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Even the envelope was respected.

How to Spend $300K on a Twin Turbo 1969 Camaro

We did want to make sure that it looked and performed well. We wanted to prove that this was in fact a second car.

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On the track, it ran a An eBay listing drew their attention to the Camaro. The owner was local but the car was a Deep South refugee, hence relatively uncompromised by the ages and the weather. In a world where appearance counts for way too much, we applaud these lads for their demeanor, their reluctance to be universal, and for their function-over-form perspective. It smells sweet and it smells wholesome and they did it much like a CHP reader might.

They used an economical engine, an offbeat transmission, and some of the latest handling and stopping tricks, and those giant wheels on the back. Not a lick of bodywork or paint. They nailed it. Who would start off with an obscure truck motor in the first place?

ISBN 13: 9781467712477

The 5. To support the turbo app, they might have taken the cast-iron cylinder version LM7 but an LM4 with an aluminum case is what they got. They kept the tune-up out of Kamikaze territory and they changed out all the fasteners with ARP stuff, especially in the area of cylinder head sealing. That 12 psi positive manifold pressure threshold is arbitrary. There is no need for more—but, hey, turning up the wick is a rudimentary alternative.

Most of the thought in this combination focuses on the power system. As has been proven time and again, even the cast components in the lowliest LS engine can withstand the adversity of juice or boost in great quantity without shedding a single tear or drop of oil. In this instance, the MAP men crawled the motor and custom-built a kit that includes tubular manifolds and a Turbosmart 45 wastegate and 50mm blow-off valve. They used one Precision Turbo turbocharger and plumbed it to a 3. Ancillaries include a MAP-ported throttle body and a mandrel-bent exhaust aft of the turbocharger.

Can a GM car coexist with parts originally meant for a Ford? In another marked departure from the everyday grind, Mr. Carey and Mr. Furthering the Pro Touring ethic was not the primary agenda; creating their own device was. Detroit Speed mini-tubs accommodate those critical wides. As for the wiring matrix, MAP modified the OE harness and tucked away all the tendrils including those for the motor for a clean, uncomplicated finish.

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1: A Profile of a Muscle Car | HowStuffWorks

If you picked the five-speed trans, the horsepower L69 was the largest you could go. Otherwise, you could get the beefier horsepower, fuel-injected LB9 V8. It housed a small block V8 with an aluminum intake and a four-barrel Holly carb, and came with better a suspension, racing stripes, and inch rally wheels. Its listed horsepower number is widely known to be underrated. It uses the same 6. Not to mention it still pumps out horsepower and pound-feet of torque.

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Underhood was a 7. It shed pounds off the ZL1 air conditioning and stereo not included , came with a limited-slip differential, a slew of suspension tunes, and added stopping power thanks to enormous carbon ceramic Brembo brakes. Although this Camaro may be a throwback to the past, it will go down in the future as one of the greats. Coming off two successful years, and , Chevrolet planned to only modify the Camaro slightly. The fascia became more aggressive, as did the sloped rear — all the elements combined transformed the Camaro from a sporty coupe into one seriously badass muscle car.

Alongside an updated design, the Camaro received optional disc brakes, and four-piston calipers that were used to win the SCCA Trans-Am series that same year. This week we got our first taste of the facelifted Chevrolet Camaro. With that in mind, it raises the question: what is the best Camaro ever built?

And we mean ever. The muscle car now spans six generations, and more than a dozen different variants, meaning there has to a handful of examples that should stand out from the rest. See if you agree.

ISBN 13: 9781467712477

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