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It could mean that she and Pattinson could last a long time. Meanwhile, Stewart is being linked to another on-screen partner. According to reports, she and "Equals" co-star Nicholas Hoult is seeing each other outside the set. However, the rumors have been dismissed, with Hollywood Life reporting that the two are just friends and the actress is not interested in being in a relationship as of the moment. Home Culture It seems like Robert Pattinson is attracted to women who exude a carefree, what-you-see-is-what-you-get attitude.

FKA twigs quote: I don’t know if I’m a tortured soul, but I

According to reports, these are the traits that drew Pattinson to both women. Most Read Drifting from church Methodist Church Conference commends proposals to allow same-sex marriages Victory for Christian social work student removed from course over Facebook post School protests and parents of faith: can a way forward be found?

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Just read a stupid article about how bonsai is about putting trees in ancient Chinese torture devises and some guy who sees his "bonsai" as his prisoners or something. Just wanted to share it and hopefully some people will post a comment on that article. Truly those trees look tortured. However, I believe that was what the artist intended.

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Personally, I have had several people look at me weird because they think binding the plants is cruel. Also, a friend of mine commented that my bonsai tool set looked like an eastern European torture tool kit.

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I've had that too, some people even comparing bonsai with Chinese foot-binding. The same people that let plants die a slow death in their homes, force their trees to form espaliers, cut down their roses, clip branches and twigs to create topiary, and basically use the same techniques as we do - just on a different scale.

I never quite understood their problem. I don't like these 'tortured trees' but I guess the fact that I react is proof that this is art, as art is supposed to evoke a discussion