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The novel — A Dance with Cloaks follows the life of Aaron as he becomes the deadly assassin presented in the other books in the trilogy. The novel also follows the life of Maynard Gemcroft, who is obviously worried about the safety of his daughter — Alyssa. Maynard Gemcroft is one the leaders of the trifect and is somewhat the main character in the second installment of the Shadowdance sequel, — A dance of Blades. In this second installment the mysterious Haern is the only character left to wage war against the guilds.

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The mysterious Haern does this in the guise of the watcher. The slaughter of the innocents begins when the son of Maynard Gemcroft is believed to be murdered. The novel a dance with blades is shorter than the first installment in the trilogy and is only pages. The novel is divided in to thirty numbered chapters and an epilogue. Similar to the first book, the author choose to continue with a third person narration and follows different perspectives.

The Watcher is the son of a former guild lord and fights to destabilize the guilds by pitting them against each other.

A Dance of Cloaks by David Dalglish

Maynard Gemcroft has assumed ownership of the Gemcroft estate and has son by the name of Nathaniel. The novel introduces readers to a new character known as Deathmask who also features in the Half-orc trilogy by the same author. Allyssa is the daughter of Maynard Gemcroft who was introduced in the first installment of the trilogy, a dance with blades. The trilogy features a host of different interesting characters. The books are similar and feature non-stop action and will be entertaining to lovers of fictional fantasy novels, such as The Half Orc sequel.

One aspect that Daglish has introduced in this trilogy is a level of excitement that is not with other such novels.

A Dance of Cloaks : Book 1 of Shadowdance

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In this one, a girl is kidnapped from an exclusive private school in Switzerland and Gabriel Allon is brought on board to find her. Every 2 weeks we send out an e-mail with Book Recommendations. Dalglish also served as editor and main contributor to A Land of Ash , a short story compilation dealing with the fallout from the eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera.

Publishers Weekly wrote that, "Dalglish puts familiar pieces together with a freshness and pleasure that are contagious.

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In mid-to-late , Mr. Later, in , Clash of Faiths , book two of The Paladins , was also added to this program. It is currently available on Google Play [15] and Amazon Underground.

A Dance of Cloaks (Shadowdance, #1) by David Dalglish

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