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The first year, her goal was to find a way to supply equipment to one school.

Pay It Forward

She collected new and gently used sporting equipment from her friends, family, schoolmates and teammates. The equipment collection was so successful that she delivered a whole truckload of equipment to the school. For that reason, donations and corporate sponsorships have proven to be the best way to support the organization because they allow Play It Forward the freedom to fulfill the wish lists of the schools they support.

To support the vision of a youth led organization, Play It Forward has an incredible collective of seasoned Directors and Advisors, with a variety of professional expertise, that provide an underlying level of experience and support to ensure the organization thrives. Board Of Directors. The biggest surprise for the entire Youth Advisory Board has been the incredible satisfaction that comes from supporting other kids. Because these underserved communities have limited to no access to physical education programs or the funds to purchase equipment, the impact on both the kids administering the program and those receiving support has been very inspiring to all involved.

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By expanding the program to meet the needs of various communities, teach kids about being active, remind everyone that not all schools have the great athletic program and equipment that my school does, and give something to underserved elementary schools that they can definitely use. Create a satellite program in your community.

Your team enjoys some healthy — yet friendly — competition, and relishes the chance to earn the ultimate bragging rights of being crowned the Play It Forward champions. My staff loved Play It Forward. It was a huge success and they didn't want to stop. By my calculation, our team effort affected over people.


Some told us they would pay it forward too. It was an exciting and fun day.

Play It Forward

We will recommend it to many! Everyone loved giving back to others! I have heard so many great comments about people being moved to tears by the good things that were shared with them, such as purchasing groceries, handing out money, etc. Our staff enjoyed doing this as a team, and bonding with each other as well. The energy in our office today is amazing! Many said it was the best Team Leader Meeting they have ever attended and are inspired to build the team morale in their own departments!

Not only would I recommend this activity, but we will definitely be using your services again and again! We are the anthems of great nations.

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We are the songs of our forefathers. We are the hymns of God. The songs of the broken hearted. The unchained melodies.

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We are the call to arms. We are the chorus of victory.