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On Twitter, he has little use for agree-to-disagree courtesies, or humor: he presses on.

Hampton Sides

Greenwald lives in Rio de Janeiro with his husband, David Miranda, their two sons, and two dozen dogs, former strays; Sandgren offered Greenwald and his children tickets, and they all met at the venue. Video of one match shows Greenwald, in the front row, applauding every point with dad-outing gusto.

Sandgren described their trade in tennis and politics. And, if he does get a little frustrated or angry, then look out. Greenwald told me about his friendship with Sandgren during one of several recent conversations at his home. Greenwald, who is fifty-one, and was brought up in Florida, has lived largely in Rio for thirteen years.

For most of that time, he and Miranda, a city-council member, rented a home on a hillside above the city, surrounded by forest and monkeys.

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Last year, they moved to a more residential neighborhood. The house is in a baronial-modernist style, and built around a forty-foot-tall boulder that feels like the work of a sculptor tackling Freudian themes: it exists partly indoors and partly out.

Glenn Greenwald, the Bane of Their Resistance

Greenwald has a pool, and his street is gated. He seemed happy. He was wearing shorts and flip-flops; he has a soft handshake and an easy, teasing manner that he knows will likely confound people who expect the sustained contentiousness that he employs online and on TV. On cable news shows, Greenwald draws his lower lip over his bottom teeth, blinks slowly, and seems able to state his position on the Espionage Act of while inhaling.

He recently became attached to the idea of mindfulness, and he keeps a Buddha and a metal infinity loop on a shelf behind the sofa; a room upstairs is used only for meditation. Greenwald has tried to cut back on social media. Several weeks later, he announced to colleagues, on Slack, that he was further disengaging from Twitter; he also deleted twenty-seven thousand old tweets, saying that there was a risk that their meaning could be distorted.

Greenwald told me that he and Tennys Sandgren had been communicating every day. He worked his whole life to get to this point, and the moment he gets there they turn him into Hitler. Greenwald then acknowledged that, having perceived Sandgren as vulnerable—as someone suddenly exposed to intense public scrutiny—he might have misread the dominant tone. Greenwald writes aggressively about perceived aggression. His instinct is to identify, in any conflict, the side that is claiming authority or incumbency, and then to throw his weight against that claim, in favor of the unauthorized or the unlicensed—the intruder.

Many readers, though certainly not all, could also agree that Edward Snowden had engaged in a courageous insurgency. In the buildup to the election, Greenwald detected a conflict between actors defiantly contemptuous of American norms—the Republican Presidential nominee, WikiLeaks , Vladimir Putin —and the establishment forces that he hates, including the U.

In the period since then—these months of Guccifer 2. Although he has acknowledged the failings not to mention the indictments of some people in the insurgent category, he has focussed his editorial energy on documenting the past infractions and continuing misjudgments of people—in the intelligence agencies, the Department of Justice, Congress, and the media—who have provided apparent evidence of Russian interference and Trump-campaign collusion.

Greenwald has questioned their reliability, and has disputed their evidence, to a degree that has frustrated even some colleagues at the Intercept. I regard it as a subverter of it.

We know some basic contours of it now, thanks to Mueller, but I think we may learn more. I feel that Trump winning is the worst possible thing that could have happened to him, and it sort of ruined him as a valuable voice in American discourse. He had given up a career as a litigator in New York, moved to Brazil, and started to write, first as a blogger and then as a columnist for Salon. When Greenwald and I first met in Rio, we sat at a dining table made of dark, heavy wood, and he served extraordinarily strong coffee.

I think the people who are doing this are genuinely offended by the entire Trump circle, in part for political and ideological reasons, and in part because he has broken all of the rules of their world, in terms of who gets to be in power, and what you have to do to get it. To Greenwald, an agonized response to Trump carries with it the delusional proposition that previous Presidents were upstanding. I asked him if anti-Trump sentiment implies that America, absent Trump, is virtuous. The Defense of Marriage Act, passed in , denied Miranda the immigration opportunities of a spouse, and, over the years, Greenwald reminded people who questioned his long absence from America that he was a victim of discrimination.

Miranda had been delayed at work, so Greenwald brought the children. They are brothers, now aged nine and ten, from the poor northeast of Brazil; the couple adopted them last fall. Franco, like Miranda, was a black, gay, working-class member of the city council. A jacket and a pressed shirt were hanging by an open back window. We drove down to the beach, then followed the ocean, eastward, through the neighborhoods of Ipanema where Greenwald met Miranda, in , on a gay section of the beach, at the start of a vacation and Copacabana.

I almost drowned them in the pool. Greenwald was an infant when his parents moved from Queens to Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, and he was six when they separated. This is wrong: Navratilova did sometimes call herself bisexual, notably in her autobiography.

Greenwald noted that some gay teens respond to persecution by assimilating, or by escaping into the arts. I had to hide who I was, because it was shameful and wrong. The TV studio was in a tower above a mall. Leaving the boys to run around in the stores with the security officer, we went to the thirty-seventh floor. It was about 8 P. Greenwald disappeared for a minute, and returned wearing self-administered makeup, a jacket, a shirt, and a tie, as well as his shorts and flip-flops.

He also recognized a stark moral line between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, arguing that the G.

Adolph S. Ochs Dead at 77; Publisher of Times Since

Greenwald sat on a stool, and a technician affixed an earpiece. As he waited for an Al Jazeera studio in Washington to be ready, he put on red-framed glasses and read from his laptop. Do you like my glasses? Greenwald and Lake debated the case for American bombing in Syria, as a response to a recent chemical attack in Douma, which had killed dozens of people. The next day, U. Lake favored intervention; Greenwald did not. He brings scant greenroom bonhomie onstage, and rarely smiles; he seems content to risk appearing disagreeable, or wrongheaded. This approach works best when it is set against eye-rolling disdain or fear.

Lake was measured and genial.

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After the segment, Greenwald felt dissatisfied. Some of his dogs are allowed inside; others live outdoors, and now and then strike wolflike poses at the summit of the boulder. Because there was always someone arriving at or leaving the house—friends, couriers, domestic staff—there was always a new reason to bark.

See a Problem?

The paper appended a correction and published a self-admonishing article by its media critic. A year later, CNN and other outlets published, and then retracted, the claim that, in the fall of , Donald Trump, Jr. To many people, Greenwald has looked ravenous and gleeful.

He disputed this characterization. In the summer of , he referred to narratives of Russian malfeasance as smears. Since then, as the accusation has been fleshed out and gained almost universal acceptance, Greenwald has chosen to highlight the commentary of people who sound deranged about Russian interference.

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When Preet Bharara , the former U. Even if Greenwald came to accept that some kind of intrusion by some Russians was likely, he could still continue to taint the idea by highlighting nuttiness. He said that Greenwald, through such commentary, has implied that the Trump-Russia story is bogus, even as he has maintained an official agnosticism.

We were speaking shortly before the indictments, in July, of twelve Russian intelligence officers. Some people—I would include myself—are interested in reporting this out without any contradiction of the impulse that led us to report the Snowden story. Some people are not. Shortly before we met, Greenwald tweeted a link to an article about the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal, in the South of England, using Novichok, a nerve agent.

To be precise, the scientists had merely identified the chemical, not its origin though the Russians invented it. Perhaps he had erred. He had just called it the stuff of everyday international relations. Put another way: the choice is between Greenwald and the end of the world.

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  8. I said that he sometimes seemed to be giving argumentative form to a psychological preference: it was perhaps more satisfying to defend a besieged opinion than to share an agreed one and thereby become tainted with tribalism. His choice of journalistic subjects was also pragmatic, he said. Over the years, he could have written more often about gay rights, or abortion, areas where his views largely conform to progressive orthodoxy. A few days later, on the phone, Greenwald had news. He was still pondering the best way to announce it. In , not long after Greenwald graduated from N.

    He applied to join, at a cost of twenty-five dollars a month. In his teens, Greenwald had been close to his paternal grandfather, a left-wing member of the Lauderdale Lakes city council. After his grandfather retired, Greenwald, at eighteen and again at twenty-two, ran for the same council—inspired more by the promise of conflict than by an impatience to serve.

    But his career in competitive debating had been stellar, and he knew that he disliked Rush Limbaugh conservatism. For gay people, and for anybody who felt any sense of shame or constraint about their sexual identity and their sexual expression, the Internet was this incredibly powerful tool. While in jail, he observed Union sympathizers imprisoned on the slightest pretext and witnessed drumhead execution of men accused of burning railroad bridges between Bristol and Chattanooga.

    He became seriously ill, but three months later Richmond authorities ordered his expulsion from the Confederacy. Upon reaching Union territory, Brownlow launched a six-month speaking tour that took him to major cities throughout the North. The tales he related of his experiences in Confederate hands made him an instant hero and celebrity.

    Proceeds from his speaking tour and royalties from a book relating his experience in Confederate custody generated sufficient funds to reestablish the Whig when he accompanied Union troops to Knoxville in the fall of With his paper again in print, the Parson resumed lambasting secessionists and Confederates. Tennessee Unionists chose Brownlow to succeed Andrew Johnson as governor in March , and he served two consecutive terms. Brownlow allied his administration with Reconstruction policies of congressional Republicans in opposition to those of President Andrew Johnson.

    By influencing the state legislature to ratify the Fourteenth Amendment in mid, he swayed Congress to restore Tennessee fully to the Union. The Parson, as a result, saved Tennessee from the political reconstruction experienced by other Confederate states. Governor Brownlow enfranchised former slaves despite his antebellum advocacy of slavery. This action provoked former Confederates to form the Ku Klux Klan for intimidating blacks and other Republican voters.

    The Parson undertook actions to suppress the Klan although his initiatives were somewhat ineffective. Military operations during the war destroyed many public facilities in Tennessee, but state government was without funds for rebuilding. Brownlow led the state in backing government bonds to build railroads and other public improvements.

    Unfortunately, some administration officials were guilty of graft and embezzlement—none of these cases, however, involved Brownlow personally. He served one term before returning home to Knoxville. In semi-retirement, the Parson resumed editorial work for his former newspaper, but the ill health he had suffered over a score of years depleted his strength. He died on April 28, Merton Coulter, William G. Patton, Unionism and Reconstruction in Tennessee, All Rights Reserved. Functionality and information are in compliance with guidelines established by the American Association for State and Local History for online state and regional encyclopedias.