realized in my state this was happening and I bit down as hard as I could on a finger it felt like biting into what I could imagine would be a finger made of sand until it was bit off.

What I found was weird it how exactly everything in this dream state including the room i was sleeping in was perfect down to a tee. If ypu have gotten here and areexperiencing this, pray to Allmighty Allah, repent your sins. Pray before bed every night the call to adhan drives away all evil spirits. Peace be on to you all. My husband was in the restroom around 6 am.

I usually could break out of it if I forced my hands and feet to move. Finally broke out of it and called for him. I thought I heard him walking over so I held my hand out but kept my eyes closed because I was scared. Can anybody explain this to me Side note: I used to experience sleep paralysis often as a teen.

I was 16 years old when I had experienced 3 months straight of sleep paralysis which left me wanting to kill myself from sleep deprivation. It dissipated once I started going to church however, I do not attend church anymore. It completely stopped after some time after moving out of the apartment with my family where I lived since I was about 9 years of age.

It's not a sleep disorder. It's something else. It's real. Demon, interdimensoinal entity, whatever it is it feeds on the fear it causes you to have. I'm not going to go into the details of my encounter but I will say I was harassed, followed and did battle with whatever it was and I won. Here's how When that thing has you frozen like an ice cube, you have to move. Any movement just an eye blink will break the spell, or rather it's hold on you. To do that you have to turn that fear into anger and it can 't hurt you. It's powerless in the face of anger.

This one had a real hard on for me. It came back many times, it brought backup. You just have to visualize yourself as a powerful unstoppable force and it will eventually give up. You will become sensitive to it. You will know its coming just before it strikes and ultimately, if it goes that far, be able to touch it. Never fear. If this happens it will be afraid. Remember, stay angry my friends. I experienced three episodes recently when i was sleeping; 1 I felt something took over and made me screem with anger like in predatory aggression.

What do Dreams About Angels Mean?

I got really anxious, i felt i had no control over me. I force myself to situp and i drop, open my eyes and i am on my side. It totally freaked me out like I was in presence of something. I am still anxious and have a hair raising feeling. Never has such experiences. Mine did not cease with any efforts of my own to stop it. Fighting it yourself is futile. I slept with a nightlight until I refuse to believe that is a medical condition.

He first experience I had was in church when my stepmother took me for the first time to church. I saw the child giving him a cookie and was thrown to me and I ate it. Years passed and before I do my first communion in my sleep I saw an angel bringing me the communion in a gold cup. I was afraid because I did not was able to know all my prayers by memory and when the time came a lady unknown appeared behind the teacher and was moving his lips but I was the only one who could hear her, telling me all the prayers. The woman disappeared as soon as the teacher told me that I was ready to do communion.

From there on I am having good presence and bad presences. Like demons trying the best at night to stop me from praying. At night whenever I try to pray or do the rosary, I feel a bad spirit that want to grab my feet or a leg. Go as fast to other safe place and where there is other people and turn the light and the presence leave. I noticed that this happened a lot when people who are not living in God Grace due to the style of life they have.

Like if they come with demonic presences, and they leave living this bad spirit behind. The first time my legs were pull out was when I came back from church walking but I stop at a garage sale but came out fast as soon as I noticed that there was a Satan book for sale. That night I immediately started doing to rosary and my legs feels that were pull out so that I stop the rosary.

But I started to pray the Hail Marry louder and louder, then I saw that a house was in fire. The following days my husband told me that our friend house was in fire. I had a dream while sleeping at a hotel, I was frozen and could not move, and I felt something evil coming for me so I cried out Jesus name. I then looked and saw Jesus but I was terrified Wenn he first appeared he was wearing a white roberand gracefully came to the head of the bed and leaned over like he was giving me a kiss.

I was having problems in my life now I have the peace ofor Christ. This is not a sleep disorder!! Its the demonic realm. Wake up people Jesus Christ can only save us. Its not hallucinations nor a disorder. Its real as it get. Demons feed off of us. They tourture us because they hate us Its spiritual. Our eyes do NOT see the spiritual realm.. Its a spiritual warfare. Jesus name is the only thing that can truely stop it. It might sound stupid but it wont when you see how powerful that name is.. Call on the name of Jesus. God bless you.

I really struggled to get awake and tried to bite the demon face I could see vaguely in front of me. I do believe it occurs when I am over tired, unable to sleep and that it really is the quick transition from wakefulness to deep sleep. I wish there were a medication for this, I did find sleeping on my back was just increasing the chances of it happening but last night I was on my side.

I've experienced sleep paralysis several times. Some are terrifying and some aren't.

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I can't recall my first few experiences besides feeling utter dread every time my mother told me to take a nap at a very young age. I'll list what I can remember best and a few details that might be helpful. Once while my family and I were moving out of my childhood house. I was laying on a sleeping bag and heard our TV make a loud noise.

This wasn't weird as my mom was watching a cop show at the time. I just remember feeling paralyzed. No pressure, no out of place noises and no shadowed figures. I was able to move a few minutes later.

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Another was about a month later while we were staying at a hotel. Room ironically. That is the only hotel room number I've ever remembered so I know to avoid it in the future lol. It was around 4 or 5 in the morning and I woke up to such a loud sound I thought my ears would blow. The most accurate way I can describe it is a mix of metal scraping metal and static. After a few seconds I heard a dark voice speaking directly in my ear. Because it was so long ago I don't remember what it said but I knew the voice was at least male.

The ringing continued for another few minutes and after that I didn't go back to sleep. While I was laying bed from our last house I remember the loud ringing but not nearly as ear piercing. I remember a woman's voice desperately saying "give it back to me. My most recent experience was last night. In between the times I've listed I've had small cases where I can wake myself up.

All I ever heard was the ringing sound. In fact I knew I was in paralysis hearing that sound. It never failed. The past year I had attempted to go into sleep paralysis again after hearing it was just some explainable state the body goes into and reading about lucid dreaming that may occur after. The idea of lucid dreaming intrigued me. Controlling dreams? Living in a short fantasy almost every night? Heck yeah! But no. It never worked. I tried almost everything such as the 'wake back to bed' method and just laying still on your back for as long as possible.

I tried it so often it became my regular sleep routine. I may decide to change it up after experiencing what I did last night. I had my wired headphones in before falling asleep so I could listen to a white noise. The video had ended right before I fell unconscious. The next thing I knew I was awoken by some loud voice coming through my headphones chanting in a language that sounded like english but I couldn't understand a word. I couldn't move at all but somehow I was about to push myself to the ceiling and knock my headphones off.

As I got closer the voice got louder until they fell off my head. I sleep in a bunk so the ceiling was only a few inches away. Every article I read about sleep paralysis says it occurs right before you fall asleep or as you're waking up. This happened in the middle of the night. I'm a good sleeper, sounds almost never wake me up but this did. It was around 3 or 4 AM. I looked at my phone once being able to move again and it was on the same white noise video as before.

Nothing was playing. Hope this helps someone. This happened to me last night and why I find myself here reading other peoples experiences. I have had these frightening dreams occur about 5 or 6 times in my life started when I was 19, a demon like creature hovering over me, has sat on my chest and choked me. I have been groped by it, it has whispered in my ear, your not ready yet. Last night I literally heard this thing come up from my bedroom floor, making a hideous hellish noise, one white sheet between myself and this thing.

I fight it every time, this time raising my right arm like a shield and trying to scream, and with this a bright light fills the room and it is gone and I awake. I feel totally washed out today. Last time it happened was 2 years ago. I am convinced, the body is in trouble, a cut off of blood circulation which causes it to happen.

We are hovering between life and death at the time it occurs and this open a gateway between the world as we know it and something else. I don't believe it is just a simple medical explanation of rapid eye movement which causes it to happen. I just experienced it just now right at the moment when Im about to wake up I know I was waking up my eyes are open and then I suddenly heard some kind of whispers so loud that I can't even understand and I can't move it lasted for only a minute. Honestly this is the reason why I never would watch scary movies that were based on a true story.

This happened to me for the first time.. If that I tensed up.. I could not move a muscle.. I tried saying HELP.. I was panicking I could blink and they could move around to look at the room.. I thought I was dying I started praying inside of my head I was so scared that even when it passed I just turned over and prayed some more..

I felt it.. Its been happening to me for years, it just happened last night. I thought it was my cat this time crawling into my bed. I felt my husbands hand on my mouth and I could not bteathe something heavy on me I tried screaming for help hoping someone would hear me. It does also happen all the time when I sleep on my side its terrifying I can't move something heavy on my back I pray the Our Father many times and it stops and I know sleep my back against my hubby, but it still happens a sensation someone else is in the bed I even feel the bed gets sunk in like someone is sitting next to me.

I need help I am so scared to go to sleep! I was very angry and i was hope I can solve my own problem, then talked to my coworker and say it is bad spirit and i need to pray before sleep everynight. I still have this anger on me why this thing are not stay whereever they belongs, instead of going to people that try to live their lives. There is must an explantions, but thank God almighty that he is there for all of us. In my family, myself, my mom and one of my sisters have all had this experience. I had it for many years and it is very much as many before me have described. Honestly have never quite decided whether it was paranormal or not.

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I'm glad it doesn't happen any longer. However I now no longer remember my dreams as a result, it seems. I used to remember all my dreams and have 16 yrs of dream diaries. Several times I have felt the cat jump on my bed and snuggle next to my legs only to look down at the bottom of the bed to find nothing there. I also rolled over to find of all things a person resembling the dough boy standing over my bed.

Both events are scary. Being a Christian, I know things that frighten me is of the devil so I quoted the verse 2 Timothy "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power and of love, and of a sound mind". When I walk into my room now, I say that verse and tell any spirits that might be lingering "You have no power over me, you are not welcome here. You will leave in the name of Jesus. I occasionally have to through that verse out there and again command him to leave. It might seems strange, but I do know that God's word is true and Satan or demons cannot stand up to His word.

It may seem strange, but I can assure you God's word is the only thing that can keep bad spirits at bey. At lease in my case. I believe many of these experiences are paranormal. My boyfriend and I went on vacation and stayed in an old cabin in MN. I thought everything was fine until I woke up at 3 am to hear walking across the kitchen and to see a very tall thin man or being creeping into our bedroom and creeping up on my side of the bed between the wall and bed peering at me.

I was absolutely frozen with fear and was trying to scream to wake up my boyfriend. All I could do was making choking sounds. When I did that the being quickly left the room. My boyfriend woke because he heard me making sounds of trying to scream. Everything was very real and I knew exactly were I was and that I needed to wake up my boyfriend. I have never been so terrified. I tried to tell myself it was some kind of terrifying nightmare. Then the next night I woke again at 3 am to feel pressure on my chest and saw a dark entity in my face. It came closer to my face twice and again I was trying to scream because I knew I had to wake my boyfriend.

He heard me making noises again and woke up and the entity left. I have never experienced anything like this in my life before or since. The cabin was built in the 20s so even though it was updated it was old. I had no preconceived ideas that I was afraid to stay there or anything. This was a haunting plain and simple. This is not "sleep paralysis" or any medical condition. It is a demonic entity taking your energy. I have experienced this and it's terrifying!

My kids also have had it, all while living in a certain house where countless unexplainable occurances happened. Our experiences ended when we moved out! I have had this several times throughout my life from early twenties to thirties. All of them evil and terrifying.

Heart pounding and eminent danger. Mostly auditory whispers of small beings in my ear, moanings of several which sounded like from hell.. I am curious as to why they are always terrifying in content? Has anyone climaxed from the pressure on body? Any positive experiences. Do you suppose it has to do with the nature of adrenaline and the flight or fight response?

Naberia - Uriel (Feat. Father Dickinson)

I will say that first time it happened with being whispering in ear I was drinking heavily and thought for years was alcohol induced psychosis. I seem to know it all?? I am connecting all the dots from third eye Buddhism to Egyptian hieroglyphics. The other thing is I was hoping all that energy that was surging through my head that night would help my language skills and spelling but no, not yet anyway. Goodmrning Melanie. For past months now im struggling through a roughed times in my life.

No job at the moment. Civil war still going here in Yemen. Our life turns upside down and God knows how we are surviving. To cut it shorts.. As today.. I want to clean my phone system to work it fast. I was stunned to see Mb total has been cleaned up on my phone. And right away I looked what is the meaning of I cried silently and paused myself to pray and ask and thanking the Divine and felt all the goosebumps all over my body and I felt the Spirit Guidance are with me.

Listening to me. To be honest since I was a little I always felt the Divine presence through my life. My intuition and my psychic thinking never get wrong in some ways. I have all my faith to Jesus and to God almighty that he always hear all my prayers. And I live my life fully on that faith. Can someone please give me some advice as I have a crash on a workmate her names Arahia lovely girl a real special lady. Once when I was meditating I asked who will I marry? A very clear voice said Arahias name!! Yesteady she asked me wat the time was it was pm!!

Also i forgot we do a truck check every week. Theres a form to fill out regarding how many ks are owning a few months ago she wrote on her form! That blew me away!! My phone alarm went off at this morning and this afternoon. But I do kinda remember picking the phone up yesterday afternoon and seeing the screen for the alarm and thinking what is that and it disappeared.

Those are the facts. I have been seeing random triple number more frequently now.. But ive faced many challenges to this day.. I am an only child between my parents.. I could honestly write a book!! The numbers was on a box when my mother passed away. So every time we see we pray and think of her. This is my last comment. I woke up at in the morning. Found this site, and got involved. The date? It adds to a 3. I am, of course, paying attention.

Right now, I am on the brink of a life-changing decision. This whole experience acts as my go-ahead. Thank you for your knowledge, and for your article. Thanks for commenting Audra! Glad this post on was helpful for you… I love the synchronicity around your finding it! Hello -3 has been with me for most of my life. The number shows up when I need it most. Seeing 3 tells me to stay and learn. My birthday adds to 3. It is the number for creativity, and I am a full blown artist of most any medium you can think of.

It is my number.

Dream Messages from God and Angels in Color

When I see , I know that I need to be acutely, aware.. This number appears in my life, consistently. I listen. I pay attention. I am surrounded by 5s. It seems that most everyone touching my life is a 5. I often find myself assisting them in some way, which is odd. I was given on a piece of paper by a hood man he came to me but reduce all my strength I wrote those numbers on a piece of paper. What does it mean? I have recently had a small op and did ask the angels and ascending masters for healing and protection , so to awake frequently at 3.

Hi , I keep seeing 11 : 11, , also , for last few months. I have always been interested in numbers as they seem to be very relevant in my entire life many times. Wow, blown away by article. Just learning about this. Number 3 is all around my life to the point it is getting obvious. I race lap times in racing games very often. And many others situations were the number 3 is involved. It happens so often I started googling. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to deal with this?

I meant to mention this in my original post about The rally was held at a church in Atlanta. My wife and I participated and we were literally blown away at the sheer numbers that turned out. We felt nothing but safe, loved, and a sense of upliftment by and with all of the supporters which included Immigrants and refugees. My wife and I are both veterans, and I am a disabled veteran from the Liberation of Kuwait in Loaded the jets. I loved this reading about the number combination, You see, the number 3 is my life number. I am the third child born into a family of 7, I was born on January 3, , I only weighed 3 pounds when I was born I was six weeks premature , and I spent 3 weeks in an incubator to gain one pound so I could then go home with my parents, weighing a safe 4 pounds.

I was told that every day my parents and Grandparents Maternal , prayed over me to live, and be healthy and well. Well, here I am!!! I have had a very troubling life, but awesome too as I am learning in understanding the natural laws of the universe, creation, worthiness, divinity, the correlation between body, emotions, thoughts, and spirit, etc…and now Angels, and Archetypes!

I thank You immensely. I love your story and I thank you for making it known to us. I Thank You for allowing me to share this about myself here. Love You, Linda B. Thanks for commenting… I love hearing about the little synchronicities angels use to guide people to the site! Everyday almost. I point it out to everyone that is close to me. My battery just went bad in my new used van and after 5 times of looking under the hood that day I look and see on the battery I about flipped out. I now take pictures of it everytime I see it.

I just smile now and talk to whoever is around me. Most are : not into church like others but believe in God just pray alone at home. Very Good hearted individuals. Helping others before themselves. Strugglers, living paycheck to paycheck And many other things. I agree regarding to pray at home to God. Jesus was crucified on the 3rd day and Jesus rose 3 days later, also Jesus was 33 years old when he died and rose.

Jeremiah is an awesome scripture. God talks to me in numbers. Faith, the date you wrote this? Three has been my number since birth. For eternity, really. I feel that God speaks to me through numbers as well. Anyway, yes. I wanted to point that out to you. The date that you left this. I have been seeing number 48 for some time now I need to understand if one of my Angeles are with me especially the one that was born in Does this mean maybe all of my departed loved ones are with me.?!

I have been seeing on and off for a number of years. Rich, I was about to go insane as I would be awoken at time repeatedly, and still am. Sometimes At first I thought it was satanic or something, then my newlywed wife told me those were numbers of Christ and the holy trinity. All I know is I am a physician, I love helping people, I struggled with alcohol and drugs, I love animals and hate seeing anyone or anything in pain. I also see at times when I am about to make a potentially poor decision.

What do you think? This happens about 5 days a week. He was manipulative, a compulsive liar, addicted to very strange sexual things, he was emotionally abusive. Maybe he was a catalyst? Because long story short, the man who I thought to be my real twin flame came back into my life. Before he was just a friend but then he came back, I was still trying to make it work with the abusive guy long distance , but I fell for him. Magical with him.

I ended up ruining our relationship bc of the baggage I had with the abusive ex to e truthful. So why the ? I am constantly finding dimes every where I go alot of times they r lined up in a row of three but it never fails every single day and every where I go theirs another dime laying some where just waiting to be picked up so I always pick it up and I say every time THANK YOU ANGELS but just curious as to y the dimes I find it very fascinating I love it but just wondering still y dimes..

Definitely angels… They like to leave money in places for you to find. If you notice other coins, similarly pennies are just as important, and you are just really good at helping them manifest dimes. I just have one question, I do have a set of numbers that I see often besides my normal , , etc… I see the numbers almost daily in the clock. Sometimes, I see it come around the clock both times of the day.

Any ideas to this set if numbers? Thanks, Kind friendship, Emily. I have been an person as long as I can remember childhood. Lately, I have been waking up night a week at precisely am. I have also been witnessing all number sequences just about everytime I look at my clock.. I was just praying very hard for a poor kitty cat outside my apartment he is crying and litaraly starving I put food and water out but scared him away when I went to turn off my light the poor little feller didnt even get a bite to eat.

I am a huge animal lover and this hurts me to my soul so deeply and have been crying and praying very hard for the good lord and the angels to guide this fur baby back to my patio to get food ,water and shelter when I looked up at the clock it said and heard the cat cry again so Iam hoping he is being guided back to get a belly full of food and a good nights rest.

Is there a specific meaning to this? My Mom said I was born at AM on saturday which is also documented on the Birth Certificate, But I feel the actual Time I was born is AM as in that point of time we did not have much of digital watches or clocks. Since 3 to 4 years I have been seeing on most of the places numberplates , Mobile screen , Billboards, comp screen.

I need to know why only some people are chosen. What is the message those angels want to deliver to me. Please help, any advise regarding this will be appreciated. For a very long time, I have always thought that the meaning of the repetition of the number 3 had a negative effect if anything. When ever I saw the number I would think it was bad so felt a little nervous. Thanks scary movies The number apeared frequently in odd situations. And just so you know a little about me, I do a lot of thinking. Primarily about the big picture of life and things that really have true effect on our lives.

I have learned that I have figured many things about life and the universe out on my own. I know that we are all connected and are all one, I know that time and space are not exactly real, and that our conscience has much more importance in life than we think. It never really crossed my mind to look it up or anything but when I did I was shocked and extremely relived.

One situation was when my father accidentally put dog prescribed flee repellant on my cat and went to bed without noticing. Putting that on a cat will poison the cat and cause it to die within hours. In the middle of the night I randomly woke up at AM, got a drink and saw my cat. His eyes were all black he was shaking to death and could barely move. Luckily, my parents brought the cat to the vet just in time to save the cat.

The other experience was when my grandfather was very sick and did not have much time. We all said our goodbyes to him while he was awake and when I looked at my phone I saw the time and it was It was very peaceful. Now that I know the meaning of the number I feel safe and can assure that there are in fact those up above giving guidance to us here. I am perplexed, yet intrigued by your answe in Since I woke up for a year x a week at am. I have seen this number almost daily since then and even to today. I literally see it all the time. I will take what you say in its interpretation and begin contemplating the day, time and circumstance more.

Any help? I have wondered why yet have no clue what it means. Do you? In fact I just saw and PM, which is 12 minutes ago.. Thanks for posting this! Hi Ms. Can you tell me what it means? Hello, trying to understand why the numbers 11 are very relevant in my life??? Please, what does it mean when you see number 13? I will be glad if someone knows about number 13 and let me know the meaning of that number…. Thank you. All other know archangel names are sub-names Of the above original names.

God bless. Hi Melanie. My two sons were born 3 years 3weeks and 3 days apart both born on the third of February and November, I was born October I always use the sequence for my codes I have always felt there was some significance to the number 3 in my like. My number is All 3 of my boys were born late and all on the 10th of the month and my firstborn was born at Any insight on that combination? I see 44 and ALL the time. There it is am. I often see number frm few days.. Hi Shraddha, I just wrote a post on the meaning of ! Hello I see all the numbers you have mentioned plus more of the same as ,,,, or but it is the time on the clock that I see these.

I always say that it is the Angels talking to me and this just confirms my Angels are with me. I love it and Thanks for the Information on numbers and Angels. I was reading about because o see it sometimes, I am writing this because at the bottom when you said blessing. I think about Archangel Michael alot-several times daily.

I do call on him frequently-pretty much daily, for protection for me, my family, and my home from evil -evil thoughts and acts, evil presences. This has been for almost a year now and I have been happy and safe-I rarely have nightmares now! I think I should teach my children this,too. What does this mean? Is he my guardian? Once in a while I have thought of Archangel Uriel, too. What means when you see inverse combinations? I see the numbers and all the time , up to 3 or 4 times a day, at work and at home. Can you explain to me what the angels are trying to tell me. Double 7 77 feature in my home phone number along with double 9 and double 0 , my mobile number which also contains double 8, my car registration, and lately the number of my new passport.

I continually see the number 19, when I first began seeing it I had began to associate it with things are trying to line up. I had associated this number with a particular person which I am wanting to grow in a relationship with since that was thing that popped in to my head when I would see it.

So I took it as a positive sign that when I would see the number 19, the angels are working to line it up. I know that he cares but we seem to be in separate are places which makes it more difficult to comes together. I try to not let it discourage me. I have been asking the question of , what is it spirit wants , and I have asked to see certain s to show me that. I asked to see This is my bday. And sure enough yesterday I got this email about numbers , I read it.

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I know he lives me too, I hear it every time I see I know I need patience , I hear that too. Him too. A friend had researched the 19 and told me it was associated with aloneness. I keep seeing It usually comes when I am checking my funds. What is it that my angels are telling me around in this case? I do remember when it happened and my clock would go insane and I would look at the time and it was The weird thing is that I picked 25 then and you had what the heck was that? And thank you so much for sharing your gift with us. Are You Willing? Pin Angel Number What Does Mean?

Angel Number Angel Number Meanings!