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The most heartbreaking stories of the one that got away - Woman's own

I was a freshman, and he was a senior. He graduated a few months after we met, and because I was an awkward, self-conscious fourteen year-old and he had a girlfriend, I never did anything to let him know how much I liked him.

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Kept in very minimal contact. Met up for coffee. Had a great time.

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Worked out wonderfully for us. I fell in love a few more times, had other successful multi-year relationships, but I never found that feeling I had with him.

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You know what reconnected me with my old flame? I laughed out loud when he popped up…. We have a beautiful apartment. We backpack the Cascades together with our perfect dog. I still get that tight-chest feeling every day because I love him more than ever, and I was so lucky to have found him again.

The One That Got Away

There was nothing wrong with him and our break-up had been amicable, I just grew up and moved on. We were just making small talk and as we said our goodbyes he kissed me. I slapped him on instinct and never spoke to him again.

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She truly was devoted to me and we loved each other. I was only 18 at the time and very immature and possessive. I was terribly afraid someone would take her from me. She was widowed. We were both into all the same things: running, biking, new music. She is gorgeous. Her curly red hair and her Mona Lisa smile are both intact. We picked up our conversation right where we had left off years and years ago. She seems to be aware that I still hunger for her. Three years later we were reunited through a second tour.

The One Who Got Away

A couple months in I decided to finally tell her how I felt. Do you ever wonder what would happen if you ran into your one that got away? Wicomb's intriguing characters include the adolescent girl Elsie navigating between her new life in the icy city of Glasgow and her family's vexed history in South Africa, and Dot and Julie, a pair of friends once united by the color of their skin and now discovering how time and marriage have divided their paths. Wicomb's fluid, shifting technique questions conventional certainties and makes for exhilarating reading, full of ironic twists, ambiguities, and moments of startling insight.

Long awaited, The One That Got Away showcases this brilliant, award-winning author at the height of her powers.

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