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I have even cancelled Jenny's lunch break, so we can get a couple of reports finished for the board meeting. Sorry babe, we'll have to take a rain-check. My look now said, 'surely you can't resist this. I peeped back over my shoulder, "You can even have me doggie style if you want. I know how you like that. My husband rebuked me, "Barb, nice thought, but your timing's way out. Why didn't you call me to save getting all dressed up for nothing. Before I could stop to reflect on how my approach had gone so wrong, I was back in the elevator, riding down to the ground floor. Surely, he could have spared us twenty minutes for a quickie.

And what was with his PA, who has always been quite warm and friendly to me? Highly frustrated at my failed attempt at seduction, my mind began racing, were they having an affair? Had he promised her an intimate luncheon somewhere today and I had bumbled in and nearly wrecked his plans? I had never had suspicious thoughts about Terry before.

In our 5 years of marriage, our 6 years since we met, he had never given me any cause to think that he might be like my first husband. Now there was a philandering bastard. Goodness knows how many other women he screwed in the 14 years we were together. The only good thing he gave me was fathering my two wonderful children But back to the present For just a rash moment, I actually considered heading to a bar, sitting there nursing a drink and seeing what might happen. But that just so wasn't me. I had been loyal and faithful to my first husband until deciding to match his infidelity in the dying months of our marriage.

Shortly after that ended, I met Terry and I had never thought of straying for even a moment ever since. Driving home alone in my car won out over finding a bar and getting myself into goodness knows what trouble. I cursed Terry all the way home, my thoughts still dwelling on whether he and his prissy PA might by now be entwined in each other's arms, discussing what a close shave they had just had with my intrusion on their plans.

Surely not, I tried to tell myself, but still resolved to find a pretext to call him when I got home. I pulled my car onto the driveway and decided to leave it there rather than put it in the garage. As I stepped out, I saw two young men walking up the driveway behind me, momentarily unnerving me until I recognised one of them He had certainly grown into a handsome young man.

They had met in pre-school, just as I and Jeremy's mother did at that time, and Adam and Jeremy, and his mum and I had remained firm friends ever since. Adam's away, you know," I reminded him. Bradley, I know that. I lent him a book a few weeks ago and I need it back now.

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I came by, hoping you'd be here. Do you mind if I come in and check out his room, see if I might find it there? Why, this has been your second home for most of your life. I looked at the young man with him, at first glance he looked about the same age -- 20 -- as Jeremy and my son Adam. But then on closer inspection, I realised that perhaps he could be a couple of years older.

You couldn't have known him very long. I was surprised that Adam had never mentioned knowing someone called Kurt, but determined that it wasn't worth debating further. All through his school days, Adam had never hesitated in inviting his friends to come visit in our home and I had always felt comfortable with them. He seemed to mix with a good crowd. I put the key in the door and heard Jeremy behind me, "You look very nice today, Mrs Bradley, smell nice too. Doesn't surprise me though, Jeremy, you have always been such a polite young man. I would guess that anyone would call my attire this day very sexy, hardly the look to welcome two of my son's best friends into our house.

I strode purposely through the front living room toward the kitchen, calling back, "Make yourself comfortable boys. I took that back into the living room where the two young men had made themselves very comfortable on the lounge chairs.

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That didn't bother me though, because I have always encouraged Jeremy to feel like this was his second home. I played mother by asking which drink each wanted and pouring for them.

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I stepped over in front of Jeremy, who had made himself very comfortable, sitting spread-eagled and lounging, his legs akimbo, one up over the arm of the chair. As he took the glass from me, I couldn't help glancing down at his spread legs, at his lap and I spotted a very substantial bulge in the front of his trousers. I immediately wished I hadn't looked that way What was I doing even looking down at his crotch, this was my son's best friend and I had never looked so purposefully below his waist before?

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